New Mountain Bike Apparel Brand Curious Creatures Wants to Bring a Fresh Approach

Sep 29, 2023 at 6:49
by Liz Rov  

Press Release: Curious Creatures

Introducing Curious Creatures: A Fresh Approach to Mountain Bike Apparel that Celebrates Individuality and Adventure

Bozeman, Montana - Curious Creatures, a new, technical mountain bike apparel brand dedicated to empowering outdoor enthusiasts to embrace their true selves while exploring the world on two wheels is thrilled to announce their US launch.

Behind Curious Creatures is founder and designer Natasha Woodworth, a true Creature herself who brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the brand. Woodworth's journey began with a competitive ski racing career in Europe and for the US Ski Team. After finding her calling in design and fashion, Woodworth worked on New York Fashion Week runway shows and designed costumes for pop icon Lady Gaga and alongside Marc Jacobs. However, a deep-seated love for the outdoors and a desire to create functional, stylish apparel led Woodworth to move to Ventura, California and transition her focus to outdoor apparel and Advanced Concept design at Patagonia. After a decade on the coast, Woodworth settled down in Bozeman, Montana to be closer to the mountains and launch Curious Creatures.

bigquotesWith Curious Creatures, we're not just launching a brand; we're launching a community that celebrates authenticity, adventure and the joy of exploration. Our goal is to empower riders to embrace who they are and experience the world in their own unique waysNatasha Woodworth, founder and owner of Curious Creatures


Woodworth’s fifteen years of design experience further honed her creative philosophy, emphasizing sustainability, quality, and product testing rooted in personal experiences. Now, as the founder of Curious Creatures, Woodworth brings her passion for adventure and design to the forefront, infusing each piece with a sense of humor, expression, and fun. "Design is more than aesthetics; it's about creating products that seamlessly merge performance and self-expression. At Curious Creatures, we're committed to pushing the boundaries of mountain bike apparel, ensuring riders feel comfortable, confident, and connected to nature." The first collection is focused on the needs of women with designs and styles crafted with women in mind first. There are also cross-over pieces that cater to men and as the line expands so will the options for all genders.

Curious Creatures reimagines mountain bike apparel by offering clothes that feel and look like clothes, not costumes, allowing riders to perform their best while staying connected to their own style and the natural world around them.

bigquotesAt Curious Creatures, we are not just another apparel brand; we are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of exploration, self-expression, and respect for the environment. Our mission is to inspire riders to break free from the confines of traditional, overbuilt mountain bike gear and reconnect with the essence of nature and adventure. We encourage our fellow riders to celebrate their quirks and embrace the magic of the unknown.Natasha Woodworth, founder and owner of Curious Creatures


The Curious Creatures logo tells the story of the brand's essence - an amalgamation of curiosity, exploration, and a touch of whimsy. Inspired by a transformative bikepacking trip, the logo incorporates elements that symbolize the brand's spirit - the letter "C," to represent the name, playful seeing googly eyes for creatures of the outdoors, the indelible imprint of bike tires, and a subtle nod to the natural world. “The brand’s credence in conscientious design, sustainability and craftsmanship are at the heart of everything we create from the logo and design to the fabric, fit and innovation,” says Woodworth.

As a design-led company, Curious Creatures works with manufacturers that support innovation in renewable energy and positive treatment of workers. The company has partnered with a local Montana repair shop to ensure there is the ability to repair goods and keep them in use for as long as possible. To learn more about responsibility and ethics, visit

To view the lookbook, click here.

For more information about Curious Creatures, visit their website.

About Curious Creatures

Curious Creatures is a mountain bike apparel brand born out of Bozeman, Montana, and is founded on the principles of empowerment, exploration, and self-expression. Firmly committed to elevating industry benchmarks, the brand resonates through its emphasis on quality, sustainability, and unadulterated individual expression. For more information, visit

Check out their Instagram.

