Hayes' New Dominion T4 Brakes Use Titanium & Carbon Fiber to Save Weight

Jul 11, 2022 at 11:40
by Mike Kazimer  

Hayes' Dominion A4 brakes have garnered a strong contingent of loyal fans in the years since their introduction back in 2018, and now there's an even lighter version on the way called the T4 that uses carbon fiber lever blades, titanium hardware, and additional machining to shed as much weight as possible. All of those measures allowed Hayes to reduce the weight of each brake by 50 grams, for a total weight savings of 100 grams per set compared to the A4 version.

Hayes aren't claiming to have created the absolute lightest brakes on the market, but at 257 grams per wheel the T4's are lighter than SRAM Codes by around 40 grams, and 5 grams lighter than Shimano's XTR 4-piston brakes. Brakes aren't typically the first place most riders go to save weight, but if the power and performance remain the same it certainly doesn't hurt to knock a few extra grams off the scale.
Hayes Dominion T4 Details

• 17mm pistons
• Reach adjust, pad contact adjust
• Claimed weight: 257 grams (90cm hose + mounting hardware)
• DOT 5.1 fluid
• Price: $325 USD per brake

The spec sheet claims that the T4's reach adjust is still a tool-free affair, but that doesn't appear to be the case – the dial found on the aluminum lever blade isn't anywhere to be seen on the carbon blades, which are produced by Reynolds, Hayes' sister company. Adjusting the lever reach and pad contact is still possible, you'll just need to use an Allen key to make those tweaks.

Titanium hardware was used wherever possible, and the caliper underwent additional machining to shed weight.

All of the Dominion's other features are still in place – the brakes use DOT 5.1 fluid, with four 17mm pistons in each caliper. The caliper body has seen extra machining to remove any excess material, and there are little depressions on each side that are probably worth a few grams of weight savings. Thankfully the set screws that help get the caliper perfectly aligned haven't gone anywhere – that clever feature helps set the Dominions apart from other brakes on the market.

The Dominion T4's bolts, push rods, compression and banjo fittings are all titanium, and there are composite reservoir covers to lighten things up even further, along with aluminum back plates on the brake pads.

Not surprisingly, all of that carbon fiber and titanium does raise the final price – the Dominion T4 brakes are priced at $325 USD per wheel, compared to $250 for the Dominion A4. The aluminum-backed T4 pads are $38.99 USD.


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 Dominion A4’s are the best brakes I’ve ever used. If you’re considering buying brakes, they should be at the top of your shopping list. They’re now on all but one bike in the household. They will be installed on that bike next time I get a chance to pick some up.
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flag Euskafreez (Jul 12, 2022 at 0:41) (Below Threshold)
 No offense but Hayes brakes do have quite some track record …They will need time before winning hearts and minds !
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 @Euskafreez: If you get a chance to try them they are great. I still run shimano on my bikes but I dont mind the bite point issues and slightly prefer the lever feel compared to dominions, also prefer mineral oil, but I'd happily run dominions if shimano ends up s****** the bed. Dominions do feel more consistent and the breakaway force at the lever is mental. 9.5/10 brakes in my books.
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flag Euskafreez (Jul 12, 2022 at 1:12) (Below Threshold)
 @Kamiizoo: My point ain't about the oil being used or the way these brakes perform, it's about mid term reliability. I still have PTSD from their HFX lmao. I wish them the best though !
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 100% agree (Dominion A4). Best power, modulation, durability combo available at the moment. And not overpriced!
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 @Euskafreez: they had 4 years... my A4's running smoothless, yet grippy :-D
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 @Euskafreez: I can see your point, with HFX 9s you needed to plan ahead very carefully -even with 200 mm rotors. After that brake I never touched a Hayes brake again for at least 10 years. Then I bought a set of A 4s in 2019 for a hardtailprojekt because i saw that they started from zero and looked very carefully into the brakes of the competition.

