Tech Week 2023: 7Mesh's Fall Apparel Collection

Oct 21, 2022 at 15:20
by Matt Beer  


Once you go Gore-Tex, you never go back. 7Mesh’s Copilot is a lightweight, but still waterproof jacket that can carry itself.

Popping up on a few items through 7Mesh’s F22 lineup is a stowaway feature that's built into the rear pocket of the jacket. Specific Paclite material helps the jacket flip inside out and tuck into the back pocket where you’ll find three hooks that can loop around your bars and frame.

Construction wise, the Copilot jacket uses 13mm taped seams, simplistic elastic cuffs, and a 3-way drawcord hood that can fit a helmet underneath. There’s also another draw cord around the dropped hem out back and the three minimalist logos are reflective without being obnoxiously large.

There are no vents on this jacket because the membrane works more efficiently when the watertight front zipper is fully closed to create its own microclimate inside the Paclite Plus 2L Gore-Tex material.

If the two-tone Hinterland and Elk colorways aren’t your flavor, there is the classic black option. The Copilot jacket comes in six relaxed-fitting sizes from XS to XXL and retails for $280.


For those brisk days or cold night rides, the Chilco Anorak is a thermal top with a super cozy inner material. The fluffy WTV liner stands for Wind, Thermal, Ventilation and is a proprietary fabric for 7Mesh.

At 370 g, the pullover design has a quarter-zip that alleviates any bunching up and gives way to a pouch pocket across the front of the chest.

Built from 57% polyester, 34% recycle polyester and 9% elastane, the body of the $200 anorak has a high permeability and high loft backer that also gets reflective logos for road commutes. Similarly to the colors of the Colpilot jacket, there are three choices; Honey, Midnight Blue, and Black.


Using the same WTV fabric, the Chilco Vest is a thermal insulation layer that runs a zipper down the length of the front while a drop hem covers your back. The stash pocket is moved to the rear and can hold the vest when turned inside and packed away.

For $40 less, the $160 Chilco Vest also comes in three basic colors with just the Honey using a different tone for the rear pocket.


Stashable shell jackets can save you on early start rides or ones where the weather might expectedly change. That’s where the $170 Northwoods Windshell comes in. At 126g, the DWR-coated nylon jacket can pack away into the size of your fist.

Like the Copilot, the Northwoods Windshell stows into the side pocket and uses three elastic straps to clip to your bike. However, the flyweight jacket still features elastic cuffs and a draw cord in the hood to open over a helmet or snug down on your head without one.

Three colorways cover your reds, blues, and neutral called Port, Cadet Blue and Shadow which are also available in six sizes.


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 Glad I bought my CoPilot before the new Color’s came out.
Why would you have the area by your lower back be a lighter colour ?
This is the part of the jacket that gets all the dirt.
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 Could do with a bright colour option too, for those of us who ride on the road ro get to the trail,.
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 It’ll get stained, and that’ll compel you to buy a new one sooner.
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 I don’t know if I’m the only one, but color blocking just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like a throwback to designs from 40 years ago before we were capable of coloring garments in more sophisticated and appealing ways.
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 Didn't they make tie-dye back then?
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 I was a little disappointed when I contacted 7Mesh a few weeks ago about some shorts whose snap had finally failed after 5 years, tearing a little bit of the fabric in the process. Great shorts, as they better have been for $140. I'm quite certain I wore them scores of times, both on and off the bike

I sent them an email after finding a PinkBike article saying that 7Mesh was one of a handful of smaller apparel companies committed to providing repairs to their products at a reasonable price. Unfortunately they told me they no longer support those shorts. I guess the guaranteed repairs only apply to current apparel?

