May: Good Month or Bad Month?

May 31, 2015 at 18:36
by Mike Kazimer  

After the hustle and bustle of April, a month filled with product launches centered around the Sea Otter Classic, May got off to a rather quiet start, but gathered steam as the weeks progressed. World Cup DH racing took a break, but there was still plenty of action on the Enduro World Series and World Cup XC circuits, plus high flying nuttiness from the FEST Series. A number of new bikes and components were revealed for the first time as well, providing plenty of fodder for heated online debates. What follows is a recap of the highlights and lowlights from May, 2015.


Fans of Going Huge

FEST Series Continues to Raise the Bar

Anyone whose idea of a good time includes watching uber-talented hucksters launch themselves off the biggest jumps imaginable had plenty to be thankful for in May. The month kicked off with Clay Porter releasing his CruzFEST highlights video, a six minute montage of nasty whips, flips, and slams, all set to a classic hip-hop track. The visual stimulation didn't end there, though, and a few weeks later images and helmet cam footage started showing up from stop two of the FEST Series, Aggy's Reunion, which was held in Kamloops, BC.

As impressive as the course built specifically for the event was, footage from a run down a partially completed trail in the same vicinity was what captured the attention of millions of viewers. In it, some of the world's best freeriders effortlessly boost over enormous gaps, capping off the run with a jump over a standing tree. It's the kind of video even a non-mountain biker can appreciate, one that puts into perspective just how talented (and slightly insane) the FEST series riders truly are.

The Luck of the Irish

Local Favorite Wins EWS #2

As round two of the Enduro World Series in Wicklow County, Ireland, got underway, all eyes were on Greg Callaghan. Racing on familiar trails, and coming off an 11th place finish in Rotorua, there was plenty of speculation that the 23-year-old Irishman had the speed and strength to take the win.

Come race day, everything seemed to fall into place, and under sunny skies and in front of hordes of cheering fans, Callaghan put the hammer down, winning three out of seven stages to finish 15 seconds ahead of second place finisher Justin Leov. There's something deeply satisfying about an underdog emerging victorious, and Callaghan's victory is especially deserved considering that he only recently signed to the Cube Action Team after spending last year's race season living out of a van as a privateer. And for anyone who doubted that Callaghan deserved to be up on the podium with the big dogs, he backed up his result with a solid third place finish in Scotland the following weekend.
How happy was Greg Callaghan to take his maiden win About this happy.

Matt MacDuff

Taking it to the Streets

Matt MacDuff was everywhere this month, stealing the show in Scott Secco's Builder movie, and then releasing a video collaboration with Kali Protectives that had street riding aficionados struggling to contain their excitement. Riding a brakeless hardtail, Maduff spins 360s into flights of stairs, jumps over handrail and tosses a barspin before landing on a concrete transition ten feet below, all while genuinely having a good time and making every trick he throws seem effortless.

Street riding and dirt jumping may exist on the fringe of mainstream mountain bike culture, but MacDuff's easygoing personality and fearless nature seem to resonate with a larger audience, attracting the attention of riders who don't typically pay heed to this niche of the sport. What's next for MacDuff? Only time will tell, but rest assured that whatever he comes up with next will be infused with his unique style and devil-may-care attitude.
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Specialized's Stumpjumper Has a Built In Storage Compartment

Specialized's 2016 Stumpjumper FSR lineup looks as refined as ever, with a range of wheel sizes and frame materials to fit the needs of nearly any trail rider. But it's not the revised geometry, or the addition of a 27.5+ model that caused a stir; it was the inclusion of a storage compartment in the down tube of the carbon fiber front triangle that had everyone talking. For better or worse, Specialized isn't known for holding back when it comes to bringing a new concept to market, and the SWAT compartment is a prime example of their capabilities

On paper it seems like a fairly simple idea – make a hole in the frame, and come up with a panel that can be latched on while also holding a water bottle. No big deal, right? But then consider the expense of creating new carbon frame molds, constructing that extra panel, and putting a plug in the downtube so items don't fall out of reach, all without raising the bike's final price to the stratosphere, and it becomes clear that this is an idea that could easily have been left on the drawing board simply because of the time and resources an endeavor like this requires. The fact that Specialized seem to have pulled it off makes it a good month for them, along with any mountain bikers who harbor hoarding tendencies, and don't ever want to be more than an arm's length away from their favorite snack, tool, or bag of weed.