Geting them also for my 2021 FS build was a nobrainer after that. My only complaint -which was not so obvious on the Hardtail- is that they could have a bit more power, but pairing 220 Galfer Rotors with semimetallic pads solved that for me.

Those brakes are awesome, just get the 220 rotors from the start.
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 @ipattis: Have you tried all the avaliable brakes? Shimano XT, Saint, Magura MT7? Do you ride DH, enduro? Your comment can be interesting with some details, or just too subjective
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flag thewanderingtramp (Jul 12, 2022 at 3:38) (Below Threshold)
 @Euskafreez: Did All 9 employees at hayes bicycle brake downvote you
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 @optimumnotmaximum: 220mm D-series rotor is coming, stay put! Wink
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 @Euskafreez: the Dominions have been out for several years now, and people continue to to praise them they get very positive reviews. I think we can comfortably say that Hayes has turned a corner with them. I have a few friend running them, and they look to work really well from what I can see personally as well
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 Gotta agree - got my first set 2 yrs ago, still going strong on the big bike with no maintenance other than replacement pads when needed. Sintered deffo better than organic in my experience, though they do need a lot of bedding in.

CRC recently had A4s for £99 - snapped them up for my other bike.

Just glorious brakes, as the spare pile of Hope, SRAM, and Shimano brakes will attest to :-)
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 @Euskafreez: Scrap previous looks like the entire HAYES brake department hasfound you now 22 and counting.
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 I love my A4s, buuuut… my experience is that I have had a harder time finding spare parts for Hayes than for Shimano/Sram. Just one and a half months ago it was virtually impossible to find the K2 hoses in stock anywhere.
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 @thewanderingtramp: Apparently you're not allowed an opinion on Pinkbike unless it conforms with that of the masses.
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 @big-scot-nanny: I love that you get both the sintered and semiorganic pads with your purchase. In my opinion the semiorganic offers a better feel but gets literally burned away and fades when used with all but the biggest rotors. The metallic pad is extremely heatstable, lasts longer but has a more digital feel to it. 200er rotors with metallic and 220 rotors with organic both work well.
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 I’m really hard on my bikes. Being a big guy and not as skilled as I would like to be, my brakes get a workout. I have run them for two and a half years with no issues in any way, shape, or form. I cover about 6000km a year off road on my MTB’s. Stuff has to work really well and be low maintenance to find a place on one of my bikes. I got my first set because they were cheap. Since then I’ve paid more than full price for the other sets, because I’ve had to buy them from another country.

220mm rotors, and MTX pads take them to a whole new level too. Very cheap upgrades that have very tangible improvements.
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 @Euskafreez: A4s have been out for years. Where have you been? We’ve run them for a couple years on multiple bikes.

They’ve been less maintenance and much more reliable than my Shimano XTs (stuck pistons and always need freaking bleeding) and Codes (do great but needed a bleed before Hayes). The 3 port bleed is amazing and really ups their bleed quality/consistency. Performance wise tho, they are a significant upgrade to shimano certainly and code RSC too. Not just power but Power and Control. That’s the difference. It’s a perfect brake and really affordable (non titanium version)
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 @pasteque51: I've ridden all those brakes. (working for a bike manufacture has its perks) and the Hayes are also my favorite. Sram feels like a finger workout to get the power you want, while Shimano is either on or off with no in between (generalizing). The Hayes have the right mix of light smooth lever action with power that engages smoothly but decisively and ramps up the power predictably but firmly.
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 @Euskafreez: I'm another Dominion fan boy, I have some from the first batch, zero issues on a Nukeproof Mega that's ridden on mountains. I also have box full of Shimano with bite point issues, SLX, various generations of XT and XTR, one of which replaced a Magura MT5 that puked fluid out of a split lever. My PTSD is not Hayes branded.
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flag Euskafreez (Jul 12, 2022 at 11:33) (Below Threshold)
 @thewanderingtramp: they do a better job to stop me sharing my two cents than my old HFXs did back in the days Smile .

