Transition Issues Voluntary Recall of TR11 Alloy Frames

Jul 11, 2023 at 12:07
by Mike Kazimer  

Transition has announced a voluntary recall of certain TR11 Alloy models due to a heat treating issue on the chainstay yoke that could potentially cause frame failures. Transition will be shipping replacement chainstays to customers and dealers within the next few weeks. In the meantime, riders with the affected frames are instructed to not ride their bikes due to safety concerns. The full statement from Transition is below.

Statement from Transition Bikes regarding the TR11 chainstay recall:

bigquotesTransition Bikes has become aware of a potential safety issue on some TR11 Alloy models and has decided to issue a voluntary recall to ensure rider's safety. In some cases, the metal of the chainstay yoke may not have been heated sufficiently during welding, which can lead to poor weld penetration and premature failure. We have seen a limited number of failures and no injuries have been reported thus far. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine which units are affected by visual inspection. Due to this, we are initiating a voluntary recall of TR11 Alloy framesets and complete bikes with serial numbers TBC4801XXX, TBC4802XXX, and TBC4803XXX.

As riders ourselves, safety is our number one priority, we ask that anyone with one of these potentially affected frames/bikes stop riding it immediately. We are working to have replacement pieces built, tested, and sent out immediately. We will be shipping replacement chainstays to dealers and customers within the next few weeks. We understand that this is prime bike riding season, but please refrain from riding your TR11 if yours is in the affected serial number range. We will have you back on the trails in just a few weeks. If you have any questions, or concerns, please reach out to Transition Bikes via email at

Thank you!
Transition Bikes


USA and Canadian Customers:

If you have a local Transition Bike dealer, please reach out to them for assistance. The replacement chainstay will be shipped and installed at no cost to you. If you purchased the bike directly, do not have an authorized Transition dealer nearby, or would like to handle the replacement yourself, please follow THIS link, and we will get you taken care of right away.

International Customers:

If you live outside the USA or Canada, we would ask that you work with your local distributor or dealer from whom you purchased the bike to help handle getting the replacement for you. This will be the fastest solution for you. The replacement chainstay will be shipped and installed at no cost to you. Follow THIS link to find our distributor list.

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 Hey everyone, while we are incredibly bummed to ask our customers to stop riding their alloy TR11’s, we want to make sure every precaution is taken to prevent injury. We have always strived to make bikes that can and should be ridden hard, and in the rare case of an issue like this, we have your back. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at
Much love!
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 I don't even own a Transition. Can you send me a new one?
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 @JonnyTheWeasel: Excellent weaseling there Jonny
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flag hamncheez (Jul 11, 2023 at 13:36) (Below Threshold)
 When you ship out a new chainstay yoke thats been properly heat treated, do I have to weld it on myself?
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 It happens! I haven't had a transition since a BottleRocket but you guys seem like stand up folks.
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 I must say I've had a few Transitions in the household now and any time there are any little issues Transition's service has been awesome! Thanks guys, keep up the good work!!
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 You have had great support in the past with warranty of frames. I appreciate your dedication to warranty and this recall.
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 What a contrast to Rocky Mountain!! The clearcoat is peeling off my new Altitude frame at the headtube and the warranty has been disallowed. Apparently it was somehow caused by the Ridewrap even though the peeling emanated from the head tube and migrated towards the Ridewrap and the spreading has actually been stopped by the RideWrap.
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 Best customer service, cracked a rocker link on Saturday, new one will be here on Friday. We have a house full of Transition's!
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 Bring back the Double and Throttle!!
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Throttle the name of their first full power ebike??
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 @hamncheez: ha, should have been. Was their aggressive carbon hardtail,3/Transition/Throttle-GX,21642

Nothing really like it now expect maybe the SC chameleon which I have no interest in
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 Seems like a lot of bikes break nowadays but when I warrantied my tr11 a few months ago it only took 2 days for them to get me a new one (granted I live in Bellingham). Regardless of the warranty issues they are always diligent about righting their wrongs and that’s why my next bike will be a tr as well.
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 I just had a chainstay break at speed in a berm at that very same weld spot on a different kind of bike, it's quite exhilarating and everyone should try it from time to time.
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 @rickybobby19: I've cracked more than one chainstay right at that spot too, on the drive side.

