Review: Schwalbe Tacky Chan Tire - Born on the Race Course

Jun 20, 2023 at 19:18
by Mike Kazimer  

After three years of development, much of it on the World Cup DH circuit, Schwalbe's newest addition to their lineup is ready for its public debut. The Tacky Chan was designed with a strong focus on DH racing, where precision and high speed cornering support are at the top of rider's wishlists.

The tire started out as a 3D model back in 2020, with ramped center lugs to increase rolling speed, more stable shoulder lugs than the Magic Mary, and wider spacing between the center lugs. From there, Schwalbe's designers heavily modified a Big Betty tire to see how the design performed in the real world.
Tacky Chan Details
• 29 x 2.4" in Super DH, Super Gravity, or Super Trail casing
• 27.5 x 2.4" in Super DH or Super Gravity casing
• Addix Ultra Soft or Addix Soft rubber
• Actual weight. Super DH casing: 1382 grams (29") / 1241 grams (27.5")
• Price: $98 - $104 USD

The first prototypes were ridden and raced in 2021, and then 2022 saw the design further refined based on feedback from racers like Thibaut Dapréla, Myriam Nicole, and Amaury Pierron. By the end of that season the tire had an impressive race resume, amassing 11 World Cup wins.

Initially, the tire will be available in 29” and 27.5 x 2.4” sizes, with Super DH, Super Gravity, and Super Trail casing options available for 29” wheels, and Super DH and Super Gravity options for 27.5” wheels. The Super DH and Gravity tires are $104 USD, and the Super Trail tires are $98 USD.

It's good to see an Ultra Soft, Super Trail version of this tire in the lineup – that means the softest, stickiest rubber isn't just reserved for the heavy downhill tires. Speaking of weight, the 29” DH casing tire I've been testing weighs 1382 grams, and the 27.5” one weighs 1241 grams.

As for the name, I honestly thought it was a joke all the way up until my test tires showed up, and I still have trouble believing that Tacky Chan actually made it to production. Now I'm just waiting for the Shreddy Vedder, Michael Sipe, and Loose Springsteen models to be announced



I mounted up a pair of the new tires on a set of Reserve aluminum rims, which have a 30mm inner width. Installation was trouble free, and everything popped nicely into place without any sealant leaks. Once mounted, the tires measure true to their 2.4” width.

I ran 20 psi in the front and 22 psi in the rear for the duration of the test period. At various times the wheels were mounted on a Trek Fuel EX, a Propain Tyee, and a Specialized Turbo Levo.


The concept of a fast rolling downhill tire may seem like an oxymoron, but that's an accurate description of the Tacky Chan. On harder packed trails the increased speed compared to something like the Big Betty is very noticeable. It feels smoother, and much less like it's actively trying to claw and dig into the ground.

I've been able to ride the Tacky Chan in a wide range of trail conditions – everything from dry and dusty to wet and slimy. Deep mud has been the only surface condition not on the menu so far, but that's not really when you'd want the Tacky Chan anyways.

The Tacky Chan rewards a more aggressive, harder-charging riding style. Schwalbe's designers describe it as a tire that works best on familiar trails as opposed to riding blind in an unfamiliar zone, and after spending time with it that description makes a lot of sense. Tires like Schwalbe's Magic Mary or a Maxxis Assegai seem to find their own way without requiring much rider input. With the Tacky Chan there's not as much of an autopilot feel – it works best when it's pushed into a line rather than being allowed to choose its path.

Even with the faster rolling speed the braking traction is impressive – one of my current favorite trails requires almost constant heavy braking to keep speeds in check, and the Tacky Chan proved up to the task. The Big Betty still has the edge for outright traction, but that comes at the cost of rolling speed. Compared to the Maxxis Dissector, the Tacky Chan seems to bite harder, likely due in part to the taller knobs. It felt most at home on medium-soft to hardpacked trails, trails where it was possible to really get some weight onto the tire.

On wet, slippery roots the Tacky Chan is decent, if not mindblowing - the UltraSoft rubber did what it could to find grip on those slimy wooden noodles, and there weren't any totally unexpected slide outs, but it's not as easy to trust as a MaxxGrip DHR II.