Okay people I do get that there is some kind of a Dominion's cult just like the HS' line from Magura long ago. I've seen the Dominion at the Eurobike some years ago and was pleased at how clever they are regarding the caliper bleed ports. Yet, the finish ain't that great and the price is high. But as long as it stops.

Thing is not a single bike from the brands we work with dare to spec those on a bike. I do prefer to sell MT7, 4 pots XT/XTR or Trickstuff as an upgrade than a set of Hayes.
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 @pasteque51: I've tried just about every brake available except for TrickStuff and the cheap Chinese Amazon junk. Literally everything. I'd challenge you to name a brake I haven't ridden. Dominions are hands down the best brake I've ridden. I hear the TrickStuffs are awesome but nobody can get or afford them. My question to you is, have you tried everything out there and put them up against Dominions? Maybe you're to one making subjective assertions. Or just hating....?
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 @Trudeez: How do the nicer TRP's compare? I've not ridden those but heard they might be competitor to Dominions.

@Euskafreez Remy rides these on the most steep, heinous BC stuff I've ever seen. Pretty sure if they work for him on all that sketchy stuff...you'll be fine lol. You'll get the control AND the power, along with a near perfect bleed every time. They look badass in black.
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 @thewanderingtramp: no, but they did downvote you Wink
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 @J3cc: yes, because the masses ride Hayes brakes and not Shimano, SRAM or Magura...
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flag Euskafreez (Jul 12, 2022 at 11:53) (Below Threshold)
 @Trudeez: that's quite some statement ! I think you have to broaden your brake experience a little bit. In terms of brakes, to each his own. That's my opinion after 25 years in the industry and I think I have used loads of brands and models. The more competition the better, and yes Trickstuff are amazing ! But so are MT7, or Shigura, or goold old Magura Gustav, or first gen XT 4 pots calipers coupled with servo wave levers, or shimano brakes with putoline oil and the list goes on !
It's just hard to beat the value for money of MT7 and MT5 in Europe. On a borrowed set of Braking lately, 100% made in Italy, cnc machined with only two pots per caliber, but massive pots !
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 @Svinyard: Remy is a welterweight. I'm old enough to remember Peaty racing 2 pots XC calipers on his Orange Smile .
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 @Euskafreez: Are you joking? This is the same lame argument I get from people about SRAM (avid). "Well their brakes from 20 years ago sucked so these do too".
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 @Euskafreez: @Euskafreez: I survived through the era of early turkey gobbler Hayes and had a bunch of them- though to be fair at that time many of the other options were not much better. Hayes was pretty early to the table and yeah- left a lot to be desired. That said, all I have heard about these brakes from friends running them is positive. So, n of 1 here but seems like Hayes has a winner and I would happily give them a go.
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 @Svinyard: So what you say in interesting, I just asked you the reason why you say they are the best avaliable brakes because I am interested in brakes and it is difficult to try new ones. I have nothing against Hayes, just never saw or tried them. You know, MTB is full of « my bike is the best of the world »
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 @pasteque51: I’ve been on virtually everything excluding trickstuff (810, 820, 985, 785, v4, e4, code, mt5, even a couple of formula brakes) A4s are far and away the best brake I’ve ever ridden. They’re on my dh bike, my enduro, my short travel. The only bike I don’t run them on is my dirt jumper. The only drawback to them I’ve had in nearly 4 years is they require Hayes or hope adapters because the calipers are oversized.
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 @Svinyard: the lever feel of the TRP is nowhere close to the Dominion. The TRP are strong I'd say on par with the Hayes. I'd argue in order of lever feel Hayes is top. Shimano/Hope are next and then TRP. SRAM levers are the worst imo. Maguras feel good but they lose out on the plastic parts. Saints and MT7 are the strongest and Hayes are close behind with the metal pads.
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 @pasteque51: I honestly have never used SRAM, Trickstuff or Magura but I have never found a happiness with my many different Shimano brakes, SLX through XT. On my last build I wanted to go with the Formula, Cura 4s as my old R0s were the best I had used, modulation, lever feel, power and maintenance but they were constantly out of stock whereas the Dominion A4s were in stock. They were cheaper than the Formulas, just as easy to bleed if not easier, the levers can be flipped, they come with two sets of pads and they have better feel and modulation than the Formulas with just as much power.
I bought an extra set to hand on hand for my next build.
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 @J3cc: They can suck my ****.
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 @Mac1987: Nah half of that is the weirdos that just follow people round and everything they post they downvote , the others live in their basement and wank themselves off a lot.
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 @thewanderingtramp: Fully agree bro.
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 "All of those measures allowed Hayes to reduce the weight of each brake by 50 grams, for a total weight savings of 100 grams per set" - big thanks for helping us with this difficult maths problem
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 If you mount them on a bowhead is that a 150g saving or an increase of 150g? Confused
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 - way better than my Shimano XT 4 pots
- Wwaaay better than my Shimano xt 2 pots
- WAAY better than my Guide RSC
- Better than my Codes (less modulation and a bit more power)

