Video: Team KHS at Reaper Madness

Mar 25, 2013 at 10:42
by KHS Factory Racing KHS  
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Logan Binggeli and Kevin Aiello on their KHS DH650Q bikes dominated the podium at Pro GRT #1 in Nevada's Best MTB park-Bootleg Canyon. Binggeli topped Aaron Gwin for the win and Aiello took 5th. Guest appearance by "Spikey Boy"!

Pro GRT standings.


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 One does not simply get up after crashing at Bootleg. Easily the most gnarly bike park in America.
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 did he crash at 1:46????
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 That looks sketchy with pros riding it! I'd die.
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 we needa WC round in one of the desert type places would make a nice change from rain in europe !
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 how is it winning when he cut the course..? Gwin would of won but Politics goy the best of bootleg..Go KHS...NOT!! true winners don't cheat
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 bigburd, have you ever ridden bootleg? It is impossible to fall off your bike without drawing lots of blood, let alone going 40 mph. I get scared riding any trail other than snakeback, and I think that safety would restrict racing to just that trail, at least at the top. Nevertheless, it would be cool to see a WC race...
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 Maybe not bootleg exactly but some where dry , dusty with no trees Razz
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 What makes you think he cut the course ? They had people out covering every corner just for that.
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 Is it me or is the use of dominated a little premature here, yeah congratulations on doing well this race. Let's not forget how many riders are still getting used to their new bikes and equipment. Now if you guys win the majority of the world cup races, which you aren't because as far as I know you are only going to a couple than you can say you dominated. Until then a bit of humbleness and sportsmanship goes a long way.
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 For someone to " dominate" wouldn't they both have to win? On average, a team that got second in both races would have "dominated" more, right? KHS has some awesome riders and awesome bikes, but how many riders in the top ten were on pinkbike riders favorite brand, Specialized? ( I saw Specialized took the top spot in the pinkbike poll) or any other bike for that matter? Full disclosure, I ride a used Giant but I have no brand loyalty, I will buy and ride what I can afford. I laugh everytime I read khsfactoryracing posts, he/she is not afraid to brag up the brand!! I would've loved support like that when I raced though, so I guess I am just talkin out my ass (probably because of jealousy)
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 Yep...qualifying all 3 riders in the top ten (2 in top 5) - I guess we made it all up!! Right??
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 check out those polls next year after the 650b dh destroys everyone
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 Why not brag a little!? Its crazy to me how Binggli isn't more popular, especially with his results! The guy took 3rd at Rampage a few months ago and is always killing at the races! 1st at Bootleg against such a high profile rider like Gwin is pretty bad ass. Oh, Gwin is the guy who's been dominating the world cup the last few years right?
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 Binggli cut the course and idk if you are in the loop but aaron gwin def wasn't trying. I mean come on the guy domintated the UCI WC season 2 years in a row. There is no way he would have lost if he tried.
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 Gwin is one of the fastest racers in the world right now. I highly doubt he entered this race with other top notch racers just to "not try". A true rider wants to take 1st in every race!
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 See what bigger wheels can do. Make a top 15 guy win. This is the one of last years of the 26" wheel in dh and most likely everywhere. Every company has a prototype is the works guaranteed. Good job KHS!!
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 Gwinn wasnt holding back at all in this race I was there in person watching them all practice occasionally. On my practice run I had a flat and was being very careful knowing how tight the course is and Gwinn came whipping over the top of a small hill and almost took my head off. All i could hear was the rush of air with him flying by. This is a super rugged course and bingelli is more use to this. After seeing Athertons there years ago i think they would have dominated if they made the appearance. Also i dont understand why its cool to be the first to troll every publication. KHS is commenting because pinkbike is full of trolls who just cant embrace the MTB community and be on each others sides.
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 Nevermind I take it back, Good friends wife watched him cut the course but they refused to penalize him since KHS sponsored the event. thats lame KHS no pride in that
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 why hate on KHS? we all know that if all you haters were to go win a race you would go home to your mommies and tell her that you "dominated". its just a word guys. let it go
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 Not to say that Binggeli isn't fast, but I bet that Aaron has his sights set on this summer, hence taking it down a notch from his normal balls out runs. I can't wait to see this 2013 season!
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 It's true. Gwin ALWAYS goes for the win.
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 Gwin's a true competitor, he gives it his all when races. The fastest man down the hill won the race, it was Logan. I will say that he, Logan, does have have a bit of a home court advantage at Bootleg Smile
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 khs, gwin said he was taking it easy, calm down. why get hurt at a small national race, and give up the whole wc season...
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 Can't help wondering what tires gwin was running. From what I could see in the clip, the ground conditions look they were a lot more suited to the highroller 2 than a butcher.
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flag RatHunter83 (Mar 25, 2013 at 16:01) (Below Threshold)
 If I remember correctly, he runs Bontranger G5's. Who is owned by Trek.
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 On his demo... This century.
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 Nobody has yet mentioned how they tried to disqualify someone for cutting the course...that same rider complained and ended up being giving the win...
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 its not cutting the course if you do it with 650b, they's is special....
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flag khsfactoryracing (Mar 25, 2013 at 15:36) (Below Threshold)
 You must have a specialized -hahahaha just like buttholes and opinions.... Get a life doosh