Cornering is the Tacky Chan's strong suit, and it takes some seriously hard pushing to even come close to approaching its limit. On more than one occasion I braced for it to break free, only to be rewarded with the sensation of it digging in even harder. It'd be a great tire for bike park usage, especially in the rear, and in the Soft compound to improve its lifespan.


Schwalbe's Ultra Soft rubber compound is the softest in the lineup, which also makes it the fastest wearing. Riders looking to maximize their investment will want to go with the Soft compound, at least in the rear, especially if there are lift-served laps on the menu. Unfortunately, at the moment that Soft compound is only available on the 27.5" Super Gravity option, or the 29" Super Trail version - there's no Super DH casing / Soft rubber combo yet. Overall, the wear is in line with what I'd expect from the UltraSoft rubber. As for the casing, the Super DH has proven to be plenty tough enough to handle all sorts of sharp, unforgiving trail surfaces.

If I was planning on running the Tacky Chan on an enduro or trail bike here in the Pacific Northwest I'd go with an Ultra Soft Super Trail front tire, and then the beefier Super Gravity casing for the rear in order to save some weight while still retaining plenty of puncture resistance.


+ Great cornering support
+ Very precise – rewards confident line choices
+ Fast rolling considering the amount of braking traction and overall grip

- Precise feel means it's not as forgiving of mistakes
- The name

Pinkbike's Take
bigquotesThe Tacky Chan straddles the line between being a specialist or an all-rounder. As a front and rear pairing, it requires an attentive, confident rider to really make the most of it. It's more forgiving when used as a rear tire with a slightly wider and friendlier front tire – the Magic Mary / Tacky Chan combo is a good one for riders hunting for a little more rolling speed without sacrificing grip.
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 The name is actually good and belongs in the pro column.
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 This is correct
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 Next up is the Roost Lee
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 Right? I have zero use for this tire for the trails near me, but I want to buy it based on the name alone, rolling resistance be damned.
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 Schwalbe stopped adopting alliteration in its naming nomenclature unfortunately, unacceptably. This throws the tire irredeemably into the troughs of outstanding failures forever.
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 I agree. It’s cheesy but so much better than much of the bike industry techno-babble, like that new saddle from SQlab, the “611 Infinergy Ergowave active 2.1 Carbon”. Yikes.
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"Chan (ちゃん) expresses that the speaker finds a person endearing. In general, -chan is used for young children, close friends, babies, grandparents and sometimes female adolescents. It may also be used towards cute animals, lovers, or youthful women."

This tire is officially the cutest.
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 @jayacheess: that’s some knowledge right there
I want it
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 @tokky28: Bruce Lean
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 This name is their best ever.

Rocky Balboa and Roadrunner (for the road cyclists) deserves a spot in this list but you can't go unsued now that Warner Bros are keeping an eye on the circuit.
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 @tokky28: Gove Tokky a marketing position, Schwalbe!
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flag vinay (Jun 21, 2023 at 2:36) (Below Threshold)
 @sfarnum: Must be fun working at the HR dept there. People send in apply and know shit about bikes, tire structures, compounds, production methods and can't even put a rubber on. They just want the job so that they can come up with names to make fun of their neighbor. Hairy Hank, Leaky Larry, Burping Barry... Now please make tires which suit the name.
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 @jayacheess: tacky cutest
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 @tokky28: maybe a snow tyre called Spike Tyson
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 @vinay: There's a Strava segment around here called Rocky Balboa, it's name checks out for sure Smile
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 @korev: Does it start out with no hope only to be redeemed and beat up by the end? Wink
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 @tokky28: love it
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 Roost Willis
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 Oh no, we've got Roost Lee already! Delete!
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 @tokky28: Chow Yun Fat tire
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 Janky Chan.
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 @vinay: Rocket Ron Jeremy at your service Wink
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flag blowmyfuse (Jun 21, 2023 at 10:15) (Below Threshold)
Should have come out with a pairing that would smash it at the box office. Rear Tacky Chan & Front Chris Fukker. Rush Hour homage.
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 @jayacheess: yeah its a dumb move to be pedantic on the PB comments, your use of 'chan' is Japanese though, and the tire's namesake riff is from Hong Kong.

