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Thy Park- In The Beginning

Apr 19, 2012 at 1:56
by Curtis Chabassol  
Welcome to the beginning of what we hope to be the build log for some of the most impressive trails in Ontario! Hopefully I'll do a decent job of blogging this for anyone who feels the need or desire to follow.

Thy Park

Let's get everything lame and non building oriented out of the way in one go, so skip the boring part if you feel the need.

Thy Park has been around as an area of recreation much longer than I have known the face of the earth, or so all the locals are telling me.... About five years ago a group of buddies decided to build, but as always life got in the way for most of them, and the workforce was on and off throughout the years. But two of the crew never gave up, and thanks to Levi and Beaver mad progress is being made to this day!
This year is different though. Very early on in the building season the build crew acquired two new members, myself being one of them, and the other being Jake Campbell. Throughout the first week and a half Jake and I spent most daylight hours hooked to a shovel, and within a week and a half we had countless lines running around, in various stages of completion, along with a hilltop shelter, complete with tarps and screened windows, two bike racks and two fire pits.

The fire pit grill

After seeing the progress we had made by hand we had an offer on a tractor and operator. Once the tractor was in we cleaned up the surroundings, and built up the piles for the next four in the medium line. Thanks to the equipment we now had this to offer:

looking down the lines

Along with several short freeride lines running through the upper woods, waiting to be molested by myself and Levi.

I can't say these are totally up to date, but the next update will be coming very shortly.

Looking down from the shack

Once again this none of this would be possible without the NIB crew hooked to shovels during their available hours!
Thank you very much to Jamie, Beaver, Levi and Jake, the driving force behind the park you see above, and much more of the biking scene than most understand.

Thanks for reading if you did, and expect more
Ripping the top section of bowl

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 I'm down to dig whenever I'm back in ottawa.
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 These are out in Kingston, but if you're down to come ride for a weekend come party!

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