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flag khsfactoryracing (Mar 25, 2013 at 15:38) (Below Threshold)
 Work on your grammar
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 Urban Dictionary: doosh
A word looked on up urban dictionary by those who can't spell douche properly.
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flag khsfactoryracing (Mar 25, 2013 at 16:25) (Below Threshold)
 Good call Smile the hatter pool is fool of those little nuggets.
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flag khsfactoryracing (Mar 25, 2013 at 16:26) (Below Threshold)
 Now check your grammar hahaaha
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 KHS is coming off very dumb, and should probably go read team robot's blog...
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 Good lord, the guy who can't spell is telling someone to check their grammar?!
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 If this is Q doing the KHS posts then I'll tell you personally. Stop with the arrogance. Sure you have a sick bike and a killer set of pilots to show it off. But your doing the brand no good by arguing on a forum. Especially with the people who potentially might buy your bikes.
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 A little unprofessional
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flag khsfactoryracing (Mar 25, 2013 at 23:08) (Below Threshold)
 It's a video that was created to enhance our sport and help it grow, but all the haters prefer to waste time on silly things. All the hateful and ignorant comments deserve to be removed. No one realky knows the true details, "you can please some people sometimes, but you can't please all the people all the time".
We are just playing along. The comment count is the only positive. Why not band together as a group of bicycle enthusiasts instead of spreading negittives against the KHS brand. KHS loves racing bikes and spreading the word on our sport, that's our ultimate goal. But untruths are hard to ignore. PLEASE know this, KHS has worked very hard to obtain the presence it now has, and if consumers like our bikes they will buy them. The pb audience is the same audience we "indiustry folk" play to every day. The haters will always exist, monkey see monkey do. Sorry to throw fuel on the fire dragontalesdh - point taken. Thanks.
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 Khs is the best bike in Dh period I've had m9 demo glory they are turds compared to a dh300 let alone the 650. So all the haters should stfu Khs killed bootleg out of pure skill Not even a big name with a bunch of hype around them can win have fun on hills design he even left it haha!!! Goooooooooooo KHS !!!!
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 Racing 650b against 26'' is like having a 450 when everyone else is on 250's.
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flag khsfactoryracing (Mar 25, 2013 at 12:45) (Below Threshold)
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 For real. That's why EVERYONE is racing with 650b.
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 So everyone that's wants to race 650b should go start there own class and stop bagging up 26''
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 their***...... Dh shouldn't be heading towards 650b. The sport of DH doesn't need to get easier. If you want to go faster because your wheels are bigger, go ride XC.
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 Andrew, I understand what you're trying point out, but the argument isn't relevant in this case. By the same logic you're using we should have a rim brake racing class, and a rigid racing class, a bar width racing class, etc. Progression in riding AND in products with the only exception being we get to be the motor is part of our sport and thank goodness for that Smile
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 Wasea04, you clearly don't understand what I'm trying to point out LOL or else you would understand what I'm saying pertains to the logistics of the bike, not the mechanics. If you take the best rider in the world and someone who has no skill, and you put them on a closed course, where everything is controlled besides the wheel size. No matter how good the rider is on the 26'', the unskilled rider on the 650b, traveling on a course in a straight line downhill, will reach the end faster than the 26'' rider. It's a stupid advantage that is promoting less rider skill in a professional environment, how much more FAIRY LIKE CAN YOU GET? Team robot breaks the pro category down quite nicely.
"Super naturally talented riders who could ride a tricycle down the hill faster than you, but have no idea what their bike is doing, couldn't tell you what "tire pressure" means, and sure as hell couldn't tell you what all those blue and red knobs on your fork do:I like to call these riders "race winners," and they probably couldn't tell the difference between the new vivid and loaf of day-old bread wedged in their linkage."
"The other pros are the sorta/kinda talented riders that work really hard to overcome the deficit. It doesn't work, so these riders always get beat by the naturally talented riders by like 10 seconds every time. Desperate to escape the downward spiral of depression and unrealized dreams, these less-talented riders focus obsessively on their bike setup and try to justify and rationalize their getting repeated losses by saying "I just need to dial in my bike a little better" when in fact it's just that you suck."
^that right there is who 650b is for
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 and.....if you are interested in DH but don't like are seriously missing out
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 I have no beef with moto, I was just pointing out that with the exception of an engine everything's game. I'm not trying to be contrary but the logic used is still the way, I doubt that wheel size is as significant as you propose it to be. Happy Trails, man!
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 In a 3.5 min race a 650b wheel is 1.5 seconds faster. The wheels are bigger, they cover more ground more efficiently. You may have never been in a close race before, but when you win or lose by a hundredth of a second, 1.5 is a very big deal. Physics is fact man, go do a little research.
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 Congrats guys. Bootleg is scary, I thank jeebus every time I survive a run, let alone going as fast as they were.
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 The walking slow motion at the end are totally gay.
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 i thought it was kinda sick it but it dragged on way too long
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 I hope they have the 650 in production for 2014, and a carbon version??!!!!
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 working on carbon molds right now, we have worked out all the bugs its a go! 2014
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 Mars looks pretty rippable on google earth
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 Yawn. If Mr Gwin stayed with our friend Trek maybe we would've seen a different outcome. I guess he had to feel special.
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 Logan Gwinit!

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