KHS sixfifty 656XC Give-Away Contest - Winner

Dec 15, 2012 at 19:59
by KHS Factory Racing KHS  
Click like and you are entered with a chance to win a 2012 KHS sixfifty 656xc frame-set autographed by Logan Binggeli 2012 RedBull Rampage 3rd Place Podium . The Winner will be notified on KHS Factory Racing s FaceBook page December 15th

The contest was for a KHS sixfifty 656XC frameset.

The winner is Joao Ribeiro and all he had to do was click like and you were automatically entered for a chance to win a 2012 KHS sixfifty 656xc frameset, autographed by Logan Binggeli (2012 RedBull Rampage: Third Place on his KHS 650b FR bike). Joao was notified today on the KHS Factory Racing's FaceBook page.

Also check out our Latest and Greatest 2012 KHS Highlights video:

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 I bumped into Logan on a ride this past week and tried to keep up with him on a technical sandstone descent, I was on a 7'' FR bike and he was on the bike given away. I was able to hang at great effort until it got really steep and ledgy and he pulled away like he had a motor, and hit a line that I do not understand how it's possible, but I saw him make it look easy. Two morals from this story, the bike being given away is only limited by the rider and extreme terrain, and secondly is that top dh guys make insane lines look feasible....until you seem them in person. Shred on Logan, shred on!
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flag Questrails (Dec 16, 2012 at 9:02) (Below Threshold)
 That probably had more to do with logan being a world cup racer than you not being on same bike as him. Let me guess you work for khs and trying to hype your products on here. I think you guys made huge mistake switching your entire line to 650 only bikes. Guess what now I not even looking into buying any khs ever. I own 6 bikes nonstop buying bikes, and still not buying into this marketing ploy of 650b =ride faster. That is not true anyone who thinks it is in for huge letdown the first time I pass you on my 24" let alone 26".
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 You seem really smart! Thanks for the input numnuts!
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flag Questrails (Dec 16, 2012 at 10:29) (Below Threshold)
 This is perfect representation of the immature attitude found at a half ass company like khs and why nobody buys your bikes because they dont make sense or have any resale value at all. I have your whole catalog right here in my bike shop numnutts and guess what i don't see any 26" bikes besides your dh and a couple lowend hardtails. That is why we don't carry khs in our bike shop idiot. How funny was that?
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 not that funny, guy
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flag Questrails (Dec 16, 2012 at 12:51) (Below Threshold)
 Ya i saw the one and only 26" they make now and it's a xc racing specific bike with laim geo and no travel. Basically that bike is no fun unless you doing xc specific racing. Who does that? We need fun bikes, 140-180mm. You could easily buy one of khs frames and just put the 26s on it but at that point I just buy a giant or trek. Its really not complicated they decided to jump on the 650 bandwagon and produce only that size for the best selling all mountain platform. They not even making that 7" bike anymore, no fun. You guys about to go out of business or something?
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 go home Questrails you are drunk!
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flag Questrails (Dec 16, 2012 at 13:31) (Below Threshold)
 Just because I have an opinion not shared by those who believe everything they read doesn't mean I on the stupid sauce. The way you guys reacting reveals your own insecurity. Oh no he has a strong opinion lets negative his comments, that will shut him up loool. They don't have any bikes between 140mm and 210mm? They must have been soo drunk at the product meeting forgot to complete their line up. With such simple linkage frames how hard is it to add an inch or two. Lack of investment could mean lack of business for poor old khs. Maybe next year they venture in 160mm territory!! Oh boy i know it sounds crazy I have such radical theory this is nutts. Please neg my comments before khs has nervous breakdown.
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 I have never even owned a KHS, let alone work them, not that I wouldn't mind one, and while I'm nowhere near the level of any WC rider, I don't suck either. I was on a Morewood Shova LT at the time, and the spots on the trail I'm referencing would easily qualify as double black had they been at a resort. My comments were accurate, the bike's only limited by extreme terrain and its pilot, and also that Logan is an incredible rider. I've also watched him ride his 650b down a our local dh/fr trail with ease, 9' foot drops 25' gaps included. He told me that he hasn't thrown a leg over a 26'' wheel for quite some time, he cited traction and momentum as the reasons.
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flag Questrails (Dec 16, 2012 at 15:57) (Below Threshold)
 They actually took the cheap approach and only offer 3 frames now, 125mm-140mm-210mm. If they were smart could have made slight adjustments to the linkage to add different sized travel for most riders these days that want 150mm or better. The bikes that keep khs in business are the $300 models. Never have the high end contributed anything but reputation benefits. Now they have one frame reputation and not alot of riders looking for only 140mm. Logan rides whatever his sponsor tells him to ride, ya he a toolbag like the rest of them. If someone hand you a bike and paycheck better rep their stuff. Some riders are fooled easily by mechanical majic and claims of this and thats. Others depend on natural talent and know better.
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 Listen up people, this guy ^^really knows what's up! lol litterally
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 All the reps for the big bike companies are all going nuts right now, "We gotta get this Questrails guy repping our stuff!"
Questrails hands bike and paycheck back, "I ain't fooled by your mechanical majic!"
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 100% correct wasea04 !!
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flag Questrails (Dec 17, 2012 at 7:07) (Below Threshold)
 Ya well we had your brocheur here in my bike shop for 6 years. Nobody has even asked me a question about khs. Not a good sign for you. I just threw these in the garbage not going to waste space here anymore. Anyone who has worked in the bike industry for decades as I have will know 650b is an old size wheel from 70s touring crap bikes. We have plenty of 650 trashed wheels in the basement and a bunch of old tires and tubes nobody wants. Welcome back to 650b! In two years they have you guys on 26 3/8" bikes. Oogoly doogoly these wheels I command thee to go fast! I have two bike shops the one I run here and the one in my house. No marketing trend can mess with me. I stocked and loaded with parts. Have fun on your new euro touring throw back wheels.