The compression from pedaling, then the extension from hitting things puts lots of stress on the aluminum right there.
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 Could you guys get a hold of specialized and let them know this is how to build brand loyalty? Love you guys!!
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 @stuie321: Rocky Mountain sound like they provide a similar type of warranty to Orbea... ie non-existent.

My Rallon cracked along a join ply under the skid plate and they fail it was due to misuse! Only had the bike 6 months and it cost £6000! Bye-bye Orbea
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 I hate when the yoke cracks
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 Absolutely gutted to hear this! I was meant to be taking mine to the alps at the end of the month. I've no idea what to do now!
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 @dave82c: Ride it.
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: love the throttle. Perfect pumptrack, dj bike, extra trail bike for someone who usually rides 29 long travel bikes.
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 @LiveFreeorDie: I found a very faint crack in my Levo’s headtube while I was regreasing it. I took a couple of pictures, sent them to Rider Care and my LBS and they warrantied the frame no questions asked. They swapped the entire bike since that was cheaper than moving everything to a new frame.
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 @marvintheandroid: orbea is the worst brand I’ve ever dealt with. Non existent support in the US.
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 @suspended-flesh: still hope you have that laying around. Wish my dirtbag frame was hanging in my garage
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 I still have my BottleRocket V3. Set it up for my kid. He might weigh 65lb he’s on a 35lb bike (bahahahahahah)
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 @bulletbassman: I've been keeping an eye out for small sized throttle, based on my search I suspect they made about 3 of em.
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: I got the last warranty medium in existence according to them.
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: I would highly recommend a Vanquish if you can't find a Throttle. I can't say enough about mine.
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 I will gladly take a medium TR11 from anybody who thinks this is unforgivable
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 Commencal could never
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 I shouldn't be laughing at this given that I broke so many Supremes and got janked around by their warranty department so hard!
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 @skimtb1: Commencal has to be the most difficult people I've ever dealt with in terms of warranty
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 YT was a huge pain to deal with as well. The process is not perfect and humans are, well human. Good on Transition for making good on a mistake and owning it.
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I had zero issue across 3 bikes worth of stuff.
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 @Jer3myF: Very surprised to hear that. I had my stuff in and a warranty frame back in about a week. I was blown away at how dialed they wer to work with
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 @Jer3myF: I raise you Olivier Bossard and Tony Ellsworth.
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 @monsieurgage: Hold your judgement until the parts have actually been replaced. Issuing some text full of nice words and grand promises is the easy part. Actually following through and getting stuff to customers in a timely manner is hard.
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 @Ttimer: Transition maybe has the best warranty service in the industry. I know people who have bought 2nd bikes called them up and got helped out. When I had a warranty it was basically no questions asked. And they got me the frame within 2 weeks and just asked I sent the old one back AFTER I swapped the parts over.

They’ll do right.
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 @Ttimer: They have the best warranty in the business in all my experience. I cracked my TR11 frame, went on the Transition website to view my order, clicked the warranty button, uploaded a picture with a short description and I had a response and a shipping confirmation the same day. My replacement frame showed up in 3 days and I didn't miss a day on the bike. They stand behind their products and couldn't have made it any easier for a customer. There's no doubt they'll make good on this.
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 @bulletbassman: depending on the scale of the problem the reality of the situation is that Transition's frames are manufactured abroad like most others and some things are outside their control. I don't doubt their good intentions and I am not suggesting they don't perform above the industry average when it comes to warranty. But ultimately if it's not your on site team doing the welding it takes more than wanting to do the right thing and trying hard. Hopefully they already have a shipment of TR11s on the boat they can strip the rear triangles off of and send to customers while production catches up.
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 Stand up move right there. Too many companies are willing to just turn a blind eye. Props to Transition.
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 a mates 2018 patrol cracked at the seat tube/top tube junction. Hes the second owner and this was in 2021 and Transition sent him a replacement frame out to New Zealand.
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 Legends at Transition showing the scrooges of industry how to treat customers well.
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 But not how to heat treat welding.

Too soon?
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 @yourrealdad: Fuc ups in production happen to everyone sooner or later, admitting to it is a rare thing.
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 not locals!
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 So far they have only stated an intention to treat. Lets hope they can make good on this promise.
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flag gnarlysipes (Jul 12, 2023 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 Interesting there’s a theme of this sentiment here when the only reason they’re doing this is because they’ll be sued into oblivion if they don’t remedy the issue and the chain stay fails on someone. They’d be found negligent in court in a heartbeat.

