Gwendalyn Gibson Joins Trek Factory Racing XC for 2023

Nov 16, 2022 at 10:08
by Mike Kazimer  

Gwendalyn Gibson will be joining the Trek Factory Racing XC team in 2023 after five years on Norco Factory Racing. The 23-year-old American began her mountain bike racing career in high school thanks to the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) and has been progressing steadily up through the ranks ever since, culminating in her breakout 2022 season, her first year as an elite.

Gwendalyn's standout short track results in 2022 included a seventh place finish in Andorra, followed by a win in Snowshoe, and a second place finish at Mont Sainte Anne. Those results are even more impressive considering the broken kneecap that Gibson suffered earlier in the season, an injury that was originally predicted to keep her off the bike until World Champs in late August.

When World Champs did come around, Gibson's podium-finding ways continued, and she rode to a third place, bronze medal finish.

Pauline Ferrand Prevot takes gold in front of Alessandra Keller and Gwendalyn Gibson.
Gwendalyn Gibson (right) placed third at the 2022 Short Track World Championships.

All of the members currently on the Trek XC team will remain, a strong roster that includes Jolanda Neff, Evie Richards, Maddie Munro, Vlad Dascalu, and Riley Amos.

bigquotesIn my opinion, Trek is one of, if not the best World Cup team that you can be on. Even if you’re just looking at teammates, Jolanda Neff is an Olympic champion and a world champion. Evie is a world champion. Anton [Cooper] and Vlad [Dascalu], Maddie and Riley, everyone is so strong. And just being around in that environment where you’re surrounded by other people who are doing things that you want to do, I think it makes everyone stronger. Gwendalyn Gibson

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 Congrats Gwen! So cool to have great U.S. XC racers to cheer for!
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 We have been pretty lucky over the past couple of decades when it comes to our women kicking ass at the world cup level. As for the men...ahhhh.....go Blevins!
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flag carlwheezer69 (Nov 16, 2022 at 13:49) (Below Threshold)
 Its Gwendalyn actually pal... Gwen is a judge on the popular NBC television show, The Voice. Common mix up. The last episode garnered over 6.1 million viewers. Sean Paul was Gwen's "battle advisor" for this season; a dicey, but in my opinion, exemplary choice. #staywokepal
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 This is such great news. Norco's loss is Trek's gain. Congrats!
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 @carlwheezer69: TF are you smokin?
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 @Saucycheese: just click his profile and read the stuff he posts. it'll give you a good chuckle
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 A well earned spot on a bigger team. Well done!!
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 Indeed! Sad to see her leave Norco and Norco's general policy towards factory support, but this is an amazing and well deserved opportunity!
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 Hold up, is the pinkbike comments section actually being supportive? But seriously, I cant think of anyone who deserves this more.
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 Very, very well-deserved. She was easily the most successful US XC racer (male or female) last season and will be the most important heading into the next season. Looking forward to watching!!
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 So happy for you Gwen! Also, great job Trek going all in on women's XC when other teams are cutting riders or dissolving their teams entirely.
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 Trek is all-in on women's racing... they have arguably the best road team in the world.
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 @SketchyD: Yep, and the same could be said for their Women's XC team even before Gwen's signing. The reigning Olympic Gold Medalist combined with the 2021 XCO World Champ was pretty damn impressive by itself, and now Gwen.... Hell yea.
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 @SketchyD: not to mention 3rd place woman overall in EWS. Surprised they don’t have a woman on the factory downhill team though.
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 Great for Gwen. All the best for next season!
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 aw ye USA baby,
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 This is great news! Well deserved after last year’s great results!
  • 4 0
 Beautiful thing about racing is nothing speaks louder than results.
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 That's going to be a team to reckon with.... . Good to see NICA is producing some WC results. It's been a long time coming.
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 Kate Courtney came from NICA.
  • 1 0
 @iamamodel: Kate moved up to Elite in 2018 IINM. Compared to how many the European youth programs churn out yea it's been a long time. Their programs are a constant stream, the US programs are a dripping faucet. But, they're getting better, slowly...
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 @Augustus-G: i understand you now.
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 The era of Gwenning?
  • 1 0
 Congrats to G2 she's well deserving of this! We are incredibly lucky to have her residing on the Westslope and shredding the trails! Remember she not only broke her kneecap in the middle of the race, she finished that race!!
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 Treks best signing since vergier. Gwen was a ray of sunshine last year.
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 Finally, some good news on the internet!
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 What a team! Congrats!
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 Very nice. Avancini today announced he parted ways with Cannondale. Team rumours...
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 Hell Yeah! well deserved and congratulatings.
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 Congrats! Well deserved...
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 Congrats to her. But I hoped that neff would leave the team. But that was very unlikely anyway unfortunately...
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 Why did you hope she'd leave?
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 Just because I hoped that Neff would join a specific other team. Or I still hope it but I have to wait another 2 year. But more likely it will never happen again
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 Man I'm ready for next season. Gonna be great Congrats Gwen!
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 Great news, and I think you'll find Anton I still with Trek
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 Congrats and best of luck!
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 but when is she gonna reform No Doubt?
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 Great news!
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 XC racers need to start wearing knee pads. Stoked for Gwen, amazing win at Snowshoe.
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 So stoked for Gwen, and... I couldn't agree with you more (as I sit here, nursing a smashed to bits proximal tibia)... but I don't think a knee pad exists that allows real pedaling (hours of pedaling at high-cadence). It would be great, though.

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