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World Cup Standings by Total Time

Aug 21, 2014 at 9:58
by Scott Posey  
So it's fantasy football drafting time here in the US, which always gets me in a state of statistical frenzied madness. I'm always looking for that one obscure stat and reveals a diamond in the rough, highlights something missed, and shows you who you can count on for the long haul. Well, seeing as how it's also a big world cup weekend, my stat crazy mind couldn't help but wander to the extremely tight race in the UCI men's DH standings this year. Points seem a bit crude in determining a overall champion, a bit like a touchdown only fantasy league, how about something more performance based, me thinks?
What I want to know is, who in the Top 20 UCI Rankings (not season total points) has really been the most consistent, fastest rider of the 2014?. Who would be at the top of my draft board?
I took the total time of the first six events, as if it were a Super DH Enduro event spanning the whole summer. I eliminated all the riders in the top 20 that had a DNS, DNF, DSQ, or did not compete in all races. Sorry, Greg, Mick, and Stevie, but we are looking for consistency, mechanical or otherwise (technically I should probably pull Gwinny out, since his "Leogang Rim Ride" put him 20 second off the last place finish time. But hey, he did finish.)
And the results are...


While there are some interesting positional swaps going on, the thing that really stands out is how incredibly close the top riders are. A season of racing and there less 3 seconds separate the top spots. That's a 0.2% difference in the top spot. In fact there isn't even a 10% gap from 1st to last. That's how crazy competitive this sport is. At this level you better treat you mechanic right, the wrong tire shave or a little brake drag can cost you the season.

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