Kona Announces Details for New Ambassador Program

Oct 10, 2018 at 11:20
by Kona Bikes  
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At Kona, we're all about the long sweet ride. We enjoy big climbs and bigger descents. We love to bikepack as much as we love our urban commutes to work. We believe riding shouldn't be all about racing the clock, but also about the smaller details of a ride: the company you're with, the perfect autumn weather, perfect dirt, perfect trails, or that feeling when you're with someone who "gets it" for the very first time.

Jake Hood riding the Kona Big Honzo in Alexandra NZ

We're starting something new for 2019 and we need your help. The Kona Ambassador program will feature advocates and athletes from around the world. We're looking for people to spread the Kona groove in their own unique way. Whether you're a night-riding aficionado, creating cool/wacky local events, a grom that is turning heads, leading weekly group rides, building creative trails or someone who is riding their bike from LA to New York, we want to hear from you!

My Kona - Scott Mackay

What we're looking for:
Riders from varying disciplines of biking - mountain, gravel, party-biking, cyclocross, touring, bikepacking, etc. Maybe you sing while you ride. That counts too!
People who have the ability to create interesting content. This could be artwork, photos, videos, editorial/written pieces, or whatever creative outlet you choose!
People who are stoked on Kona and want to help us promote the fun lifestyle we've built for our athletes, friends, and employees.

What's in it for you? Well, we'd like to think a lot of things. We'll hook you up with deals on bikes and other Kona stuff, supply you with some sweet Kona gear, help with creative direction and development on your projects and more!

How it works:
Every two months you'll receive a suggested theme or topic to focus on. We'll be asking you to go create something around that theme or topic to help us tell fun stories throughout the year. For instance, if it's winter the topic may be "snow." January may be "a new year." July could be "slip n' slide." We have no idea what the themes will be but we want to keep it fun and creative! We'll share your stories across our social platforms and website with each new theme.

Ali and Hannah getting after it for the Disco Process shoot.

If one or all of the above applies to you and you are someone who wants a kickass deal on your next bike, you should apply! We aren't looking for anything specific. In fact, we're looking for what makes YOU unique and what you've done to create a cool little niche in your biking world.

Erkki Punttila cruising through Finland s Lemmenjoki national park aboard his Kona Unit X.

To apply, please send an email to ambassadors@konaworld.com and answer the following questions:
*What makes you unique in the biking world?
*What is it about Kona that you love and want to share with others?
*What kind of content are you able to create on your own?
*As a member of the Kona Ambassadors, what kind of support would you like from Kona?
*A cyclist you admire most, and why.

We will be choosing members of the Ambassador Project before the end of the year. The deadline for entry is October 31st!

MENTIONS: @konaworld


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 Cool it's great to read that brands like the support from the bike community. I'd love to do this as it gives extra motivation . If only i had a Kona though. Good luck to those that apply.
  • + 22
 You don't need a Kona to apply!
  • - 2
 @konaworld: how so, surely you can't be an ambassador for Kona while riding a specialized...?
  • + 3
 @konaworld: so how does this work if we don’t have a kona, (would be nice to have one)
  • + 2
 @landscapeben: they are looking for people to be the kona comes after you cant look for special people if you just limit your search to kona only riders.
  • + 2
 @konaworld: Does having one get you extra credit?
  • + 13
 @landscapeben: You don't need a Kona to apply. If chosen, we'll work with you on a product discount to get you on the best bike for you.
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 I alllied to be a KTM mtb ambassador and they practically give these positions away. They (KTM) required the same thing. Make posts to your social media accounts so many times a month to get a disrespectful 20% off their bikes. I wouldn’t imagine this is much different.
  • + 2
 @theronsta: Wow, that is pathetic. Now I want a KTM even less which should be impossible.

I'd be surprised if it was not a generous hook up. I know of brands that offer their ambassador plans (or version of) to a number of shop employees annually and those discounts are deep.
  • + 7
 Sounds amazing, would love to enter, but even with a deal I don't have the money for a new Kona so that rules me out...
  • + 4
 Been an unofficial Kona Ambassador for years, I own 7 Konas and have raced your bikes for a bike shop that sells Kona. Can I just get some dang stickers???? @traillarva on the insta
  • + 2
 Kona riders are the some of the wildest out. Zero fucks given about anything but Respect for the Core of riding. Super quiet, super humble, all around SICK riders. Slightly mysterious vibes throughout the riders and company for sure.
  • + 2
 My first rad mountain bike was a Kona Dawg in 2003...now I'm on a 2015 Process 134 and my girl is on a Precept DL and we plan on naming our first dog Kona. All that to say, I'm a Kona fan, I'm stoked to see the Kona content, and if I was good enough on bikes to make bike content that people would want to know about or see, I would definitely apply.
  • + 3
 Has anyone got any news? End of december has gone by and I've been refreshing pinkbike's page and my emails every hour! Haha!
  • + 4
 Ill consider entering, looking to buy a new bike and Kona is in the running. However im really boring.
  • + 3
 Local PNW brands for the win! There's no place I'd rather be... blessed to live here.
  • + 4
 The force is strong with the troll downvote accounts today
  • + 3
 Only interested if I can exclusively ride/shill e-bikes in sensitive trail environments.
  • + 5
 Can I apply to protest your proposed ebike activities in said sensitive trail environments?
  • + 1
 @SeaLoam: have at ‘er.

I’ll be sure to construct straw men to further the corporate agenda
  • + 2
 Even outside of any deals or anything from Kona, just the feedback and knowledge would be amazing as someone looking at brand ambassadorship professionally.
  • + 1
 To apply or not apply... my kona socks are wholly and my kahuna frame is closer to retirement one rocky descent at a time. Big Grin Big Grin
  • + 2
 This is wicked! Love my Process, and have been a Kona rider since my courier days. Keep up the good work!
  • + 2
 Would love to see Kona pick up some people of color for their ambassador roster! Let's shake things up.
  • + 2
 What’s the word on this? Anyone hear anything?
  • + 1
 Was wondering the same thing. Haven't heard a peep.
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 Hey @Thedude928 and @bikebum1 -We received a ton of applications and we have a very small team reading every single word of every single application. It's taking some time. We promise we will announce the squad as soon as we have everything all vetted. The goal is to do this by the end of December.
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 @konaworld: any word my friends?

Hope your day is going rad!
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 @konaworld: I would really really love this (duh, who wouldn't?! Razz ) ... Am I(Are we) just supposed to answer the questions and keep it concise and easy to read, or can I(we) share my(our) stories?
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