Meet the New MET Parachute - Video

Mar 7, 2017 at 7:34
by MET Helmets  
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DH DNA, racing pedigree, aggressiveness attitude…

What does that really mean when you tackle mountains?

Running against the clock, being brave and confident, discovering new places, standing in the middle of nowhere without someone watching your back; these words remains only words.

All washed away by the rush.

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

The MET Parachute, however, makes a statement: being the lightest ASTM certified full-face helmet.

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

We went from Lake Como, to the icy slopes of the Alpe d’Huez passing by Finale Ligure, to test it.

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

Because each gram counts for long rides and protection suffers no compromises.

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

Because you are here, racing against rocks and dust, with a Parachute watching your back.

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

MET Parachute:
MRSP 219.90€ / £189.99
700g (Size M)

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video
MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video
MET Parachute

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video
MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

MET Parachute Defend Your Passion - Video

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 finally colors that wont make you look like a parrot
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 Right, that black and gold looks killer
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 @Auzyman: kashima helmet!
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 The last one is literally my ideal helmet colour, wouldn't change anything.
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 Why? What's wrong with parrots? We from the Center for the Protection of Parrots are always on the look out for other specie haters.
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 the 90's called, they Don't want it back !
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 If you really want to sell me a full face enduro helmet, show me that I can actually breath inside it.

We've got lots of good numbers here, ASTM, lite weight, but how is this for inhaling and exhaling within the confines of the chin guard; need some numbers (laminar air flow?) and comparisons here too.

Word of the day: mempo.
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 no difference to a half shell.
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 Yes, this was the point I made above. If you have two ASTM-certified helmets, one of which is 700 grams, and the other is 750 grams, for all intents and purposes, the weight is negligible. So the real factor for me would be the ventilation around the face. The Fox helmet released last week appears to be the better of the two in this regard, though @poah seems to suggest that's not the case. I've never used either helmet, so I can't say. And really, I've never had too many problems breathing in a conventional full-face.
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 I have a MET Parachute and live at 8000ft (mentioned because any restriction in breathing is an issue up here). I don't notice restrictions with breathing with the Parachute over an XC lid.
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 @TheR: I can say I definitely have felt the effects of breathing in a full face.

Racing enduro in the full heat of summer in a DH lid has a tendency to feel akin to placing your cold air intake in the same compartment as your exhaust headers.
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 @Thejamon: A full face and the MET / FOX are definitely different classes - DH lid chin bars are far less ventilated and far thicker. My Super 2R does not inhibit my breathing very much. It is warmer, which I notice.
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 @Thejamon: I get what you're saying, but I've regularly done a five-and-a-half-mile, 1900-foot climb on my favorite ride (starting at about 6,000 feet above sea level) in a Giro Remedy full-face. It's just never been that bad in terms of breathing, nor really in terms of heat. I will say though, I will not wear this helmet in the middle of the day on the hottest days. I'll give you that. But then it's been the helmet I've used on some really long rides in the desserts of Moab, Utah, so I'm not really sure I can say it affects my breathing too much.
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 If you really want to sell me any helmet show that I'm not going to split my skull on a rock while wearing it.
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 @FlowTheory: You’re right, that is the main point! Check out this video we made about the ASTM impact testing on the chin guard of our MET Parachute:
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 A lot of people were dogging this helmet in the Fox release last week, talking about how ugly it is. I think it looks pretty good.

That said, they do a lot of boasting about being the lightest full-face ASTM certified helmet out there. That's great, but it's only 50 grams lighter than the Fox, which, for my metric-challenged fellow countrymen, is only .11 pounds (11-hundredths of a pound, in case you can't see the little decimal point). The difference in weight is almost nothing. However, I'd think in this class of helmet, ventilation around the face and mouth would be a much bigger factor, and in that case, it looks like Fox has this one beat by a mile.

I don't know. A couple good choices for a helmet out there.
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 A lot of people hadn't thought that Parachute is upgraded and don't look as ugly as it been 10 year back...
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 doesn't matter if its a gram or a kilogram, lighter is lighter
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 I'm not sure many here know/have used the Parachute from 2015+
I have one of these and it's quite nice. It's unfortunately a little harder to get in the US, though eBay seems to be a good place for it (170USD, but meh/older colors, or 200USD for 2017 colors).