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 Dear Marketing/Sales/Branding people,

Please stop saying things like "empowering outdoor enthusiasts to embrace their true selves while exploring the world on two wheels"

You're making riding gear. Its not that serious. Spare us your corpobable and talk like a normal person. Maybe something like "We love making gear that lets riders express themselves, so we started Curious Creatures"

IDK maybe im just too crusty but the VC startup jargon really turns me off and gives things an inauthentic feel.
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 No youre not alone. Its cringe as hell and stupid. Especially when they offer literally nothing different than a mass produce piece of clothing. Except you know, less material covering my legs for the same price. I guess thats exploring on two wheels… like what?
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 came here to say this. I just write all these companies off because I am just so tired of it all and I know I am paying for all the advertising frill. Everyone is "empowering" and "inclusive" and "equitable" and "sustainable". STFU and tell us you wanted to make some gear. I'm not a part time barista art PhD student in the current hippest college town; it doesn't impress me. (If you do something actually cool, like sponsor programs getting under privileged kids outside or make your gear in the US or have programs to keep it repaired, just tell us about it and save the virtuous lingo.)
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flag TTASS (Sep 29, 2023 at 11:00) (Below Threshold)
 I know the PB comments section may not be the best place to get feedback so I won't be surprised if downvoted, but I have an idea for an outdoor brand that aligns closely to your critique. Would be interested in anyone's feedback via this 3 min survey. Thanks in advance!
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 It's them trying reaaaally hard to justify $140 shorts.

They aren't selling outdoor gear, they're selling a lifestyle. Thing is, you can actually just go live that life for free or much less than they make it out to be.
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 "...we are not just another apparel brand..." That's exactly what another apparel brand would say.
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 @TET1: It would actually be refreshing if they said "We are just an apparel brand"
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 Inauthentic clothing from a BozeAngeles transplant, charging wool or bamboo money for a cotton t-shirt. The Quinney-grade hype is the least crummy thing about this company.
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 @Davemwhite: UGH and a boring "just an apparel brand" at that. Like, put tons of effort and energy making these Nick Cave costumes for your ad but then pick bland-ass solid colors for your apparel. Thanks but Pearl Izumi makes bland for far less bucks.
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 If trialsracer was a part-time barista in a hip college town, trialsracer would know that none of their co-workers in the coffee shop are PhD students -- PhD students tend to make their money as research and teaching assistants. It's a different gig Smile
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 yup I agree. sounds like the women from the bud lite marketing dept.
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 @wyorider: oh good, LA fashion chick works a season at the Guch, finds herself, moves to bozeman "so her money would go farther" during the pandemic, rides Leverich once, and decides she needed to start a MTB clothing company" Snore.
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 @catiewebster: All that high brow experience to have outdoor enthusiasts dressed like they shop at the gap. Some will be stoked, just not pinkbike enthusiasts.

