Video: Unicycling on the Steep & Technical Trails of Finale Ligure

Sep 17, 2021 at 5:35
by lutzeichholz  

Where normally the best mountain bikers in the world hurl themselves down the steep trails on full-suspension bikes, unicycle champion Lutz Eichholz sought a completely different challenge last year. The goal is to find out whether his minimalist sports equipment, a unicycle, is sufficient to conquer trails built for the best two-wheeled athletes.

Roller coaster like trails, steep root passages, an abandoned NATO base and a stone field of a trail offers the perfect place for an extreme unicycle adventure.
Like many athletes, Lutz Eichholz is looking for new challenges not too far away during the pandemic. The tranquil Italian town of Finale Ligure, which attracts the best mountain bikers in the world, is the perfect destination.

As the ultimate challenge, the famous and infamous "DH Men" awaits at the end of the trip. One of the steepest, most slippery and most beautiful enduro mountain bike tracks in the world, where the best mountain bike riders compete once a year in the EWS.

For Lutz Eichholz, the track is his own personal competition for the perfect balance. A bike and a hardcore track offer the finale of the adventure. Lutz Eichholz gives his all once again on the trail that drops steeply to the sea.

Enjoy the best impressions of the adventure in Italy. all filmed by the Outdoor filmmaker Marco Küster from Germany


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 This is better than e-bike coverage
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 This unicycle is the only ride in the bike rack you would never have to worry about being stolen!
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 Suuuure, buddy
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 Where's that filter option @brianpark ?
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 Hmmm, maybe I could be in the market for a Un-e cycle.
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 @Waldon83: Yes please! Can we have a unicycle filter. Or maybe just a clown filter, since they are the only people that ride them and I don't like them either.
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 No wonder he’s so good, imagine how much extra time he has to practice without all of the creak hunting, sag setting, and complaining about geometry.
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 I got a cheap unicycle last as a lockdown challenge and if you haven't ever tried one my god you wouldnot believe the balance and handling skill ride one. I have pretty competent bike handling skills but no use whatsoever for the unicycle! It might look a bit nerdy but total respect for these guys. The control is unbelievable. Also nice one PB for chucking stuff like this on the honepage. Mountain boarding next! Don't tell James.
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 I've got an idea! Inline skates! That would make even less sense
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Looks like awesome fun… NOT

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 @Shaggey: why roller blade when you can mountain blade?
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 @Shaggey: I'm not the safety police but between skateboarders and this guy I wonder what the aversion to a helmet is.
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 @iammarkstewart: Some lessons have to be learned the hard way
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 @iammarkstewart: helmet is miserable when street skating. It’s just not the same as biking. I skated for decades and never hit my head. I’m
Just one sample, but it’s just whack unless you’re on transition.
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 Ow! My balls!
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 Welcome to CostCo. I love you.
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 Huck to Flat video please!
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 I'm so thirsty, I need some Brawndo. It's got electrolytes.
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 @dirty505: he does it @ 3:26 in the video....looks ....incredibly painful
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 I've tried practicing this...on my front wheel when I negotiate a poor downhill line or almost any jump, and on my back when I loop out trying to manual a double I don't want to jump. Unicycling sucks.
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 The Bull rider / penis grab steez is my favorite.
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flag eurojuice (Sep 19, 2021 at 18:10) (Below Threshold)
 Right?!? The whole ball grab look of the thing instantly disqualifies it. Just looks whack. I’m sure it’s tough and takes talent, but it’s whack.
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 Isn’t he texting all the time?
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 Did I just see a E-bike being shuttled?
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 you see it a lot in the bike parks over here in Europe, there very confused , and the funny thing is most of the Gondi workers refuse to lift them onto the racks
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 @RUSTYBOI77: While I can't say I have tried it myself, you need to remember that many people only have the one bike, and ebikes tend to be pretty fun going downhill. So if you fancy some laps, why wouldn't you take your ebike? Not go because you have the wrong bike? I was in an Italian bike this summer and they were good to let them ride the lift, providing they popped the battery out.
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 Yes in Finale you see this a lot, looks like 1000m of elevation is to much for a Moped
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 @mattwragg: nice flair moneybags
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 Maybe they felt like being as lazy as an analogue rider that day and joined the shuttle bus rather than riding up.
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 @RUSTYBOI77: Not just mainland. Increasing numbers of ebikes on uplifts in the UK.
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 Why, though? Genuinely curious.
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 Thanks for featuring the video and the feedback! I love simple sports. Hardtail MTB is fine for me also. A fully has too much stuff on it to feel the trail and I dont want start to talk about e-bikes Wink .