I stand with this comment in spirit.
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 @twozerosix: Wasn't trying to correct anyone. I was just adding a fun, additional interpretation of the name.
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 @jayacheess: agreed!

there's this Japanese commercial/anime/character/whatsit called Gudetama, which is like an egg yolk, which is what I picture when hearing 'Taki-Chan'. Sticky blobby cute.
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 Really looking forward to that Shreddy Vedder in Black or Alive (bright) colors!
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 @Shitass: that'll have proper bite for sure
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 @danstonQ: I used to run a Primo "Dirt Diggler" tires on my BMX back in the day haha
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 @Mac1987: I don't care which MTB product it is, SOMETHING needs to be named SHREDDY VEDDER immediately!
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 @ripridesbikes: Van Halen definitely was the more shreddy Eddy.
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 Would have preferred "Tacky Chav" but maybe that's a bit too UK-centric
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 I'm all for high-performance components with a cheeky humorous side to it, why do we have to be so serious in this space?
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 Still bummed they shut down my idea of Michael traction...
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 Too bad, it would have been a Thriller and you would be a Speed Demon, and as they Say Say Say you can't Beat It
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 I suggested Waisted Hasselhoff via webform, but they politely declined.
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 That's Bad
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 I hope the guy that turned it down, stared at the man in the mirror
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 Mark Knobbler sounds good and goofy enough as well, but Halo already has it.
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 @GoranNaVAjt: Der Hasselhof is huge in Germany. No jokes with him.
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 I think they're saving that one for their 20 and 16 inch tyres.
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 KOM Jong Un could be a super fast xc tire
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 @korev: Really really bad
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 @nfontanella: True, but pretty unstable.
  • 6 0
 @noapathy: and prone to blow outs and possibly nuking the rider.
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 Who wants to end up on white tires?
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 This is why: Jesus Juice. enough said.
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 @Vindiu: He led to the fall of the Berlin Wall...dont hassle the Hoff
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 That's because Tacky Chan will kick Michael Traction's moon jiving any day!
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 Dude, the name is not a Con, its a Pro!
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 I almost upvoted you before I saw how many you have. Nice
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 @millerstone: okay Danny Duncan.
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 Pairs well with Huck Norris?
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 I prefer Tacky Chan / Chris Hucker.
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That combo only works during Rush Hour
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 @getschwifty22: ⬆️ this is the winner
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 I have a sneaking suspicion that Schwalbe marketing dept comes up with a name then demands R&D to come up with a tire that fits the name. Case in point was the largest bike tire ever built, but only had one ride on it. The Loose Goose now sits in the Schwalbe museum as a relic gawked at by tourists.
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 What about Sendrick Lamar?
  • 9 1
 Or Spike Kazimer?
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 Reba McIntire.
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 @getschwifty22: “I’m gonna pretend you a man. A very beautiful man with a great body that I’d like to take to the movies with me.”
-Detective James Carter
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 We need the Muck Norris for the muddy condition tire.
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 @dstroud70: a cross-brand offering with RockShox?
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 @GoranNaVAjt: Did Kazimer downvote you? Wink
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 I heard these tires do all their own stunts
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 Tacky Tom would be more in line with convention, but I like Tacky Chan and hope they actually use "Loose Springsteen" next.
  • 7 2
 It’s just silly. But it’s a great way to get everyone talking about your new tire!
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 If a Loose Springsteen tire gets produced I will run it on all my bikes.
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 Actually, when pronounced with a German accent, the alliteration is pretty much there.
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I love you man, don’t change for anyone!
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 Its got the kung fu grip
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 I'd rep a tire that just said straight up: "JACKIE CHAN" on the side. Jackie's a badass!
Plus, people would assume I do stunts.
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 A quick Google search later I discovered there is a Massachusetts state representative who is actually named Tackey Chan.
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 Thank you for your efforts on this file.
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 did you inform him his tyres are ready?
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 I remember when we all thought ass-guy was a bad name for a tire, but now it might be one of the top go-to tires out there.
  • 9 0
 More of a butt man myself.
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 Maybe a bad name for a front tire,but perfectly adequate for a rear tire.
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 Good ole ass-dissector combo
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 I was in that crowd and now a true believer
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 Tyre rewards knowing (and hitting) your line. Ah well, it was looking so good up until that point!

