Joe Barnes Bids Farewell to Orange Bikes

Dec 22, 2021 at 2:43
by Joe Barnes  

It's been a hell of a ride and a lot of fun to swing a leg over an Orange for the past 3 years again. Starting Hazzard Racing with them and riding on a brand I grew up on was a lot of fun and something I will forever be grateful for. Here is a wee montage video with some highlights from the past 3 years as a homage to the good times that were had.

For me, next year will involve plenty of riding bikes, getting between the tapes and sharing vids along the way. Stay tuned for the news and see you on the trails.


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 I know some people dont like the way they look but they make utterly bombproof bikes. I have a 27 year old P7 still going strong on the commute every day and an 11 year old Blood that has been absolutely hammered and still comes back for more. There are a lot of companies out there that could learn something from Orange about longevity of paintwork alone!
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 I’ve got a Stage 5. Test rode one expecting it to follow all the online tropes. But it was actually really fun and playful and surprisingly light too. So I bought one. No issues in last 2 years and its been great on local mellow rides and BPW gives loads of confidence.

Anyway off topic.

Joe I’ve enjoyed your videos that buck the usual bike edit trend, especially the Bee Gees 4th member vid and look forward to hearing your plans. Hope it is Hope. That would be a nice move.
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 Totes. In the Enduro thread about 30% of the posts are about cracked frames on 2020 and 2021 bikes. They have become throwaway items (that cost £3500 for the frame only). Having my bike last 20-odd years is a fantasy.
What P7 have you got, the nickel plated one?
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 Bombproof? Really? A lot of my British mates used to ride Fives and as simple and basic as they looked (the bikes, not my mates) they actually rode pretty well but bombproof they were not hence none of my mates ride Orange anymore. Every single one of the frames cracked sooner or later (swing arms, seat tubes, ... ) and some of them multiple times. Nice thing is, every time you crack the swing arm, they replace it plus you get a new set of bearings and since that seems to happen every year and half you never have to buy new bearings! On top of that, they seem to discontinue old colour schemes after each season so you also get a new paint job with the new swing arm! One of my mates bikes is like a chameleon, it has a different colour each season.

I kinda dig the unique look of them, they are nice to ride but way too expensive given how failure prone they seemed to have been and how relatively simple the engineering behind them is.
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 @PetrC: That's probably part of the expense, factoring in the replacement swingarm cost.
But have you seen the modern frames up close? They are very complex pieces of folded metal, much more impressive than a standard four-bar alu frame. That's part of the cost too (plus the UK wages vs Taiwanese wages).
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 @jaame: Yeah bud. The nickel plated one. Its still got the original Pace RC35 forks on it. Amazingly it has the original Alivio rear mech which hasnt needed a jot of maintenance. Ironic compared to the xtr mech that lasted less than 2 years.
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 @PetrC: So if they replace the items FOC then how does that make them expensive?
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 @bombdabass: because the warranty (and extra) cover for anything you buy is rolled into the purchase price. You get nothing actually for free
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We sell a brand of American carbon framed bikes with 100% warranty claims so far ….not one lasted longer than 20 months!!
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 If you want bomb proof buy a Geometron!!
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 I’ve snapped three
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 @bombdabass: he wasn’t talking about the expense of the bikes. He was talking about their “bombproof-ness”
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 @Murfdog: I'd love to know which brand this is
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 Other than the geometry changes your 11 year old blood probably rides similar to the new Orange bikes.
Personally I could see them being a good buy if they were priced accordingly. Just have a hard time why anyone would be willing to pay a premium price for a non premium bike. For the same (or less) money I would much rather have something like a Santa Cruz or Yeti.
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 @joebarnes : you're one of the nicest persons in MTB's world Joe, I've always loved your attitude...
I hope you keep riding on a british bike. You're someone special, then I would see you on a special bike, a steel bike! Starling, Stanton, Cotic...?!! That would fit you so well Smile
Cheers Camarade!!!
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flag murfio (Dec 22, 2021 at 4:34) (Below Threshold)
 Sounds like you'd be up for tossing him off
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 @murfio: lol you wouldn't?
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 IMO joe is a legend of mountain biking - he represents everything that’s rad about our sport. Merry Xmas and a fun filled next year
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 I couldn't agree more! I always get so stoked watching Joe ride and schralp turns. All the best to Joe!
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 Hey Joe. Just keep making them edits. No matter what bike you’re on!
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 You'll always be an Orange rider in our hearts @joebarnes Smile
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 Nice! Hope we see more of ya!
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 Is that a hint of where Joe is going, Hope so?!
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 So many people looking at their orange bikes just now like, damn. 3 years ago it was the same when Canyon lost their street cred.
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flag tommynator (Dec 22, 2021 at 3:42) (Below Threshold)
 One less reason to buy an orange
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 I don’t understand this comment. Do you mean that riders who already ride and enjoy their Orange bikes will have a diminished experience now that a rider is no longer sponsored by Orange?
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 “I just got tired of riding a 2002 Santa Cruz.” — Joe Barnes, probably.
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 truly heart breaking. a legendary combo. All the best Joe!
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 All the best Joe! You’ll always be an inspiration!
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 all the best in your future endeavours you are one RAD rider.
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 Your vids are always brilliant as is your riding, good on Orange for looking after you and tons of others over thae last 25 or so years.
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 Joe your videos are like weird little time machines! What are the odds of such fine entertainment spawning in a field of competitive athletes? Thank you and best of luck in racing next year
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 Classy video! Nice.
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 Orange ya glad he made the move……
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 I love Orange bikes... I'd love em' more if we had a distributor in Canada
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 Surely he’s going to hope since there british and he rides all their components anyways
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 Dig deep and jibjab! Anything mullet will do for next year adventure.
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 Hope he doesn't spend too long milling around and forges a new relationship
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 Can't ride for Orange bikes when wearing a yellow jacket. Yellow jackets are big right now. Lol.
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 Next chapter....can't wait
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 Always love seeing what Joe is up to, can't wait to see where the new move is.
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 It is just sad ... They both kinda suit each other!
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 What? Are you saying Joe is really ugly? LOL!! JK. Wink
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 Orange DH bikes were so cool. In 2001.
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