Thoese worrying about my balls. I just had my third child in 4 years. Maybe everything is working too well down there Big Grin .
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 I was wondering where these guys had gone.
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 He’s certainly good on that unicycle but was it worth becoming sterile for, I don’t think so.
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 When are mountain uni-ebikes going to be a thing. Or am I missing out on it due to my ebike filter setting.
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 Does it coast? Does it have a freewheel? I am impressed, but would never attempt this.. dear me..
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 I don't think unicycles ever coast/have a freewheel, because if they did you could never recover your balance if the contact patch got out in front of your center of mass. Have to be able to pedal backwards to keep balance.
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 @barp: I believe some mountain unicycles have a freewheel and disc brake to allow coasting, but still have a way to bring the saddle back up if you're tipping backwards
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 @DPGriffin: Huh, neat!
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 @DPGriffin: disc brakes, yes, but no freewheel as it’s way to hard to keep your balance; balance in unicycling is maintained through fore-aft pedal pressure.

I used to ride like this guy, it’s certainly challenging, but only if you don’t ride enough; I was five years on one wheel and it became second nature.

It’s pretty fun, it takes a different view of riding, more on par with trials riding and rock climbing, good times.
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 If you want to coast, put your feet on the crown. That's why MUnis have a flat top of the crown. But as for "never attempt this", why? If you'd have had this mindset when you were a baby, you'd never have learned to walk. Practice two weeks, 30min/day and you can ride unassisted. Maybe quicker but I'd say pretty much everyone can learn to ride unassisted in this short amount of time. From then on you'll just progress, roll over irregularities, obstacles, corner, hop... What can happen really? You're rolling at walking/jogging pace, fall from 1ft high and you don't need to worry about wearing or damaging the MUni. Of course Lutz is a top athlete and it takes a bit more to pull off what he does, but then again most of us would never ride what and how MacAskill rides. Doesn't mean we wouldn't be riding mountainbikes either.
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 @nurseben: with every comment I read of yours I lose a little more respect. The same guy telling us the trust fork is great is now telling us unicycling is cool. are such a freaking larry.
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 I’d like to see him in a clown outfit and juggling whilst he’s doing this. Now that’s a challenge!
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 interesting and I am sure insanely difficult but Absolutely not for me..
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 Was this just after the 15 clowns got out of the mini cooper?
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 I feel like having an over-the-bars moment could be a lot less stressful on a unicycle!
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 I wonder why our local bike park here in Calgary doesn't allow unicycle in the park?
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 For when riding a Fixie MTB is too easy.
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 Kris Holm would be so proud!!
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 He has already been on his factory team for a good while:
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 the hardest part about Unicycling is?
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 No helmet,but puts face mask on?
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 Maybe because it was required for the shuttle/van?
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 Got to keep up the virtue signalling.
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 @mcozzy: Nah, in some places people need a mask when in public transport. If he weren't wearing one and the driver didn't want to pick him up, that's surely what some on here would have pointed out as the cause. Not sure when the video was recorded. Maybe it was even before UK Freedom Day?
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 This reminds me of Kris Holm segments in NWD
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 Darkness.... the end is near
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 Ultimate single speed!
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 His poor balls! Cry
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 He won’t ever need them…
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