Props for the Ultra Soft trail casing though. Conti and Schwalbe have really missed out on that one to Maxxis for a long time
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 Props to YOU for being the first comment in the ranks to talk about the product itself and not the name. (For the record, I don't dislike the tire puns, just wanted to see what others thought about the product itself and had to scroll a surprisingly long way...)
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 "Now I'm just waiting for the Shreddy Vedder, Michael Sipe, and Loose Springsteen models to be announced"

*Schwalbe product team frantically taking notes* - "Yeah, those are awful ideas....give us some more terrible ideas we would never put into production..."
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 "Shreddy Vedder" - love it! lol
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 Huh, figured you would have included Jimmy Sendtricks
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 Martin Brundle once remarked, "you always need to be on the right tires". He meant of course that in Formula 1 you can lose so much time in even one lap on the wrong tires, whether they are worn or the weather is changing, that you have to come in. This has stayed with me as I think there is a life lesson here. In Life, you always want to be in the right marriage and in the right job, and if you're not, you have to do something. Now I recently switched the rather worn Magic Marys on my DH bike for Continental Kryptotals, which have been great. And then I look at Rachel Atherton, and I see a woman who is loving life notwithstanding the challenges of parenting a toddler, surrounded by family and friends, and with Continental Atherton, almost certainly on the right tires, and getting fantastic race results. And I realize, all these things are all the same. Tires are life.
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 I give a “+1” for any formula one reference..
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 @Untgrad: There was of course, James Hunt, who apparently had an exchange with the BBC that went something like, "Would you say that tires are very important at this track?"
"Oh yes they are tremendously important."
"And how is that?"
"Well you see they keep the car off the ground."
I still remember Hunt using the N-word, as part of some old English expression, while commenting with Murray Walker. That was probably in 1991 when you already knew it wasn't something to say. I bet he got told not to do it again.

About the actual tires though, I am interested that people have commented that at least the Magic Marys seem to wear fast. I have pretty much the exact same number of park laps on my DH bike as my son had on his Maxxis shod enduro bike, plus he has all the trail rides where I used my trail bike. His DHR/DHFs seem to have definitely lasted longer than my Marys which I replaced last year.
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..and there is your +1 sir
I’m running Specialized tires, and they work. I see them as the opposite of Schwalbe- good, not great, long lasting and cheap.
My favorite tires are a fresh set. In motocross, the pro “race” tires typically rely on their knob edge being fresh. And if you cut the leading side of the knobs to give them a new edge, the knob becomes weak and the tire doesn’t work.

