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Enduro Sweden Series 2017 summary

This year, Enduro Sweden Series was held in five different locations across the country The first round took place in April in Vallåsen and the fifth and final in September in Falun. Every round gave the riders a different kind of riding experience , with early season cold in Vallåsen, rain in Gothenburg and high summer heat in Åre. Falun and Gesunda, located closely to each other, both showed the same kind of Swedish summer weather, with mixed conditions of boggy wet patches along trails but dry weather during the competition itself.

Vallåsen Bikepark is a ski resort in southern Sweden, in an area of the country that is best known for being very flat and more surfer friendly. However, there is a hill called "Hallandsåsen" with a ski lift running both winter and summer.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Enduro Sweden series - Vall sen Bikepark
Over 250 riders had signed up for race the first round of this year’s ESS.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Christian Bengtsson on the sketchy first part of stage 2.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Vallåsen's 145 meters are good enough to hold both Downhill and Enduro races

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Stage 1 had some parts built just a few days before the race, with the first part of stage 1 going through a clearing of firtrees.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Robin Wallner on the 3 stage. He was the fastest guy on the stage ,winning with a 4 second margin. Robin finished 2nd overall..

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Felix Beckeman who would later this year become Four-Cross World Champion in Val di Sole, finished the weekend in 21st .

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Most of the race took place inside the bikepark, meaning the transfert stages ran close to the race stages themselves.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Tim Hedman going full gas through the whoops section on stage 3.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Photo Johan Gustavsson
With no EWS competitions this weekend, the battle of the Kangas-brothers (Oliwer on left, Alexander on the right)was on. Oliwer ended up 3rd and saw his brother Alexander take home the win of the first round of ESS.

Gothenburg is a city on the west coast of Sweden, it offers alot of terrain and has forests accessible for everyone. The mountain bike scene is big in Gothenburg and Änggårdsbergen is a forest filled with trails, making it hard for riders to navigate and find the good stuff

Photo Johan Gustavsson
The start and finish were located in the biggest city park of Gothenburg, Slottskogen

Rain was in the air right before the start, Wictor Jacobsson didn't seem to worry.
Photo Johan Gustavsson

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Kristian Jacobsson going down stage one. Right after this picture, the sky opened up, making Gothenburg live up to its rainy reputation.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
This corner on stage 3 took out a lot of people in the race, the berm started showing what is actually under all this dusty soil.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Änggårdsbergen is a trail network in the southern parts of Gothenburg, almost all trails are natural and some parts even offer loam.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Josefine Björkman took the victory on home turf by over 1 minute winning every stage.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Manfred Kronbrink got 3rd and showed who is the fastest local rider in Gothenburg

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Simon Stahre going down the last part of stage 7

Photo Johan Gustavsson
The winner of this weekends race, Oliwer Kangas. Winning by 10 seconds over 2nd place David Axelsson.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Local rider Daniel Bagge showed that he knows the area to the fullest, finishing in 7th place.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Top of the last stage for Joline Johansson, finishing 2nd this weekend.

Gesundaberget is located next to the town of Mora, best known for cross country skiing and the famous ski race called "Vasaloppet". Gesunda has had a bikepark hosting downhill races for a long time, so an Enduro race here was sure to be a good one.

Enduro Sweden series - Gesunda
Anton Karlsson on stage 1 of the Gesunda Enduro, finishing in 11th place this weekend.

Enduro Sweden series - Gesunda
Practice in Gesunda was a rainy one, making the already very wet and slick roots and stones in the bikepark almost impossible to ride at normal speed. On raceday conditions improved but stage 1 was still full of puddles

Enduro Sweden series - Gesunda
Fashion guru Kristian Jacobsson going full gas through the puddles.

Enduro Sweden series - Gesunda
Alexander Kangas scrubs the jump on stage 4. This was not a weekend for either of the Kangas brothers, who are otherwise used to be on top of the podium.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Johan Geschwind, not too many seconds behind the top 3 on any of the stages, finishing in in 4th place overall.