PS, make me some dark camo Sombrio shorts with stronger mesh in the pockets and I'd wear those for the rest of my life.
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 Want a real Montana apparel company? It's not these guys. Try Duckworth. No, not MTB specific and you'll have to buy shorts elsewhere, but they manage to raise sheep and source wool in MT and manufacture in the states. Their WOOL long sleeve T happens to have the same $85 price tag as the cotton thing from Curious Creatures:
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 Ive been in Marketing with top brands for a long time and I hate the corpo talk. Simple is better - tell us what issue you are solving and how it benefits the end user. Give us your reasoning why we should buy your product. FYI - this whole article reads like it was written by a PR firm.
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 Not that I care what people think but if I showed up at the trailhead wearing those shortie shorts my friends would fall off their bikes laughing.
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 $85 for a cotton t shirt? Pass. A shame though, I will miss out on all that empowerment.
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 Bro, do you even celebrate authenticity, adventure and the joy of exploration?
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 The shirt is not inclusive until it reaches the $100 threshold
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 @WestC0astWanderer: What kind of lunatic would mtb in cotton? Regardless of the super cute & diverse colour pallet.
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 @jesse-effing-edwards: People who like to sweat and not dry during their ride leading to lots of chaffing.
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 @Meettaco: My kinda ride!
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 I think I'll hold off buying shorts from them until they get even shorter.
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 It's gotta hug the nuts while I avoid the ruts!
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flag Explodo (Sep 29, 2023 at 9:11) (Below Threshold)
 Those aren't that short. Do you want shorter or are you saying they're too short?
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 hugging nuts and railing ruts!!
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 But think how super cool they’ll look with knee pads,,,oh wait, are knee pads no longer cool?
I can’t keep up with fashion, i mean biking!
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 @bdub5696: Comment gold haha
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 @trickland: nailed it!
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 Very Dangerholm of you
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 We’re trying to launch a community here! Those things cost money you know. Or something
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 Wow, that marketing is lost on me.
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 I’ll be the first person to love me some creative, silly, unique and unorthodox branding. I think it’s both awesome and necessary.
But what has become predictable and stale is companies branding their product and ethos as some sort of transcendental experience that goes far beyond the product itself, as if their “it” is finally the “it” that the world has been sorely yearning for in order for life to feel full for once.
FWIW this isn’t a dig at this company in particular — I see it everywhere, it’s nothing new. I wish anyone starting a company success, it’s no easy task to start from scratch especially if you have a set of defined principles and business practices where you aim to be uncompromising.
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 @rbsnyder333: Yup. "...we are not just another apparel brand; we are a community of like-minded individuals who believe..." said absolutely no one before this. Having worked in this kind of a hypey, start-uppy company that believes what they're doing is somehow so never-been-seen-before unique and "our viewpoint is totally different" has really killed the little interest I used to have in this type of marketing speech. That said, they actually do have some women's shorts that have the features I've been looking for, although not at all the colours I'd buy for myself. Not to mention I'm not really into 100% cotton shirts for sports stuff, no matter how much like normal clothes they look.
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 @donimo: The whole lifestyle brand stuff is basically a cult with fancy marketing. Some of those brands do make good products but the way the brands and products are basically worshipped by certain consumers has turned me off of those products. I do not want to be a mindless drone buying Nike shoes and branded t-shirts to then put on a shelf to be worshipped.
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 @donimo: Yeah, what very little interest I had was lost when I saw 100% cotton T's.
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 @donimo: your color choices must not be individualized enough. You should try liking one of the three colors they choose, join the party.
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 @justinfoil: Must be it! Big Grin Ok I have to admit, I could do the blue ones, and they do offer good old black too in a couple of models. But still, especially choosing the most obvious and often seen women's (MTB/ sports wear) colours pink and purple instead of something more... unique for their individualistic clothing range was not what I would've expected.
