Video: Danny MacAskill meets Olympian Chris Hoy

Oct 15, 2012 at 9:13
by Karl Burkat  

Filmed by MTBCut
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 Awesome video. Really good to see two totally different areas of the sport mix into one film (and good advertising for the Glasgow games!). Just a shame we didn't get to see Hoy attempting a little trials!
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 maybe i'm being a bit cynical, but i doubt Hoy's sponsors would let him, imagine having an athlete like him on your roster and have him inure himself riding a completely irrelevant discipline haha
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flag lalodh (Oct 15, 2012 at 10:19) (Below Threshold)
 Irrelevant???? you are an idiot. Many people can xc, not so many DH but trial only a few gifted
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 wow someone is butthurt i dont think he is calling trials irrelevant but saying it would be retarted for a top speed athlete to put himself out dicking around with trials mad props to both athletes tho.
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 Its okay they dont have sarcasm in mexico.
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 I have to agree, I would have liked to see Danny try to teach Chris some BASIC trials techniques. Not saying he has to hop on the posts or railings but get him to try the nose pivots or back/forward hops on flat ground. Just to show that not all cyclists can just switch. This showed that Danny, a trials rider, is not the best at bout the other way?
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 I loved this, especially how Danny Mac' was still wearing his 5 Tens.
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 they do have tacos. i love tacos
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 this is like the stig meeting ken block
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 Pfft yea
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 Chris dont wanna get those tires dirty!
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 THE STIG MET MR. BLOCK?! did i miss that episode
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 its on youtube^^
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flag shishka (Oct 16, 2012 at 5:52) (Below Threshold)
 The whole point of this vid was showing those indoor track dweebs what real riding looks like. You see how tight that guy was when he saw danny doing his thing. Better keep carrying his little track bike around. That was true inyaface moment when danny did that nose whip to drop.
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 ^^ If you want to call someone who, just to train for his discipline, leg presses over 600kgs and works until he throws up and has to lie in the foetal position for several minutes after an exercise an "indoor track dweeb" then feel free, but I would say what Hoy does within his riding discipline is as equally impressive as what Danny does, but just in a totally different way different way
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flag shishka (Oct 17, 2012 at 7:09) (Below Threshold)
 Ya i am free so that why i said it. I understand his discipline and dont feel his throwing up matches with dannys life threatning riding style. At worst he gets a stomache ache riding track too hard. Danny could go to hospital any minute the way he rides. That type of commitment totally diff than spinning in circles all day and this vid presented that fact.
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 not saying dannys sport isnt super gnarly and crazy but that indoor track gets way fast and dont they end up having multiple competitors there at the same time idk but i have seen some funny and painful looking crashing on that speed track too and if hoy is a track dweeb maybe u should try saying that to his face dog see how much of a dweeb he is when he puts his foot through your torso lol
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 Why don't we ask Chris Akrigg which one is tougher/more ballsy?
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 haha nice one.. but i am leaning towards shishka's opnion.. track riding is very limited and narrowminded..
just peddal harder than the rest.. and train your butt off for it.. props for the training.. but the end of the day.. all you did was riding in cicles..
i think you have to have a racer attitude for it.. and most of the time that attitude aint my cup of tea..
i never looked at a DH track or what ever.. and thought.. if i take the other line i would be faster.. Blank Stare
i always say : my ego is fine ,. i dont have to compete to prove myself in any way..
the only thing you can do with track riding.. is being faster than the rest.. your never going to encounter a right turn lol
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 I didnt realize we had track enthusiasts right here in the pinkpages. Congrats to hoy for winning medals etc. Matching him with a real badass rider like danny is looking for comments. Whoever set that shoot up should get a visit by hoy. Honestly anyone looks stupid on a bike next to danny.
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 You look stupid, next to a wordsmith. You completely missed the point of this video, you Yankee twat. You have two riders who are at the pinnacle of their genres. It is not about what riding is better, it is about appreciating what it takes to be the best. Danny is sick, so was Aaron chase, and Jeff Lenosky, and Hans Rey. Trials is very similar to track, as in they are such incredibly small pieces of the cycling world. Trials is such a ridiculously small segment. Go hop on a track and tell me it is easy. Pedal kicking around is sick, but so is sustaining huge watts for 20 seconds. It isn't a comparison vid. It is two national athletes talking to each other. Hoy for sure, wouldn't of been allowed to fiddle fuck around on that little bike, mostly because his career is massive. Smacking his shin with a pedal would do nothing but hinder his performance. Get so frustrated when other cyclists bash other cyclists for being part of a different genre. I am fascinated that there are so many kinds of bikes, with the same fundemental parts, that can accomplish such a drastic span of tasks.
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 Yanks lol what is this 1850? Take it easy general grubblebump. You cant tell people how they should view a video. Its called opinions, we share them freely. If you take it personal thats a sign of weakness. A big wordsmitth like you should know that.
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 shishka for president ! Salute
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 track riding in 510's ... lad
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 Back when I raced no the rod we only had toe straps. No SPD's. brought back memories.
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 Imagine if you woke up one morning to find you had Chris' power combined with Danny's balance.....Epic! BTW - That POC helmet looks like it belongs to the guys who power up the laser beams on the Death Star lol!
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 Power Rangers!
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 Chris's legs are the size of Danny's torso. Danny needed the fancy helmet to battle quadzilla.
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 Chris wouldnt be able to ride trials, He would snap every chain there is with those TANK sized thighs!!!! Absolute power house!
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 They must have filmed for 3 days straight to get enough footage without some gypo asking for spare change.
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 "Shave your legs... that's 4 and a half seconds straight away...." I'm sure that's what every guy on a bike loves to hear... Brilliant segment, nice way to end a Monday...

