Video: Levy Batista Makes eMTB Riding Stylish

Aug 5, 2020 at 4:22
by levy Batista  

Many thinks that eBikes aren't MTBs, I think they are right!


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 As a kid, I always wished there was a magic button on my mountain bike to help pull up the steep and long grades. Now that we have eMTB I'm surprised at all the haters who've never tried them yet insist on riding shuttles or lifts.
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 It would be interesting to see a comparison between the eco friendliness of a vehical taking 10 people up to the trail head, vs 10 ebikes self shuttling
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 @nordland071285: So a Ford E350 van with a 7.2 l engine is rated at 350 hp & 468 lb ft @ 3,900 rpm, which in SI terms is roughly 261,000 W & 635 Nm. You can divide this by ten for this problem, so 26,100 W. The watts is the important number since that relates to power consumption is simpler calculations. A Yamaha PW motor is rated at 250 W & 50 Nm. So using these values, it's easy to see the ebike would easily be a hundred times more energy efficient.
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 Vehicle is way less efficient as it has to drag its own weight up as well, which is a large majority of the weight
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 @Geochemistry: someone buy this guy a beer. or 100
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 @Geochemistry: so If you always use a shuttle/lift when riding, then ebike would be the more eco friendly option
7.2l is insane by the way haha
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 @nordland071285: Not very unusual on this side of the pond. Some folks 'round here don't consider anything less than a 5 liter v8 an engine.
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 If you down voted this you aren't a mountain biker.
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 @Geochemistry: haaa geo does the mathz. Slow clap dood
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 @Geochemistry: My YT Decoy 540w battery costs about 8 pence to recharge. I recently got 12 runs bottom to top to bottom at the Black mountain cycle centre. 6000 feet of elevation and we were way quicker than the uplift tractor.
Thats all I need to do now is learn to jump it. Bikes awesome, rider is crap!
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 On the subject of eco friendliness of e-bikes, a fundamental component seems to be getting overlooked. When you charge your e-bike, aren't you using energy straight from the grid? A quick google search shows that around 80% of the worlds energy comes from non-renewable sources (coal, gas, oil etc). That doesn't sound very eco friendly to me. And that's not including the extra manufacturing and materials involved to make an e-bike (batteries, cables etc) which probably also relies upon non-renewable energy. In comparison, when a normal bike is manufactured and finished, then that's it, it uses no more energy to use or operate it for years. Sorry to seem like a party pooper, but we all need to start thinking about the bigger picture and impact on the world if we are to reverse the damage we are doing.
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 @hypnoelvis: 12 runs that's sick didn't think the bty would last that long.
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 @bendy12345: I work in the remants of the coal industry so am well up on energy use. Your point fails when you quote global energy demand. In the UK we stopped burning oil for power generation over 10 years ago. Maybe 2% of our power now comes from coal and after 2025 it will be 0%. Rightly or wrongly we have Nuclear, Gas and green energy, wiath a tiny amount from Incinerators. These are all filtered to clean up emmisions. Yes your correct in the battery production arguement, but when we consider cars, lorries and trains are going to batteries I dont think my 540w battery is going to change the world.
Im also a peddler (Ibis mojo4) so appreciate both sides of this debate.
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 @wellbastardfast: I did have to push the last 3rd of last run upWink im a tight twat so wanted to get it down to £1.50 per run.Lol
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 @hypnoelvis: better then pushing 12 laps pal.
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 @bendy12345: Red Herring. All shuttle vehicles are fossil fuel operated and lifts are grid powered too, but have much greater energy consumption. Just go hate on ebikes in your corner.
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 @bendy12345: your point is meaningful and I agree using and manufacturing a normal bike is cleaner than the same on an ebike.. I don't think anyone would argue with that.
But this discussion is about shuttling or getting lifts to the trailhead.
Personally i don't use shuttles more than a few times in a year, so an ebike wouldn't be cleaner in my hands.
But for someone who takes a shuttle vehicle like the ford 350 mentioned above on a weekly seems it would be cleaner to have an ebike and self-shuttling..even with issues like battery degradation and disposal factored in.
Perhaps in future, shuttle vehicles will be more eco friendly and swing the balance the other way
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 Ebikes have been openly embraced down here in Oz , it always amazes me the vitriol aimed at them from riders in Merica while using huge gas guzzling trucks to shuttle to the trail head .
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 But if I am not shuttling up in my truck when am I drinking my beer?
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 More fun, less pain on the climbs. What's not to like?
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 As long as everyone does their share of trail maintenance then nothing. LOL!!!!!
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 @wallheater: more energy left over for trail maintenance
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 ill admit i know nothing about ebikes. Are they primarily just pedal-assisters for the uphill or if you're particularly fat and lazy like me can it actually pull you up reasonable grades with no pedaling?
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 @anchoricex: it's a pedal assist, the motor is located in the crank area. It does not assist unless you are pedalling. You can set the level of assist from none to high. It makes climbing hills easy. If you (as you describe yourself) are fat and lazy it makes impossible climbes completely possible. Also great if you are old or have some type of permanent injury that makes pedalling difficult.
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 @IMeasureStuff: That sounds pretty rad and doesnt sound like it'd rip up trails like a dirtbike or something ?? Looking at price tags that's definitely not something I'm interested in at the moment but I don't see the hate. If it gets less capable people riding their bikes that sounds pretty cool to me. I can certainly see the benefit of being able to get a ton of runs in in a smaller amount of time, and that sounds pretty fun
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 @anchoricex: Yeah the hate here is real. But I think its from a vocal minority that always bang on about it. Its in no way like a motorbike. Basically just imagine that you always had on tap the worlds most powerful legs and they never get tired. As for wrecking trails like a dirt bike, that is plain ridiculousness by people who have never ridden a dirt-bike. You are going to get way more runs in per day, especially if there is a lot of climbing. Finally, the current generation of Bosch motors (Gen 4) are a really matured technology. The competition like Shamano will soon release their new motors which should also be just as competitive. Another bonus are software upgrades. My Bosh 2020 motor was just upgraded to 2021 spec through a software upgrade, which increased torque by 15% and improved how it is delivered. Some downsides are added cost to purchase, extra weight and they eating chains (stretch & ware) for breakfast .
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 @anchoricex: i wouldnt necessarily look at them like that. Id say you can go out and gets some nice vert at an endurance pace and not have to do many intervals or sprints until you get your legs and can push it. Great for early season too. Bang off the rust with more vert and get those biking muscles going again(especially the back) before you have to really grunt a hill. Mtb is a lot of intervals generally. Its nice to get a good ride and workout at endurance pace. Easier to string multiple days together too
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 @won-sean-animal-chin: At first, I mainly got a Levo SL for shaking off the rust after winter. Now I use it every time I feel too tired after work to ride or want to do a long rolling trail with more speed and fun. I've already come close to doubling my riding days from last year and I usually do 1 assist ride to every 3 to 4 rides on my other bikes. Anyways, I dig it.
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 @zarban: im with ya. Fun machine for sure. Great combo with a regular bike. I dont want to do without either. Id like to add a fazua motor emtb or an sl to the quiver cover all the bases and always have a back up
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 You could be the most stylish, talented the rider on the planet and you still won't make a half-shell with goggles look good
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 People in th UK go for this look,when riding on canal tow paths,it hilarious
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 ive always thought the half shell + goggles looked kinda goofy. It's not like the riding here warrants any less safety when you're jumping and whipping and what not, ill take an ultralight nicely vented full face over this
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 Yea, kinda weird. If it were one of those 3/4 shell jobs that cover your ears, would make way more sense.
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 It's a helmet and eye protection. Some of us don't give a rat's ass what follow-the-herd teenagers in TLD and hawaiian shirts think we look like.
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 Hot day and he's riding up so he has the half lid maybe? Goggles keep the dust out of the eyes on those hot days too. Ive been skipping the gogs but it has crossed my mind the last month. Ive been leaving the ff at home with the heat
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Strewth. Not a fan of sunnies bouncing around my face. They only provide decent protection when they are full speed-dealer spec, which look like ass. Oh and for some reason they cost way more. Half-shell brain bucket cos it's hot and I wanna drink on transition trails.
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 Pinkbike Users
-E Bikes Can’t Hit Jumps
-E bikes Can’t Have Style