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 Screw this I wanna look like an early 2000s motocross racer while I’m out on a casual trail ride, it’s part of the fun.
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 I want one of those Answer jerseys with a giant A logo on the front!
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 Go to a Royal Distributing and you can buy so much moto clothes for like 90% off. I use to buy all my gloves there in the clearance bin for a few bucks instead of $40-$60 for MTB specific stuff.
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 Don't worry, buddy. Fashion is cyclical. You'll be rocking football jersey looking mtb jerseys again in no time!
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 I’m not a Curious Creature when it comes to learning more about yet another MTB clothing brand.
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 Not seeing the ghillie suit, must be out of stock.
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 They can be tough to find, it’s true.
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 You don't see the ghillie suit, it sees you.
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 @stainmiles: that's exactly what I was interested in too. A ghillie suit for riding the good 'ol mtb in the woods! Hopefully a good-pedaling one at that!
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 ditto, was just waiting for the ghillie to get caught in the drivetrain, kudos to them for riding with them though, that would have been hot hot fire
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 Pinkbike really is the players haters ball of comment sections. Now excuse me while I go put some more water in Buc Nasty’s momma’s dish.
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flag generictrailrider (Sep 29, 2023 at 9:48) (Below Threshold)
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 I hope im not the only one who gets this reference. The Haters have arrived.
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flag generictrailrider (Sep 29, 2023 at 10:34) (Below Threshold)
 @dpars63: not hating I just don’t know what he is referring to.
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 As for you Boss Hog it’s very insulting what you said about my coat. It’s made from your mothers pubic hair.
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 What can I say about those shorts that hasn’t been said about San Francisco?
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 @wobblegoblin: "Bombed out and depleted!" lol.
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 @dpars63: I was thinking something along the lines of rhymes with “bay and gritty”… but the woke mob doesn’t understand jokes.
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 @dpars63: hate hate hate hate hate
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 I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you!!!!
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 With crap like this Hate Hate Hate
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 I give them 6 months
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 Look at Mr. Optimism over here!
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 Made for the influencer who does TikTok dances in front of their phone on the side of the trail
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 Give me technical gear that doesnt stink and is reasonably priced- not 100% cotton
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 Same. I'm always buying stuff on sale but do you have a brand that fits this criteria?
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 Check us out! Last weekend of our end of summer sale.
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 @haen: I mean NF isn't cheap but quality is top notch and made in Canada which is big +
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 @AKTA-mtb: I don't know, how much whimsy have you infused in your stuff?
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 Rapha (on sale). Definitely the best quality gear you can find in terms of fit, material and comfort.
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 @kusa: I have a bunch of sale rapha gear. Really like their trail light pants.
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 @everythingsucks: haha we pass on the virtuous whimsy stuff. Simply good gear made for mtb by mtbers.
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 @haen: 7mesh fits the bill for me. They aren’t the cheapest but the quality and materials are outstanding with thoughtful designs. Also have a crash replacement program so that’s pretty sweet too
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 Making fancy silly clothes for the influencer crowd. Making BozeAngeles a more expensive, congested place to live. Yay
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 Sigh.... I didn't even notice they were in Montana. it makes me sad. They don't rep us.
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 SW MT has become a cesspool of CA and NY bullsh1t.
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 @ace9: nailed it.
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 As someone who has worked in the bike industry for close to a decade, and held positions within companies where I was able to see landed cost of apparel- the mark up on apparel is f*cking ridiculous. The $85 cotton shirt here is probably $65 profit at least, and likely more. If everyone knew how much they get price gouged on most of the apparel they buy (helmets, shoes, gloves, socks and glasses included), no one would ever buy it. Also, what a god damn joke those shorts are.

