Video: Meet Thirteen Year Old Ripper Joey Foresta

Oct 9, 2014 at 15:24
by Justin Olsen  
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 when i was 13 i could barely afford a skateboard. this kid has 2014 fury on enves… f*ck my life
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flag RedBurn (Oct 10, 2014 at 14:55) (Below Threshold)
 He may have money but his heart's poor
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 Joey is a good kid and shreds hard. He puts up pro times at races and is one of the sweetest, kindest kids out there and is genuine. The product he rides has nothing to do with money but how deep his heart is.
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 Guess what!? He is sponsored..
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 marzocchi- actually it has a lot to do with money, haha. Lets not kid ourselves, someone with as much passion as him will never come close if they cannot afford lift passes, race entry fees, insanely light and proper DH sleds and all the proper gear and time off to ride. To say he has no "heart" or passion for the sport would be a severe understatement as well. Well, I don't know him personally but in this edit he seems to really enjoy it. Its like Jackson Goldstone, a kid who loves to bike and is given every opportunity that 99% of the rest of us never had. It'll be very exciting to see how much these youngsters progress and I hope they stick with it.
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flag imcusi (Oct 11, 2014 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 you know he is 13 when it sounds like someone is squeezing your balls when you talk and have braces. Kid shreds like hell and is a really cool guy from what I hear. Keep it up man!
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 Exactly. When i was 14, i visited Leogang for 2 weeks on holiday with my mother. Here in poland there are not many riders with expansive bijes and crazy skills since we have no proffesional bikepark. When i went to leogang, i felt really, really weird, when i was riding along with guys on full santa cruzes and specialised's, while i was riding a used hardtail Kross Sign DS - budget polish mtb (approx. 750 usd with parts i've changed) packed with an RST Gila plus DA. If i had such a bike, i'm pretty sure i wouldnt crack my spine 4 years ago, and for sure i would be able to ride much better, even if on that shitty bike i was able to ride the "hangman" DH/FR track in leogang. Peace
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 Maybe he saved money or work so he could buy a bike like i did but i saved for scott nvm haha he is the new Brendan Fairclough haha xD he looks like him xD
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 Really Joey doesn't come from heaps of money. He rides local has great friends and fantastic sponsers. Besides that, he would still kick most of our buts down on a cheap bike. But I put down a better time then him at a race last year..... Got smoked at the other one..... I'm also 25. Joey has mad skills props to him and I hope he has a successful career.
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 ^ Yeah now he can but he didn't magically one day get to that point... A shitton of support was involved and people don't get sponsored the first day out. He had to progress to this point which is where the money and opportunity comes into play. Its not an insult, its an acceptance of reality. I know people like to pretend anything is possible if you love it enough but that simply isn't the case especially with very expensive hobbies or else we would have many phenom 13-year-olds running around. I don't get where this idea of realizing that money/opportunity plays a major factor suddenly became an insult. Its not. BTW living in the area where the Canyons is or in PC does require a lot of money. Property values are outrageous. The idea of "heaps of money" is warped in this area. There are a few people I know that think random and multiple vacation trips a year to exotic countries is not a big deal. Its all about perspective, I guess.
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 Perfectly right
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 You don't hear anyone say "Hey that 13 year old plays on a hockey team that costs $8000 a year. His parents probably pay for that." Obviously this kid had financial support before he was sponsored and he probably still does. Why talk about it something so brutally obvious?

Good for him for doing something he loves and good for those who work hard to support him. Most of all good video.
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 Damn, why is everyone hating on Joey, he is just a 13-year old kid with a dream. He has supportive parents and a strong community that wants to see him succeed. He has spades of talent and a very bright future. It is totally not cool to attack Joey just because of jealousy because he has a sweet bike and shreds hard.
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 ^ Aside from that one post, no one is attacking him. People think when talking about money they're attacking someone... no one is saying he's not passionate/doesn't work hard and its obvious he has that gear from sponsorships. We don't know him so cannot pass judgement on that, however, I got a message from his dad explaining Joey's commitment to the sport and from that, I can tell you he's going to be something else even just a few years down the road because he works harder than most bikers I've known. Hopefully he can get the support he needs to bring his riding to that next level.
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 it was free
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 FML I am a 28-year-old nothing
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flag ctd07 (Oct 11, 2014 at 4:05) (Below Threshold)
 Yeh I'm 28 and can only afford a hardtail at the moment haha.... Oh and f@ck bike parks - ride real mountains!
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 Bike parks are secretly being built on fake mountains just so everybody knows...
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 Mountain bikings future looks safe and secure
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 Danny is that you ?
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 no its not danny hart
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 @RedBurn I could only wish...