Here's my TLDR-review:


- is it light? yes. Feel the same as half-face helmets (even thus its technically a bit heavier)

- is it well ventilated? Yes, except for the grid in the front which, while better than other full face, isn't as good as half-face helmets. Many cut out the grid and then it's really quite good.

- is it comfy? that's subjective, but it's comfier than the bell super 2/3R for me, and almost as comfy as Smith helmets.

- how much more sweat than with half-face helmets when it gets hot? well, a bit more for sure, but it's sufficiently well ventilated that it's only a problem when temperature is getting high (above 30C). It's not much worse than half-face at the end of the day, which is great.

- Can you detach the lower part of the helmet? It's not recommended by MET but technically yes, you can (I've done it). In reality it's not very helpful though, might as well get another helmet if you do that.

- Does it work with neck brace? yes.

- Does it work with goggles? yes, though I'm sure your mileage may vary depending on the goggles.

- Is it pretty? It's pretty. Seriously, it looks quite good. I even get comments about it sometimes.


- it's a bit more expensive/harder to find in the US than some other brands

- It uses a D ring, which I find a little harder to use (though some people actually prefer that)

"Why do I like it?"
It's basically a good replacement to someone doing AM/trail (as in not DH - where you might want a beefier helmet) specially if you dont like to break your teeth and jaw when you fall (or even scratch your face). I use it 100% of the time instead of the half-face helmet / no longer using the XC-lid / do not need to remove it when going uphill.
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 I must say the current MET designs are much better than the previous ones.
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 I absolutely love my Met parachute.
I am blown away with how well it vents even on the hottest days in the summer. I have not wore a half shell since purchasing my parachute ,and have no intentions on ever wearing one again, you don't need to, it's insane how will it vents.. NO need to mess around with a silly removable chain guard....put on the parachute and just ride you won't even know you're wearing it....
The downside is trying to find a replacement visor here in the US.
Met can you help me?
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 100% agree, I find I don't notice any difference when wearing my Parachute to my Poc open face. It's very comfortable, light and I have no trouble breathing !
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 Same hear. Chin bar is not flimsy like the bell and I'm not ridding heavy DH so don't feel the need for the next level up. For my style of ridding its great. I feel safe what makes me go faster. Just had to try the sizes befor you buy to get the right fit.
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 @redman733 Thanks a lot for your nice comment, we are pleased you liked your Parachute. For spare parts like your replacement visor, you can contact us directly and we will reply quickly to solve your problem. Here is our e-mail address: Have fun and ride safe!
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 @methelmets: for whatever the reason I am unable to get through the checkout process from your website?
It keeps looping me back to the spare parts page....I can never complete my orderFrown
I emailed the address above you left me and I'm still waiting for a reply

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 Why repeat the same black/yellow picture? I'm still leaning towards the new Fox helmet, but maybe this will stir up more competition (and lower prices) for this type of helmet.
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 looks like one might have a dark gradient on the top and the other doesn't? does seem wild to offer two designs so similar. idk
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 Think the bottom two are the female sized versions
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 It is Fox which will stir up more competition, since Met Parachute has been available for quite a few years now ...
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 @lkubica: But MET haven't updated the color scheme until now. The Parachute came out a few years ago but it doesn't seem like it gets much attention from either consumers or the company itself.
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 For the full Euro look pair with lots of lycra, armour over the top & some shocking wrap around sunnies.

The enter the Mega, and wobble around at a snails pace.

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 @methelmets I love the MET parachute. I've owned and crashed many helmets, including the super 2r, and recently tried on the fox proframe. It's lighter, cooler and fits my head better than anything else I've tried.