There’s a lot of criticism of modern F1, but one thing I don’t miss is the “Old Guard”. Dickish, racist, and just sexist.
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 I just want a the Mary back in trail casing and it's 200gram lighter weight. Such a great tire. This looks pretty great as a rear option, but as I must match brands and don't want a 1300gram front tire for pedally rides, I'll probably never try one. Oh well!
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 Same here. Magic Mary is great, but I just couldn’t go with such a heavy tire!
  • 2 0
 Magic Mary Super Ground is available.
  • 3 0
 @JohSch: yeah, they aren't terrible, but the old evo was like sub900grm I think, which is half a pound lighter and as an amazing option for a climby bike. All this said, I mistakenly had an Assegai DD put on the front of my bike which is 1350gr so maybe I should just shut up, hahhahhahh
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 Rubber skinny rapids
Tred baron (they are German after all) - bad taste, sorry.
Honey I lost the skids
Treads (nuclear)
Bald weagle (after you know, Dave)
Donald jump
Winston downhill
Britney steers
Tom cruiser
Loamer Simpson
Brad grip
Snow rogan
Baby got track - sir drift a lot
Lord of the dings
King gnarles
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 Ok,Loamer Simpson is actually genius.
A+ effort.
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 While Jackie Chan’s career has been going strong for decades, every Schwalbe tire I’ve run has burned out after a couple big rides. They should hitch their wagon to Rob Schneider or someone equivalent.
  • 95 0
 Knob Schneider
  • 9 4
 Hey, hey, now! You just watch those words! Rob Schneider is one of THE greatest actors of his generation! I think you just may have to go back and watch The Animal to remind yourself of his talent! You can do it!
  • 12 1
 Sounds like your last time on a Schwalbe was on the original Hans Dampf. Things have changed since then.
  • 7 3
 Nobby Nick. They were so good for like 2 weeks
  • 4 1
 @sledMXer: Dude sucks and he's a local.
  • 10 1
 @blinglespeed: You wore out a nobby nic and are surprised?! That’s an XC tire. Super Gravity casing Magic Marys last me an entire year in the PNW and still have half the tread or more left.
  • 1 3

I had the same experience with Nobby Nic, but they didn't look worn out. So grippy and awesome for a short time and they just turned very slick and icy despite the knobs still being intact. Like there was a very thin grippy rubber layer and it was worn off of there and all that remained was the harder durometer base rubber.

I understand that this is how tires are made (multiple layers of increasingly harder durometer rubber from outside to inside) but it just seemed like it happened so quickly and the tires didn't look like they should be that slick yet.

I thought I was losing my mind and I finally had enough and tried fresh rubber and I kicked myself for waiting that long.
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 @speed10: you always give him the easy ones!
  • 2 1
 Nobby Nic is definitely in the trail category. Look at those side by side to a Racing Ralph or Aspen and you'll see a staggering difference. Nobby Nics are great tires around here. I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but the dirt isn't the same globally, and people do weigh different amounts. For our hardpack trails, and for my 155lbs, they're absolutely astonishingly good tires.
  • 2 0
 @sherbet: They're fine light trail/XC tires, but they're awful for aggressive riding.
  • 2 1
 @dualsuspensiondave: I disagree.
I ran a Magic Mary/Knobby Nic combo for a year of very aggressive riding here in the jank of northern NM. It works very well in extreme hardpack and rocks where knobs don't even begin to penetrate. Here, contact patch is king.
I'm sure they would be less better on softer trails (aka, dirt) where a deeper tread block works better.
  • 1 1
 @roxtar: Must be your riding style. They didn’t last 5 miles when I lived in the Midwest.
  • 2 0
 @dualsuspensiondave: How is it possible to wear out a tire in MW dirt faster than on New Mexico rocks/hardpack?
I race enduro and my "riding style" has been described like George Foreman's boxing style - None-plow through blindly with force Smile .

