January 2018 - Good Month or Bad Month?

Jan 31, 2018 at 17:54
by Mike Levy  

The Outliers

God Bless the Crazy Ones

If you're anything like me, you probably just go to the store, or maybe the internet, when you need something, and especially if you're in the market for a new suspension fork or downhill bike. Make my own? I can barely make a bowl of cereal for dinner, thank you very much. But there are folks out there who do have the drive and know-how to not just make dinner, but also a wild, single-sided suspension fork and an even more impressive downhill frame. Miloš Musil, a long time Pinkbiker from the Czech Republic, built his MM LSD fork using parts from Suntour, RockShox, Enduro, and even Cannondale, along with a bunch of homemade carbon fiber. Canadian Jean-François Boivin was even more ambitious with his self-designed, carbon fiber Insolent downhill bike that sees its homemade shock located inside of the top tube and an Effigear gearbox.
MM USD fork. Photo by Milo Musil.
Is it better? No idea, but it sure looks cool.

The MM LSD fork and Insolent downhill bike are interesting, but one has to also ask, why? I mean, you can choose from any number of production forks and frames out there, so why bother? The answer is because Musil and Boivin could, which is the noblest reason of all. There's no real marketing agenda, no propaganda, and no plans to get rich; instead, they simply made the product they wanted to have.

DVO Suspension

Giant Factory Off-Road Team + DVO

Most of us can spot that DVO green from a mile away, but while the company's forks and shocks are an exciting addition to the big players that we're all used to seeing, they've waited until now to jump into a top EWS and World Cup outfit. ''The relationship we have this year with the Giant Factory Off-Road Team is special because we are really focused 100 percent with Giant and their off-road program,'' DVO founder Bryson Martin said about the partnership. ''From XC to enduro to downhill, all we do is focus on the team—making the best suspension for the team guys and specifically for each bike model and segment.''

We'll see green on Giant's cross-country, enduro, and downhill team bikes, and I'd be surprised if our race photographers didn't spot some new developments in the pits during the 2018 race season.
Josh Carlson and Mckay Vezina will contend the complete Enduro World Series on their DVO-equipped Reign Advanced race bikes.
Giant goes green with DVO suspension on their team bikes.

Sam Pilgrim

Sam Signs with Haibike... to Ride E-Bikes

I almost put this one in the 'Bad Month' section, but then I looked at it objectively and thought otherwise. Here's the thing: for as good of a rider as Sam is - and he's very, very good - the guy probably isn't going to win a Crankworx event these days. Not with the likes of Rheeder, Semunuk, and Rogatkin doing their thing. But Sam has a huge online following and about a zillion fans, so he's obviously worth something to a brand money-wise, and he's also smart enough to see the writing on the wall when it comes to battery-powered bikes. That is, they're coming regardless of how much we (and I) moan about them. Pinkbike is still treading lightly when it comes to e-bikes, but I'd argue that Sam has made a forward-thinking, and likely correct, call when it comes to a type of career that's very often short-lived and riddled with injuries.

More power to you, Sam.
Vroom vroom!



The Dub Flub

If there's one fact that I've learned in the last twenty-something years of riding, it's that us mountain bikers don't much like change when it comes to so-called standards. That's especially true when decimal points and bottom bracket dimension are involved, which is a sure-fire way to start a fast-moving brush fire pushed on by the winds of hate in the comment section. Aaaaand that's pretty much what happened when SRAM introduced their DUB bottom bracket setup recently.

So, there are some good reasons for DUB, including less confusion over what fits what, sealing and (claimed) improved durability, as well as simplicity. I can get behind all of that as long as it pans out, but I'd argue that SRAM might have mishandled the release of DUB.
No, it's not 29mm. It's 28.99mm.

Here's what I would have done: nothing. Seriously, I wouldn't have even mentioned the bottom bracket and spindle changes to you guys if I was SRAM because, as we saw, the fully warranted weariness about this stuff will only generate anger, even if there are solid reasons for the change. Instead, I would have simply let DUB happen, probably without calling it anything. That tactic that would have eventually seen consumers and shops benefit and appreciate the change, just so long as the claims pan out in the long run. Anyway, our own Vernon Felton waded in to see what's up with DUB, so check that out if you want to learn more.

American Classic

Legendary Brand Closes Shop After 35 Years

American Classic was never in the Cool Kids Club when it comes to mountain bike companies, but founder Bill Shook came up with some interesting products over the thirty-five years they were in business. That came to an end recently when they closed their factory doors in Taichung, with forty workers in Taiwan and the United States being given severance pay and let go. ''Their demise is being described as a “cash flow” issue,'' Vernon Felton wrote a few weeks ago when the news broke. ''The brand experienced declining sales in 2016, hoped to bolster things with OE sales and when that didn’t materialize, the funds weren’t there to keep things rolling.''

According to Bicycle Retailer and Industry News, American Classic is currently in negotiations to sell its trademarks and other intellectual property. That means we still might see the name, and maybe even Mr. Shook himself with some fresh ideas.
American Classic 2017
Will we see American Classic again? I hope so.


National Security Concerns Over a Fitness App

A lot of us bitch about Strava lines and Strava-ssholes, but it turns out that the US military has a far more legit concern: soldiers using Strava while working out have been uploading their efforts online. That wouldn't be a bad thing, but there's a host of somewhat secretive US military bases that have now been showing up on Strava thanks to their Heat Map feature. Even if the locations of these bases were known to other countries, I bet the Department of Defense isn't all that happy right now, especially because it's not like the data is anonymous - there are names attached to those little avatars.

