Logan Binggeli and Nik Nestoroff Rip the Pro GRT Track at Windrock - Video

Mar 16, 2018 at 6:17
by KHS Factory Racing KHS  
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Windrock brought out the very best in the world to the first Pro GRT of the year, KHS boys Logan Binggeli and Nik Nestoroff represented KHS well with an 11th and 16th respectively.

Logan's experience served him well in the difficult conditions taking him into 11th on the day.

Nik Nestoroff threw down in his first National race for KHS and secured 16th place a very respectable top 20 amongst the best in the world.


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 It's so odd, besides these guys racing, I don't think I've ever seen a KHS bike on the trails. Are they more popular outside of the southeast? Glad they are still pumping money into racing tho.
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 iirc they're owned by a large distributor. i'm sure that's the main source of funding. back in the day i heard about Bob's bicycles buying a semi truck load of KHS bikes one clearance just to part out all of the components and recycle the frames lol
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flag thedriftisreal (Mar 16, 2018 at 8:47) (Below Threshold)
 @meathooker: also I'm pretty sure they make frames for a couple of big companies (Giant?)
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 I ride a KHS sixfifty 7500 and I like it, never had any problems. Race enduro and ride park on it and it's handled everything that has gone its way!
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 @thedriftisreal: KHS are catalog frames from Taiwan. Most likely, they're made in the same factories as Giant to different manufacturer spec. Nobody makes frames/components for giant other than themselves - giant's factories make plenty of bikes/components for other companies though.
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 @thedriftisreal: Giant is one of the few with their own production.
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 @thedriftisreal: Not Giant they make bikes a lot of other brands, maybe Rudolph and his gang?
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 Just thought it was me being ignorant, but I've never heard of KHS, let alone seen one of their bikes in the UK.
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 @thedriftisreal: Ive heard the KHS frames are produced in the same factory as the Mondraker Summum. No denying the similarities between the two frames thats for sure. Heres one that Kevin Aiello was riding while sponsored by KHS being sold as a Mondraker. I couldnt really get a good answer about the "custom frame manufacturer" www.pinkbike.com/buysell/2190292
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 Awesome looking track by Neko and crew. That KHS looking sweet, eat up everything!
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 No matter what...its always good to see there videos, the factory rig and DH brotherhood. Kudos to them....
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 Enjoyed seeing the track from different angles and good DH racing and riding is always fun to watch! With DH “dead” I’m happy to get any footage and coverage I can. When is the next GRT, and is it in the east too?
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 @think1up Seems to be almost exactly the same front triangle as a Vitus Dominer.

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 Yes it’s the same, and they sell the same trail bike as mattco. These are off the shelf frames from Taiwan
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 @kleinblake: for the price I still might still ride the Vitus; KHS are dreaming big delusional dreams with their MSRP.
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 AFAIK this is the company behind them - astroeng.com.tw/page/news/index.aspx?root=7

Also CTM bikes - www.ctm.sk/bicykle/full
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 Right on boys -Solid performance!
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 They pitted at the bottom of the parking lot. Didn't even realize they were there until I was leaving Saturday night. Nice bus and pits, but solo. Wish they'd been up top with the other vendors.
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 @quintonspalding don't know if you were there (assuming you were) but really wanted to check out the bikes for myself. Hat that I missed ya.
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 Sorry we missed you brother !
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 @khsfactoryracing: No worries. There's always next time.
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 I am just glad to see a bike in a race this big other than specialized, trek, or any other huge enterprise bike company.
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 Don't think I've seen a KHS in the wild since like 2008
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 I saw one in Colorado in '11! They're out there.
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 Absolutely awful music track, WTF
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 KHS are actually pretty common here in Lima. I had a 504 back in the day...awesome ride for the money !
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 Did they steal that introduction from Brazzers?
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 i was thinking keemstar at first, but brazzers seems more fitting
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 And yet again another four minute clip with a solid one minuite intro *horray*
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 liking the 1080P
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 Probably the worst video I've seen in a while.
How come somebody can release something like that as a proud brand video ..>>>?..
It looks like some non-biker fat kid recorded that on iPhone 1 while chewing a donut and then put together a footage full of blips and weird shots while chewing fckng muffin. Had to take at least in 7 minutes.
I'd say that Logan deserves something better than this sht.
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 When you come down out of your ivory tower sire, we peasants will welcome you on a ride with the small folk.
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 @bizutch: he's got a point, the music, the camera quality, it looks like something some college kids made in the 90's. Don't know about iphones or kids with food issues though.
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 Weird. I liked it. Admittedly the with the drive over the bridge was a bit odd but sweet otherwise
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 @russthedog: I did like the riding. Call me biased but Logan is amazing
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 Not trying to talk shit, but does it look like these guys are going really slow?
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