Bike theft - never give up!

Jul 25, 2011 at 6:45
by John Lee  
Just wanted to share some good news regaridng Bike thefts and offer some tips on how to get a stolen bike back!

<Deleted photo>

My stolen bike back home

On MAY 13th - my sons 3rd Birthday, I woke up that morning to find my Van had been raided between 11pm and 6am and the thieves had got away with over £7,500 pounds worth of bikes and gear including my wallet, and photos / Video footage of my son and family.

The thieves came very prepared and cut over 3 locks and drilled out my Ever since this day I have felt awful for letting my sponsors gear and familys possesion be stolen - I know I couldnt have done anything more to get it back - however I felt I had jeperdised my Teams sponsorship with DMR and damaged other relationships with sponsors whilst explaining the insurance company we had - would not pay out for the Bike items, Bike gear and would only financially replace the Camera equipment we had in the van. Make sure if you dont have specific bike theft insurance that your Insurance company will cover any bikes or equipment over the value of £250 - if not you get £0!!

Since the theft I have spent around 2 hrs every few days checking ebay, gumtree, pinkbike and other forums searching for a sign for my gear to appear... and it did! If anyone whoreads this has been robbed, you will also understand the elements of invasion of privacy I have felt and the paranoia which has set in at my home now when any noise at night disturbs you. Luckily I move soon and can start fresh without these thoughts any longer!

So yesterday at 8.55am I was checking as per usual on ebay for any DMR parts and Omen frames - and there it was clear as day in the photograph. So many features of my DMR Omen make it unique, something which meant so much to me when our team collected our race bikes for 2011 from the factory in April this year - so finding it and identifying was easy and gathering evidence - well I can thank Chris Ratford, Dave Franciosy and Dom John for all having excellent quality pictures from the NPS 4X at Lemington early this year to give the police not just rad photos of me racing,but also some very hard evidence that this bike was actually mine and there is no other like it!

In under 24 hours the Police and I worked together to locate the bike and seize it - Unfortunatly a very honest Lad called John Corkill had swapped his Norco DH bike for my DMR with a lad called MadMarvi off of pinkbike - he has worked with the police and gave the bike to them immediatly when he discovered it was stolen from my phone calls yesterday.

I had the sheer joy of heading upto Skelmersdale Police Station this morning and collecting my bike back from the PC assigned to the case - I gave him a massive thank you and drove home this morning.I have never driven my car before on the M6 with such a large smile on my face! Thanks to all my friends, family and sponsors for being so understanding and Rad with me during the whole process!

Tips on getting it back or preventing!

1 - Gather as much hard evidence the bike is yours - Photos, warranty docs, reciepts etc

2 - Make sure your bike has a marking or serial number which prooves that exact bike is yours

3 - Check ebay and other sites for it - search for parts too - they get broken to sell down quick!

4 - Dont let the police do the work - get digging!

5 - Keep calling the police branch / site the theft was reported too and check on the crimes log - whats been done next etc

6 - Dont give up! EVER!


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 Good to see someone get a stolen bike back! Sadly it doesn't happen as often as we would all like. I hope they catch the scumbag(s) that nicked it!
Makes you wonder what happens with the folk selling stolen goods that didn't know it was stolen, will he get his norco back if they catch the guy that stole it or something?
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 if anyone has bought or sold anything to this user - - please pm me any details you have so we can pass onto the police!
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 Gives me some hope then that my Raleigh that got nicked a month ago might yet show up
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 did you get all the £7500 worth of bikes back? happy for you to get your bike back! friends have had way too many stolen.. pikeys! :@
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 Just the DMR I keep those eyes peeled fr the rest. Cop

Maybe John could post a linky to the the list. Smile
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 1 X DMR Omen 4x race bike with Green DMR Parts. 1 x Kona Cindercone Bike. 1 x DMR Drone. 1 x Giro fullface Helmet in fluro green. 1 x EVS Neck brace. Knox Body armour complete set. DMR Race Kit. Royal Race Pants with DMR logo on sides.
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 There was also

GOPRO HD camera
Olympus Pen DSLR Camera
Flip video Camera
Wallet with £70!
Id and licences
6 X Geax tyres - 2 x aka, 2 x dhea, 2 x gato
1 x dmr spare wheelset
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 f*cking hell! its like a bike shop in your van.. or was Frown i dunno how i could help but good luck and dont give up!
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 He will prob get of Scot free as wasnt found on him best thing to do is find him an take a blow torch an make him sing
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 Awesome story. Now include the video of Cam Mc Caul getting his bike back. Classic.
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 Amen! best vid on PB
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 please link!!
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 Amen to getting your stuff back and a word to everyone else, when you go to races and especially biking parks ALWAYS keep you're eye out for thieves lurking for a quick nab.
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 gotta feel sorry for the guy who swapped his bike, only to find out his new one had been stolen, and now has no bikes Frown
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 Yeah must be heartbreaking, but at the end of the day, you gotta do your research. Big respect to him for doing the right thing. Hopefully he'll be able to recoup the value or even get his Norco back.
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 Research is key - some deals are too good to be true!
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 Am I missing some thing or has this guy who swapped his Norco for this now got nothing? Or was it recovered from the thief?
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 unfortuantly hes been caught out by the theif - however the case has now been accelerated to catch the primary thief - he didnt just get my bike in the swap though we found out today - he got like 4 other frames!!
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 Hum sounds like he knows abit more than he's letting on
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 Cant beat a bit of good news! bet your chuffed! Beer
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 my mate's from skem pinchflat on here, and flatspot is from skem too
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 did you get your camera back?
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 Awesome news John!
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 Cheers dude!

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