Checking in With Sam Hill - Crankworx Rotorua

Mar 26, 2015 at 16:51
by Mike Kazimer  
Crankworx Rotorua

Sam Hill's a man of few words, an incredible athlete who'd rather let his riding do the talking than wax poetic for hours about every little detail of his life. Even so, we were still able to catch up with Hill for a brief moment before today's Crankworx downhill begins.

How long have you been here in New Zealand?

We've been in New Zealand for two weeks - we did some filming on the South Island for Mavic. I'm getting excited to get home again. After this I'll have a week at home, and then the first World Cup.

You're competing in the Enduro World Series opener – have you done many enduro races before?

Just local stuff at home; the SRAM Gravity Enduro that we raced in January would be the biggest one. It's a bit of a challenge, something different.

How much pre-riding have you done of the course? (There are seven stages for Saturday's race – Ed.)

Me and Mike have done pretty much one run on all of them. There's some good trails – don't really have any idea where I'm going. I'll ride it as if it's the first time, try to push and stay smooth and upright I guess.

Did you think at all about clipping in since there's so much more pedaling than a DH race?


Do you have any expectations as far as results go?

I don't really see a win happening. I don't know – it's the first one, I'll probably learn a lot from this week. Tomorrow I'll try to get through all the stages clean and smooth, and then wherever I end up, if I'm not far back at the end of each stage I'll be happy with it.

Do you have plans to do more EWS events this season?

Yeah, I'm scheduled to do Ireland and then the last two rounds as well.

The Crankworx Rotorua downhill race is later today – what do you think of the track?

The track's good. I'm probably running a bit low on track time trying to do both events. Again, just trying to get time on my bike, have a good time and get through the weekend.

You have a new prototype bike for the downhill too – how's that treating you? Were there any major geometry changes from the previous Pulse?

It's a prototype – it's really good. I can't really tell you much more about it.

Nukeproof Pulse prototype
Mike Jones' prototype Nukeproof. As far as specifics go, so far the team is keeping tight lipped about any details.

It looks like you've got a nice rat tail going - what's the plan? Keep growing it until World Champs?

Yeah, it's been going for a while. We'll see how it goes.


  • + 257
 "Nah" ~ Sam Hill 2015
  • + 42
 "So Sam, is the prototype bike designed for a 148mm boost rear hub?"

  • + 11
 Nah is one wise response.
  • + 5
 Getting it done!
  • + 27
 "Nah" ~ Rosa Parks. 1955
  • + 2
 lmao.. that answer make laught to much
  • + 58
 Did you think about clipping in? "Nah". That's my kind of answer.
  • + 27
 Sam Hill is awesome.
  • + 22
 A man of few words. Good luck sir.
  • + 1
 have any other riders towards the top of the current Wc DH series competed in any EWS races? Im very interested to see well how he does!! good luck
  • + 1
 Bruni and maybe Brosnan I think have raced EWS before?
  • + 8
 Pros have such a well balanced thought process toward their sport.

If I were going to do an EWS race I'd over-train my ass off and when I got to the starting gate I'd be like, "if I don't win this thing I will forever think of myself as a loser! My friends will laugh at me and I will have to relocate! Fuuuuugh me!"

But a pro like Sam approaches it like, "I'm gonna check this thing out and do my best, but I'm not gonna get wigged out or expect a podium. It's a learning experience. "

This is what separates the pros from schmucks like me.
  • + 4
 everyone takes it so seriously he just wants too stay upright and check it out
  • + 12
 The rat tail, hahahhaa
  • + 8
 Let me tell you about that black Pulse prototype. Underneath that black paint is gold. At the end of the season when the black paint is chipped off, it will be all gold my friend.. Good luck Sam Smile
  • + 6
 Quote of the year - Nah~
  • + 1
 Second that!
  • + 1
 Sam, enough playing around now. Go out there, show everyone who's boss, and come back home with a downhill world cup title. It's not that hard. I'll gather up some native american Indian tribes and we'll do a rain dance for you if that helps. Oh, and we'll tilt the earth 15° too. So the courses will be steeper and gnarlier for ya.
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 Here's a better link for proto-photo confirmation and yes its his teammates bike he just happens to be standing in front of it
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 "Post a comment"

  • + 3
 Like steve peat said in 08 , Sam's the king
  • + 1
 And give him a crown
  • + 1
 Don't want to be 'that guy' but it was 07. And he still is the king
  • + 3
 Why does the picture of the prototype have clipless pedals?
  • + 9
 The internet is about to implode! Marks bike... maybe?
  • + 6
 bc it's mike jones proto in the pic. P'
  • + 7
 Correct - that's Mike Jones' bike. Both team members are on prototypes this week.
  • + 1
 Cool guy to talk to. I racef with him on the 1st round of wa gravity enduro few months ago.
  • + 2
 Who is Mark?
  • + 1
 ditto....typo? Mike Jones maybe?
  • + 1
  • + 0
 is it just me or he got mallet on his proto???
  • + 0
 Yeah, the picture earlier had him on black flats. Either that isn't his bike, or someone was borrowing it.
  • + 7
 It's not his actual bike, it's one of his teammate's but they're both still riding the proto frame
  • + 1
 Hill yeah!!!

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