Superenduro PRO6, Finale Ligure - Race Day!

Oct 21, 2012 at 11:47
by Matt Wragg  
It was hard to know whether to be excited or sad this morning. It promised to be a great day of racing and the weather was going to be kind... but once it was over, that would be the season done. No more racing here in Italy for a good six months. Sure, everyone needs the rest right now, riders, organisers and takers of blurry photos alike, but it's going to be strange not having one of these weekends to look forwards to... There was no point sitting on the breakfast terrace ruminating on such things though, the race wasn't going to wait for journalists getting sentimental, so it was out into the late Autumn sunshine of the Ligurian coast and up into the hills for the biggest enduro race ever held.

Davide Sottocornola and Andrea Bruno
ACC and Nico
Curtis Keene and Manuel Ducci
Vittorio Gambirasio and Dan Atherton
Alex Lupato and Mark Scott
  Davide Sottocornola, Andrea Bruno, Nico Vouilloz, Anne-Caroline Chausson, Curtis Keene, Manuel Ducci, Vittorio Gambirasio, Dan Atherton, Alex Lupato and Mark Scott. That's one hell of a lineup for a race. The most obvious names missing are Remy and Julian Absalon, because Remy broke his scaphoid shooting a video this week and Jerome Clementz has had a long year, so is taking a well-deserved holiday. It's the kind of lineup you'd hope to see at an international enduro race...

Dan Atherton
  From the stage the riders ran back through the cobbled streets of last night's prologue and off up into the mountains and the sunshine.

The road climb...
  There are no two ways around it, there was a lot of this today - the loop is 50km, which meant for some long, punishing transfers to get to those stages. Riders were rewarded with around half an hour of descending on some of the best trails in Europe.

Dan Atherton
  Dan Atherton was nothing short of dominant today. He won all five stages and took a margin of 45 seconds over Davide Sottocornola to win his first enduro race. It's taken him just four tries to win a Superenduro race, he's clearly spent the weeks since the Enduro of Nations training like hell to do this.

Davide Sottocornola
  Davide Sottocoronola probably felt quite bittersweet this evening, he surely wanted to seal his series victory with a win, but had to settle for second today. 2012 overall series champion is the big crown and he definitely deserves it after his consistent pace all season.

Vittorio Gambirasio
  Vittorio Gambirasio put in one of his strongest performances yet to seal fourth today, he just seems to have got faster as the season goes on. With another winter training under his belt, he may well be one of the riders to watch for next year.

Andrea Bruno
  Can you spot what is missing from this photo? Another bad day in the office for Andrea Bruno, he just doesn't seem to have had any luck racing this year, a crash on stage one destroyed his saddle, so he had to tackle the punishing transfers to stages two and three standing up on the pedals. Still, he was enjoying being out on his bike today and will surely be looking to reclain his crown next year.

Mark Scott
  Mark Scott was another rider without luck today, he was in the top ten after stage one, but went over the bars and lost his chain on two. Leaving the pits after the mid-way stop his brake jammed solid and he had to retire. His plan for next year? The full Superenduro series.

Alex Lupato
  Considering he missed the Supermountain race at Scopello a few weeks ago with a knee injury, seventh was a great result for Alex Lupato.

Manuel Ducci
  Manuel may have beaten Sottocornola in the Supermountain series, but he dropped 20 seconds to him today, dropping him back to fifth. Earlier in the season I'd have called this as a solid result for him, but after the season he's had it's clearly a disappointment for him.

Broken mech
  This is a sight that will be familiar to more than a few people after today. the rocky trails here are perfect for ripping that expensive piece of metal from the back of your bike.

Theo Galy
  With Remy Absalon out injured, it was down to Theo Galy to fly the French flag today, sixth was a solid result and it's probably enough to make sure he's welcome back in France again.

Nico Vouilloz
  I don't know what happened to Nico today. He clearly had some kind of a problem and was MIA from the first page of the results sheet (the only one I have right now).

Stage 4
  The end of stage for was more or less a jungle, it looks like someone came through a hacked the trail from a solid mass of undergrowth.

Stage 2
  It's not all descending - the stages tend to have 10-15% of climbing or flat sections as they are natural trails, so don't just hurtle down the fall-line like a full-blown downhill track.