People are failing to see the difference between a legitimate safety issue and user-caused failures or cosmetic issues.
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 Dear Nukeoroof..... Please read what transition have done.
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 Couldnt agree more. I broke 2021 Mega in half and I got politely canceled by their customer service
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 @zzan34: did you go through Chain Reaction? I had a small crack on my ISCG tab on my Giga and had a completely new frame sitting on my doorstep 2 weeks after shipping the frame across the pond.
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 @zzan34: chainreaction gave me a full refund for my 2019 Mega after the chainstay snapped last november without trouble
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 I like the way you treat people Transition Bikes.
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 but not metal Big Grin
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 This is how it should be handled. Kudos to Transition!
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 Transition are the bollocks xxx
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 For those of you down voting, this is UK slag for they are amazing.
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 @rich-2000: I was told not to say bollocks in my office because it is a bad work in the UK. We Americans truly don’t know anything.
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 @slayersxc17: its context

‘Bollocks’ = absolute rubbish
‘The bollocks’ = the best
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 @Lorieng: whaaaattt I've been using it all backward
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 You wouldn't think that a recall notice would do double duty as marketing material but this article has put Transition back on top of my next bike wish list. It’s very rare that a company goes out of their way to stand behind their product these days.
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 Now I know why they all disappeared off the website right before I was gonna pull the trigger. Way to own up to your mistakes though! This is why you have a loyal fan base!
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 Any transition owners having issues with the suspension linkages breaking? My buddies carbon Scout is on his third (!) warranty claim in the last 90 days because of the carbon delaminating around the suspension bearings causing them to come out. Transition and Rose bike in Orono ME have been great about it, but this is insane to me. The poor guys spent more time driving to and from the bike shop than he has actually riding it.
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 My sentinel is alloy but I did have the linkage issue last fall with a rockshox deluxe ultimate. Switched to a coil and haven't had a problem.
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 Half a dozen 2019+ transitions between me and my friends with a couple rides a week, no issues. Bummer for your buddy, haven’t heard of that problem.
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 I've seen this very issue on a Sentinel carbon link. Cracks were spreading from where the bearing was pressed in on the rocker link... Seems like a good chance to buy a baller Cascade link tho!
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 I've seen this very issue on a Sentinel carbon link. Cracks were spreading from where the bearing was pressed in on the rocker link... Seems like a good chance to buy a baller Cascade link tho!
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 Does your homie have a real torque wrench? Sounds like he's overtorquing the pivot bolts to ape spec.
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 Raced on a devo team supported by transition for a few years (2019-2020). Between about 15 riders, ive never seen so many bikes blow up. Carbon around bearings wallows out, multiple shock bolts snapping, lots of downtubes cracked from rocks popping up, and my bb housing fell out once because there wasn't enough glue. At least it was easy to glue it back lol. Great bikes but they are made of glass.
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 @stravaismyracecourse: bikes got less than 100 miles on it. He had no reason to even touch the pivots at all in the first place. All warranty reassembly was done via the lbs where it was purchased. something is clearly out of alignment or flexing more than it should and causing load where there shouldn't be.
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 @stravaismyracecourse: or the bearing and or bore are not to spec, or the backup support for the bearing isnt in spec so the link is flexing when tightened down.
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 @Ironchefjon: dude you absolutely need to be checking torque specs out of the box and especially during the first couple hundred miles.
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 @bulletbassman: that's what the LBS is supposed to do. I'm gonna take a guess and say that 95% of people who purchase MTBs do not even own a torque wrench, let alone checking the torque specs on a new purchase. Very naive comment.
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 It's all that Penobscot mud he's slogging through.
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 @Ironchefjon: and every somewhat decent lbs will tell you to bring the bike back in for a check shortly after a tune up. But even then bike shops make mistakes it’s in you to make sure your equipment is up to spec.
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 @Lemmyschild: lol you got that right
