Video: Course Preview with Gee Atherton - Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019

Sep 5, 2019 at 23:13
by Mike Kazimer  

Ride along with Gee Atherton as he tackles the multi-faceted Snowshoe downhill track.

Video: Red Bull


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 this is a proper course preview. Really enjoy the commentary from gee while he rides. its incredible
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 Yeah best helmet cam commentary so far in my opinion. Fantastic stuff Gee!
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 @WAKIdesigns: I agree. He’s done a great job taking over the previews.
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 Gee is so much better than Claudio. Commentary and riding. Great job Gee
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 @no1000: blasphemy!!!
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 Gee is the best course previewer ever. Good pace and still manages to give so much details on the track.
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flag SevenW (Sep 6, 2019 at 0:51) (Below Threshold)
 There's only one to be named as THE BEST ever and that's Claudio ;-)
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flag pittman9 (Sep 6, 2019 at 6:29) (Below Threshold)
 No love for Claudio? Both Gee and Claudio are great, but I liked Claudio’s style a bit more
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 @pittman9: I don’t think it’s a case of “no love” for Claudio, I thought he was brilliant at the time and was always good for a laugh, but let’s face it, his insights weren’t the best, like all things, time moves on and there is no doubt about it, Gee gives a far better insight of the tracks. Personally I’d love to see both Claudio and Gee doing a track run in their own ways, Claudio’s for a laugh and to see and Gees for the full insight of the track
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 "cant talk, i have no idea what im doing" as he plows down the hill. awesome rider and awesome track!
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 I wish I could do the "I have no idea what I am doing" as well as Gee... Mine usually end up in a tree or hitting the deck at 0 speed Smile
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 I wonder if Greg Minnaar and Gee sometimes just get together for a beer and laugh about what legends they are.
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 Gee doesn't drink beer, only the blood of the fallen, and he is not programmed to laugh only ride. (just kidding Gee :- )
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 Gee A.i.therton
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 @locoola: but true hahaha!
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 Greg, greg, Oh God... Greg, listen Greg! You can't puke next to the toilet! It's mys sisters toilet and her bathroom rag... don't get your sick on her rag, she'll kill me... Aim for the toilet Greg... remember Greg, you are a legend! And legends, oh God... listen listen... my brother told me... Legends... blurp...legends don't leave their sick for rats to eat! It has to go down... Or something like that, oh god blurp! My turn Greg! Out of the way Greg! Let me buy a buick in her toilet Greg! What are you two doing in there! This is fokin mental! My rag! - Gee did it! - oh fk you Greg!
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 Dan Atherton would come with SO much blow it wouldn't even be funny--we need a Pinkbike Techno party sometime. Lets all do it at Rampage this year
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 You gotta love Gee's previews. I think there's probably alot on that course that'll suit him - hoping for a top 10 for him this weekend, come on gee!!!
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 Gee is such a class act, always one of my favorites to watch. Good luck to everyone on Sunday!
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 Pretty sure its tomorrow (Saturday) boyo
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 Usually, the rear facing camera view gets negative comments but in this case, it shows Gee getting thrown about on the rocks. Considering how strong all these riders are, those must be some brutal, big square edges!
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 Missed a good opportunity to do a superman flip on that first booter as rampage practice. #justsaying Smile
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 Its amazing how he can ride this brand new track and a speed most could never ride at, while talking the ENTIRE way. You can tell its a brutal track because Gee is actually breathing a little bit hard at the end. for an "old guy" on the circuit he seems to be one of the most fit, more so than most of the young guys.
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 'some chill step downs' #icecool
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 The East Coast Rocks!!!!!!!!
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 "...little bit of a sender..." After a big wash-dab moment.
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 Doesn't look easy or flowy. I think he got caught up and stalled a few times. However,In terms of viewer entertainment it's probably as good as any other track.
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 I'll be watching that again a few times.
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 That first big jump looks like it will be cut on the right to have a more direct line and less airtime.
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 When you look at the preview from Remy Thirion (, that's exactly what they will do Smile
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 Why don’t they just tape it so they can’t cut it to the side?....
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 @sooner518: since you need to have a rollable line for e.g. juniors.
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 I really enjoy these videos. Whoever processes them needs to ease waaaay back on the compression though. Or just give him whatever camera Minnaar is using.
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 Check Vital Raw video. There he is shredding down the hill while talking with foot out... Smile
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 Gee is following the whole mtnb community, no fun no humor just training and seriousness. If it weren't for Rob Warner this could get real ugly, I'm talking Soccer TV announcer boring now!!!! What I'm saying is, Claudio were more entertaining, my GF even watched it back then.
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 Gee's previews are class! Top fuckin man Gee Bey!
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 Gee he’s good
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 You see and hear his confident and yet humble sides in one run; by far the best DH POV previewer imo.
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 What an advertisement for his bike—that thing didn't make a sound. Check please!
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 Slow technical section for days in to a brutal flat pedal sprint.
How fit do you have to be to race this coarse?
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 Gee is absolutely fantastic at this! Great job having him do this stuff RedBull and best of luck to you this weekend Gee!
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 Big fan of Gee's previews, we know he knows.
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 Those rocks look scary.
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 Love the GeeCam
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 "it's going to be wild"

Good luck Gee!
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 Quality as always. Good luck Gee.
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 Track and commentary are amazing.
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 Geethus Cwithe!!
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 Gee’s a Beast
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