Anne-Caroline Chausson
  The least surprising result today? Anne-Caroline Chausson absolutely destroyed the women's field, in fact she placed 42nd in the men's competition.

Chiara Pastore
  How serious is the women's race here? Well that's no fashion accessory on Chiara Pastore's leg, but that wasn't stopping her making sure she got her overall spot for the season.

Sondra Williamson
  Sondra Williamson represented the US ladies in the race today.

One result that I don't have a photo of is Curtis Keene, who smashed his way to third overall with a series of consistent performances throughout the day. One individual stages he didn't break into the top spots, but by posting a good result every single time he put in an incredible showing at his first Superenduro race.

So there we are, a season gone and done. Thanks to everyone at Superenduro, the riders, the fans, anyone and everyone who has made this season so special. Thanks!
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  • + 103
 Yes Dan!!
  • + 21
 Dan Atherton. 2013 Super-Enduro Champion. Yeah I said it!
  • + 18
 I said it on friday, Dan has to be taken serious, I'm so happy he won!
  • + 6
 Dan did an amazing job and his sanction is absolutely stunning! Really great looking and performing bike.
  • + 1
 I'm out biking, so inspired now!
  • + 2
 Dan and Anne-Caro winning?

My life is now complete.
  • + 7
 I'm so stoked for Dan. Big congrats to him. He's trained really hard for Enduro. He can really ride fast. I'm sure that Rachel and Gee are ecstatic now.
  • + 1
 were is is jerome clementz? he rules
  • + 2
 Actually he is not the champion he just won one race..... he still destroyed the field though....he did mention though that if nico was still in it would have been closer.
  • + 2
 Sam93mx is just predicting Dan as next years champ Wink Could happen though, ending the season on a high will definitely give him motivation and fuel to start next season strong. But of course he's gonna have to work his ass of to beat Nico, Andrea, Jerome and everybody else if he wants to, same as for any of them. Should be fun.
  • + 22
 I'd love to see a "Rig run-down" like you did on the Rampage bikes on these Super-enduro rigs... There are clearly some awesome frames and set-ups out there that we in N.America just don't see. YT industries, Cube, MDE... I never hear any mention of these companies yet they appear to make absolutely amazing bikes.

On another note, losing your sadle on a Superenduro with that kind of transfering??? OUCH!!!!!! Guy deserves a medal for just cotinuing on from there IMO...
  • + 4
 In 1986 Cindy Whitehead lost her saddle after one mile of a 50 mile xc race. she continued on and finished first, she got a medal for continuing on! 26 years ago.
  • + 10
 That's insane...

I think (In this case refering to the Enduro race) I'd have taken my full-face and put it over my post so I could at least be sure I wasn't going to get a free proctology exam mid descent Wink .
  • + 4
 Have a look at the link below, some interesting french enduro race bikes setup
  • + 1
 Thanks for the link mate, that's realy cool...just what I was looking for aye, now I just gotta learn to speak Fench. The pictures sure are sweet though. Thanks again aye...
  • + 19
 Dan is 100% wearing a D3 with one industries stickers on it haha
  • + 3
 great result.
Marc Beaumont won our local gravity enduro today, he beat everyone by about 3 minutes, just goes to show how fit and talented these top guys are. (Dan Brown also took part and wasnt too shabby either, took a bit of heckling about his mint GT enduro though!