These are like the perfect brakes
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 I say the same about my Magura's haha... someone should do a comparison between Hayes and Magura!
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 @tvan5: I just got magura last year. Have xtr 4 on my second bike and Code RSC on the third. They are all cranky sometimes and these would be cool if they stood out from the crowd.
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 I'll undo all that weight saving effort by carrying a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps with me...
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 ...which you wouldn't carry using the A4 brakes
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 @tofhami: Exactly, I'd forage wild berries in the forest
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 @JonnyNorthshore: that's my way of saving money, too
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 To Mike Kazimer - please ask Hayes when are they gonna finally release the 220mm D-series rotor they had Gamux Racing test for them earlier this year. Badly need 2 of them in my life! Big Grin
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 @johannensc: i know of them. Pretty pricy the new ones. The current Hayes rotors aren’t so pricy and are superb. So a 220 version would be winner - now that they are at the end of prototyping it and testing it, we’re just waiting for the release! Wink
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 The standard A4 are the best brakes I have ever used!
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 Now if they'd just release more Matchmaker clamp options. Only offering it for the shifter side is just outright stupid.
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 It's worse for Ispec. I broke their adapter clamp. just using a standalone clamp now.
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 @Spencermon: whoa thought it was just me, my ISPEC-EV clamp snapped off from what i thought was a pretty light fall.

Yea the brakes are excellent but clamp options can really be much better.
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 @chaoscacca: yeah, not to devalue the brake itself. I won't use any other brakes if I can help it.
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 Try Avid match maker for Elixers , take 2.5 mm off with file on clamp area and your good to go, left and right side
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 @Banjoking: THIS! haha I actually did this the day I got my Dominions 3 years ago.
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 Just order some old avid two hole clamps (if you run sram running gear of course). I had to do a little bit of clearancing to get them to clamp up tightly. I'm sure you could do something similar with some Magura clamps to work with Shimano.
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 @Banjoking: @Trudeez Thats basically what I did.
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 @Banjoking: did the same
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 One of my best decisions regarding bike components ever was to sell the MT7 and put an A4 on the bike. Best brake ever!(maybe with the exception of super expensive and hard to get Trickstuff brakes)
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 Why? Care to explain?
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 What made you prefer them over MT7?
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 @stormracing: At least from my experience the MT7s stick with the separate pads they just have too much freedom to do whatever they want
Thought the magnetic stuff was weird
An most of all the bleeding is a complete pain in the ass
the rub to pad clearance was also a never ending issue

I like to think all brakes have a quirk or love/hate but the MT7s especially for the price was just out of line for me
Sorry to butt in here but just my 2 cents
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 @Aburjakowsky: weird, Magura are so easy to bleed. there are easier brakes like shimano, but they are easy to work on.
True, they have not alot of room between pads and disc, but if you give it a bit time, have a straight rotor, they work wonderful!
on my newest bike i got the mt8´s with 200mm rotors and bruni levers. i really like them!