If you are reading this and looking to start an apparel brand in the MTB world, swallow your pride a little bit and make stuff that is long lasting, REASONABLY priced, looks good, and makes people want to ride their bike. What you may lack in mark up you'll easily make back in overall sales.
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 It's a fashion statement, not a rational buying process. If it were a rational buying process, everyone would just go on amazon or decathalon and buy a polyester shirt for $5~10. Where I ride, I see way more high end brands than REASONABLY priced brands.
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 @Gaix2: I know that you think the core of mountain biking is Bay Area millionaires, but it's not. Not even close.
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 @nickyp132: You're right. I may have a distorted view of the market. However I still stand by the statement that apparel purchases are more fashion driven and less rational purchases.

Additionally, being "reasonably priced" already exists. Go to the big online retailers and you can find plenty of shorts in the $20 to $40 range from the likes of Fox, Shimano, Leatt, TLD, Pearl Izumi, Giro, etc. Sure they're on discount, but I honestly can't remember the last time there weren't massive discounts readily available any time of the year. The big brands already have volume and distribution all over the world. How would a new company in that price range be any different and compete?
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 Your talking about direct to consumer with those margins. But I feel you - if you truly are a direct to consumer brand you should pass the cost on to the actual consumer - I think this company most likely wants to sell to retailers which is thew reasoning behind the pricing.
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 really need the empowerment from those shorts !!
  • 17 3
 Per their website “ Sorry gents- Only one style officially for now - but we have known real men to wear all the women's bottoms styles...”. They are positioning the $139 women shorts for men. That’s a unique approach along with launching a brand when all other brands are heavily discounting this time of year. What’s the over\under on the business longevity?
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 That "$139 women's short" seems to be their one unisex model ("only official men's style for now"), in addition to which you are free to choose something else from the women's side. Not that hard to understand, even for a non-native speaker. In a way I have to see it's refreshing to see it be this way around for a change, too often it's 90% men's gear with some unisex labelled stuff with the exact same measurements as the men's, with maybe a pair of shorts or a shirt actually designed for women. Quite nice to see _one_ company prioritising my money over all the blokes.
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 they don't make it past 4/15
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 @donimo: they're certainly prioritizing your money. I'm glad it makes you feel good, at least there's some positivity here but I just think they're digging a bit too hard into what are complex and severe issues in society and using it as a means to make money and boiling it down to a marketing tactic. Make the clothing accessible for all women, not just the ones who can afford $140 shorts.
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 @pinkbert: I'm absolutely not disagreeing with that, I myself can't afford to put that much money into anything at the moment, definitely not one pair of quite regular MTB shorts. Although to be fair, at least the women's specific market is still niche enough to cause not a lot of affordable options being available in the first place (especially outside North America) - it's cool to see more brands focusing on that, but unfortunately they are largely these somehow "different and unique" smaller companies with unique pricing to match. Not to mention branding yourself as someone making "every creature" feel at home and be themselves, but still having that fairly regular size range. (I'm close to six feet tall and even when normal weight, the largest women's sizes from a lot of companies won't fit me.)

So absolutely agreeing on the pricing and general accessibility part. But my first reply was mainly criticizing the "they are positioning the $139 women's shorts for men" and lack of men's specific styles approach, when even in the article here the brand says they are focusing on women's gear at first.
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 “my parents will sue you”
  • 3 0
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 How many brands that offer the same product as every other niche mtb brand do we need? We have seen a lot of brands like this before that use the same buzzwords such as sustainable and inclusive and yadda yadda yadda. What is sustainable about having a crap ton of companies producing very similar products and what is inclusive about $140 riding pants. I really don't see this as sustainable for very long and I think a bunch of these smaller companies will end up biting the dust in the next couple of years due to our current economic trajectory. The whole industry is going to get a pretty rude awakening soon enough.
  • 10 0
 Our mission is to inspire riders to break free from the confines of traditional, overbuilt mountain bike gear... So make cheap crap that is going to get destroyed after one crash? Oh wait you'll repair my damaged garment for a small fee? No thanks I'll just wear the heavier overbuilt mountain bike gear!
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 Cool, more MTB specific clothes that won't fit me. Where's the clothing brand for us chonkers? The big boys! We're out here, riding our bikes, we need cool shit too!
  • 1 0
 I wear large sized clothing on the regular, 34-36 waist pants and every large MTB specific clothing has been skin tight. I remember trying on a XXL road jersey and it was still a skin suit on me. But when I buy XL jerseys they're insanely long. Short and fat problems.
  • 2 0
 Eddie Bauer is affordable, comfortable, and available in tall and 3xl sizes. I just wish they'd bring back the TrailCool shirt
  • 2 0
  • 2 0
 @src248: The Eddie Bauer First Ascent Guide shorts have out performed every pair of MTB specific shorts I have tried. At 35 dollars on sale they were and absolute bargain. Highly reccommend.
  • 12 0
 A performance chest pocket for my cigarettes
  • 15 4
 Short shorts for men,,no thanks
  • 7 12
flag Explodo (Sep 29, 2023 at 9:39) (Below Threshold)
 I have nice legs. I would think that most bikers do. Why not show them off?
  • 18 2
 @Explodo: bruh. Listen to yourself.
  • 3 4
 Those are not 'short shorts', they are shorts.
What has become common are long short (for lack of a better description).
  • 8 0
 Wow that quote! It's a business you want to sell us stuff.
I'd have more time if they just said"
Here you go bike shorts, tough, good value no bs