This contrasts with experiences I've had with, for example, Patagonia. Also premium prices but they've no qualms about resolving customer issues regardless of the age of the product. Last year I brought a 12-year-old down coat in to the local store, fully expecting to pay for a fix. They fixed the problem free of charge.
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 Crap like that drives me nuts
Even though it’s not apparel, I had the same issue with a Push 11.6. Apparently it was supposed to be a lifetime shock. One to move to new bikes and just keep rebuilding and keep it fresh. After using it 3 years, I was told I was SOL for full rebuilds, no retrofittable parts, and the price of changing it to a new bike wasn’t worth it either, that I should just buy a new one as it’ll cost about the same. Wonderful. Makes ya lose trust real quick when you see certain promises get made
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 @stormracing: That's a real bummer to hear about the 11.6. "Lifetime shock" was a big selling point for them when those shocks came out, and I'm pretty sure Fox and Rockshox can still service shocks that are 10+ years old.
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 Just adding -- this was the article I'd read:

With this blurb:
7mesh is another brand that prides itself on making high-quality clothing that it fully believes in and stands behind. Based right near Pinkbike's home in Squamish, 7mesh offers repairs for damaged clothing for a small fee. If the clothing is beyond repair, 7mesh still has you covered and offers a crash replacement discount for the replacement.

Alas, not so much it turns out.
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 @stormracing: I had the same experience with push. I want to love them for being a US made option, but why would I support them after being left hanging?
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 Wow, didn't expect that kind of thing from Push. I'd imagine, everything being mad ein-house, they would jump ont he free marketing and get you back to riding by whipping up parts for a 10+ year shock if need came to be.

As for repairs, apparently Norrona is also good in this department? Didn't try it out yet though.
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 @igxqrrl since 7mesh is in Squamish, you could maybe try to inform some PB staff.

Not repairing is a really bad move (which also encourages us to just buy cheap and disposable stuff), and then also being dishonest about it... Well fck
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 I get it, it is nice when a company backs it's products. That said, they can still be repaired; and locally. They were 140$; but you did get 5 years of heavy use out of them.
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 FWIW, my wife bought some "last or second last season" 7Mesh shorts a few years ago and some stitches came undone on one pocket after a few rides. Got it repaired by 7Mesh, no question asked, but it may not have been a 5-year old garment... Still not many companies will bother with such kinds of repairs.
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 I love this business model.

1. Steal part of a first nations word to sound trendy.
2. Make EVERYTHING overseas.
3. Charge high prices because you are a "Squamish based" company.

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 The goretex jacket has no vents because the membrane works best when you have it sealed up with the waterproof zipper.

So it only works after you achieve sauna level humidity inside? The whole point of goretex is to keep you dry in the first place, but anyone who's ever worn it knows it's easy to overwhelm its breathability. That's why every quality jacket includes vents such as pitzips.

I call this spiel as the worst kind of retail sales bullshit. This company may make some nice clothes, but I hope they weren't planning on selling this stuff to anybody smart.
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 I thought the same thing. Goretex without ventilation? Yeah right.
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 Any chance you guys can start linking to the individual products in this kind of post? I always want to click through & check them out, and now I have to google (yes I'm lazy).
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 No…. Once you go Neoshell you never go back to Gore-Tex.
Gore has the brand awareness and money to bully clothing mfgs to use them, but eVent was much superior (RIP) and Polartec is better in every way.
On a related note, get a piece of Polartec Alpha while it's being closed out whether biking specific or active outdoorwear.
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 I bought a used polartech neoshell jacket for ski touring and it's so much better than goretex. Goretex is too damn hot. Basically can't wear it while working hard.
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 Wait why RIP to eVent? They are still around.
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 @jaycubzz: I'd like to see an eVent jacket and pants. Where are you finding them?
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 @bikewriter: Admittedly I just went to the eVent website and saw that it looks to be updated with their latest fabrics.

This has eVent, but is from a (high)fashion brand. 1600CAD lol.

Otherwise looks like goretex has a near monopoly.