power, modulation, customasation, these brakes are absolut top notch!
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 @Zany2410: I was gonna say, Maguras are by far the easiest to get a clean bleed
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I have a different opinion to the bleeding.
Maguras are easy to bleed, if you are satisfied with a 95% result.
But if you want to have a 100% perfect bleeded brake, that is very difficult to get with Magura. With the Dominion, on the other hand, I had a really perfectly vbleeded brake faster than with any other brake. The two bleed holes on the caliper help a lot. In my basement are meanwhile 2 bikes with Dominion A4.
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In short, the Dominion A4 is the much better brake and that in every respect.
I drove the MT7 with many different pads and was never really satisfied. In extreme cases, the pressure point float and the braking force decreased when it was really hot on long hard descents.

The Dominion has no fading at all, works at the end of the descent just like at the start.
In addition, the hand force is much lower in the vast majority of braking. I have less arm pump. The dosage is the best thing about the brake. The dosage is extremely good. If you have ridden the Dominion, you realize only how bad it is with Shimano, Sram or especially Magura. The pressure point is also much firmer than with Magura. Finally, I must say that the workmanship is also outstanding. From the beginning perfectly simultanious function of all pistons. I just installed them in my Transition Patrol, bled and did nothing to it for two years except change pads. After more than 2 years was due times a bleeding.
The brake is absolutely great and in my opinion the best on the market. Okay, Trickstuff is still a little stronger, nicer and lighter, but much more expensive, has long delivery time and is difficult to bleed.
I ride the Dominions with the sintered pads.
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 @ridingloose: Did you try the Cura 4? I heard really good things about the better Sram brake. This would be my next pair i would like to try out.
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 Awesome brakes the A4s for the price, no need to go to T4 for that type of money/ lack of weight savings.
A SRAM on steroids I like to call them.
After running them for 2 years I will say I wish the machining on the cylinder where the bleed screw is better designed along with a few other nit picky flaws but other than that they're awesome.
Pistons never stick and the modulation to final bite is insane, make sure you have your rotor sizing/thickness on point for your discipline of you'll warp a set real quick lol
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 Anyone have trouble with the a4’s fading after about a month and needing another bleed? Happened a few times in a row, braking power faded and the lever had more throw in it. Happened after about a month a few times in a row. Pretty annoying
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 Just my experience and 2 cents:
If you bleed your own brakes I would recommend the Jagwire Pro Bleed Kit for Hayes. I had something similar happen with mine (bit of fade and lever throw) and it honestly came down to having a more sturdy and precise bleed kit. Honestly cant explain it better than the better kit provided a better seal to the calipers and levers and a better syringe that allowed for a better flush of DOT. Took a bit of time but once I did a full bleed with a solid kit it made all the difference. For as amazing as the Dominions A4's are, the Hayes branded bleed kit is pretty weak.
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 What are the details your bleed process that you are doing? We've got 3 sets and it hasn't been an issue.
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 Might be a bad seal in the caliper. You can get a rebuild kit on the Hayes website.
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 @lpat1717: This. Of note, the SRAM fittings from the SRAM Pro kit fit perfectly with the Hayes ports and use the same DOT fluid of course (thankfully DOT fluid is standardized). Agreed on the Hayes kit, its OK but I hate using anything other than the nice Acrylic syringes with nice flanges on them (SRAM/Jagwire kit). its a massive difference along with the extra hardware around the fittings.
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 @Svinyard: Ah yeah forgot it is Jagwires DOT specific kit: jagwire.com/products/tools/elite-bleed-kit
But agreed, quality of the kit can make all difference here!
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 Ive been on dominion A4 brakes for 2 years now and they still continually impress me. The further I push my riding the more I find what these brakes are capable of. These are by far the most valued and best performing component on my bike. I can't imagine ever riding a different brake.
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 $325 per brake! I don't know what that is in proper British tea tokens, but shimanos work great, same with sram and Magura MT7 are crazy powerful, but made of plastic. All a lot cheaper. Why are we shaving weight off 4 pot brakes when its pretty clear there is no difinative advantage between alloy and carbon frames in dh racing.
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 Because DH bikes doesn’t pedal up hillSmile
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 Well, the Dominions A4 are cheaper than Magura MT7 and cheaper than Code RSC and way cheaper than Shimano 4Pot XTR... Crazy market.
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 Yeah, saving 50g on downhill brakes is a sign of times. It makes no sense, but since it's available, someone will buy it. Apparently we live in the golden era of consumption.
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@i-am-lp: you can get code RSCs with titanium hardware for $265 thundermountainbikes.com/products/sram-code-rsc-disc-brake-set?variant=41976513364203&gclid=CjwKCAjwt7SWBhAnEiwAx8ZLakWWHUlKDYGPFhSZtu4wlY4t2SAI9LcOFEl4AHq7WQ_kd2AIajXWJRoCOnwQAvD_BwE