Or maybe exactly whay Endura do?
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 Wasn’t there a company in NC that moved from the west with the exact same marketing plan? Kidsbow…. They no more.
  • 2 0
 Nah, Kitsbow actually *made* apparel in NC. I'm not saying they were better, but this stuff is just imported low-wage sewing with some buzzword bingo copy and a costume party. Curious indeed.
  • 11 0
 I am so glad everyone else is disliking this crap. haha
  • 11 0
 This looks like an add for The Gap’s spring line.
  • 11 0
 I feel sorry for anyone that invested in this start-up.
  • 10 0
 For these kinds of prices I better be getting a free case of Bud light with each order.
  • 10 0
 PB comment section never disappoints.
  • 10 0
 just sell me some decent shorts and skip "The Message" please.
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 Pros: Ethical and Repairable.

Cons: For a new brand, they are coming out swinging with high prices, and the bottoms aren't made domestically, but are priced like it. Prices are really high for a t-shirt that's just a cotton t-shirt (not hemp or Merino). I've got plenty of cotton t-shirts. Why should I buy theirs?

Repairable is always tricky, because if the product is junk and you need to send it to get repaired often, you'll eventually spend more time getting stuff repaired, or being told that it can't be repaired, than you will wearing it. Or worse, the company will go out of business right when you need something repaired.

Suggestions: focus on pants and shorts, find domestic manufacturers of pants and shorts, bring prices down to get people wearing your stuff, raise them as you get established.
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 WTF ?!?!
What a load of MBA / VC / Marketing bullshit.
Guess the reality is that there is a sucker born every minute and they will drop cash and buy into this drivel…

“With Curious Creatures, we're not just launching a brand; we're launching a community that celebrates authenticity, adventure and the joy of exploration. Our goal is to empower riders to embrace who they are and experience the world in their own unique ways”
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 I'm seriously interested in those pants they offer, BUT at 180 bucks? come on... this stuff is getting ridiculous. i personally will pay ungodly amounts for mtb clothing because of my height and torso length, but will only do it when it first perfectly.

I think rapha is extremely overpriced, but I own a few pieces (50% off sale ftw) because of the quality and the fact they actually fit me.

But nothing I'm seeing in these products make me say, interesting, that "technology" is worth the price tag. Your shorts look nice, but outside of the fancy label, the "sustainable" fabric, what am I paying for. I have a pair of pearl izumi shorts that look to be the same material, that i paid 40 bucks for.

it seems like this company (based on marketing), is trying to sell sustainability, vs a product. people buy patagucci because the product is "good". the moment their products suck, it doesn't matter how much they give back to the environment.
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 what is this shit
  • 9 0
 Welcome to the gentrification of mtb
  • 6 1
 Modern Snow White star cringe marketing. That's why I love Ketl Mountain gear. All they say is made BY hikers & mountain bikers FOR hikers & mountain bikers but is super comfortable, very functional, and reasonably priced with lifetime warranty & repair. Go Jeff!
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 Inclusion is important in clothing. Everyone should have the opportunity to wear some.
  • 8 0
 I'll wait.for.the Daisy Dukes
  • 8 0
 You can a 85 dollar cotton shirt from this place!!!
  • 7 0
 Nothing to see here, Endura and TroyLee got it covered....
  • 7 1
 Any Mountain Bike apparel company that has a "look book" isn't a Mountain Bike apparel company.
  • 7 0
 Skipped the whole artical again straight to the comment section
  • 3 0
  Attention ALL Brands who love to use the buzzword "INCLUSION" stop...
Every new apparel brand says the exact same thing "Not just another apparel brand" "We're all about inclusion and getting in touch with nature", and "We're mountain bikers too, so we know what you want".