Mountain Bikers Interested in Shimano's 1x11 XT

Single Rings Nowhere to Be Seen at Launch

The lakeside town of Riva del Garda, Italy, served as the location for Shimano's official launch of the latest XT gruppo, a gorgeous setting surrounded by towering peaks full of steep, overhanging cliffs. The launch's timing overlapped with the Riva Bike Festival, a massive gathering of mountain bikers from all across Europe. A beautiful location, good weather, and a fleet of bikes equipped with the new product – from a distance, everything seemed to be in order. But there was one thing missing – a rideable version of Shimano's answer to SRAM's narrow-wide chainring design. There was one pre-production sample on hand, but it wasn't installed on a bike, and no one seemed to be able to answer questions about how well the design worked without a chain guide, or to explain exactly where the ring's chain retention capabilities come from.

It's understandable that Shimano doesn't want to sweep their front derailleur technology under the rug – after all, it's the result of years of refinement, and the new Side Swing technology works incredibly well – but the demand for single ring drivetrains continues to increase, and SRAM's offerings are becoming more and more affordable, which is why it seems odd that the Japanese giant still appears reluctant to promote their own 1x system.

Shimano XT M8000

Sunny Weather on Race Weekends

Foul Weather Causes Course Revisions

Mother Nature is fickle, especially during springtime in the mountains, and this month she decided to try and put a damper on the second round of the British Downhill series, as well as the third stop of the Enduro World Series. At the BDS event in Fort William, Scotland, high winds forced the closure of the gondola typically used to transport riders to the top of the mountain, resulting in a drastically shortened course. The weather remained poor throughout the weekend, and by the time the elite men began to drop into the course conditions were about as foul as they could get, with a cold rain pelting riders as they made their way down the hill.

Things were a little better at round three of the Enduro World Series in Scotland, but heavy rains the night before the final day of racing turned parts of the course into a soupy mess, and a forced two stages to be eliminated from the race. In both cases, racing went on as well as could be expected, but you can be sure that the spectators and participants wouldn't have minded a little more sunshine added into the mix.
This is what fresh loamy dirt looks like after a night of rain and a few hundred racers. It s quite safe to say the conditions on Sunday could not have been any more different to the dusty and tacky tracks ridden one day prior.

Rider Safety

Red Bull Sky Gate Race Places Priority on Spectacle

Red Bull's not one to shy away from events that are out of the ordinary, sponsoring everything from the Flutag, a homemade flying machine contest, to downhill ice skate racing, so it's not entirely surprising that a race involving sending mountain bikers down 999 stairs and off a large stepdown before crossing the finish line ended up on the calendar.

Unfortunately, the length and steepness of the stairs, combined with the fact that riders couldn't let off their brakes for even a millisecond or risk careening out of control, meant that carnage was inevitable. It wasn't long before a video of Kelly McGarry losing his brakes and suffering a brutal crash near the bottom of the stairs began making the rounds, graphically illustrating the sheer stupidity of the event. Other riders lost control after landing the final stepdown, sliding into the metal guardrails that surrounded the finish area, and further showing how unnecessarily dangerous the course was.

I don't blame the riders for attempting the course – after all, someone paid for them to fly all the way to China, and as professional athletes they undoubtedly had sponsors to please, but realistically, the event never should have happened in the first place. Urban mountain bike events have the potential to expose the sport to a wider audience, but in this instance it's unlikely that any onlookers will be inspired to pick up a bike after witnessing the spectacle that unfolded. Promoters need to ensure that athlete safety is their number one priority, and in this case it appears to have been well down the list.


  • + 307
 I'll get shit for this but I dont care. The Red Bull China event was freaking stupid and I cant believe Kelly broke his arm on that crappy event. Such a disappointment for a bad ass rider.
  • + 112
 Absoluetly. Red Bull, you done fucked. up.
  • - 51
flag jimeg (Jun 1, 2015 at 20:12) (Below Threshold)
 Red Bull didn't make any of those riders show up there. It was their choice, as ridiculous of a choice as it was.
  • + 16
 This is their job. You must show up to work everyday, they need to come to shitty events like this. It's Red Bulls fault for not making it safer. I still think it was this sketchy, so people can watch brutal crashes live, and entertain themselves. But they can't advertise it like this.
  • + 33
 Yeah RB failed on that one, but I think they get it right more than they get it wrong. We've come a long way thanks to them, so even though I don't drink the shit & I definitely don't think a long set of stairs is a good way to break an arm or show FMB to people, I still give a salute to RB for everything else they do. Some experiments may be dumb, but experimenting is still good.