You can also get MT7 Racelines brand new right here on PB

Bottom line is, after buying pads you are looking at $700 for a brake set. You're only a couple hundred off a set of TrickStuffs.
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 @i-am-lp: Not if you're shopping on the german discount websites. MT5s and 7s are crazy cheap.
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 more Hayes dumb features include : bottom loading pad replacement for their 'heavier' A4 model......so you gotta pay an extra $100 for top load convenience on the T4?????....seems like they're playing THAT silly game. Lets make the same brake but make them completely different.....
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 @cassonwd: In German Onlinestores the regular A 4 (with 4 sets of pads)is the same as a Saint with approx. 350 €. For the T 4 there might not be a dialed in streetprice yet. Cant follow your math.
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 @cassonwd: buying which pads? Organic? They're included. Sintered? O yeah, they're also included...
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 There is an advantage between carbon and aluminum if you don't overbuild carbon to keep fat people from killing you on warranties. Warranting aluminum frames is substantial cheaper so most companies don't worry about fatties breaking shit.
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 From experience with Hayes Dominions, they are great. Super light lever feel, powerful, super easy to bleed etc. However... compatibility with brake adapters WILL give you an aneurysm. I went though 7 different brands and eventually learnt CAD and designed my own to be able to run them with 220 rotors.
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 Hayes makes a specific brake adapter for them and it works well. Worth buying
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 Galfer (160 -220) and Magura (180-220) work, Shimano and Formula dont (Formula is close and grinding off the paint is prety much enough).
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 For me they were out of stock, but why no +40 Hayes Adapters (given you have pm 180)
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 @seismicninja: if you have pm 160 (like on Formula Forks) the Galfer +60 works well, as Hayes does not have such a big adapter.
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 @seismicninja: Hayes +20 brake adapter doesn't give correct alignment going from a Fox 40 203PM to 223 rotors.
@optimumnotmaximum: Galfer +20 is incompatible with the caliper body (caliper hits the "bridge" between the two mounting points of the adapter)
Magura is close but again the alignment isn't quite right with 203PM to 223 rotor.
I also tried NS Billet, Hope, TRP, Formula, Intend. None of them give appropriate alignment or clearance.
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 @Jake-Whitehouse: I see I had no pm 203 to start with, as I said for starting with pm 160 or pm 180 there are a couple of options.
  • 2 0
 Im using SRAM and Shimano +20 adapters and just filed them down a little until the caliper fit, that way I could use 200mm SRAM HS2 rotors.
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 i love my a4's! have had them on my bike for 3 years now, not one single hiccup. no air bubbles, no annoying wandering bite point, strong from start of run to the end. my only gripe is that the full metallic pads seem to wear quickly compared to my old XTs, but i think i am going to remedy that by switching to MTX golds (we'll see). best bike purchase i think i have ever made aside from like my first dropper post and i am so happy i made the jump back before inflation took over on prices.
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 Yeah no one talks about the reliability much, but DAMN they've been bullet proof for us too. I think part of it is the super-shotgun-bleed. Its extra effort but once you ride with a perfect bleed for 1-2yrs...everything else is super annoying.
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 If there’s only 3 grams difference between the t4 and t2 why does the t2 even exist?
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 Yeah, I have T2. If I'd buy a brake now, It'd be T4 instead of T2 for sure. I consider swapping caliper from T2 to T4 but nah, it took like 4 rides to break in my T2 pads to become quiet and strong. Since my T2 is still working great, I won't bother switching from T2 to T4, yet.
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 I love my Hayes brakes on 2 different bikes but this just seems like more part numbers to lead to confusion and mis-matches between what you need and what's available. Better these days to just keep it simple. Unless these were a production change meant to eventually replace the A4's it all seems a bit silly just to save the weight of half a power bar.
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 A4 user here. Best brakes I've ridden. The reduction in arm pump was incredible and the brakes themselves have been just amazing. MTX pads, Galfer rotors. No regrets whatsoever. Every time I get on any other bike, I immediately miss my A4s.
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 Mike needs a coffee or a Domain
  • 2 1
 This all seems cool and desirable except the use of aluminum pad backers. But maybe the higher thermal conductivity there is not noticeable in the real world, especially if the piston material is a good insulator.
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 Price: $325 USD per brake.
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 Hell yeah Hayes is underrated af they’re one of the best brake brands out there
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 The best in the industry, 5 ******. From installation to reliability to modulation and power. Dominion A4, the best.
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 i know theyre awesome and im rooting for hayes/manitou all the way. the castings are still sort of gross. mass produced thai scooter gross. i know they work well. im just superficial.
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 ? Nah they look like something off a Stealth Bomber from the 80's. Like that Firefox movie with Clint Eastwood. These are probably the brakes that came stock with that plane. Definite what Clint rides.

