Video: Riding in an Abandoned Mine in Slovenia with Ludo May & Steve Ude

Nov 9, 2023 at 13:34
by Ludo May  

Words: Ludo May

In this episode of Ludo May's series "Let's ride", we head to Slovenia to tackle the famous “Black Hole trail” in the company of Steve Ude. Guided by Anej Strucl from Mountain Bike Nomad, Ludo and Steve spent over three hours riding through the abandoned mine in an ambient temperature of 10 degrees. A spectacular setting and one of the most unusual experiences you can have by bike. Claustrophobics be warned: you'd better have a good heart and remember to charge your headlamp. Enjoy the ride!


One of those experiences you will remember forever.

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 What's this shit doing on the Outside network? It's clearly inside.
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 actually inside-out
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 Either way, it’s the most “boring” video ever =)
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 It's underground
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 This is mine blowing
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 Your pun is better than mine.
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 @nozes: I guess that means your blowing Wink
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 Just dig a little deeper for your puns.
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 did it with friends this year, it's an experience for sure, more than just a bike experience. Anej is an amazing guide. The lack of perception inside in the dark is something else... the mine is on different levels, some parts you can tour with a Kayak, others by walking, and by the original miners train.
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 How high is the lead concentration in the dust there? Wouldn't want to breathe in too much of that stuff in a former lead mine.
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 Done in twice and here i am still, looking at you through my three eyes.
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 Lead isn't poisonous until after it's been processed. At that stage it's just ore.
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 @bigtim: tell that to all the people with lead poisoning who live near lead mines
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 @boozed: those are just greedy people trying to steal money from honest hard working corporations.
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 @bigtim: Of course, this is the internet, so not much space for nuance, but lead is harmful for human health also in the form of dust, e.g., after crushing, prior to proper chemical processing. Lead-containing dust, as possibly found in those mine tunnels thus *could* be bad for you. The reason it likely won't impact these cyclists at all, is not because "it is just ore", but rather because they are not inhaling large quantities of this dust repeatedly and over longer periods of time - as miners would.
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 That's some nightmare fuel right there. I could never do it.
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 "Descent" movie, sharing your thought here
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 @moohamooha: one human's underground mtb scene is another dark-adapted human's rolling smorgasbord. Mind the gaps
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 Yeahhhh but it’s not an abandoned mine is it. It’s set up as a tourist attraction where you can be guided through it.
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 I thought the same thing but then no mining takes place there anymore so calling it an abandoned mine is not technically wrong Smile
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 @anyexcusetoride: of course it is an abandoned mine.

I've ridden it this year.
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 The term we give these in the western US is a "tourist mine". Not in operation but safeguards in place to allow tourism of historic features etc. An "abandoned" mine has no ownership/responsible entity, is not bonded for reclamation with a regulator and typically is extremely unsafe to recreate in.
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 @jwestenhoff: why thank you Raylan
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 Black Hole Trail is really amazing experience. I'm a bit surprised that Ludo didn't ride down beside the ladder like Olly did.
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 Yes what an experience. I thought about it but when you are underground with no signal into the dark you definitely think it twice ;-) ! Maybe next time!
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 @ludomay: Smart decision, that part is really sketchy and risk factor is pretty high in there. Anyway it's a nice video and great riding, cheers!
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 @Regot: Thanks a lot :-)
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 Part from The Black Hole trail we have great enduro trails on the outside as well! Worth checking out if traveling through.
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 Sketchy. Lots of exposure for underground tunnels.
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 Is this the same cave network in Postojna?
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 No, they are two different things. Postojna cave has been created by nature, and this is a mine created by men.
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 No dig, no ride.
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 Hello Dixi!
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 No thank you. Just, no.
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 Why, so weak, so Laim!
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