What they should be doin' is pourin' piles & piles of cash into FEST!
  • + 11
 I wonder how much info riders get before they commit to an event like this. My gut feeling is they're given the "loose details", then show up and see the gong show unfold.

These guys are amazing athletes and deserve better - events like that just turn them into huck dolls.
  • + 13
 ^ A nice sentiment freeride-forever, but I suspect The FEST Series was set up partly as an escape from the commercialist world of Red Bull, despite their need for funding.
  • + 9
 Fest is Monster.
  • + 3
 really stupid event!!
  • + 7
 Hey guys, do not forget what RB does for our sport (even if its part of marketing) we cannot deny it helps the sport grow. Some events are better than others but thats no reason not to give them a try. Its really easy to sit in front of the screen and insult them, but think about all the information you really need to know (no suposing/guessing) to make an accurate statement. I am not saying they do everything right but at least they try new things...
  • - 8
flag moth423 (Jun 2, 2015 at 4:49) (Below Threshold)
 Red bull injures more athletes every day, than any other sports drink. I think red bull is to biking, what Gatorade is to football... And I don't think this sport needs red bull.
  • - 2
 I have noticed even the north west cups are trying to eff people at the end. last year on one of the events, it went from a table top with a steep take off to 4 whoops right after. a kid ended up with broken ribs and a punctured lung. DH has turned into a circus for promoters.
  • + 3
 That's a downhill race sucka not a promotional f...up for photogs. If you don't like the course don't ride it...your not a pro being told show up and race or else. Dh courses need to be rough and tough unlike the buffed out smooth trails you must be riding.......
  • + 4
 Red Bull AND my sponsors made me do it! Seriously? The riders don't have free will? These riders are making this career choice, and the events they choose to participate in. Preparing for another negative prop into oblivion.
  • + 5
 Don't get me wrong - that event in China was stupid, but keep in mind Redbull China is a different company, so I'm not sure how much pull the one we see @ Rampage et al has with them. RB is also transitioning to a from sports drink manufacturer to a media company. I agree that we could all live without the drink but the events and films they put out have a huge impact on the exposure of mountain biking and a lot of other sports...
  • + 2
 Redbull will likely provide commercial space flight cheaper than Virgin one day, and have the first interstellar Xtreme event.
  • + 1
 The first time I saw the track I knew it was a total crap, too steep, long and straight, boring and risky. Sky Gate Mountain is a natural place for wing suit and base jump, need a lot work for mountain biking
  • + 99
 Youtube Comment: "Oh my god! They killed kelly!"
  • + 55
  • + 92
 100% agree, Red Bull Sky Gate should not have happened, the track looks insanely sketchy and dangerous, its one thing to have a challenging track, but don't make it so ridiculous that people are putting their careers on the line. the only thing it has going for it is the venue, Its a shame Kelly got hurt
  • + 86
 Not to mention boring to watch.
  • + 18
 ya its a really stupid course in the sense that it isnt entertain and will fuck you up if you make a small mistake
  • + 6
 Yes, isnt entertain, lame and dangerous. Leave it to China
  • + 34
 "isn't entertain"...twice
  • + 3
 Eats up too much brake pads...
  • + 36
  • + 74
 As long as you can get out and ride your bike no month is a bad month.
  • + 97
 Kelly can't ride his bike ...
  • + 16
 ^^^ Yes, to have good health, good friends, and a bike. Then it's all good.
  • + 4
 Broke my finger working on a bike. Bad month.
  • + 4
 broke my wrist in February, still in cast. Bad year.
  • + 7
 although I cannot ride my bike, I have ticked the box of the first "serious" injury on MTB (broken ACL, surgery done 3h ago). Flew 12ft down to flat, landed on my feet. I'll be back stronger !!!!... "I you dont crash, you are not pushing hard enough" someone said. Cheers
  • + 25
 Caught my wiener in my pants zipper. Bad week.
  • + 2
 Well, then I am having a shit year and then some...... Haven't sat on my bike, let alone ride it in over 8 months.
  • + 6
 RIP Dallas, TX trails. Good month for kayaking.
  • + 2
 @Wuttupausten what happened to them?
  • + 0
 Became an April fool on April fool's day and broke meh damn foot. April sucked, May sucked, June sucks, July is gonna suck and you suck. OK, I'm sorry for the last part but I don't take to sitting around very well.
  • + 1
 @six66 a deluge! the DORBA facebook page is invitation only but every trail is closed and many were washed away by a series of storms some guy in the news called "a one-in-2,000-year event."
  • + 1
 Damn. Bummed for you guys.
  • + 0
 Agreed lol. People saying it's too dangerous, steep and sketchy. Ugh so is rampage, and didn't he explode his bike there as well?
  • + 37
 Redbull is F'ing stupid. And if athletes would stop settling for free helmets and $5,000.00 purses maybe Red Bull would start caring about the athletes as people.

