The Inaugural Shine Enduro Ride at Demo Forest (California)

Jan 29, 2014 at 13:02
by Joh Rathbun  
Photo Cred Dave Smith

Shine Riders Company's Inaugural Enduro Ride at the Soquel Demonstration Forest (SDF) was this past Sunday. I put together the ride with my partners, Lindsay Beth Currier (LBC) of Shine Riders Co and Dave Smith of Shuttle Smith Adventures. It was a ladies'-only ride and it sold out quickly - as there were only 8 seats available. The Shine Rider Company's mission statement is to: “illuminate and inspire female mountain bikers, create opportunities in the bike industry for them, and to connect members with others in the ever-growing Women's Freeride Movement. Whether you are a racer, freerider, coach, photographer, writer, film-maker, weekend warrior, newbie, or just checkin' out nature, Shine Riders resonates with your luminescence.” We loaded up our bikes at the entrance to Nisene Marks and shuttled up to the Buzzard's Lagoon turn-off. There we rode the two miles up to the Ridge Trail Trailhead at the top of Santa Rosalitas Mountain - elevation 2000'. The ride consisted of intermediate to advanced riders. Most of the women, like Inga Beck and Diana Bauer, drove from the East Bay. Diana had never ridden SDF and said, “It's so beautiful out here - I love it!

At Buzzard s Lagoon Turn-off.

The estrogen chain dropped in from the Ridge Trail Trailhead. After a quick discussion at the trailhead of the trail system, we decided that Inga would plow ahead with some of the ladies to do two laps while LBC and I led the rest of the ladies down Saw Pit. Saw Pit is rutted with breaking bumps from the Santa Cruz Super Enduro, and things were a bit dusty, but it was fun. Having ridden here for over 10 years, I love this forest of redwood, madrone and oak, even in dry conditions. But, this ride was special, as I'd never ridden with this many ladies out here before. And they all wanted to shred! LBC was able to break down how to ride the features in easily-to-understand terms and it was a blast improving with the group. When all was said and done, we knocked out most of the features on Saw Pit and rode a little over 26 miles. I look forward to next time, and I hope to see you then!

A successful Saw Pit descent Photo Cred Inga Beck

Joh Rathbun is a freelance writer, and columnist for To stay up to date on West Coast events, like her page, or contact her at


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 The lady in the pink helmet and shorts seems pretty eager to show her stuff!

Sawpit is a fun trail, the 3 1/2 mile climb back not so fun.
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 she practices that pose
  • 15 5
 Bet she knows owns a shirt or two with greek letters on them. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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 The Hihns Mill road grind back out is always looming after the downward flow.
  • 6 1
 looming? really? i'm no spandex bandit mt goat climber but i wouldn't really call it looming. skeggs, that climb out is f*cking looming...
  • 4 0
 Probably didn't expect all three group shots to get published in one place. ooops
  • 5 4
 haters gonna hate.
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 skkele -- I keep getting told that the climb out at Skeggs isn't that bad. I'm not seeing it and/or I'm doing it the wrong way. That evil bitch kills me every time.

I'll take Hihn's too, but I understand the "looming" comment.
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 It's true, guilty as charged ;p. my Shredly outfit is super cute, especially with my matching pink Giro helmet -
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 No, I don't.
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 Bottom of Gordon Mills to top at Skeggs is the SUCK. Just a long endless climb that destroys your soul. On the plus side, there is always Alice's Chicken Wings and Beer after that though!
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 If I'm riding Skeggs/ El Corte Madera, I like Resolution on the north side and on the southside, Blue Blossom. Yeah some of those trails are a hell climb outta that place.

Alice's is cool but they need colder beer. That place always has barely cold beer, not what I'm looking for after that ride.
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 Don't get caught at Skeggs after sunset and also don't ride faster than 15mph or you'll have a ticket.
I almost got a ticket, but I told the Fish and Game warden that "I'm Rick James Bitch!"
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 The woman in pink is Inga Beck. Annnnd she probably rides better/more than most of us on here.
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 What a great group, I love to see people enjoying the beautiful outdoors. So get off your computers and let's ride. Shuttle Smith adventures at your service. Mountain bike shuttle, 101 mountain bike lessons,guides and party bus service.
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 Nice ladies! I've wanted to check that place out for a few years now. Just found out a week ago that my wife and I are having a girl. Looking forward to someday teaching her how to ride.
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 Congratulations on the baby. I have 3, so I must forwarn you, they are hobby killers! Children are wonderful otherwise!
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 Thanks man! Looking forward to it all.
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 Glad to see some girls promoting other girls to get after it at Demo! Braaaap
  • 4 0
 Ah my local hometown trails. Still haven't found anything better than demo. Miss it up there Frown
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 ENDURO RIDE???? when did we stop going for a 'mountain bike ride'?
  • 1 0
 I was thinking the same thing. not to take any credit away, sounds like a good long killer ride but I thought enduro was a race
  • 1 0
 Maybe a bit misleading--but we rode the course from the Santa Cruz Super Enduro. Wink
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 It's sad that the term Enduro is being refered to Mt. Biking. The term Enduro belongs to Motor Bike Racing, really a slap in the face. Let's have 1000mile Mt. Bike races through desert and Moutains, then we can call it an Enduro Race!
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 Nice write up Joh! Can't wait for Demo Daze that Shuttle Smith puts on. He shuttles you from the bottom of Sawpit to the top of SulferSprings, Its a rad chance to get in laps on Brail and Sawpit.
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 Been badgering my old lady to start biking with me for months now. I think she's finally comin her on a parking lot demo two days ago. She was all smiles. Now...if only i didn't just have to drop 5K on my new rig...she might have one too.
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 Girl in the pink was leading the pack when we passed them. She was mobbin it!
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 getting some lady steez in the sc mountains!
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 Shuttle Dave is awesome! whats up bro its Justin from San Juan Capistrano hope your doing well Smile cant wait to go up there and shred with the bros
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 dave is a funny guy for sure!
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 rode this trail a few months ago and absolutely love it! brail trai was a treat!
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 Why no riding pics?
  • 1 1
 No budget, but thanks for reading!
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 Always great to see the ladies out on the trails having fun. :-)
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 Sweeet. I'm going to the next one! Save me a spot Joh! Smile
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 The girls of Shine Riders are really cool. They shred too : )
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 I spot a Santa Cruz Juliana (or SOLO) and an Ibis! Smile
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 the girl in the pink is so endure
  • 2 2
 Hotness right there!
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 Yes, Pink very Nice....
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