Great result Dan, have a deserved rest now. roll on next season
  • + 1
 That's a good point, how come Beaumont wasn't there? Beginning of the year the team had announced he'd race some enduro with Dan. Funny.
  • + 4
 Curtis Keene is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future and I am pleased that he got 3rd overall in just this race! Losing your seat is just a killjoy when your having fun!
  • + 4
 Matt Wragg this is some phenomenal coverage. I liked that we got some pictures of the leaders and the not so lucky too. Great job!
  • + 6
 Great Job Curtis!!
  • + 2
 I have noticed for some time now that PRO ENDURO RIDERS HAVE THE SICKEST LOOKING 'Zocchi FORKS EVERRRR!!! There was a time were Marz looked tacky and were very heavy. I'm thinking about switiching from a lyric to a 55 ti Big Grin
  • + 1
 Yeah man, gets some 55 rc3ti forks, they are crazy good. After a year I pulled mine apart to paint them, after seeing a picture of those yellow ones! And they are all fine, no worn through uppers like the unlubricated brands. And they also work better than my previous float, lyric, boxxer 's in everywhere. You won't regret it.
  • + 1
 We need more enduro events worldwide. Next time put some jumps in there or tech options and less pavement. Marzocchi rules enduro and thats old news. This is the type of riding i been doing for the longest. Now finally getting some much needed press. Dh and xc is fun but enduro is combo of all riding disciplines. If you only good at one type of riding enduro not for you.
  • + 5
 Dan's the man... Doing it for the Brits!
  • + 1
 Everyone had nevgals/small blocks and marzocchi forks. Looks like my setup for the last 6 years. Maybe i should move to europe and be a scruffy enduro racer. Either way congrats to dan for the win. Keene did smash his way onto podium and better watch out for him next year. Dont see any pics of him????
  • + 1
 have a freind that went to Ligure this summer and he went to meny diferent bike parke in all Europe. he said that Ligure is the best!!! even without charilifts and gondolas, one day I have to go there...
  • + 3
 Keene! I was talking to a friend yesterday about how I thought Keene would make the top 3, glad I was right. Tear it up man!
  • + 14
 The very first comment left on the friday practice post (I didn't leave) was this, "Sorry Curtis, you might be a big fish back home, but you are just a little fish in a big pond when it comes to Euro Enduro. My bet? Prepare to get stomped." I guess Mr. Keene spent so much time preparing to haul ass that it cut into his getting stomped preparation.
  • + 4
 yup remember that and a bunch more dumbass comments those guys are idiots .
  • - 3
 Unfortunately it doesn't say much considering that due to various circumstances there wasn't any Nico, Clementz, Absalon, Andrea Bruno ... It isn't of course a bad result but more races are need to know he really his up to the challenge or not.
  • + 2
 Nico and Andrea were there, the other the reasons are there, but it takes nothing from the rest. Or does Gwinn deciding not to race because of his hand make Steve Smith's win at Hafjell any less?
  • - 3
 To his defense i don't think that he said that they weren't physically there but rather that they, due to various reasons, ended up not being able to "really race". He's a fast rider and was bound to do well but i think that commenting in his performance, good or bad, is wrong with only one race. Let the dude show what he's capable off and then criticize him.
  • + 2
 anybody know what model 661 knee pads that Dan Atherton is wearing? They look lower profile than Rage/Kyle Straits, but still good protection.
  • + 2
 ACC is THE BEST!!! She is such an inspiration....42nd in the mens, way to go girl!!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 2
 hell ya curtis is a boss. i dont see the haters talkin smack now. yeee keene
  • + 3
 Way to go Curtis Keene!!!! Fuckin reppin the states!!!!! Hell yeah!
  • + 3
 That t-Rex comment couldn't stop laughing
  • + 3
 do they take those comments off, cause i can't find them
  • + 2
 Looks like it
  • + 2
 Nice to see a brit on the top step, enjoy those beers on the beach boys.
  • + 1
 Andrea Bruno good luck with your balls Wink
You'r still hero!!
Dan well done!
  • + 1
 Nico had the flu (or some stomach bug) and had to head home earlier than expected.
  • + 2
 Awesome for Dan. What happened to Nico?
  • + 1
 There's a new sheriff in town boys. All five stages! Nico must be a bit bummed.
  • + 1
 Hell yeah! Super stoked for Dan!
  • + 1
 Great result Dan !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 1
 Davide Sottocoronola = i read this like David SotonaCorolla
  • + 2
 Nice one Dan!
  • + 2
 No Canadians...
  • + 16
 no, no canadians, something to do with you lot being afraid of the dark...
  • + 0
 Great job Dan! You deserve it, you've worked harder than anybody to get where you are. Your such an inspiration!
  • + 1
 what kinf of fork is Dan Atherton rocking? Talas or float?
  • + 1
 looks like marzo rocks the enduro world. but not so much for the WC
  • + 1
 where can i get Andrea Bruno's fork?!
  • + 1
 Ya Sondra!!
  • + 1
 Stoked for Dan!!
  • + 1
 Nice riding Dan!
  • - 1
 The guy riding transition didnt have a seat :/
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