Edits proving them wrong

Pinkbike Users
-Still Cheating

-Still Having Fun On E Bikes
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 Think the hate comes from the belief that mtbing is about commitment to physical development as much as it is about the joy of descending. Getting to the top of a climb was a challenge that needed to be done to get to the entrance to the trail. You "earned" your descents. I think there is also a fear that it will bring the wrong kind of people to the places we deeply love being in. You can decide for yourselves who those people might be. Its also a generational thing. Older riders are seeing younger riders not making the effort etc. Personally, I think there is a place for them and maybe in the future I'll get one. I spent yesterday riding up, pushing up my local DH/enduro trails. Would probably have lasted longer on an ebike..
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 Weird thing is, it seems like the majority of hate comes from the under 30 crowd. And then, almost solely from the US.
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 I’m not sure if this is conceivable but in WA we have Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. They work with a mixture of county, state, and federal land and resources. My thought is why not make it like any other pass (Discover Pass, NW forest Pass, etc.) but for Ebikes allocating a little bit of money for the trail associations, land management, and or the local governments that way trails can be maintained more. Obviously not everyone is going to follow this and it’s difficult but the majority of Ebike users could probably swing a little cash to maintain the trails or for new ones to be made. Lmk if I’m crazy but ebikes are awesome but they do potentially put trails at a greater risk for damage because of weight and or repetition (ease of access).
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 Wonder how long it took to just get 35 seconds of action footage.
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 A whole lot less time than capturing footage of a rider on an analog rig, since you get double the dh in the same amount of time.
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 Yeti is calling:
They ask the French company who distributes Rocky Mtn to change their name ASAP, no T word accepted in 2020 and beyond!
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 riding was prime. I dont care what it is , its fun. music sucked big time though screw gangsta french rap screw all gangsta rap
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 I thought this was a new nickname for Mike levy so I was disappointed...
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 Yeah, don't get it... stupid people... Engines out of the wood!!!
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