Leatt Introduces Helmet Replacement Program

Sep 20, 2023 at 14:00
by Leatt .com  

Helmet Replacement Program
Leatt is offering 40% discount in global helmet program


Leatt would like to welcome all riders to their brand-new, global Helmet Replacement Program.

A damaged helmet no longer offers the expected safety levels, therefore, its continued use should be a safety concern. As such, Leatt is implementing the Helmet Replacement Program which assists riders by offering a significant discount on a replacement helmet purchase.


Owners of a damaged Leatt helmet can visit: www.leatt.com/int/helmet-replacement-program and read through the step-by-step instructions.

Users are simply requested to use the “apply here” online form, submit the model and contact information as well as a few photos to verify the damage as well as initial purchase. Upon application, users will receive a confirmation email.

Follow-up will be done via email, by the Leatt brand representatives.

Lab Test

Leatt helmets offer a wide range of features and benefits – the main one being the 360 Turbine Technology. These small blue discs reduce rotational impact forces by up to 40% and linear impact forces, associated with concussion by up to 30%. But to be fully protected users need to keep their helmet in good shape!

This is why with the Leatt Crash Replacement Program, where Leatt helmet partners worldwide will offer a 40% discount on a new replacement helmet, within 3 years from purchase.


This new program is great for the rider’s safety and wallet - let's make damaged helmets a thing of the past.

Visit www.leatt.com today to find your perfect helmet, and be reassured knowing the Crash Replacement Program has your back.

Ride safe!

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 40% off a helmet is a LOT cheaper than learning to talk again!
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 Bontrager gives you a new helmet if you damage it in the first year of use. I’ve used the program a couple times, new helmet was at the shop within a few days of me letting them know I my helmet was damaged.
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 That's impressive
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 You gotta stop crashing if you have 'used it a couple times' meaning you've crashed in the first year of a new helmet multiple times Smile
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 @wilsonians: Yes. In the decade plus that I've been using a Bontrager helmet, I've twice crashed and requested a replacement. Both times the helmet had scratches and was dented after the crash, it did it's job. It's nice to know that I can replace a minorly damaged helmet, and not ride on a potentially compromised helmet. It's also nice that I'm not out the cost of a helmet.
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 I see what they're doing here, their helmets are always on big discount so when you buy one at 40% off they're actually making more cash! smart move
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 This is true for more brands. Last time I bought a crash replacement it was a Sweet Protection, with the discount it was the same price as a new one from the usual internet stores. I looked into who had the most generous crash replacement program at the time and I think it was Kali (was a while ago).
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 Literally just looking at CRC (for example) they’re offering anywhere between 30-40% discount on Leatt helmets at the minute so you’d potentially be no better off with the 40% off from Leatt.

That and you’d have it basically next day if you wanted from CRC.
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 @kev-jones: True, but CRC rarely have those huge discounts when you actually need the thing Big Grin
I got a heavily discounted (65% off) Leatt MTB Trail 2 helmet off CRC last year as an impulse buy and really like it.
Just wore it for the Tour de Mont Blanc - for which it was great - and would definitely use this programme if I'd landed on my head.
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 Recently I thought about creating an ironic piece of merch that is a t-shirt that says "No helmets we die like real men" but then my mum told me I need more people than just my mum to follow me on social media to do a merch drop.
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 would give you a follow for a merch drop like that
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 It is not sure that you die without an helmet in a crash ... better use "No helmet, we become crippled like real men"
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 @blacktea: How about "No helmets - we don't fully understand the long term effects of concussion but we would like to support this field of study"
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 At the end of the day, whatever you're getting for free or on discount is what you've been paying for in your initial purchase. Doesn't make for a selling point in my book. Surprised to see they only want a few pictures of the damaged helmet. Brands like MET and Kali (and probably a good few others) actually want the entire helmet back for investigation, which hopefully allows them to learn and make their next generation of helmets even safer. That alone would be more than enough reason for me to return my smashed helmet to the shop, even if they wouldn't give me a discount.
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 > At the end of the day, whatever you're getting for free or on discount is what you've been paying for in your initial purchase.