Research how much Rampage competitors get when they win or place. Red Bull should be ashamed of themselves, and the athletes should demand more.
  • + 11
 Agreed but red bull does at leas take care of all medical expenses if they get hurt, as opposed to rockstar and monster who don't.
  • + 21
 RedBull owns a Formula One team... They should have enough dough to bump up the Rampage purse.
  • + 3
 That's Redbull China, not the Redbull who held Rampage and other major events.
  • + 23
 Maybe Redbull takes care of their own athletes but not guys who get hurt taking part in their events like Mark Matthews who owed/owes $40000 in medical bills after crashing at Rampage. Not okay.
  • + 39
 Sky Gate piece is spot on
  • + 32
 This event was a wrong step by Redbull - no doubt. However, let's not forget that it is Redbull that gives us World Cup, Rampage and CrankWorx coverage. Redbull has done a great deal for mountain biking.
  • + 7
 All of these comps an events existed an had coverage before redbull got envolved
  • + 5
 "wrong 'step' by Redbull"

Is that a joke? Bahahahahhaha
  • + 9
 Thank you again Pinkbike for your amazing work ! Still don't understand how you can cover this many events ! It has something magic imo ! Smile
Anyways, thanks for not saying "Amen" to Red Bull for every single sh** they come up with ! They really should focus on 1. safe, 2. aesthetic, 3. challenging events !
PS: Heal up fast Kelly !
  • + 2
 Thumbs up but I am not with you on point 1. If they focus on safety they have to cancel the rampage. I really love this event and its the only one i watch live beside dh worldcups. But it is pure madness and not really safe. But really challenging and aesthetic. Thats for sure.
  • + 0
 OK, Rampage is THE exception ! Razz
  • + 12
 That was hard to watch. Hope Kelly is alright. Mayhaps we never do that again...
  • + 8
 Xt single ring uses the same 1x tech from 11 speed xtr. to say they havnt explained how it works is silly. they gave big explanations with the launch of xtr. and it works great have been riding the 1x11 xtr for a while now and havnt dropped a single chain
  • + 6
 I agree - it feels like a bit of Shimano hating going on. It was announced on release that certain parts would be arriving at different times - with single rings being one of the last things. In my eyes it's better to have "something" for the media to review rather than holding the whole groupset back on production delays etc.

I've ridden both the di2 and mechanical XTR single rings and as you say - dropping chains is a thing of the past! Sure I'm not a hardcore DH rider, but for XC and Enduro they work pretty darn well! Narrow/Wide is just marketing BS - sure it works (two of my bikes have it), but it's not essential compared to the cool ramping tech Shimano are using on the XT/XTR single rings...
  • + 1
 I disagree with TeamRobot. Not so long ago there was a thing in the comment section where everyone commented what n/w chain ring they had and how often their chains fell off. Nearly no one (of those 50+ people) had their chains falling off, maybe some exceptions that had it happen once or twice in a very long period.

This being said, according to TeamRobot 99% of the riders suck. These parts are being produced for the general public and they do perform well for the general public.

I know they are trying very hard to be cool and shit, but I still disagree.
  • + 2
 Yeah, TeamRobot also stated once that if your rear cassette has a larger big ring than your front chainring then you suck as a rider. Entertaining, yes. Relevant, not likely haha.
  • + 0
 Cool, keep thinking there's Shimano hate party going on, that narrow-wide is somehow "marketing BS" compared to the vastly superior Shimano "ramping".

BTW, you have something on your nose.
  • + 2
 Haha calm your tits bro - I never said that Shimano's method of keeping the chain on was "vastly superior". I've used both, both work. Chain wear is far less with the Shimano, and the teeth don't look thrashed after the first ride unlike every narrow/wide ring I've used.

