2k11 and My Journey Into Filmmaking

Feb 20, 2012 at 22:02
by Levi Allen | Leftcoast Media House  
Twenty Eleven has come and gone so fast! Every year that passes the world seems to get so much more exciting and the days appear to slip by even quicker. It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting here on PinkBike drooling over some of the videos that people where creating. It was such a mystery how guys like Larock, Costal Crew and others where making such fantastic biking edits for the web! I admired what they where able to put together and how they captured the biking lifestyle in their videos. I decided early 2011 that this was the year I wanted to pursue making a few biking edits of my own, and so the Journey into filmmaking began!

Though it is nothing great i decided it would be fun to create a recut of my favorite moments from 2011. I think it is good as a Filmmaker to look back over the past year and set benchmarks that you can progress from. This is nothing fantastic but for me it stands as a beginning for my first year of biking filmmaking and it just gets me so pumped for what the future holds.

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This year has been life changing for me in so many ways. As a 17 year old just about to graduate from high school, the joy of filming movies couldn't have come at a better time. The sport of biking has become so much more to me than just a favorite past time, I love hammering a few lapse out at the local hill with friends. I also love the process of or hiking into the woods with my buddies and shooting a new video. There is something pretty powerful about being able to capture the world as it happens around you from your own perspective. The creative freedom to interpret what you see through video, and keep forever is amazing.

When you get "The Shot" it is a feeling that I cant quite describe with words. Any photographer our Videographer knows this feeling, and the overwhelming joy it can bring. That level of STOKE you get from getting "The Shot" is as addictive as any drug could ever be.

I had a lot of humbling moments this year and I spent a lot of time learning from my mistakes and trying to progress as a filmmaker. I have yet to make a piece that I am actually proud of and I am pleased with as a whole. Regardless i am sure that time will come and I am pumped to keep filming and getting out and shooting with friends. I am stoked for this next year and trying to take my filmmaking to the next level.

Warning heres the mushy part: I want to personally thank the global community of PinkBike for being amazing! The atmosphere on this website is pretty incredible. I appreciate all the positive (and negative) feedback and support I get from you guys all over the world. It helps me grow so much as a amateur filmmaker, I cant really thank you guys enough. Being able to upload an edit and within 5 minutes get feedback from other bikers and filmmakers from all over the world is pretty mind-blowing. I can't think of a better place to develop skills as an amateur and get such diverse feedback from so many people. So thank you PinkBike community! You guys have helped inspire me, and push me to do better and greater things, i really appreciate it.

2012 is going to be a fantastic year as well. I have so much excitement for whats to come i can barely contain myself. I literally am so stoked. I guess the first step is to graduate.... then bring it on world!

If you want to support me and the videos I will be releasing this next year consider checking us out on facebook! Thanks!

I want to give a shout out to the PinkBike filmakers who continue to inspire me everyday, Larock, the boys over at Silvia Films, The Costal Crew, Justin Schroth, Lone Wolf Productions, Nic Genovese, and Liam Mullany. Those are just a few of the boys who inspire me to keep at it and pursue what I love.

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 Keep at it mate, your stuff is already good, at 17 you have the world ahead of you. I wish I'd found photography earlier than I did. I can connect with so much of this article though, and I'm sure the creative side of the PB community will know exactly what you mean.

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