Sort of. Depending on the business model, the manufacturer can’t sell directly to consumers or it seems like they’re undercutting their dealers. But if there’s an excuse to sell directly to consumers: crash replacement, pro forms, etc, then the manufacturer can sell directly to the consumer without upsetting the dealers.

So it’s not like you’re necessarily paying more for the crash replacement to exist, you’re paying more for dealers to get a margin and this is the roundabout way around that.

But I get your point.
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 It’s my decision that I get up at 6am and head into the forest.
It’s my decision that I take the most demanding trail.
It’s my decision that I go into the turn too fast and wash out.
It’s my fault that my head connects hard with the ground.
It’s my fault that my helmet has a smashed visor and large divot.

So it feels good that safety equipment is research based (MIPS and more) and that companies are supporting riders with discounts and replacement policies. I get the commercial interests in the level of discounts, product placement and brand image. But it still takes commitment and resources for the companies to get these schemes in place.

And the support which POC has given me and my son over the years has been really great…
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 Cool program. Always liked Leatt as a company, Props to them for making the most affordable full face on the market. I don't ride park or shuttles that often so being able to pick up a DH 1.0 for $100 was pretty awesome and it has already saved my face once or twice.
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 Great, i just recently crashed my 8.0 Helmet. Outstanding piece of kit. Landed directly on my head into a bunch of rocks and didn´t feel a thing.
Anyone looking for a great fullface helmet, take a look at the 8.0.
Leatt makes outstanding products all around. My Velocity goggles are the best and most resilient goggles i´ve ever had.
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 Cool program! Giro also swung me a deal on a crash-replacement Switchblade, so it's always worth an email to the company of whatever brand helmet you wear
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 7iDP offers a lifetime crash replacement on all of their product for 50% off the cost of the replacement. It is pretty much no questions asked.
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 That’s a great deal. Most are 30%. Some are 40. Very few are 50% or more.
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 No matter what you do, safety comes first !
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 *Kali lifetime replacement enters the chat*

I actually just used it last week. Replacement helmet for the cost of shipping. Consecutive helmets come at 25% off IIRC.
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 Kali offer free crash replacement on their helmets, they just ask that you send back the crashed lid so they can analyse how it fared.
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 I just randomly bought an Enduro 4.0. Nice little bonus perk.
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 I’ve had one helmet from them. The retention system broke after 3 rides and they wouldn’t warranty the $12 part. Customer service was a nightmare.
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 Sorry to hear about this experience. Your issue should be covered under the Leatt warranty. If you have proof of purchase and an image of the broken fit system, please contact customer service again. Also, feel free to send us a direct message here on Pinkbike if you continue to have trouble.
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 I went through all the steps but then was denied as I couldn’t find the receipt. Customer service was quite unprofessional when I questioned the refusal to replace the piece and it’s just not worth buying another high end product from you guys again.
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 Is this not industry standard on helmets?
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 yeah, +1 for Kali. Been though the process and they were very easy to work with.
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 Great idea but does anyone keep your purchase receipt any more? How do they expect a concussed rider to navigate that?
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 40% of less than some of the sales. Also, I emailed Leatt with photo of my cracked helmet and didn't get any discount. Not sure about their customer service.
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 Awesome work Leatt keep it up!
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 FOX does similar too..just saying
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 The more you hit your head and become dumber, the more you SAVE! Keep gettin those concussions for the gram folks...fuccckk
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 Leatt didn't do shit when I emailed them the photo of my cracked helmet. Company sucks.
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 Maybe just use the link in above press release?
Plus when did you drop them an email?
The Programm seems to just have been launched.
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 @one38: it was just pre program. I was just hoping they would have some sort of crash replacement program.
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We are very sorry for the bad experience you had. We do apologize. We will check, why you never got a reply.
The program is all-new, has not been around, before.
Could we ask you to use the new helmet program landing page (see article above), and apply for the program, now? All Leatt helmets purchased within the last 3 years from the day of application are covered.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we promise to better in the future.
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