Video: Max Fredriksson Puts His Own Mark on Enduro

Oct 24, 2018 at 2:48
by maxfredrikssonpage  

In short, I decided to do a little hack on my enduro rig in order to bring some skatepark and street vibes to the Järvso Bikepark and trying a bunch of techie tricks on my NS Bikes Snabb, including barspins and no-handers. Also threw some surprises into the mix, but you'll need to check out the video for that.

Couldn't help myself, so I also had to throw some shapes on my DH bike, so there's something in there for all of you!

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 lol loved the trends, totally nailed it.
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 What do you need to do that front brake routing? Just a special topcap and bolt?
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 The setup he has requires a special top cap, bolt, and star nut. But a cheap work around is you remove your starnut, use a removable roadie starnut and topcap assembly (intended for carbon steertube) to get headset preloaded, torque stem, remove starnut and top cap assembly, run brake line through steerer.
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 @speed10: good to know, thanks!
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 @housem8d: Actually all you need is a 8mm drill bit.

Drill a hole in your top cap on the side. Drill out one of the spacings in your starnut (be careful not to hurt your fork's steerer tube). File down the edges. You can also apply a little nail polish to round off the edges. Pull your brake hose through the holes and mount as usual.
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 @megatryn: Could also use a oneup steerer tube threading tool and use a oneup top cap but no tool.
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 One thing to keep in mind with this setup even if you use legit parts is the brake line will wear much faster. Where the line exits the bottom of the steer tube it can also rub on the fork and remove material. I had a front brake actually notch the crown of a fork, but that was over four years. If I were to do it again I'd at least put some UHMW tap on the fork to prevent that.
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 @bolmaing: Yes, but that costs more money, and may void your fork's warranty.
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 180 bar to half cab out on the dirt! Love it.
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 A DJ dude comes to a bike park and rides it better than most downhillers ever had. At least Loic Bruni was there to defend the honor. Other than that. Mountain bikers are fkng lame. And you could see it on this video. Terrified safety-first souls doing extreme sports. In back packs. That’s not even cute anymore... lamery
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 Dunno about lame but I'm increasingly caught off guard by the skid factor when I'm out on any local trails. I was thinking about it the other day. Dudes get kitted out, fancy bike, huge travel, head to toe colorful trends, find the trail with the most flow and BAM, skid their way thru... I get it, trails - almost all - are accessible at any speed. But man laying off the brakes and allowing the bike to pick up speed should be a given.
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 "a DJ dude".... dude is a professional rider that's 8th on the FMB world tour. Not sure if you're oblivious or just being a douche. That's like bashing everyone at whistler cuz they're not Semenuk.
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 @SupraKZ: off course he is a professional rider and off course I am a douche. What I meant is that there is less and less safe space for Joeys. They take their Canyone strive or fancy shmancy Yeti SB150 to a DH trail, they get owned by downhillers and start thinking: I would outclimb that dude. They come to A-Line they will be fkd by average Dirt Jumper. And they will say - oh I bet he can't ride downhill. Then they climb up fireroad and they get passed by a XCer. Come to Enduro comp and they get fkd by downhillers again. The moral of the story is: they suck at everything!

For the record... a local dirt/park BMXer rents out a DH bike and shreds Rollercoaster in Hafjell bike park. Sadly for Joeys rolling it, he is a decent person and won't laugh at them. That means they will not understand that they wasted 10+ years of riding. they learned virtually nothing. The only safe space a modern MTB Joey has left is Down Country and long travel HT. Wherever he will take his silly bike, he will always be able to make excuses for why he is worse than almost EVERYONE else.

So no, if that BMXer can shred Rollercoaster/ A-Line, then no, you don't need FMB prowess to show people who call themselves "mountain bikers" what they are worth. And I haven't even mention 12 year olds on our local BMX racing track... meanwhile machine dug trails are the current representative of "mountain biking".
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 @SupraKZ: Sorry, let me put it in a different way. Forget what I wrote above. I distilled it now.

Machine dug trails are what many many mountain bikers consider as the height of the riding prowess. Week long trips to Alps or Whistler, whatever. This is what thy live for, the whole year. This is where their riding season peaks. You may argue with that but I can tell you that it is very close to the truth. "Ripping" A line is the pinnacle of their riding. For them. this is where most instagram pics are taken, this is what wrenches their gut most. Meanwhile their daily riding focuses on fitness. They judge their riding by who gets least tired at the end of the ride, then who made least mistakes going down the hill.

As you can see these two things: DH/park prowess as the performance part and fitness as training part, just don't go together. A dude who practices Dirt Jumping will simply put your efforts to laugh in the bike park, because your fitness (if you actually have any) is irrelevant there. Same on Enduro comp. People will go and do miles on a road bike, where they key to success is skill and acceleration. Skill brings efficiency. So what you increased your fuel tank by 10L, when you burn 10 more litres per 100km than the guy with smaller one?!

This is the fundamental reason why average mountain biker sucks. He/she wants everything, in return getting nothing. We are entangled in complexity.
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 @WAKIdesigns: look a few lines down to the post by woodtigerfish.
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 Ride, have fun... nuff said
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 Saw teaser on Instagram, that is sic video, positive vibes to rider and the team!
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 @housem8d you can use the specific cap or just drill through your existing and run it through an opening in your star nut
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 This guys speed and style is what I think I look like on the trail...but in reality, it's more like the guy at 1:51.
Thanks for the great vid!
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 the mtb community is just jealous, which may come across as them hating it.
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 They gotta realize it’s never to late to get a dj bike and hit up some jumps or a local skatepark.
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 Yes. I was just wondering today if Inwas going to see a video with footjamming on a trail/dh bike. This is the future.
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 Cool to see the DIY bottle cage mount allows for same hardware / hose length to just replace dropper lever on bar.
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 anyone know what type of alpinestar trousers those are? cheers
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 The buzz of that Hub makes for a great soundtrack.
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 Sweet...hope you're all healed up, Max
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 Awesome riding. Way to much talking Wink
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 great skills...thats the trend
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 More Simon please!
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 I'm guessing you mean me and in that case, Thanks bud, I'll see what I can do haha! Smile

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