On another note, their non-bubbly look is also functional. You can flip them over or swap sides as they are mirrored. I had to move a set to a larger bike and needed a longer hose for the rear and front. So I just used the rear as the front and then swapped the hose on the shorty old front to use as the rear. Or if someone needs to run moto...super easy. Also if one side is thrashed in a crash and you are tired of looking at it, just swap levers and they look nice again. Even the writing on the reach adjust is there on both sides.
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 @Svinyard: i get that. they just look low-pressure cast.
  • 1 0
 I'm looking at new stoppers and have considered these but that's as far as I've got. Too many choices for a quick and easy decision.
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 Dang, the set screw in the caliper alone is a selling point for me... Spent many an hour cursing at midnight before a ride making small caliper tweaks.
  • 1 0
 I would buy just the levers...I'm good on the fangled calipers, current ones are reliable
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 They're $150 less per side than I just paid for a complete set f/r Shimano saints. Do they work a lot better?
  • 3 0
 Power will be similar but the control will be much better, but also not too much either. Perfect brake. You can also REAAALLY get all the air out in a bleed because there are two ports on the back and allow you to bleed from both to the lever and then pop down and bleed only the caliper back and forth. Once you do that, you’ll realize how inferior all other bleeds are. Rock solid lever feel finally every time. When I skip the caliper step, it’s not nearly as good.
  • 1 0
 Regular A 4 are the same price as saints.
  • 2 3
 Ever since dealing with absolute NIGHTMARE Hayes Stroker hydros (worst bleed experience ever), I crossed them off my radar list forever......Why would I ditch my Saints for these?
  • 1 0
 Guess it depends on the particular brakes someone has. I had a pair of Stroker Aces and to be honest, during the 4-5 years of use i’ve managed to warp them 3-4 times - all of those times it was on a particular extreme dh-course,but the real reason for warping them was my silly braking technique. I would have warped any brake out there. All in all, pretty awesome brake the Ace. And now the Dominion is a complete upgrade through and through! Smile
  • 3 0
 Best Brakes ever!!
  • 1 0
 I hope the lever blades are compatible with the A4. Carbon levers = comfy fingers when it’s cold.
  • 4 6
 Some typos in the post.