I'm just calling it as I see it - and offering a view vastly different to the majority here on Pinkbike it seems. No brown nosing here, just credit where credit is due.
  • + 6
 Specialized SWAT - geez, you have to be kidding. Let's see - so we have a carbon frame, which is all about stiffness and weight. We then cram a glove box in it - which, if done in a way that doesn't compromise stiffness, will increase weight. Oh, and the tooling is costly. Exactly what do you gain from that that you couldn't have, for less weight, with one of those little accessory bags you can attach to your frame (if you absolutely can't be bothered to put on a hydration pack)? At best, it's a clever gizmo that may come in handy for some people. If that made it a good month, I'm kind of wondering why.

As for Shimano - yes, they seriously screwed up the launch. 1x11 XT is not where they're seeing the future, being firmly in the 2x camp, having invested heavily in a better front derailleur, and hoping to steer people to electronic shifting. But in the process, they're missing out on a sizeable market segment of people who like the simplicy of a 1x setup. It looks like they finally have a competitive product; hell, if it's up to the usual XT standard, and at the prices that are thrown around for it, this will be an awesome alternative to SRAM 1x. I mean, really, would it have killed them to have it ready? There's not much new about it; they already make the single rings for XTR, so it's not like there were trying to suss out new technology - why not have the freaking single ring cranks at Garda?
  • + 5
 "At best, it's a clever gizmo that may come in handy for some people"


It is just that, those clever little gizmos that come in handy? They sell all things MTB to people.
Marketing genius that SWAT box.

Looking at it another way, where would you want the weight of your tools and bits and pieces. In your backpack, high up on your back, or down around the BB area? Marketing genius that SWAT box and has got all the journos salivating.
  • + 1
 A bike with a glove box. Whoopie! I can think of about a dozen other places to keep tools etc, that doesnt cost me another bike. Unless your in the market for a new bike ill stick with my crappy ol school back pack idea.
  • + 5
 Where was the paramedics or first aid crews at the Red Bull event?. Kelly goes down hard and there is one guy in black coming down the stairs well after Kelly goes down. Red Bull you should be ashamed of the set up you created in China, and I am glad Kelly didnt get serously hurt. But that was more by luck than good management. With the cash Redbull has they need to really step up their game.
  • + 4
 I knew that stair event was going to be a bad idea. Shimano brake fluid and DOT 5 fluid boils at about 525°F. I've done it on way less treacherous descents. Kelly is a big guy, and that puts even more of a load on those brakes.

Seems to me they could have done the math on what kind of brake loads would be necessary first, before even getting the event on the calendar.
Red Bull does so much good for extreme sports and MTB, it's a shame this ended up the way it did. We all make mistakes, I just hope Kelly makes a full recovery.
  • + 2
 I built my new Nomad and loving it so May = good month.

Agree with other posters, that red bull China event was stupid but overall they put up real cool events. Who knows how much was in their control?

For everyone that got hurt in May, heal up fast!
  • + 2
 Very well put on the RedBull event. Glad to see folks here agree!

I would like to make a suggestion: perhaps everyone on here commenting about their displeasure with the lack of safety in the event should email Redbull and make their feelings known. It certainly seems like a good number of people in the bike community are concerned and it is always best to go right to the source. You may be surprised how much big corporations listen to individuals.

As a disclaimer I do apologize if someone has suggested this previously I did not have time to read every comment.
  • + 6
 Is anyone actually excited about the SWAT box?
  • - 1
  • + 8
 Stores Weed And Tubes?
  • + 3
  • + 2
 Hard to refer to Red Bulls Skygate China as an "event" for me. Seemed like more of a bizarre spectacle geared toward potential carnage than a true showcase of skills. It's too bad McGarry was injured there but I'm glad he wasn't hurt far worse. Hope you heal up quick Kelly!
  • + 5
 ...Never even heard of the event until Kelly got hurt... bad publicity for a bad event.
  • + 3
 Well....... for me it was a bad month. Injury break and was only able to ride my Session to bakery and back... 3.5 of 5 months injured this year. My life sucks.....
  • + 56
 Bitch please. You got a session and a muffin.
  • + 5
 Ok. Jup got that going for me Big Grin
  • + 4
 SWAT made it a good month but the release of XT didn't? I'm not sure I understand..
  • + 4
 It wasn't the release that was the issue - that made last month's Good Month list, it was the fact at their 'hands-on' launch there were no rideable single ring setups, which is what many consumers are interested in.
  • + 2
 Must be a hard life for the pink bike crew find that's makes a bad month, oh first world problems, how dare you raise your ugly head.. Hahaha
  • + 3
 Friends here in Japan have been running single ring predominantly XT setups for years... and still are. XT shifters, Race Face narrow-wide ring, Shadow rear mech and 9 speed XT cassettes. Works a treat.
  • + 1
 Same, been running 1x9 and 1x10 with a chain guild up front since about 2010...
  • + 4
 How about the Shimano xt 11 speed cassette? I was pretty pumped about that. Just me?
  • + 1
 The reason FEST is so successful is because of people like Kelly.
People hate this bullshit, and they took shovels and money and crafted a rider friendly course.
I love RedBull, As a drink not a Company.
And I'm considering revamping that so both match my current opinion,
RedBull, Why Can't you be like GoPro when It comes to Sports?
Just stay out of our shit, just for now.
Let US take rampage into OUR hands for once,
FEST was right.
  • + 4
 As an aside, I am all for riders to create their own media production companies.... however can anyone enlighten me as to the nature of the business model the FEST series follows? Is it @siderealwall2 .....

