Video: Kona's Lacy Kemp Gets Profiled in 'Slow Ride & Old Man Laps'

Oct 7, 2019 at 15:03
by Kona Bikes  
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Words & Photos: Kona

Everyone knows Bellingham is a pretty sweet place to ride a bike. But, it's also a pretty sweet place to live out your trail dog retirement life. Kona Communications Manager Lacy Kemp has an old dog named Roscoe. In his heyday, Roscoe was the epitome of badass trail slayer. He'd hit jumps, rally technical sections, and charge down crazy cliff lines, leaving the rest of the pack in the dust. At nearly 11 years old Roscoe is just about done with biking, but he still manages to get out for "Old Man Laps" with Lacy a few times a month. Sure he's slow, and barely ever breaks out of a trot, but this is one seriously happy dog. We should all be so lucky to live a life like his.

When Roscoe isn't along for the ride, Lacy cruises all around the Pacific Northwest for riding. Still, the phrase, "There's no place like home," rings true. With Galbraith in the back yard, it's easy to pop out for a pre-work ride, lunch ride, post-work ride, night ride, snow ride... you get the point. Get to know Lacy (and Roscoe!) better in the latest from the My Kona series.


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 Props to your respect for, and devotion to, your trail partner.
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 Yeah Roscoe!!! Old man still shreds.
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 Great vid, dog and person !
Serious question, do such small people benefit from having such wide bars ?
Looks like hard work to me.
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 No, wide bars on most people, especially women with smaller shoulders cause more problems with these ridiculous bars that are a trend. The worst trend to ever develop in MTB is wide bars, well-goggles and a half shell is the other one.
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 @yakimonti: goggles are a lifesaver for those of us who fear lasik and wear contacts. Don’t care how they look and if I did, I’m glad we look rad.

Agree on the bars though.
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flag Staktup (Oct 7, 2019 at 20:02) (Below Threshold)
 I don't know how small she is, but she looks strong enough and it's keeping her in an attack position. Plus, you can see more Cleveland than if she rocked narrower bars that made her sit uprigt...
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 I got a new bike that had 780mm wide bars, 50mm wider than previous bike. I am 175cm tall but have about 183cm wingspan. It took 2 rides to start getting pain in the outside of my lower bicep.

Most likely Lacy is pretty in tune with how her body works, doing yoga and riding that much.
Someone with more upper body strength than me would probably be fine on those bars. They did not feel too wide when riding. Or that I was working harder. But something obviously was. When I looked into it I found
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 178cm and riding 810mm bars. Love them. The only downside that it is sometimes a bit sketchy in tight wood sections.
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 @sam-swag-g: LOL 810 mm bars... seriously, when this trend is going to stop ?
Yesterday, 800 mm was only for the DH bikes. Now we find them on trail bikes.
Tomorrow, 810 mm on XC bikes ?
This is ridiculous.
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 All in how your built. If your built like a bean pole then really wide bars are a hassle.
But I have broad shoulders and have the strength to turn the bars. So 810 bars work for me. Tried narrower bars and didn’t like them. Some peeps think all “trends” are catered for everyone. So it’s what you like.
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 What's Cleveland ?@Staktup:
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 @crazy9: he is referring to cleavage
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 Since you're all asking- I'm small, but this ain't my first rodeo on a bike. I've been riding for a long time and am comfortable and confident in my set up. If you don't like the way it looks, that's not my problem. I like the way it rides. Big Grin
And to the, ahem...gentleman... that addressed *Cleveland* ...sigh... Hope you don't have a daughter, sister, or mother. I'm sure they'd be really proud of you for that comment.
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 @lacykemp: and that is what is referred to as a “clap back!” Smile
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 @lacykemp: I am sorry if I offended your sensibilities. I meant what I said about you looking strong enough (to use a wide bar and being in an attack position). You remind me of the Holly
Holm of MTB.
As for the other comment, well those slow motions shots made me type what I (and prob every male and maybe even a few females) was thinking, but the difference is that I typed stuff and hit “submit”. If you make more videos, I promise never to comment on your PB content ever again. And I did read and enjoy your past bike reviews as well. Sorry for misogynistic objectification.
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 hmm...try doing a pushup with your hands offset to a wider stance than the center line of your shoulders--pretty difficult, right? Now try doing a push up in your strongest 'stance' aka hands positioned on the ground aligned with the center line of your shoulders. Lot more efficient reps and increased ability for dynamic push and pull>>measure the width of that hand stance from the edges of each palm--BOOM, you just found your ideal handlebar width.

