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legitamrerican pinkbikeaudience's article
May 31, 2019 at 12:38
May 31, 2019
Video: Brage Vestavik's Huge Sends on 20 Second Trails
RAD ~ First comment is the Best! In California that would get torn down in... 20 Seconds!
legitamrerican RichardCunningham's article
Apr 18, 2019 at 22:40
Apr 18, 2019
Mountain Bike Access Issues Flaring Up in San Diego County
typed 2-3 sentences trying to think on how i should respond.... still not sure.. but when in doubt rant!. Here goes! I personally physically built Specific features pictured and inferred about in this article. Nearly 2 decades ago.. after work at the Local Bike Shop.. i went out late at night with a headlamp and shovel and repetitively stacked rocks and dirt so that I & "some" of SD had something semi-impressive, kinda flowy & at the least fun to ride. Hodges, or the other 1980's trails were NOT cutting it. I personally picked & built toward features/ trail sections that were robust/ natural/ & unable to be destroyed easily. They were not necessarily easy for intermediates to tackle.... but something to built up to .. and most importantly something that would weather the abuse that was coming from all the hungry riders & a southland full of cyclists that was - really - to be honest.... completely devoid (by design) of fun contemporary flow minded challenging Mountain Bike Trails. I had help & by no means did it all alone.. but we had some tight crews and we made it into something fun. People flocked. People got in over there heads.. People got hooked and people got hurt but people got better.. and most of all they had fun. The one thing that never got better was the Access. No new trails were granted...no one EVER built anything sanctioned that was worth while.. they actually consistently did the opposite. The enforced their rules.. they forced cyclists out.. they limited access (PQ - Tunnels).. and they never.. ever.. gave back to the local cycling community. California .... SPECIFICALLY Southern California... is literally one of the WORST placed to try be a mountain biker. The state has more resources.. more revenue ...and more riders (spending top dollar to buy bikes and support cycling ) then most of the rest of the US combined. Yet our CA "legal".. purpose built.. funded trails are such a pipe dream that it is almost hard to comprehend. From the content of this article.. and from local friends... its become abundantly clear that its gotten worst. rather then better. LA OC SD has MILLIONS of cyclists yet the trails and for that matter the green spaces.. are drying up I can tell you from experience that California specifically SO CAL is 100% wrong on this. I feel like i can type for ever on this.. and am kinda just so frustrated that i will just sum it up a bit. 3 years ago i had to move to Seattle for work. I was SHOCKED to find out how many amazing sanctioned... Evergreen built.. locally supported.. machine dug features and generally...SUPER RAD trail systems there were to enjoy. They're the model nearly every state should look to follow in the foot steps of. If you love riding a bike and can Hack the rain... go and don't look back. I don't like the rain much... and i honestly wish i could have hacked it.... because i didn't have to go out late at night and make fun things to ride in the dark under my own toil after work.... because Washington State cared about cyclists... trails.. and supporting the community that cycling creates.....rather then filling its pockets with money for pot holes (they never fix) or a new lane on the 405 (which never works). Im currently back in Cali..& am sad to find that the trail situation is worse. Im going to put the shovel in the ground once again.. just got to find a quiet place to do it.. and keep an eye out for the land cops and the trail police and the Equestrian clowns ( something that shits on the trail..seriously) and the myriad of haters and instagramers, and spot claimers/youtube blower uppers and assorted California bullshit that stands in my way. The silliest thing about it all is that the bikes they are stifling are sooooo expensive to buy.. and the riders are spend sooooo much money... on gear.. and food and lodging.......yet the State of CA which is SOOOOOO money conscious and greedy is literally forcing its best clientele (the outdoorsman with $$$$) to look elsewhere to set up camp.. and spend the MAXIMUM amount of money building homes, businesses, and communities that embrace Cycling. SD wake up... bikes are the answer.. communities need cycling and GOOD quality trail systems. Stop paying Clown Cops to take bikes away from people and start creating jobs and crews and sanctioned areas for cycling to flourish. Of course these clown cops with their new trucks are cracking down and limiting access... they are just greedy selfish chumps that want to have a nice new truck and a steady job doing whatever it takes to keep a gov paycheck coming in.. even if its crushing peoples hopes and ruining communities that pay their salary. WORD!
legitamrerican adamprice's article
Jan 11, 2019 at 9:13
Jan 11, 2019
Online Deals - January 2019
26 ain't dead it just sneaks in to your moms room undetected!
legitamrerican trevorlyden's article
Sep 25, 2018 at 12:35
Sep 25, 2018
Photo Recap: Kamikaze Pro GRT - California
Gwin's Eyes are hAunting the trail ahead!
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