Enduro Sweden series - Gesunda
Riders walking up to the last stage. Gesunda lies next to Sweden’s 6th largest river , Siljan, with the towns Mora and Orsa both visible

Winner of the day was Zakarias Blom Johansen, winning by just 4 seconds over Ibis teammate Robin Wallner.
Photo Johan Gustavsson

Photo Johan Gustavsson
David Axelsson on the last section of the final stage, finishing 3rd this weekend

Åre is a village in the west of Sweden, known for being the biggest ski resort in Sweden. Åre Enduro takes place during the Bike festival that is held at the start of July. This brings a big crowd to the village and there are a bunch of happenings around biking this week. The combo of an Enduro and bike festival gave a lot of people a urge to compete.

Martin Blick is one of all volunteers who makes sure the race runs smooth.

American rider Dillon Santos, showed the juniors why he rides the Enduro world series with Ibis. Winning by over 4 minutes in the U21 category, finishing 5th overall.

This time the riders could not ask for a better weather, well maybe it got too warm and too dry but that is not something you dare to mention when you are at a place where the temperature most of the year is below zero.

Since Åre is Swedens biggest bikepark with around 1000 vertical meters from village to the top, the stage times were longer then the other rounds of the ESS, with one stage lasting over 10 minutes. That is almost the same combined time of all the stages on the first round in vallåsen combined.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Elin Nilsson was one of two locals racing this weekend, having a good race and finishing second .

Joachim Norén was one of few riding on a hardtail, Åre doesn’t have the smoothest trails , being better known for its rough and rocky descents Big props !.

Finishing in 2nd place for the day was Alexander Kangas, solid as always

Winner of the day was home favourite Robin Wallner. Robin has spent ALOT of time in Åre and now lives a 20 minutes car ride from the bikepark. Robin won all stages this day and finished 1 minute and 3 seconds faster than his nearest rival.

Jon Roberg, king of folköl cheering on the racers as they descend the last stage of a long day. At this spot there were over 50 + people screaming and making noise with cans, vuvuzelas and chainsaws. Exactly like it should be.

Local rider Hanna Oleträ on the entry to the crowded part of stage 5, finishing 3rd this weekend.

Zackarias Blom Johansen was the second last guy down this weekend, being 3rd of the fastest down this stage, finishing 3rd overall.

Falun might be Sweden’s bicycle capital, having a velodrome, a small bikepark, a school focusing on mountain bikes and an indoor pumptrack. Last year they hosted the cross country skiing s world cup so there would be no problem in organising a Swedish national enduro. Since many of the Swedish biking elite have spent alot of time in Falun, this race could go any way.

Enduro Sweden Series Photograph Johan Gustavsson
Stages in Falun were located in Källviken and Lugnet, located on each side of the town. That gave the originazers an opportunity to have the competition going through the city, giving an extra experience for the riders.

Enduro Sweden Series Photograph Johan Gustavsson
Lugnet is also a sports arena focusing on wintersports, having a skijump track and XC ski track where they orginazed the world cup in skicross 2016.

Photo Johan Gustavsson
Jenny Rissved is collecting Swedish Champions medals, and she got another one this weekend, winning by 40 seconds.

Enduro Sweden Series Photograph Johan Gustavsson
Oliwer Kangas on the 5th stage of the day, finishing 3rd.

Enduro Sweden Series Photograph Johan Gustavsson
Robin Wallner, Swedish Champion of 2017.

Enduro Sweden Series Photograph Johan Gustavsson
David Axelsson down the last stage, kept it together this weekend finished 4th. Enough to give him the overall series win.

Enduro Sweden Series Photograph Johan Gustavsson
Spectators walking down from the last stage in Lugnet. Probably the most spectators we had at one section during the whole series.

1 David Axelsson 2040
2 Robin Wallner 1850
3 Anton Karlsson 1600

Men Master 40+
1 Stefan Blidborg 2200
2 Michael Ohlsson 2030
3 Fredrik Andersson 1810

1 Joline Johansson 1640
2 Hanna Oleträ 1320
3 Sofie Lönnqvist 1200

1 Simon Lundblad 2090
2 Ludvig Egeryd 1620
3 Adam Larsson 1500

We're looking forward to 2018

Göteborg - 14-15 April
Vallåsen - 10-11 May
Östersund - 30 June - 1 July
Falun - 4-5 August
Gesunda - 15-16 September


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