The South - Cam Cole

Jan 29, 2012 at 16:27
by Toby Foreland  
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 i miss dust!!
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 @likeomg Take some of mine
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flag chesnuts (Jan 29, 2012 at 16:38) (Below Threshold)
 i was just about to type "i miss dust" lol
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 I miss my granola bar.
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 I miss Christchurch riding!
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 I miss my virginity. lol, not
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 @likeomg: No no, take my dust! I'll trade you for some tacky wet dirt any day..
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 anybody looking for scoliosis?
free to a good home
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 it's not tacky wet dirt. Its sloppy 4inch thick mud Frown
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 i miss dust in winter but in the summer i miss wet sloppy trails. its odd
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 I miss riding PERIOD
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 Haha at the end! His feet , awesome video
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 I am looking for a flat + clip pedal, and I am wondering what pedals are those Cam is using...
They seem to be a Mallet, but have no pins?

I´ve noticed the Athertons use the same, also no pins, so I am wondering about this pedal, and if it is a good idea to have clip and pins, could it be problematic to unclip?

can anyone tell me please?
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 probably a shimano one. dx is it?
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 yea they look like shimano DX, and i don't think there is clip in pedals with pins, but honestly pins are better, the 5050 are great i love them, also specialized has some good ones and VP pedals are really nice, and they come in different colors
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 look at D. Hart! he was clipped in... like a boss
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 They are 100% mallets. Just they look like this years 1's:
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 the mallets 2 and 3 are clip ins with pins...
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 Looks like a fun trail, Anyone know where it is?
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 Port Hills, Christchurch, New Zealand
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 Dust rulz last few weeks is all we get trails so sweet right now, braap got to love Summer down under.
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 trail looks epic fun Smile
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 oh yes it is
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 STOKED cam is back
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 i like the ending
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 its so nice i want more vid like this
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 what´s song?
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 Everyone's Asleep by Clap Clap Riot
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 great music, thanks again pb for introducing me to more good tunes. Hopefully their success brings them to the States. oh and the vid def rips!
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 he thinks thats fast!! im pretty sure he pushed a button to engage light speed!!!
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 No kashima fork?
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 looks kashima to me.. ?
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 The black fork which you can see at the 12th second mark it is but at the 18th mark you can clearly see the white fork, which is used through out the video, does not have the coating. I know what kashima looks like and thats not kashima. Its just an observation
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 yup the black 40 has kashima but not the white 40
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 i miss this hood ......should try it on a hard tail ..after pedeling up the sign of teh
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 I'm shocked at how flat the landing of Daves road gap at 51s looks.
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 I believe that is him landing off another jump, because the road gap landing seems pretty steep in the shot previous to the "landing"
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 nah same jump, just the second camera angle makes it look flat. In person its a fast sketchy steep landing, straight into that berm. i'll have a look I might have a go pro shot somewhere to back this up...
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 where about is that road gap? havent riden vic park for over a year???????
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 No need to back it up boardnz, its the same jump!
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 Well, you seem to know the gap quite well, no need for any foootage, I was just sharing what I thought is all, no harm done.
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 classic i love vic park!!!!!!!
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