Video: Meet Kiran MacKinnon, Santa Cruz's Human Suspension Dyno

Nov 21, 2022 at 11:21
by Mike Kazimer  

bigquotesKiran MacKinnon is a human dyno. When Santa Cruz Bicycles needs to test, experiment and validate suspension then Kiran is the one of the main people we call on to do that work. Not only is he an extremely talented bike rider and incredibly knowledgeable about suspension, but he can actually interpret and translate what he's feeling in a way that he can communicate to the rest of the engineering team. This enables them to cross-reference the data they've collected with real life, on-trail experience to build better bikes and provide the right setup for our riders.

We're constantly refining our VPP suspension as well as the damping tunes shocks we spec on our bikes in order to make sure our bikes ride really, really good. This short film should give you some insight into the way we work and the people that do the work to make your rides better.
Santa Cruz Bicycles

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 I can figure out I left my suspension locked out halfway through the downhill, does that qualify me as a human suspension dyno?
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 My only goal on race day is to do each stage with my suspension open.

I usually have a 85% success rate...
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 @formerbmxguy: doing better than me.....I normally just suffer on the climbs with it unlocked intentionally so I don't forget.
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 Love how SC specs almost exclusively Fox forks, Rockshox shocks and no Reverb AXS on their top of the line ''AXS'' builds, yet that guy is running a ZEB/DHX2 combo along with a Reverb AXS.

Somebody must be trolling here.
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 Maybe they're considering it for a future product line? They probably first test, then release something new.
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 they offer axs posts on their top top tier builds - also axs reverb doesnt come in more than 170mm of drop.
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 That's his preference, but Fox most likely has a contract with SC, i'm sure they get huge rebates on contract pricing for bulk orders.
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 Hell yeah -- from shop sweep to human dyno, bigups Kiran!!!
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 Also, strange observation; auto play isn't a factor here...
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 "What's your job? What's your title?"
"I don't know."
I love this. Sounds about right for that company.
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 Universities and Colleges do not like this.
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 Cool story. Dream job no doubt.
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 His suspension looks like it truly works perfect on that bike in the video.
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 Does anyone know if you can buy a aftermarket shock with a Santa Cruz frame specific tune?
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 Fox can change tune to match what comes on a santa cruz
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 Check out Push industries
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 Fast Suspension Fenix and/or EXT Storia/Arma
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 Re-world testing trumps all! Keep up the great work towards working to suspension nirvana
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 Sounds like Jordi and Kiran get along well Blank Stare
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 I guess he likes the new ZEB Big Grin
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 New shed broom is to afix a broom head to a DC fork tube.
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 This was magnificent

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