my favorite Mike Myers quote... "If it ain't Scotish, it's crap!!"
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 "there's 2 kinds of people I hate, people intolerable of other peoples culture...and a Dutch!" Smile
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 I hate americans; they generalizee and they are fat!
  • + 2 I miss quoted but here ya go
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 We are Bike riders ! 2 Wheels, Pedals, Handelbars... at the end of the day we all do the same thing but in different ways.
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 This video just prooves that every form of cycling brings all disiplins of riders together. The community of riding bikes is brilliant for meeting new people old & young.
If only the goverment realised this and provided more parks,tracks, general areas for biking etc for us to ride.
But no they are willing to spend millions on housing for people that shouldnt be over here!! democracy wins.
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 I was waiting for the finale to be a hop off the railings outside the front door :o)

Chris Hoy is a machine, legs bigger than my waist!
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 Danny should have had a RedBull POC helmet
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 AGGHHH foooookin brits, they'r good @ everything! Just remembered G. Obree aka "the flying scotsman", but i think i prefer MacAskill and the Atherton dynasty.
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 i wanna see a video where an xc rider meets a dh rider
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 Check out Rob's Dirty Business from a few months back Wink
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 well of course ive seen that hahaha but i mean like a legit one like this video
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 Carrying a bike to a track is as dumb as driving to a gym to run on a treadmill. A bike that you have to carry on your shoulder to ride on a track is as dumb as a bike in a gym that doesn't go anywhere.

Give me a recumbent that I can actually ride on the street without being a safety hazard to myself & everyone around me & I'll beat the guy with no skills who rides that brakeless, freehubless, pointless piece of shit that probably cost more than a DH bike to buy.
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 Is it any dumber than us guys that put our bikes on a lift to ride the bike park? Or guys that shuttle? I think not.

I don't know why you have such a hate on for other disciplines of riding. If you don't like it, don't do it. But there's more to two wheels than just freeride.

And personally I'd love to see you take him on, that "guy with no skills" could most likely hold his own in any style of riding.
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 Should have got Chris to try trials Smile
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 brilliant advert for the games with 2 of the best. Nice one lads
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 If I ever decide to ride a bike I have to carry indoors to use, shoot me.
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 When he rode out on the pace scooter thingy I was laughing pretty hard haha. Sweet vid
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 Great video two top riders
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 Willing to bet that's the first time a set of 5.10s have seen track..
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 The first time MacAskill has been owned in anything... Haha.
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 Great Vid, really enjoyed that..
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 I've ridden the Sydney Olympic track once. It's bloody weird after spending a life on a full suspension hog. 1. Bikes feel tiny and feel awkward. 2. There are no brakes. You stop pedalling and the cranks keep going!! I almost got pitched many times. You cannot just cruise with feet at 3 and 9.... to slow down you have to apply resistance backwards as your feet keep rotating forward.
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 digging the 5-10's and toe straps on the track
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 what a great film Smile
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 Didn't' Danny Hart hurt himself on his moto during race season? Oops.
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 Single speeds FTW
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