808mm bars...jesus tap dancing christ that's wayy way *way* too wide for most people, let alone this badass Kona rep. That wide of bars only helps stability when going in a straight line--if you truly feel you're enjoying how that rides, then please for the love of progression try riding 740mm wide bars. You'll be amazed at the new angles you can cut while turning--just as much (and more) straight line stability when you sync the timing. Look how wide the center line of your grip points are as you ride down those roots in comparison to your shoulders. Its like you're doing a push up with your arms extended out completely to the side. Not efficient.

Looks masculine AF when locked up outside the pub I'll bet. Cool

Greg Minnaar is spinning in his grave of broken Enve wheels hearing about 808mm bars ran on a sub-5'8" rider.
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 @EvoRidge: I don't do pushups on my bars.
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 @EvoRidge: My bars are 740.
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 @lacykemp: love ya

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 @Staktup: Our actions define us.
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 Learning lines from a hound is the real deal. I'm sure mine must have French blood, cos he is constantly taking the enduro line.
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 Had the pleasure to know Roscoe when he was the warehouse puppy/dog at FSA/US in Mukilteo.
Inquisitive and smart just like his papa (bad ass/kind and giving) Scott Kemp (now at Evil Bikes also in B-ham). Roscoe had a bad broken leg when he got hit by a car one day at work and I remember the pain that Scott/Lacey went through and together they decided that Roscoe was important enough to their wellbeing to make the investment to make him whole again. Roscoe walked with a limp for a while but his smooth grace returned to his stride. We age, we change and hopefully like Roscoe we can bring joy.
Peace Roscoe buddy, Chad
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 Aww man, our Bellingham Mountain Dog looked like Roscoe's sister and was always down to run along until she just couldn't...
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 Lacy Kemp for president. It is so good to hear the person. I remember her from Bible Bike Magazine. Always so shiny and warm talking about bikes. So warm and great person. I love her Smile
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 Roscoe came to work in our office for years. I remember when he stole an apple off of my desk and tried to make off with it. What a dog!
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 I'm sure he'd still wag his tail happily if he saw you again. He still steals food from the desks at Kona on the regular. Some things never change.
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 @lacykemp: Hah! I miss him. What a great dog! Looks like you're doing well Lacy. Good for you!
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 Cool dog sorry he has joint pain, nice to see you still find a way to include him and let him rest a bit. Night riding is the @!%$, total agree with you on how your fight or flight system goes into warp drive.
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 White Claw and yoga FTW!
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 Yay Lacy and Roscoe!
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 Loved this! What a cool girl and dog ???? !
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 Dogs are the best argument for a benevolent god... I don't trust anyone who says they don't like them.
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 WOOOO Lacy with that structural pup!
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 Power move: ride Kona bike / wear Scott pads
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 Lacy and Roscoe! Naaaw! ❤️
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 Cool life!
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 What a cool video!!!!
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 Lace Face! Nice work all!
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 Yeah Lace and Roscoe!
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 Roscoe!!! My dude.
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 So awesome guys Smile
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 A lot to like about this video, trail dog, free yoga, etc.
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 Heck yeah! Trail dogs always get my upvote!
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 Lacy is a boss! Roscoe is a boss dog!
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 Great Video Lacy!!!!! Props on You being You!
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 Good job Lacy. We are lucky to have you in our community. ????
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 Yeah Lacy!
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 Good stuff
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 Yeah Lacy!
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 I'm in love
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