Video: August Nesbitt Hits Rowdy Freeride Lines in 'Mind to Matter'

Mar 7, 2022 at 20:53
by Liam Morgan  

In "Mind to Matter", August Nesbitt displays some of his recently built MTB trails and rides some of his favourite zones. August has always had a keen motivation to sculpt his own features. He turns his visions into physical reality through dedicating countless hours of his life to trail building.

August cruising through the trees

bigquotesI have certain things I wanna ride and do on my bike and I'm really grateful for the places that provide me with the freedom to do so. I'm stoked to bring some more of my dreams to life.August Nesbitt

Whippin' it out during a warm up sesh

"Mind to Matter" marks the fourth short film directed and shot by Liam Morgan of August Nesbitt, a Vancouver Island freerider.

bigquotesThroughout all of our film projects, August has always poured his heart into creating features that both express his riding style and push his limits on a bike.Liam Morgan, Cinematographer

 Mind to Matter ft. August Nesbitt

Video: Liam Morgan
Photos: Max McCulloch/Liam Morgan
Rider: August Nesbitt
Supported by Cowichan Cycles
Shot on unceded Coast Salish territory

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 Just goes to show you that you don't need the newest shiniest bike on the market to have fun. Sick video!
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 So wait just a minute here! You're going to tell me you don't need the latest super slack, mulleted, high-pivot machine to ride like a complete bad a$$....heresy!

In all seriousness, that was amazing!
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 Sick edit Liam and stylish riding August!
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 Awesome guys! Loved that transfer!
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 the preload on that 360 is epic
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 Liam and August are the best combo. Hands down. UNreal boys!
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 Guys such a shredder!! Nice work gents!
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 Fake news… I hear August uses Semenuk as a stunt double.
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 Beach House, Nice! The new album is great. Also, rad edit
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 So sick! I think enjoyed this more than Semenuks most recent edit.
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 Get this guy a new visor and goggle lens!!
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 Like a spiritual successor to Jordie, make a series called SmoothAF. Well done all round, that was fantastic!
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 #onlymtb2022 these two could easily win. Hugely underrated pair.
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 Thanks bro! Mad helpful having us push one another to progress
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 what a beautiful story this was. I feel inspired
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 Sick a sick edit! Freeride Ain't Dead!!
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 Awesome work. More of this please.
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 Once you see how crooked the visor is you can't unsee it.. Sick video nonetheless!
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 *Smiles in 26*
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