Unfortunately, I can't get parts here in the US. I cracked the visor and lost the upper visor screw. I've tried all the major us retailers, an even reached out to the listed distributor. I spent hours trying to order parts from overseas, and reached out to MET directly. For these reasons I'm not recommending the MET any longer, and my next helmet will be the Proframe, as I have faith Fox can take care of me post-sale on a $200+ helmet. I'd live to continue supporting MET if you can take care of us after the sale.
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 @karnage08 We are pleased that you've enjoyed your Parachute. Very sad to hear the you've struggled to get parts. Our aim is to give the best customer support possible. In that case, and if your problem is still not solved, do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will reply quickly: Have fun and ride safe!
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 I like the crack trail between the massive stones
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 Couldn't tell - was something updated for the 2017 version? The video didn't talk about breath-ability features, crash protection features, etc. Wasn't informative, just people riding with the helmet on.
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 Here's a question - does anyone use the Parachute with a helmet light, and if so how do you attach? With other helmets I've always used zip ties but they don't work as well with the angled vents on the Parachute and the inside ridges angling front-back - is 3M sticky tape the answer?
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 I use the adapter that came with my niterider light. works fine
  • 2 0
 Mine did come with a camera mount (I lost it because I don't have a camera) so maybe be able to use the same bracket for your light. If I remember correctly it clamped into an air vent on the top.
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 @T-Bot: Huh. I got mine last spring and it didn't come with a camera mount in the box.
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 @shortcuttomoncton: I think yours might have fallen out of the box. I just checked the MET website and it's still comes with one.

"MOPOV (My Own Point Of View) is a multi-brand compatible camera mount system that our engineers developed to securely mount an action camera onto the helmet without damaging the helmet's shell."
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 @T-Bot: ...dammit!! Ok, maybe I can find one kicking around somewhere....
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 The Giro Switchblade and the Met Parachute venting designs are flawed in that when wearing goggles the strap covers the rear exhaust vents. The Fox how ever is much better designed.
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 That's a very good point.
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 It seems like people are offering their reviews of the helmet here, so I'll add one too.
I've run one on and off for the past two years. It's ok - it certainly feels more protective than a Super 2r, but that's no surprise. It is well ventilated for sure, though on long climbs in the heat, I always hang it on the bar - why on the bar and not perched on the top of my head like with my DH lid? Because the adjuster at the base of the skull is incredibly uncomfortable. Speaking of which, after several rides, it doesn't stay tight. This is my second one - the first one was replaced under warranty because the cheek pads kept falling out. On the replacement, the cheek pads fell out the first time I put it on, so I tried a bunch of ways, but ended up gluing them in. For it's first outing I took it on a five day enduro race, and apart from the cradle adjuster seemingly failing after a few days (it does do up, but it won't stay as snug as I want) it performed pretty well. I did want to cut the mesh out of the chin bar for air flow, but otherwise fine.
It looks like this release doesn't address any of these issues (or does it?). If these things were remedied, I would recommend it for sure - as it stands, this helmet now has competition where it didn't previously, though this can be had for very much cheaper than the Fox.
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 clicking the video (what came up to your mind first?)

mine was :
Mom is that you typing?
cuz that "ENTER" button smashing is so sastifying.. LOL
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 Why are all these "enduro specific" helmets looking more and more like those lame Bell fullface helmets from Walmart?
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 I love my Parachute, but other than some new graphics, what are the actual changes?
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 Parachute is not a real fullface helmet... his fit is like an all mountain with chin bar... can't hold firmly my head... rotate... chinbar too close... So do the Super 3r Bell... If you want a fullface buy a giro the new fox proframe...
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flag Wouldhaveletmego (Mar 7, 2017 at 10:47) (Below Threshold)
 Yep, I used mine for only two rides before I got too scared of it. It's basically A trail helmet with a fragile chinbar. Nope!
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 how did you tell it has a fragile chin bar, did you crash into the ground and it broke?

given that its marketed as a trail helmet with a full-face ASTM certified chin bar why would you think it was a DH helmet?
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 You tried the new Proframe helmet?
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 Fragile chinbar? I've faceplanted at speed on roots rocks all it did was crack the chin bar not snap?
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 im hoping the fox is good but i wonder why people always make this into a favorite-brand-war. both pass the same tests, fox is also MIPS but that isnt much to do with the fit or chinbar (i assure you the met does not move and the chin bar is not fragile lol)
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At around 0:30 you can see the incredible flimsiness of this thing.
  • 2 0
 @KrazyKraut: you do realise that it has to flex to dissipate the energy lol
  • 2 0
 @poah: I was being sarcastic. It's got ASTM certification damnit.
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 "enduro" full face helmet wars, lol
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 Filming the shot from 0:22 should be very funny to watch Big Grin
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 how hard is it to make a helmet that doesn't look like shit?
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  • 5 0
 @dutchct: BUT CAPS LOCK!
  • 7 2
 why would you want a neck brace with this helmet?
  • 3 1
 @poah: Agree. If you are using a neck brace then get a real full face helmet.
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