"All of the Domain's other features are still in place..."
"...that clever feature helps set the Domains apart from other brakes on the market."

Domain instead of Dominion.
  • 2 0
 Oops, fixed.
  • 1 0
 I guess if you can’t get Trickstuff these might be a decent 2nd choice.
  • 2 1
 "You either can't afford Trickstuff, can't get it, or both. These are the first choice for people that actually want to use their new brakes this year".
There, I fixed that for you.
  • 1 0
 I don’t use any fluid in my brakes at all .. saves so much weight !
  • 2 5
 I wanted to like the dominions, everything about them was great except for the lack of a contact adjustment. I just could not get the lever throw where I wanted it even after several bleeds.
  • 6 0
 They have contact pad adjustment man, it’s a small screw in set near the lever. You can aways get an insanely perfect bleed out of dominions simply by doing the extra bleed via the port (following the instructions). It’s like no other simply because you do it three times if you want and you can cycle the caliper back and forth as well. I do this for my kids where the reach is all the way in and they require a literally perfect bleed. If you just do a typical one port bleed, it’s not done properly. The full shotgun bleed is a whole other level and an extra 10mins.
  • 1 0
 @Svinyard: Yeah I tried that adjustment and it still was too much throw for me. Even had two different shops bleed them at ake a look at them and they told me that's just how they run.
  • 5 0
 @Habaden: Too much throw? nah that shop is doing a shit job. Its understandable tho because a normal bleed is you hook up one syring to the back and one to the front and bleed it...then done. Here's the proper Hayes official bleed:

Step #1: Syringe on Lever, Syringe on Caliper - left port
Step #2: Syringe on Lever, Syringe on Caliper - right port
Step #3: Syringe on Left Caliper Port - Syringe on Right Caliper Port

Take it back to the shop and tell them they didn't follow Hayes official bleed process. I'm sure they are just doing the first step like you do with Shimano/SRAM/etc. When you do this, its freaking super solid bleed for a long ass time. I know this because I really have to have it dialed for my kids since their levers are pushed in all the way AND they are using the kids lever that is inset to the bars pretty good. If there is extra lever throw, they'd pull to the bars on the rear every time. When I broke down and started doing the full bleed (i.e. following instructions) the lever throw is super minimal...like hardly any at all. There is no squish either. Ideally you'd just bleed your own brakes tho. Shop guys don't always care nearly as much about your bike as you do and a brake bleed is simple.
  • 2 3
 These will be non-existent like the A4s
  • 6 9
 Brilliant brakes apart from the fact you need to remove the caliper to change pads!
  • 10 2
 Let me file that next to 'ebikers having to shift manually' in the first world problems library
  • 21 0
 I have a set of Dominions on my bike and it is sufficient to remove the wheels to remove the pads. That is a lot easier than removing the caliper.
  • 5 0
 that's the change isn't it? It says "topload" in the comparison table. You can also see the "fins" of the pad's in the picture of the caliper. Looks to me like that's a change there.
  • 5 0
 I have them on two bikes and have no idea what you are talking about? Remove the wheel and the pads slid me in and out just fine.
  • 4 0
 actually they seem to have "top load" brake pad insertion now. That is the bigger difference to the A4 compared to the weight savings imo.
  • 1 0
 @tofhami: also interested in the difference between 'Pad Pin' and 'King Pin' pad retention. The latter already wins by name.
  • 4 7
 "omg DOT fluid is so caustic and bad for the environment. Oh wait a minute my eco-friendly Tesla uses buckets of this stuff"
  • 3 0
 Do ANY production cars use mineral oil in their brakes? Really?
  • 1 1
 @L0rdTom: I'm sure some are running on all kinds of oil. That's probably more up to the owners than the instruction manual though...
  • 1 0
 @L0rdTom: I know some older Bently models used mineral oil in the brake systems.
  • 3 6
 I just want something that breaks… like an iPhone

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