NS Shows Off Prototype Fuzz With 6-Bar Suspension - Vallnord DH World Cup 2022

Jul 13, 2022 at 16:37
by Matt Beer  

Halfway through the World Cup season marks a tipping point where teams start to pull out all the stops to play catch up or stay on top. The NS Bikes UR Team has brought along their new secret weapon: a prototype Fuzz with a six-bar suspension design, similar to what Commencal is using on their Supreme V5. NS Bikes is calling this linkage system a "floating high pivot design" and it provides 203mm of travel and is built around a dedicated mixed wheel setup. Team members Kye A'Hearn and George Brannigan will be unleashing the bike on the blazingly fast Andorra World Cup track this weekend since they feel it's a beneficial place to test the bike to its full capacity.

The prototype bike appears similar to their current Fuzz, in its stealthy black veil, until you take a closer look and what's going on behind the seat tube. Deviating from their classic four-bar suspension system, they've added a short link between the main triangle and the chainstay, while keeping the pivot near the rear axle. A bridge connects from that short link near the bottom bracket to the middle pivot of the upper rocker arm. Interrupting the upper chainline between the cassette and the front ring is an idler that hangs from that rate controlling bridge. On that bridge, there are slots to move the idler vertically to tune the influence of the chain on the suspension. You might also notice that they are still opting to use the O-Chain device to reduce the pedal kickback, a component that is now widely used in both downhill and enduro racing.

An idler goes hand in hand with any high pivot bike to control the amount of chain growth.

The angle of the dangle.

A better look at that rate controlling bridge that connects the two links.

The current NS Bikes UR Team Fuzz race bike.

bigquotesWe are stoked to work with such a passionate and dedicated team. The people from UR not only inspire us to find performance gains in our race bikes and give us first-hand feedback from the tracks but are also enthusiastic about sharing their opinions on the whole product range. Thanks to this, we are not only able to find ways to cut seconds at World Cup races, but we also make better bikes for real world riders.NS BIKES


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No motor
No auto shifting
No handlebar display
No dropper post.....

its like the ones they used to ride in the olden days......even some of the cables are on the outside!
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 Comment gold!
  • 6 2
  • 5 4
 and this comment about a bike that ONLY works with a gasoline (or electric) powered uplift? (facepalm)
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 @yonibois: can tell you are not a UK rider....most of us have to push our DH bikes back up the hill...thats proper commitment!
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 Im With Ya Dude.
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 it kenda sucks on some minor details..
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 6 bar. So hot right now.
  • 99 0
 Now that I'm over 50, it's almost impossible for me to make it to 6 bars in a night. A young person's game.
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 @jackalope: I figure out that if you barf after about 4 bars, it's like a reset. Then you're good to go for a few more. Repeat until about 9am.
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 No less than 7 or I'm out.
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 moar barz!!
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 I mean, I can only put my hands on one pair of bars at a time. Seems a little redundant.
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 They added a few more bar widths on the bike, so when you hit a tight section, you just move your hands to a narrower bar. Smart.
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 Dunno about you guys, but I'm waiting for the 12 bar
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 Those are rookie numbers!
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 That might have you singing the blues.
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 That bike looks pretty fucking sweet.
  • 6 0
 I’m waiting for the nine bar Wink
  • 2 0
 I don’t get why it has an idler. That extra lower link is like a VPP lower link. It’ll create a rearward axle path, and chain growth ( hence the o chain ). The idler will do nothing that I can see….
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 NS: Rising the bar ( count ) above competition.
  • 1 0
 not above, just equal to Commencal Wink
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 What I really care about is where the hell can I buy a suntour fork.
  • 2 0
 you can actually order them from the Suntour USA website. Some of them are very good and also easy to work on and maintain.
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 I bought one for my hardtail. Got it in 5 days.
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 Nice to see something new from NS. Have really been wondering about the current NS Fuzz DH bike. Both Kye and GB were top guys on previous teams. Both really struggling with results on the current frame/suspension, it seems.
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 If it requires an o chain, it's shit
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 If the idler isn’t good enough and it needs an O Chain, something really isn’t working well on the bike.
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 FK I was expecting like 50 down votes......
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 I put an o chain on my hardtail.
Total game changer…
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 Chain growth is not the only source of pedal kick and feedback
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 I really like how kick back wasn't a problem u till a few hundred €£$ chain ring came aboot.........
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 @Yodafan: i checked on my hardtail, it actually has pedalkickback if you drop the resrwheel.
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 @naptime: it came about when everyone decided they needed 100+ point of engagement on their shiny hubs and all of a sudden every little bump created kickback.
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 Co-development by Dick Pound
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 yet another itrack lawsuit inbound!
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 If 4 bar was good then 6 bar has to be amaze balls!
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 50% more balls.
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 Someone plz tell me the difference between 4 n 6 bars? I just can’t picture the difference
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 In a 6 bar I believe the extra members are generally used to further modify the stroke usually in the last part of the travel. If you look at the suspension motion of the Yeti 6-bar e-bike, you can tell a little better how it can work. There is an inflection point in travel after which the additional linkage comes into play and ramps the progression so it feels more bottomless at the end of the travel.
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 @Chippps: thanks for taking the time to explain that for me!!
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 So I played around with commencal's in a linkage software a while back, so I can't be incredibly specific off the top of my head, but:

With the 6-bar the lower and upper links are now coupled and very small tweaks to where that middle link is placed can have major impacts on the progression and shape of the leverage curve - you can tune in all sorts of curves that would normally need totally different linkage designs. Also, because of this tunability, frame designers also can exert more control over the anti-rise and anti-squat curves - they're less coupled to the design of the leverage curve. Like, with a standard horst link design, increasing progression or increasing rearward axle path or lowering antisquat all have predicable consequences, and you're just trying to pick the best set of trade offs to achieve the feel you want. With a six-bar, it seems to my less-than-professional eye, there are fewer trade offs that need to be made.
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 It gives the designer more control over the shape of the anti-squat and anti-rise curves and they can change more dramatically through the suspension's travel.

It will also affect the leverage curve, but most 6-bar bikes have leverage curves that can already be achieved using 4-bar designs.

In some cases (e.g. Yeti, Polygon) it's done because there's now a motor where you'd normally put a pivot.
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 Is the pic with Kye what Amaury sees as he passes everyone this year?
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 But mine goes to 11
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 BYOC: Bring your own Commencal
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 So they took the Yeti e-bike 6-bar suspension and added it to a DH bike?
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 Nope, they took Felt's Equilink from the start of the century and changed the rear pivot from the seatstays to the chainstays.
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 Looks complicated AF and it looks dope .
  • 2 1
 Felt called, they want their Equilink back.
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 It is recommended to add a water bottle holder
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 Current bike have 27.5 fork and 29 front wheel ? wtf Suntour
  • 1 1
 The current bike (top photo) has a 29" Rux.
The bottom photo is the old bike with 27.5 Rux and 29in wheel. Look at the clearance differences between the 2 photos
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 Same crap as the evil bikes
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  • 1 0
 high pivvv
  • 1 0
 Looks like a Sender
  • 1 0
 Looks like hp fuzz.
  • 1 0
 Equilink bonanza
  • 1 4
 All done is stuck an idler on old frame that was rubbish and having the team run tacky suntour forks 27.5” with 29” wheel ,may as will be independent team
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 It might look similar from the drive side but it's a totally different suspension system and layout, not just an idler bunged on. Look at all the photos, not just the first one.
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