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 are you on drugs???
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flag Questrails (Dec 17, 2012 at 8:18) (Below Threshold)
 No are you? Does the truth hurt? I'm sorry about that but it is kind of funny when the industry takes an old sized wheel and puts a new spin on it haahaa get it spin!!! I got a million of emm keep it coming.
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flag Questrails (Dec 17, 2012 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 Ya as i stated working in the bike industry for decades. Use your imagination just a little bit. Yes I have ridden 12,16,18,20,24,26,26 13/8,27,27.5,29,700 everything ever produce have ridden. Had they simply added new 650b to the existing line up this would have been alot better. When you stop production of 26 all of a sudden then try selling people on large wheel idea its clearly all about revenue. 29 came out and some people bought it or not because they had options. Now your options are huge 29 goofball wheels or slightly smaller 27.5. They could have easily offered 26,27.5,29 in that simple 140mm frame design they working with. Are we to belive that the last 20 years on 26" never happened? These new 650b are going to take you to amazing new heights. Thats bs watch me jump over your whole crew on my 20".
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 Oh no you a scary guy i dont want to mess with a momas boy like you. Maybe i just stick my enormous elephant sized dick right up her ass instead then try riding my 28" balls over to your house for some pro quality photos.
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flag Questrails (Dec 18, 2012 at 7:23) (Below Threshold)
 Thats why they call me Rick Balls.
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 soooo??? what is the point of your rants? all your doing is dissing KHS for making their own decisions...last time i checked you wereent the head of KHS that just got kicked out or something? KHS can make their own decisions if they want to. they have researched and tested the 650b more than you ever have and they obviously feel that it is a good decision to make the switch. just sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and let them make their own decisions. dont ride their bikes if you dont feel like it.
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 The point is they made a choice to produce only 2 wheel sizes on the one frame anyone would be interested in buying. Not only that but they discontinued all other variations like 7" frame they had for years. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what they are doing and not only company doing it. Force people into buying new sized wheels by not offering the 26" standard. With the frame they have would be extremely easy to slap 26s on there and say here the 26 model or buy the 27.5 or the 29. Companies like giant have shown you can use one design and adapt it to fit multiple wheel sizes and travels. KHS is showing a lack of investment in mtb and future uncertain as they trim down models and discontinue lines.
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 definitely agree with the Kona or Transition comment Big Grin they rule!
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 Ya for real I grab something else. KHS got nuthin. That dh bike is nice but they probably switch it to 29s next season.
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 Fight, fight fight...
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 ^^ hahahaha
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 Damn, talk about being lucky o.O It was excelent to wake to this though!! THANK YOU KHS
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 Coulda been me...
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 I wasn't bitching, that's the funny part. I simply commented on how it could have been me, which is completely true.
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 Seems rather harsh mnorris.
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 he's just a bit sour from not winning himself.
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 That wasnt sarcasm. It was being a douche for no reason. Sarcasm would be "I bet you were a close second" which in a random draw is clearly impossible.
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 Lol can Canadian/Americans win at all haha
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 I'll take a 650b dh bike if you dont mind KHS...
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 Finally something good happened in you only have to struggle with freakin Fedex to get your bike...congrats Joao !!
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 the giant glory bike winner from the vid contest was from portugal so what are you on about..
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 so?? Two good things happened , besides this its pretty sad over there!
Both winners are actually from the island Madeira I think Wink
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 That video is hilarious and has some awesome shredding. Wish there were more like it on here
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 Hey, the winner should be me! Im with no bike now. lol
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 Stay tuned we will be giving away more and more in 2013!
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 Are there going to be other ways to enter besides Facebook?
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 Yes absolutely, the world is not run by Facebook - Thanks Pedal2Pedal
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 Me me me! Please! If I BUY another bike my wife will put my nuts in the chain...
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 Cool contest. I didn't win but thanks for doing this KHS!!!!
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 Is it me or do 90% of these dudes ^^^ sound like they are on their period...
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 4:05 in the video: He´s riding on rails! I knew it!
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 Good for him!
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 Pendulum - The Island Pt1 (Dawn)
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 ...thanking you squire!
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 Looks like Kona Tanuki
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