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 @Ironchefjon: grew up in Alton, find that on a map, "the" bike ship in Old Town used to be in a dome kinda right near and behind the MacDonalds on Stillwater Ave.
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 @rclugnut: Many possibilities, but when problem solving, usually best to start with the easiest/most likely. Assembly error is way more likely than consistent production issues, especially if it has been assembled by the same shop every time.
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 @bulletbassman: my first ride was 1 mile into the trail sadly. I absolutely believe there is something badly aligned in the rear, because after the last bearing blowing out the side I went and hit the biggest jumps as fast and hard as I could, (was at MT Abram on big bermed downhill) and nothing creaked or broke any worse. I was fully intending to bring that bike back in pieces because this many problems in less than 70 miles is annoying. The fact the bearing was halfway out of its resting place and taking major hits tells me they have the geometry and spacing wrong from the factory.
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 @stravaismyracecourse: all the rear linkage is assembled at the factory, bike was 3/4 built when it arrived at the shop
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 @stravaismyracecourse: while I would normally agree, Ive been around the block heavily and Im very particular who I let touch my bike (so much it influences where I buy). The second failure we chaulked up to an unseen ripple from the first, but now that its #3 we are trying to dig deeper
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 @bulletbassman: Ill follow up to my comment since I cant edit it; hitting a jump as hard and fast as I could wasnt really anything all that impressive. tabletop type jumps with less than 3-4 feet of vertical air, no big drops. Ive gotten old and worry more about breaking myself!
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 I didn’t even know this model existed, now I want one! risky swingarm n all…
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 What about second hand owners?
  • 107 2
 Anyone with an alloy TR11 will be supported, please just follow the instructions based on your location and we'll get you sorted! And as always, anyone can reach out to us at with questions
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 honestly, id say just contact them. i had some manufacturing issues with my alloy spire i got second hand (misaligned trunnion), and they replaced it with a carbon frame for me because id of had to wait 3 months for an alloy replacement but they could get me carbon in 4 weeks!
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 @TransitionBikeCompany: props! More companies need to do this. There’s no greater anti advertisement than someone seeing a broken bike with your brand name on it, 2nd hand or otherwise.
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 @MartyMcfly2810: why im a customer for life, right here
  • 4 2
 @MartyMcfly2810: interesting....I have cracked my first Spire alu raw front triangle got a replacement one (only front triangle - but fast). But soon I found out that rear shock mounts are misaligned -> so another warranty case. That one took a while since they didn't have raw frames in stock....first they offered me orange triangle but was not acceptable for me with raw rear end. They refused to get me a whole frame or carbon one....only way was to wait a few months....waiting was prolonged two times....but then after some talk they finally found/received Raw frameset for me (4 months of total waiting time - not happy with procedure of second warranty case). This one (3rd frame) is now aligned and still without cracks - will see how long it will hold.
*also seatstays cracks on Spire at brake mount
I am surprised how so heavy frame (4kg without shock in size XL) couldn't withstand one full season.
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 @TransitionBikeCompany: I hope the rest of the industry is watching. This is how to look after customers and ensure they stay with the brand. I will be sticking Transition onto my shopping list for my next bike as a result of seeing how this is handled, well done.
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 Bummer for folks who have them, but it's great to see a company do this. Definitely increased the chances that my next bike is a Transition.
  • 7 4
 Stand up move by transition, most companies like @commencalbikes just pretend nothing is wrong when all their bikes start breaking exactly the same way in all parts of the world
  • 2 0
 My patrol alloy is the only bike that hasnt broken on me, also the bearings are still mint and they are the original bearings and I ride nearly 4 times a week…transition bikes are the best can’t wait to get a tr11 when this issue is sorted
2 of my mates broke their frames in the same spot, weird as the chainstay looks so similar to the patrols chainstay
  • 3 2
 Yeah Transition has great customer service. After dealing with them totally taking care of a minor issue I offered to order the person lunch or donate to a local trail org of their choosing. They respectfully declined and thanked me for the way I worked with them and my patience. One of the many lifetime Transition owners.
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 The first thing I think about with Transition is - great geometry. The second thing I think - questionable reliability. But that doesn't matter so much when they look after their customers, unlike Orbea.
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 Pinkbiker users: -buys a bulletproof park bike to beat up and survive park days-

