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Video: Hometown Shredding With Kurt Sorge

Jun 2, 2014 at 12:33
by Kurtis Sorge  

"After breaking my leg back in August '13, all I could think about was getting mobile again and having fun with friends and shredding what ever I can. 3 months on crutches followed by another 6 months of rehab; and the snow started melting early in the Kootenays... I told myself I would ease back into, sure enough a couple weeks in and we were planning the first Rialto Rampage. This zone is right outside of Nelson (about 45 minutes) and it dries out much earlier then around town and everyone was stoked to get back on the bikes and start riding. Usually we ride the trails and end with a lap or two on the sand lines, but this day we spent the majority of our time just sending lines and tuning up the hill for ultimate shredding.

The rest is history, I am more then stoked to be back on my bike riding and can't thank my girlfriend, friends, family and sponsors enough for supporting me through this injury. So enjoy episode 1 of "Going Hoff" and turn it up loud!
-Kurt Sorge

Photo by Charlie Mclellan

Photo by Charlie Mclellan

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 So stoked to see you back on it Kurt, can't wait for more from you this year. Keep killing it!
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 He's killing it in the name of METAL!!
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 Sorge destroyed the Trail ! His Whips over the Hipjumps are so freakin stylish. He always let the Riding do the talking. SALUTE
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 "You know, in the end its all about just getting out there with your buddies and having a good time" (Matt Dennison)... That makes it official, then: SICK EDIT!!!
  • 9 1
 What is better than watching a mountain biker slalom down a mountain? Nothing. Nothing at all.
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flag simooo (Jun 2, 2014 at 13:28) (Below Threshold)
 Family Guy
  • 8 2
 slaloming a mountain bike down a mountain?
  • 2 4
 Simooo wins...Buahahahahaha
  • 1 4
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 This vid was sick as fu!!!!! That mtn those boys were shreddin looked epicly amazing fun dam......Kurt sorge....so sick 2014 RaMpAgE for sure!!!!! An that last trial he slayed looked unreal too ...too tooo sick.! So can anyone guess how times his camera rolled??????? hahahha
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 Great to see him back!
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 I hope to see him next on the Fest series. That's some serious style right here!
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 Bike bike table world winner: 3.00
Whip off worlds winner: 3.20
Super freaking ripping
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 Those whips were unreal!!!
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 That is the correct use of slo mo. Nice.
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 SORGE, ma fuckin boy!! the roads been long, but hes back!
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 This line is 5 minutes from my house, and its my favorite spot to go shred! These guys built some super fun features too. Keep on shredding sorge!
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 So happy to see that Sorge is back and hasn't loose the way to do his inhuman whip!
Hope he will shred a lot this year!Smile
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 That last whip was so deep I thought he was going to have to spin it to land!
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 Yeah awsome ! glad you are back
  • 2 0
 super pumped to see kurt back on the bike killing it!!
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 love this style of editing. awesome riding easy to watch no BS. glad to see you back on top kurt
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 Can you guys refrain from using epic tv, its quite unsettling.
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  • 2 0
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 my goal is to hit the shitaker jumps this year
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 Wowee! Well done mthfkr.
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 Dude on the left at :07 .... creepin me out
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 what is the right technique to do that type of hill?
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 hold on tight and freakin giver.. crash, get up and try it again..
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 Such Steeze. Much style wow
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 how has he not won the whip off at crankworx???
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 so stoked to see you're back!
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  • 1 0
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 Those hip whips mang!
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 this is above my house!
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 That track is so 3D!
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 1985 Hollywood strip butt rock.
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