Video: Steve Peat Stars in Volvo Commercial

Mar 5, 2014 at 3:45
by Matt Wragg  

In January 2014, Downhill Mountain Biking World Champion Steve Peat took on the harsh terrain of the Scottish Highlands and conquered some extreme new trails on his beloved bike with the help of Volvo to get him there. Check out the action here...

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 *Volvo Stars in Steve Peat Commercial.
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 yeah, I would even call it santacruz commercial (:
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 Big props to Volvo for realizing that mountain biking is a huge part of people lifestyles and who better than Peaty to prove that!?
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 Could even be a scotland commercial
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 and the van damme commercial,
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 Free Volvo for Peaty !
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 ill keep my pickup truck for now
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 Volvo used to be a mad supporter of DH racing way back, by the posting it's clear the crowd is too young to remember. Bloody fair play to them for getting involved regardless of the reason.
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 Why do they show a picture on the homepage of him railing a berm on his DH bike but in this all it is in the commercial is a normal trail ride?
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 Volvo were one of the first and biggest sponsors of Dh racing waaay back in the day! Good to see they are still interested in the sport, being they dont still make bikes!
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 Wait what? There were volvo bikes?
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 No, it was similar to how Ford sponsors golf tournaments now- obviously, Ford does not make golf clubs
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Actually yes Volvo DID make bikes....
They are rare and hard to find.
Here is one from 1983.....,-circa-1983,-the-1002-c-430297f138
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 The Volvo Cannondale team were very successful. The team ran from 1994-2002. Anne-Caroline Chausson, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracia and Martyn Ashton were all on the team a one point.
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 Drives to the top leaves car rides back down gets in waiting car,magic,if only every ride was like that.
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 The car even drove down to meet him at the bottom Wink
They have got it sorted, gotta get me one of those.

That was more a commercial for riding than Volvo so I liked it a lot.
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 Volvos are made extremely safe and smart so that they can park by themselves, they have warning alert ifin case of potential crash and they can take a passed out driver home. No wonder it can find the way down the mountain
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 leave waki alone!!
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 Great video, I'm just mad at Subaru for not doing it first Frown Love my soob
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 VWs and Soobs just seems go with mountain biking.
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 Subaru did a comercial here with Carlos Castillo a local racer
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 500 quid cars go with mountain biking in my experience !
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 I think it advertises Scotland pretty well also to be honest!
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 i was tinking the saME
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 In Sweden we have a similar commercial with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Volvo cars (Ford) has doubled their marketing budget for this year, I am proud to see the factory from my window
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 Actully, Volvo cars is owned by Chineese Geely. Ford sold Volvo a few years ago. Cool to see Volvo back into Mtb again, and how apropriate too do it with one of the few guys who was a pro back when Volvo/cannondale team was around and still is pro today!
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 Peaty on a 29er…the horror!
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 Old news mate! Get used to it btw
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 For a second I was hoping it would be a peek at a new Nomad.
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 Well Volvo just got way cooler. Really good to see Peaty again.
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 It's always good to see Peaty!
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 I kept waiting for him to swing by and pick up Rat Boy
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 I've only ever had volvo's, great for pulling and moving stuff, I can fit my spesh and my brothers hardtail in my wagon and still have space to stretch out for a post ride snooze
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 Mr. Peat is the MAN! ...rides my bikes. ...drives my cars! What's next? Dated my wife back in the day? Seriously, this is a nice commercial that captures the sentiment we all feel at one time or another. Props to Volvo.
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 Yep. He's a biker, not an actor. It's that reverent look. When ya do an epic, beautiful ride, you stare out at the whole area, take it all in, and you get THAT look.
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 Absolute legend, Well done champion !
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 f*ck me this ad had everything....Peaty.....beautiful inspiring muzac.....some hairy bastard passenger(presumably he shuttled the car down)......and the sweet sound of squealing (?avid) disc brakes. Life doesn't get any better. What was it ad for again....Landrover was it?
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 Heh mate, I was going to say I'll take my Defender 110 Hardtop as a bike carrier and uplift vehicle any day - at a fraction of a cost of a Volvo! Cool ad though.
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 Did any one else notice that it is a 3:30 long commercial? LOL that would cost a grip of $$$ to air. Where are they gonna air this video?
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 Well it's on youtube and now on here, I think they're doing pretty well with free advertising.
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 That's one way to do it.
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 Hah, 17" wheels on that Volvo, not gonna work here mate! Like to see some 650's on that ride!
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 Rollin on 27's
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 2009, Toyota Matrix R -- The Gray Hornet. Reasonably decent on fuel. Therm-a-rest and sleep inside. O, sure, she's no pick-up, so I can't haul bikes up a mountain, but shuttling rules apply, which means throwing cash at whomever owns the day's up-lift whip (special thanks to all whom own trucks). In a pinch, I'd drive the Hornet up Mt. 7 for a truck retrieval, so I'd do my part. Whatever it takes to have a bitchin' day in the cathedral -- the Rocky Mountains -- that's what it's all about.

