What are Sam Hill's Secrets to Success? - Video

Mar 20, 2018 at 7:52
by Mavic HQ  
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Sam Hill shares insights on how he became a World Champion and master of bicycle racing.

Credit Ale Di Lullo

Credit Ale Di Lullo

Credit Ale Di Lullo

MENTIONS: @mavic


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 He spends 0hrs in the Pinkbike comments section?
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 Zero Fox given!
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 Does anyone who spends their days in PB comments actually ride a bicycle?
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flag RedBurn (Mar 20, 2018 at 11:23) (Below Threshold)
 @Leo48333: i do
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 @Leo48333: Yeah, but we get bored at work sometimes...
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 @orastreet1: and school for us young bucks
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 @orastreet1: not sometimes but all the time. lol...
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 1) Sam Hill is a legend who's riding and presence is so unbelievably large in the sport despite being such a quiet person in front of the camera. 2) Not sure he "spilled all" so much as he trickled a tiny morsel...if that... Back to 1), Sam Hill should go down as one of the best riders of all time. I love watching his creative line choice and positioning on the bike that always seems to be there for him- except for that one time in 2008 at Val di Sol. I've loved the transition to EWS and hope he can continue to raise the bar of competition and continue to prove that good old fashion stellar riding wins races- and a lot of hard work.
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 Agree on all fronts. Even the 2008 Val di Sole run remains legendary due to how well he was riding until it all went wrong.
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 Agreed and I think he still pulled 3rd even with a full wreck. Legend.
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 Got to love a racer that lets his riding do the talking.
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 Just had to go watch that run for 20th time. Still one of the best DH runs of all time.
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 The title should be "What in the Sam Hill are Sam Hill's Secrets to Success?"
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 The eyebrows
  • + 4
 The Flat pedals!
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 Knuckle shields.
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 he seems not afraid of putting a foot down in tech corners sections. If you watch the video, he is calm and collected and putting a foot down in corners seems perfectly normal as opposed to a last minute effort not to crash for most racers.
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 If this legend never picked up I mountain bike, I wouldn't have either! Big role model since I was young and all because we share the same name!
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 I met Sam 3 times and he's such a nice person and friendly guy. His passion really is riding and loves bikes. So glad to see him ride Enduro and doing well.

Photo of him I took at MSA a few years ago:

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 French lines, balls and talent.
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 No matter what type of bike he rides his style is the same. You can tell it's him from afar coming down the hill by his style.
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 ...why they named hills after him....
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 OMG OMG OMG, a Sam Hill feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (blushes like a school girl) half the male mtb population has a secret man crush on this guy. he's cool looking, bad ass, rides like a monster and says almost nothing. he's the Cool Hand Luke of mountain biking.
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 One of my favorite riders ever. I miss seeing him and Nathan Rennie in DH.
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 In summary:
1. Hard work
2. Love and appreciate what you do
3. Look at the winds of change
4. (He didn't say it but I am) Flat pedals win medals!

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flag RedBurn (Mar 20, 2018 at 11:22) (Below Threshold)
 point 4 aint proven at all, bye
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 @webermtb: Also 165 mm cranks, even on his enduro bike. Trend setter.
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 secret? genetics and creative lines?
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 Don't forget family bro!
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 Before he even gets on a bike, he is a family man, therein lies a huge portion of his success - he couldn't do it without them

Naturally a fast & smooth rider with top line choice & oversized kahuna's
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 Kangaroo Meat
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 All of you are wrong:

It's the hand flappy thing he does before he sets off.
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 Bring back the techy dh tracks so we can see this guy kill it again
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 there is a secret knowledge on body biomechanics and also a secret trick to build your bike to ride at that level.
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 Is it riding faster than the other guys?
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 NO Secrets, JUST hard work & Flat pedals !!!!!!!!
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 What a tease of a headline!

What indeed will the famously laconic Same Hill have to say about the secrets of his success?
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 This video could've been "Sam Hill's Secrets to Making a Sandwich," and I'd still watch it.
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 Love that last photo of him, a man who is glad to never have to ride Leogang again.
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 Sam hill is down hill's evil twin who happen to be flat pedaln!!
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 He's a beast.
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 Flat pedals.....
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