Transition: -issues recall notice on said park bike just as bike park season comes around-
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 Good on them for warranty. That is how everyone should do it.
Try getting a Small Raspberry Red Scout Frame in the UK though! , I first pre ordered one in Nov 2022 after being told would probably arrive with distributor end of Jan 23 and lbs shop said April ... I waited ....April came along lbs didn't have any, they didn't get much info from Transition either, I emailed distributor in UK..and was told, expecting them towards the end of year at earliest. Unfortunately had to cancel my order. I'm patient but wasn't going to wait a year, maybe more for a frame. I get they are popular but to keep pushing/advertising pre orders with such long/vague lead times is not the best
  • 1 0
 I’d never hesitate to buy a transition. They took care of me when they didn’t need to. Bought a used alloy Spire, realized about 4 months later that the lower shock mount was welded about 3mm out of spec causing premature wear on the shock. They could have told me to kick rocks since I bought used. They instead sent me a new front triangle. They are stand up people and do what they can to keep you as a customer.
  • 1 0
 Props to @TransitionBikeCompany for taking a proactive approach. I've had nothing but great customer service experiences with the folks at Transition. They have always been fast to respond, beyond fair in what they have replaced (at zero cost to me), and always did everything they could to expedite shipping to NH so I'm not left without a bike. Not to mention a free hat and t-shirt along the way! Cheers Transition and a special thank you to Dillon T & Ryan F. for your help with my claims. You guys were both great to work with.
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 So many companies won’t do this. This is great
  • 4 0
 Didnt the old TR11 have an issue in the exact same spot?
  • 3 1
 The only frame I have ever broken was a TR450... Cracked the front triangle then a few months later rear chain stays blew up on both sides...
  • 2 0
 Saw a broken one on IG then this a week later. Nice to see they are on top of it. I've got three transitions currently, two alloy (spire and scout), and love them all dearly.
  • 1 0
 I’ve got two Transitions. Both cracked, but still riding them as they are out of warranty and I can’t afford to replace them. The cracks look pretty stable though! Fingers crossed….
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 Common Transition W
  • 2 1
 Refreshing to not see a company claiming that all the effected bikes were accidentally built with prototype yokes. Props Transition
  • 1 0
 I have 2 Transition bikes at the moment. Back in 2013 the chainstay broke on my Alloy Covert & Transition promptly sent me a whole new frame! They are def great company!
  • 1 0
 Great job Transition. Owning up to your mistakes and making it right is very noble. Maybe YT should've done the same.....most recently with the Capra Shred.
  • 1 0
 My 2001 Norco Shore 1 cracked in same area, no official recall but they sent my lbs a replacement chainstay.
  • 2 1
 Straight up, Transition has the best customer service. First hand experience.
  • 1 2
 I got my notice on day 2 of 5 at whistler. Of course I didn't ride at all after that, and if did, allegedly, I definitely didn't bag a line on it. I was on my spire... yeah...
  • 1 0
 "I'm not here to talk about my transition! I'm here to kick some #&@%ing ass!"
  • 1 0
 Dear Marin, I’ve broken my rift zone in that same spot two times in the last two years.
  • 1 3
 No doubt that TR have a good actitude and policy in many bike areas but they have done a huge bad choice essentially to a ebike owner and it was to choose a shimano motor that dont assist their motor outside warranty time ,2 years.This is the oposite of TR pollicy for treat well and loyalty to their clients.I They are not 300$€£ bikes made to last two yeras ,indeed 300$ bikes lasts twenty years.Its because of that i didnt bought a repeater .Fazua its no also a a good choice in the Relay with 430w battery for enduro bikes.Its only the opinion of a water drop.
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 Thank you Transition, for being transparent, honest and keeping riders safe when an issue comes up. Other bike brands should take note.
  • 1 0
 Glad I have a carbon TR11!
  • 4 3
 Good on you, Transition. This is how it's done.
  • 1 0
 How’d the race team make it down the VDS track?
  • 1 0
 Ha. @astonmtb just posted a story showing a snapped one of these
  • 1 0
 Looks like they did a stop sale on them as well
  • 1 0
 Turned the ‘OOPS’ up to 11
  • 1 1
 Transition doing Transition things. Way to go guys! This is how its done.
  • 2 5
 People that swear by metal frames and talk smack about carbon frames seem oddly quiet here.
  • 7 0
 Well, there was obviously a mistake in production. And the defective parts could now be recycled.

What about the recyclability of carbon frames, has there been a breakthrough?
  • 6 9
 Put some in frame storage and spec your bikes with xt and I'll buy one
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