That said, if I were rich, I wonder how I'd change? Would I have a trophy truck and a stripper as full-time shuttle bitch? Would I have a motor-coach and a helicopter? Would I have a Volvo? Dare to dream.

Ride on, everyone.
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 i was only saying the other day to a chap that steve peat has become like a franchise in the mtb game now, you can sell pretty much anything off his back as long as you can attach something to do with mountain biking to him..
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 He's driving on the wrong side of the road!
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 Yeah, always driving on the wrong side up there
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 Very nice add. car looks nice too but the steering wheel is on the wrong side. Whats up with that? You'd think that with all the money and engineering it takes to build car they would have caught that.
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 Car ads piss me off. Good to see MTBs getting airtime, but really.. If it's not "riding a bike" it's cars that turn into robots, it's cars that skateboard.. My van is 12 years old, cost me a grand and is perfect. My bike is two years old cost 3times more and is even better. I couldn't really give a shit about how I look when I get to races/rides etc. or how I get there, so long as I do (and my van has never let me down)
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 Nicely done Steve! Nicely done Volvo! The Highlands look beautiful...
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 Ok. So Volvo should offer a European delivery package that includes biking like that! It would beat the hell out of the BMW version...
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 Good video, but how on earth did little Edge Composites from Ogden, Utah become ENVE?? In like 3 years they are now everywhere!
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 I always fold the back seats on my XC60 and fit the whole bike inside, perfect car for my MTB trips!
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 FU****G car commercials! Everybody who tries to sell a car by showing cool bicycle riding (or other as well relating stuff) should be shot in the neck.
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 Puts my bonny homeland on the map. Nice one peaty/Volvo.
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 I find it so hypocritical for car companies to use cycling for increasing the coolness in the ads.
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 I'd say a good percentage of riders on here aren't commuter cyclists tho. I wouldn't hop on a 140mm+ dual suspension and ride to the trail; I'd take my Volvo, and get a cheese burger along the way. [by Volvo I mean Toyota corolla...]
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 If there would have been a dog in this commercial I would be on my way to the Volvo dealer now......
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 The "association with greatness" is why they chose Steve Peat. I look at it as affirmation that our sport is considered tough and cool. Volvo has (at least in the US) sort of a hoity toity wine and cheese North East liberal sort of reputation, perhaps the same in the UK, so to broaden their market, they are trying to connect with a different demographic.
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 Well...where is the epic split? haha
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 Not sure if this advertises Volvo or Santa Cruz !
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 Or Scotish tourism Smile
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 Is that a 29 or 650b Volvo?
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flag orastreet1 (Mar 5, 2014 at 12:42) (Below Threshold)
 Is that Volvo Enduro?
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 That Volvo looks like a .... oh never mind!
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 Meh to the advert with its clumsy double entendres obviously supposed to apply to both riding and the Volvo. But well done to Steve Peat for getting that gig, hope he got paid well Smile
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 you do realize this is a volvo commercial right?! props to Volvo for showcasing a killer car, bike, landscape and ride!! you da man Peaty!!
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 I presume whoever downvoted me would rather Peaty hadn't got paid then Smile
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 Rumor has it they cut the shuttle scene, because Sean Connery was in it.
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 What kind of backpack is he wearing? looks great for short rides.
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 I'd like to know as well.
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 Love my Volvo XC90. It does not give me super Peaty riding skills though.
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 I wanted to see how the vovlo handled down the trailFrown
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 Heyy volvo this was cool and all, but yow know what would be even cooler. Bring back the volvo dh team.
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 Im glad to see some sponsor money coming from outside the industry.
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 Wait till Volvo make a pick up, then you can hang your bike off the back and look super cool!
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 Looks like an amazing day but doesn't show the hard ride back up the mountain to get the Volvo!
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 This ad makes me want to go farther AWAY from a car dealership and DEEPER into the woods!
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 @1:09 What happened to Peaty?
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 It's in the UK, so Peaty is seated on the right when he drives.
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 I wish there were only commercials like this one!
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 If only my life was in slow-mo
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 For being a swede, this was NICE! Well done Peaty!
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 Looks like the Volvo went for the new enduro standard - 17" ...
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 Looks rocky...
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 "Descent control On" - Wtf ¡?
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 Peaty King Volvo SHITT !!
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 Awwww no more Mercedes Vito sponsorhip. Mercedes > Volvo.
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 yeah, I'd choose the Vito over the Volvo. Seems more practical for MTBR"s.
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 Dear lord, he's on the wrong Side of the road!!
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