1) Take shovels and money
2) Craft rider friendly course.
3) Ride it with mates. Get MTB media to attend. Sell some Tees.
4) Take POV video and go huge.

and then....
5) Get paid for the POV and image rights.

Something tells me it isn't that simple!!!!!
  • + 4
 6.) Get a large payout from your bike and gear sponsors who pay you to ride gnarly shit.
  • + 2
I'm Not entirely sure its a shop or shack, Its Kind of like FMB, just without the

I don't think the idea of fest is to make major dollar, but tell me if im wrong.
I feel some truth in @TheYetiHelpsMeDig Because names are money,
But when people ride crazy things, It helps to have built it / know that you don't have to "Kiss the Cameras".
Like going camping for a commercial as compared to rock climbing in a competition.
  • + 3
 More Macduff, more review bazooka. more crazy schemes, massive tricks and willy wonka mountain bike playgrounds.
  • + 2
 they forgot to mention the huge step-up in south africa
  • + 1
 Weather, when it's been raining her in Idaho, been doing some damage control, when sunny.Hero Dirt. Agree with lukeman3, never bad as long as i'm doing something that involves my lifestyle. Fu#king Mountain Biking.
  • + 2
 Xtr 1x11 just won the last 2 rounds of the ews so I'm guessing the exact same profile in steel instead of ti will probably be even better?
  • + 3
 @ Redbull Skygate ... f*cking absurd, you should be ashamed of yourselves !!!!
  • + 2
 Looks like the weather might be crap for this weekends WC at Fort William too! Ffs, I guess I'll be packing loads of jumpers and a good waterproof.
  • + 4
 I mean I was pretty happy about shimanos new 1x11 system...
  • + 4
 Agreed, it's not like the drivetrain won't work with 1x. Probably just SRAM funded marketing.
  • + 3
 It is saying that the way they presented the new xt is bad
  • + 2
 Mixed for me, I have been learning a lot on my new dirt jump bike, but dean potter's death makes me sad.
  • + 0
 from what i saw of the video, didn't look like too many people tried to help him, they just stood around. i drink monster anyways.
  • + 1
 There wasn't enought rider that completed the course without injury or fail so there is no podium
  • - 2
 How can anyone possibly have a problem with a Chinese straightline stairbomb?

Four digits of stairs. Chinese stairs. That's rad. Ride your bike down it!

I am okay with being in the minority on this one. You guys are weirdos. Getting broke off happens when you're doing gnarly shit. That's how we know it's gnarly, right?
  • + 3
 Gnarly is good, but riding down a bunch of stairs in 50 seconds? Snoozefest. Bring back this:
  • + 0
 I'm with this guy, being able to ride down stairs is what got me into mountain biking, I just hope red bull China get their shit together and organise the Great Wall enduro, now that I'd watch.
  • + 0
 good month definitively. First serious injury on MTB (broken ACL) and Im not afraid to fly now. Flew 12 feet down to flat, landed on my feet. I'll be back stronger.
  • + 1
 heal up, man.
  • + 1
 Man, Kelly really took a hit and that one... Anyone know if he's alright? Heal up fast, brother!
  • + 1
 Months inside mtb world(our escape) are always good,...the rest of the world is on fire though.
  • + 1
 I thought may was an ok and bad month. And red bull event was and still is a stupid event.
  • + 2
 What about the release of Builder? Or is that considered last month?
  • + 3
 Yep, that was last month, after the premier at Sea Otter, although the online premiere did happen this month.
  • + 2
 Yeah and it was freaking awesome like no other!
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