Or was this the older versions, before the "Super" series of compounds? The earlier versions did wear horribly.
  • 6 1
 No concerns about the price? At $200+ USD for a pair I'm wondering what happened to reasonable tire prices? Maybe it is time to carry 2 sets of tires so you can ride the cheap or worn out tires to the top of the hill then put on the $$$ sticky tire for the downhill.
  • 2 0
 I've been buying Schwalbe's from Merlin Cycles for $40-60 for years but I can't reliably find Maxxis or Conti for less than ~$80
  • 3 0
 I recall paying over $200 CAD for two minions well over a decade ago. Tires have been expensive as f*ck for ages dude.
  • 6 0
 Name is fantastic! I’ve had a few old fashions though, so my judgement may be a bit off right now.
  • 5 1
 Hopefully this will be the start of properly soft tyres in lighter casings across their lineup. I rate the Magic Mary tread pattern up front, but don't want to pedal a DH casing.
  • 13 0
 They’ve had the ultrasoft super trail MM for like 2 years
  • 1 0
 @norcalbike: that is awesome and surprisingly long lasting in my experience
  • 3 0
 On the flip side, I also hope they give us soft compound DH casing tires
  • 3 0
 @nicoenduro: also my experience. And can take a decent beating short of really rocky jank or bike park. Fairly supportive for a trail casing as well. The new Schwalbes absolutely for toe to toe with Maxxis or Continental.
  • 3 0
 @norcalbike: agreed and for me in Europe a no brained as they’re always 10 to 20/25€ cheaper than maxxis or continentals ( although I sneaked a Xynotal enduro for 37€ made in Germany which is pretty great )
  • 1 0
 Wellp I just took down a Big Betty on the front for my Enduro, 29x2,6 1700g of weight. I could not get why my bike actual was that heavy. 17,6kg with both BB
  • 2 1
 @Serpentras: stop running a 2.6 clown tires lol. The 2.4 is great
  • 6 0
 I want to put Tacky Chans on my XC bike just because of the name
  • 5 0
 Even if they were reviewed as the worst tyre ever, id still buy them for that name
  • 2 0
 Looked in some other reviews how the ultra soft compound looks after one day in a bike park on the rear. Fast rolling, great braking traction, mud clearance, relatively small central knobs - this tyre is not build for durability, the center pattern will tend to wear down very quickly. However think that it will be a good match for a rolling friendly set-up with Nobby Nic. P.S. Looks very similar to Conti's discontinued Baron
  • 5 0
 Arnold Schralpenegger inbound.
  • 3 1
 Something i will always reward Schwalbe for is offering skinwalls in ALL thier main tyres and offering them in the gravity casing instead of only offering them in a flimsy xc casing *cough* Maxxis
  • 2 0
 I bought a skinwall DHF and DHR II beginning of last season for the looks. both tires had numerous punctures and issues. The front one had a bubble that eventually popped completely exploding it. The rear one is hanging on by like 3 plugs. never again.
  • 2 0
 I won the official Schwalbe name competition on the german forum mtb-news with my suggestion „Tirey McTireface“. I have to say I am a bit disappointed about the name choice Tacky Chan :/
  • 1 0
 Schwalbe couldn't use Loose Lee because theres a trail at the Bikepark Winterberg with that name. Guess who is the sponsor.

Besides, aren't we used to wierd Names on german brand tyres? Such a shame Continental stopped using names like The Kaiser or the Baron. I would have bought a new "count palatine" tyre. I also used to trigger the wife saying "i'm heading out for a threesome with Magic Mary and Big Betty".

@norcalbike: Yes, but they weren't available. At least i never got any. This year in april was the first time i could buy the MM super trail super soft in a german shop, and i had email notifications for availability active for a long time.
  • 1 0
 Having seen this tread pattern on DH world cup bikes for past 2 seasons - I'm glad it made it to production! Sometimes I feel that companies don't see specialized world cup level products as a viable product for the average rider - and then never release them.

It seems like a fast rolling Big Betty. I have the BB on the rear of my DH wheelset and it does roll pretty slowly.

Interestingly too - I haven't seen the Big Betty on too many riders world cup bikes, except maybe once or twice. Amaury even used the E-bike "Eddy Current" one time!

This must be a lot better than just running the Magic Mary all the time as a rider for Schwalbe. That's all I've really seen teams running up until now
  • 3 0
 This name belongs to a Greek raper Wink
  • 15 0
 I hope that's a typo.
  • 4 0
 @DaveRobinson81: fking rapers should be castrated
  • 1 0
 I feel like the Schwalbes people love them or dont really get along with them. They have a much more flat center with large side knobs where maxxis and others are more uniformly round.
  • 1 0
 Not that I am offended, but I can see how this name can have a polarizing effect. Maybe the Tacky Jack or Tacky Jackie would have been a less controversial name. That said, I can't wait to get my hands on this new tire!
  • 3 1
 I see their marketing department has gone on a drunken power trip stemming from their mastery of puns.
  • 1 0
 I wonder if this is the famous Hunting Holly that was supposed to be released and they changed the name or another tyre
Anyway I don’t see anything wrong with the name
  • 4 1
 Is this the tyre that burst and ruined Danny Hart's run in Leogang?
  • 3 0
 I need a pair of of Shreddy Vedders for my 90's Fat Chance resto-mod!
  • 3 0
 while listening to alice in chains dirt album
  • 1 0
 @funkzander: I have an AIC tattoo. I'm also ready to Soundgarden through the rock garden.
  • 4 1
 Is this the tyre that blew off Danny harts front wheel?
  • 4 0
 I wondered the same thing. Should be called The Dannys Dangler
  • 2 0
 @betsie: The Danny Detacher
  • 1 0
 @tommyriddle: The Danny Dep-hart
  • 1 0
 "it requires an attentive, confident rider" FFS Pierron is in a fuggin neck brace rn. How much more "attentive" does a rider have to be than him?
  • 1 0
 "one of my current favorite trails requires almost constant heavy braking to keep speeds in check"