Interesting thread from a few years back.
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 @jaycubzz: Yep. Thankfully Neoshell has stepped up. It's truly a superior product. Polartec is better, but not a juggernaut like Gore's marketing and brand awareness. Even my redneck whitetrash best friends say "Goretex keeps me so warm, I need another rain jacket." WTF. Oh well.
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 @bikewriter: Exactly right. New technologies that are better and cheaper come out but Gore has people fixated on waterproof and breathability numbers, so they keep buying it. Why consumers are fixated on ski-focused gear performing for running and biking I truly don't understand. Freezing temps on skis when you're spending most of your time sitting on a chairlift and not sweating is not the same as working your ass off on a bike. Ski touring is the same. Nobody wears their outer goretex shell on the skin track. Way too hot and the sweat buildup on the inside makes you even colder, and that is dangerous once you turn to descend.
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 Having tried some of their stuff on last weekend, I was reminded of the Abercrombie and Fitch documentary. I am normally a medium, maybe a large for some brands and even their xl stuff felt tight on me.
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 Yep, their stuff fits terribly. Plus I don't particularly like their designs. Add in high prices and little hands that make their gear... STRONG PASS.
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 ahah, I love seeing companies eat shit in the real world
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 Patagonia is the way to go most always. I’m trying some Endura now, that have similar claims. We’ll see how they do.

Jumping on the Push notes above. My 11:6 lasted six weeks and roughly a dozen rides before failing. I raised hell, and sent it back for a refund. At first I got push back about even getting my money back in full. They wanted to charge a restocking fee for a defective failed product.

I finally figured out what the 11:6 stands for.
Eleven rides, in six weeks, then start over.
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 look nice, as do all 7mesh stuff. Great company and customer service but no idea why no reinforced elbows or pit zips. All coats rip at the elbow in a crash and i've never found a breathable hardshell ever, especially one with no pit zips.
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 Hey there! Good question. We do see a greater number of rips on elbows and lower arms, but when you crash on a bike there are very few fabrics that can resist tearing without making the garment super bulky and heavy.  On our Gore-tex Pro Revelation jacket we do have pit zips and lower arm vents that you can use with one hand. On our Gore-tex Active jackets and Paclite we go for a less bulky and more packable option and omit the pit zips knowing that on the uphill you can open the centre front zipper if you need more breathability.
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 alpaca fabric beats you in durability and price
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 I just had terrible save-on-foods california rolls while reading these reviews, even the deli pack chocolate chip cookies are lacking.
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 It's all about the fried chicken
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 I’ve got one of each of these. Super happy with them. Consistency in sizing is great. Small in 7Mesh fits me well. No pit zips is fine with me. Keeps the cost down and keeps weight down and pack ability higher. Also no stupid Velcro cuff deals. I never use those except on ski jackets to keep the sleeves over the gloves.
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 Curious, are all these items unisex? Wife needs a Christmas prezzy, or will I just be shopping for myself Wink
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 Hey! All of these products come in both men's and women's specific fits.
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 Something interesting not mentioned in the article is that the CHILCO ANORAK can be packet inside its front pocket and turn into a pillow.
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 I have the Chilco Anorak. It's a nice jacket, and warm enough for cooler days. The fabric is really similar to Patagonia's R2 line, but not quite so smooth or soft inside
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 What size(s) are you wearing here Matt?
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 Really wish ‘safety orange’ was a more popular color option for us living in areas with a lot of hunters
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 Just one of those fugly fox forks.
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 No arm pit zippers, I'm out.
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 As the article correctly states, vents don’t make sense in combination with a breathable membrane, because the direct ventilation will basically render the gore tex useless.

If you prefer direct air intake go for something without a membrane, it will also come much cheaper.
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 @FuzzyL: come on everyone knows that Gore tex is an amazing membrane but it's not super breathable. Even with a my Arcteryx 2.5 membrane pit zippers open I get soak on a bike.
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 @granjak: If the zippers are open the membrane is useless.
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 @FuzzyL: good luck with that. I like a lil breeze on the dh. Maybe zip up on the climbs and try out the membrane.
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 The Chilco vest is my new favorite piece of kit!
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 300 for a jacket?what a rip off! they probably don't even used recycled materials! and its i've been using glad force flex bags for years! amazon makes better jackets anyway
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 Do you even consume bro?
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 Amazon don't make any jackets but there are tons of cheap sh*t clothing manufactures from China selling on that platform. At the end of the day you pay for what you get.
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 @captainclunkz: i think taskmgr is lampooning. comments on expensive clothes always come down to this.
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 @captainclunkz: worst thing about an expensive jacket is making a hole in it on the first crash
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 @LAT2: nationally Wink
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 @taskmgr: yeah don't understand why you got downvoted and I got upvoted we are saying the same thing... Pinkbike...

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