Video: Highlights from the 2022 Backwoods Jam at the Coast Gravity Park

Aug 24, 2022 at 11:54
by Logan Williams  

Words & Video // Logan Williams

There's a certain magic about the Backwoods that's impossible to describe unless you've been there. As soon as you step foot on the coast, time moves a little bit slower, the light gets a little bit softer, and coincidentally, the jumps get a little bit bigger. Every year, Logan Peat and the crew at CGP invite riders from all over the planet to come hang out at the Backwoods jumps. It's not about throwing the biggest, gnarliest trick or getting the highest score. It's a time to chill out, ride some big jumps, and do the tricks that make you feel good. I assure you, this year was no different! The mood was electric, and seeing everyone have so much fun was inspiring as a filmmaker.

Additionally, this event wouldn't be possible without the hard work and dedication of the crew at CGP. Most notably, Aidan Woolliams made a huge contribution to the event by buffing most of the lips and landings. This work was unpaid, and very clearly a labor of love (as the jumps were immaculate). As a result, Aidan won this years "Backwoods Boss" award. Huge ups Aidan, thank you for your endless hours of hard work!

Aidan Woolliams leaning one over on the Backwoods jumps.

Alright enough talking. I hope you all enjoy this little piece of art I made for the community!

- Logan W

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 Best video on PB in ages.
  • 7 2
 You should watch Chris Akrigg's video that was posted yesterday
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 thanks dude! Just tried to make something I'd want to watch. 3
  • 7 0
 Cool to see the big names turn off the competition tricks and bust out some 360s with style. Just watched it a 2nd time and can confirm this vid will have lots of replayability!
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 Stoked you enjoyed my man! Mixing up the songs made it feel like a different video every minute-ish, at least for me.
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 Music was spot on.
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flag brooce (Aug 24, 2022 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
 Spot on to fit the slow-motion what was cool for the first minute or two, but then I didn't even notice when I felt asleep :/
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 @brooce: aw, sorry to hear you didn't like it!
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 Music was class, caption was so good. Such a sweet video. What a post! Amazing work.
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 Thank you so much my dude! Hope it made your day even just a little bit better.
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 Great video! Apparently there's nothing wrong with riding a metal frame hard tail with 26" wheels.
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 what will we do without downcountry?
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 YES! Reminds me of the good ol' NWD days when everyone is just sending and having fun. No contest involved...
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 the backwoods is so underrated, it's finaly slopestyle with more style than combos.
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 even better in person!
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 Fantastic video!
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 Thanks my dude! 3
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 Loved this so much.
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 Heck ya dude, glad ya enjoyed.
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 Grande Nacho Silva chile representttttt

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