I'm very curious what trail he's got in mind.
  • 2 1
 Let's hope it does not take RockShox 3 years of development for that new Boxxer. That would be 2025 then.
  • 4 0
 Let's hope it's brief.
  • 1 0
 The rumors swirling are sometime in July. And maybe a new Vivid air later in the summer too
  • 3 3
 I still don't know what this tyre is for?

Worse than a dhr 2 so you'd pick an assegai surely?

Is it a mary for the dry or what?
  • 2 0
 This isn't competing with DHR2, they have Big Betty for that. Think Dissector. Specialized Eliminator comes to mind too.
  • 1 0
 @AndrewHornor: Nah DH racers wouldn't run a dissector unless in the rear on very clam tracks. Assegai is the goat for the dry. Mary in the Wet.
  • 1 0
 @Jordmackay: the Dissector is Troy Brosnan's signature tire but I'm confident he only uses it on "Tacky" dirt. This tire seems to occupy the same niche, finding 1/10ths in hero conditions via reduced rolling resistance
  • 1 0
 @AndrewHornor: Troy ran DHR2 exclusively but has used Assegai front of late in the dry
  • 1 0
 @professed: He ran DHR II / Dissector at Crankworx in Cairns which is a reasonably dry hard pack downhill course.
  • 1 0
 @mikekazimer do you inflate to the max psi and let them sit overnight, then lower to your riding pressure and then measure?
  • 1 0
 As with adult films, the best part of Schwalbe tires is the clever(ish) names.
  • 2 0
 i want a Dirt Diggler
  • 1 0
 @funkzander: I think Primo (BMX) made those back in the early 2000's
  • 2 0
 Definitely a tacky name.....
  • 1 0
 If I put a Huck Norris in a Tacky Chan, I bet there would be a great fight.
  • 1 0
 The FloNuff up front and Loose Lee-roy on the rear would crush! I'm ShoNuff!
  • 2 0
 I think Jacky Chan needs 26" tire sizes!
  • 1 0
 100usd for bicycle tires. Shouldn’t have to wait for specials to afford rubber. Ripoff.
  • 3 2
 Are these the tires coming off in WC DH runs?
  • 4 2
 No 27.5 ST, no dice.
  • 1 1
 as a lifetime Pearl Jam fan...i want a Shreddy Vedder. as physicist, the Eddy Current is still my fav. name for ANYTHING.
  • 1 0
 Nothing a little primer won't take care of
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 Just wait till my Loose Lee comes out, should pare nicely with this tire
  • 2 1
 Spec cannibal was race born as well and it's half the price!
  • 2 1
 3 years of development to make a DHR2?
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 "Ahh sewww Tacky Chan greep real good GI Joe, sticky like honorable ancestors sesame chicken." DUH stupid f*cking name.
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 The name is the best part of this tire tbh
  • 1 0
 Still waiting on the Franz Damf to accompany the Hanz
  • 1 0
 How about “Corner McDavid” for us hockey crazed Canadians!
  • 1 0
 Need to be paired with a TackGuyver tire.
  • 1 0
 Can't wait to try!
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 The name lol Razz
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 Pointless to alternate the center tread pattern like that.
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 Fuck autopilot tires !
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