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 When he is pro I will be able to tell my kids I beat him by .8 seconds at the pomerelle pounder.
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 I'm 13 and ride bikes!!! No fuckin kidding!! just hope you don't find girls and beer, you will be unstoppable
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 whats wrong with girls?
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 What are you talking about, those are the best reasons to ride a bike!
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 whats wrong with beer?
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 Nothing if it's once in a while, I mean I've seen to many lads sack biking off for hangovers etc. silly boys
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 Yes I hear that sewer-rat! BOOZ anLOOZ ha
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 Right parents. Right place. Right time. Right friends. Kids got it all. Skills are easy to get, just ride every day. He got lucky with his parents being able to afford buying a bike in the first place and then living where they live. Lucky guy. Keep on ripping man keep on ripping and don't forget to thank all those around you who help make it happen.
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 Yep, he beat me a couple time this year.
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 Joey is no joke. He dominates in BMX and it's no surprise he's dominating on the MTB. Rock on joey!
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 Been saying this for a few years now!!! Joey will be the fastest american racer in the not too distant future! Helps having Cody Kelley and Mitch Rope's as buddies and mentors!!
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 What he said ^
I have known Joey for about 4 or 5 years as well, kid has a heart of gold. Great student, humble, nicest kid ever. He also happens to be the one of best riders in the world for his age group or any age group. He puts down the fastest time in Bootleg DH races, often faster than the pros.
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 Quick little bastard lol wish I had a wicked bike like that at his age haha
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 Wow did I ever suck when I was 13. Get some Joey!
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 He's depressingly good
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 Sweet Video! Mark Kugel at the end! Good jobs on those trails buddy, and killer riding from the kid!
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 Joey is the nicest kid ever, he has a great support system of parents. LBS and good friends that make this possible. He grew up riding with Cody Kelly and Mitch Ropalato. Joey is going straight to the top.
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 It's got to be the braces!!!
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 carbon. lol
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 Definitely not a "Joey". Keep it up dude!
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 Joey "Stylin" Foresta. You got style, kid. Just be nice to the old mountain bikers. Remember, we invented all of this mountain bike stuff for you. Right on.
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 Yeah Joey!!
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 This kid needs to meet kade Edwards.
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 Sweet man. Double Down is awesome. You smash those burns so hard, thats out of control. Good job
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 I was doing this every day when I was thirteen. Sure, it was on Downhill Domination on the PS2, but still...
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 I could lose my xc bike and buy a new one three times and it'd still be cheaper then this kids wheelset.
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 Style for dayz!!!
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 I wish that was me at 13!
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 lil Goldstone's got 3 years to shred harder than him- no pressure kiddo!
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 Jackson already hits crabapple hits line. he's such a shreder!
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 3 years is a lot at that age. I have no doubt he will shred even harder!
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 Joey would whip the shit out of crabapple hits
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 Joey's a shredder. So rad to see him getting press!
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 My the Shred be with you young one
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 No buddy you don't ride mountain totally shred mountain bikes...sick dude, your killing it!
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 Foresta means "the woods" in italian so it kinda makes sense ahaha
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 Mountain Slayer! Nice Job dude! Keep it up! That's a sick trail. I'm going to have to check this resort out next season!
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 those tracks looked sick
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 Yeah, Canyons is pretty fun. I fractured my ankle the third time up there this season, so my season pass ended up a big waste of money Frown
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 I fractured my ankle in 3 places and had 3 screws put in. how long did it take for you to fully recover? it's been almost 4 months and it still aches when I move it into certain positions.
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 @eoin-j, I fractured it July 2, and was in a boot for at least 6 weeks. I also ended up getting pulmonary embolisms because I was in the boot off my leg so much. My ankle still aches like yours does, but I have almost all the flexibility back right now. I've run around in the back yard the last couple weekends, and it hasn't made it more sore. Swelling just recently went away, that took a long time. I'm not fully recovered, but I could go bike now. Problem is I'm out of shape now!
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 Who the hell neg props this^?! Man, PB tool bags need to get a life...
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 Haha, right? Can't take stuff on PB seriously ever.
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 Sick rider!!!
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 Joey is one of my best friends and he shreds but damn joey
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 Here is the World champion of 2023 Smile
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 Joe Cool
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 Yeah Joey Killin it!
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 What a Joe
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 Good kid
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 13 year old with Enve rims. dayumm
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 Dude is a squid!
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 and your a pickle sniffer
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 I just want to point out I am joking. I have known Joey for about 4 years now and he is a great kid on and off the bike. Not only is he stylish but...well....he is FAST. Like, really really fast. Nat champ fast. Beating Cat 1 and Pro times at our Utah series races...
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