This grumpy man would love for brands to make Size 13 shoes more available, pants/shorts that aren't "slim fit" and go past waist/hip size 34 and XXL Jerseys thanks... Then I'll believe you when you say you're all about "inclusion"
  • 6 0
 Reading that copy gave me brain cancer. Yep, pretty sure.
  • 6 0
 Reminds me of when I accidentally toss my cotton Carhartts in the dryer.
  • 5 0
 FYI, if you're going to film that particular trail, best not to film the road that goes to it.
  • 3 0
 The rules of Fight Club have been abandoned at our trails’ peril. The out-of-state MSU crowd thoroughly blew up that spot, for years now. I once showed up and had to stop a pack of young idiots trying to cut the landowner’s gate lock because they were too lazy to pedal. Good grief.

On a better note, I remember some real good laps with you out there, dude. Not so good for that helmet you blew the chinbar off though…
  • 3 0
 @rbsnyder333: that twas a night to remember!
  • 4 0
 A Fresh Approach to Mountain Bike Apparel that Celebrates Individuality and Adventure…….show pics of millenials in Hanes & Fruit Of The Loom plain tees…..nice.
  • 5 0
 man that video was far out. Gotta quit smoking at lunch though
  • 1 0
 That video was like an Acid-induced H.R. Puffnstuff flashback from the 70's. Random side note - 70's and early 80's kids shows were sooo creepy looking back. I showed some to my kids when they were little and they were equal parts confused, disturbed, and frightened.
  • 2 0
 HR Puffnstuff was the stuff of my 6-yr old nightmares
  • 5 0
 I also like eating mushrooms and mountain biking!
  • 4 0
 I think this apparel I'd targeted at bicycle overlanders. Maybe overlanding their way to burning man.
  • 2 0
 Cotton shirts and $140 short shorts. Maybe that's what Lady Gaga wants but as a cyclist I prefer tops that wicks away my gross amounts of sweat and shorts that shield my legs from getting destroyed by bushes and debris.
  • 4 0
 They confused on the difference between mountain biking and city hybrid biking.
  • 4 0
 Oh, a Chrome Industries-eske brand...
  • 2 0
 It’s the cuff on the hem of those shorts that really do it for me. They empower me to embrace who I am and experience the world in my own unique way. Good job!
  • 4 0
 So is Bozeman full granola now?
  • 1 1
 Please, please, please enough of all this woke bs. Inclusion empowering, what a bunch of crap. Just everybody treat everybody equally and we'll all be fine. These keywords and catchphrases by these companies are proof they don't have a spine, they're just out for the dollar. In case you all want to know what W.O.K.E stands for....Willingly Overlooking Known Evil. Well there ypu have it. Thank you.
  • 5 3
 It would be cool if they worked w/transition bicycles. Ones curiosity can very well lead to transition.
  • 2 3
 I meant———Being a”woke”n with curiosity helps lead one to the transition bicycle
  • 2 0
 Geordie Jeans is where it's at, they are really tight, especially round the arse...
  • 2 0
 Is it me or are those shorts riding really high? Obviously you're going have the "twat gap" if using knee pads !
  • 2 0
 Hope they make $.
I'd rather have thrash/ death metal influenced gear bc That's how I roll.
  • 1 1
 If I hadn't just spent entirely too much on a pair of very excellent NF shorts, I'd buy a pair of these shorts. I quite like them and the ridiculous vid.
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 Long live SWOBO. All the others will never compare. Best bet is to get your Swobo on used marketplaces.
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 Buy INTO our brand that "Celebrates Individuality". Textbook example of an oxymoron
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 pissing off the PB comments fraternity is a solid strategy to move cool clothes for angry dudes are getting played!
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 I give them 6 months
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 No thanks
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 Inclusive is a turn off term for me. Definitely will not buy.
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 I like it.
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 Ad doesn't make sense.
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 Very nice photos.
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