I don't imagine that any rogue nations will be using Strava's data to do anything that nefarious, but it does raise a whole bunch of legit concerns that carry a lot more weight than the last Strava-sshole who just had to cut that one tricky corner. You're still a jerk, though.
Strava Heat Map
''What's your fastest time to the nuke silo?''


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 why does Sam Pilgrim get this much exposure on PB? sorry can downvote me all you want, but he is only interesting for 12 year old Youtube kids and not for Mountainbiker.
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 He was interesting when he was competing
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 If Sam had a Zillion fans before signing, I'd say he's down to something south of that.... say 3/4 zillion. I'm still a fan... even though I am not a fan of e bikes. the gap between his teeth rides better than me.
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 He has one the FMB overall and a fucktone of evemnts that properly makes him interesting to mountain bikers.......
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 He was FMB champ only a few years ago and is a cool guy - he has a lot of cool toys and lives a life most of us can only dream of. He's just either not been able to or not wanted to keep up with slopestyle as the standard has been turned up to 12.
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 He has so many fans because he cares about them. He makes you feel like a close friend when you watch his videos. It reminds you of riding bikes for fun and not all the bullshit involved these days with it. He comes across as a normal person and shows you his thought processes when it comes to riding. He doesn’t care about what’s cool or not in the world and brands are worth nothing to him unless they are actually fun to ride. It’s all about fun and nothing else. I wish there were more like him in the world of mountain biking and he deserves every bit of publicity he gets on here and more.
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 as a 12 year old youtube kid i find that extremely offensive 13 year old youtube kids are just as bad
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 @Paul7189: Yes!
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 @Dan278 Maybe you can help us solve the real MTB puzzle, why do german brands seem eager to throw money into Richie Schley's hands?
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 Downvote me as well, but I like Sam Pilgrim. I enjoy his attitude and his videos!
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 Im 30 and he's still my hero
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flag nojzilla (Feb 1, 2018 at 21:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Dan278 THIS!! An how many of those little kid you tube fans are gonna go out an buy an mobilitE bike....
PB talking about short lived careers as pro slope riders, well.... Gonna be a lot shorter now he's left a reputable, respected company to ride for an 'who the FK?' ugly mobilitE company an Pretty much ruined any marketability he had as a brand.
Dictionary definition of a sellout
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 At what point did sam become a sellout? What makes cam zink, bearclaw, aggy or any other epic rider not a sellout? Business is business. Just cause you don't have the opportunity or skill level to ride at or with the worlds best. Are you a sellout as soon as you ride sponsored or just when people don't like who you ride for? Go Sam you bloody legend! @nojzilla:
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flag nojzilla (Feb 1, 2018 at 22:25) (Below Threshold)
 @gerigtuning: leaving a respected company to ride for more money for a company that more than likely may not be beneficial to mtb trail access as a whole, for his own personal benefit.....
Like I said
Dictionary definition of sellout
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flag nojzilla (Feb 1, 2018 at 22:28) (Below Threshold)
 @gerigtuning: have you actually looked at haibikes......?
He left NS to ride those ugly pieces of shit.
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 That's not selling out man. It's business. Every other rider out there does it. Just cause you and the majority don't like his choice, doesn't change that's it's just business. Guys gotta make a living.
Is Martin sodastrom a sellout cause he left NS for a bigger paycheck at specialized? Pretty sure there are plenty of riders that have done the same. Danny macaskil? Can't ride for popularity upvotes and likes forever. @nojzilla:
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flag nojzilla (Feb 1, 2018 at 23:55) (Below Threshold)
 @gerigtuning: PLEASE re-read my statement. Did Soderstrom leave NS to ride for a company that could ultimaty be detrimental to trail access? Did Zink leave Hyper to ride for a company that could be detrimental to trail access etc etc..........
Sam is the dictionary Definition of selling OUT
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 Bad month for Sam Pilgrim...?
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 Being 36 and having kids myself, I find it very flattering to be in the same category as the 12 year old youtube kids. If you didn't mean it as a compliment, it does however make you look like one with a stick quite far up in your rear.

Sam Pilgrim gives zero f*cks about what is fashionable to like. He is having fun, and he makes me want to go have fun on my bike. He is super skilled, and carries an attitude that most people should be envious of.
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 @src248: he's made some pretty decent "how-to" videos as well. But now, he's in a different "sport"
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 @plyawn: Pilgs is a legend of the sport. A funny as f*ck, down to earth guy who loves bikes and spreads the love. Anyone who says anything bad about him can eat a bag of dicks.
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 Damn straight! @jaame:
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 @richsmithytfc: won by default. Boring
  • 2 0
 @weebleswobbles: won by default? Was there no one else in it that year?
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 @jaame: yes semenuk was in the forest digging and riding, rheeder was still healing from broken back, and soderstrom was out broken leg I believe
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 @weebleswobbles: you can only beat what's in front of you.
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 Well he diesnt whine as much as all the 12 year olds on pinkbike, so I guess that makes him a lot less 12 then most of pinkbike.
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 TIL people can't figure out how to change the Privacy setting on Strava. I did this day one, since I wasn't about to lead a bunch of strangers directly to my house.
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 Not only that, don't ever even record anywhere near your house! Problem solved!
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flag employee7 (Feb 1, 2018 at 12:36) (Below Threshold)
 @boxxerace: Why are you guys afraid of people knowing where you live? Does having a strava profile make you a better target for a criminal?
  • 65 5
 @employee7, yep. There are a few stories out there about thieves using Strava to figure out where riders live, and then stealing their bikes.
  • 43 26
 @mikekazimer: Does "a few stories" warrant living in fear of strangers? I don't believe this is statistically relevant. Don't live in fear man!!!
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 @mikekazimer: They keep stealing my g**damn KOMs, too!
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 Apparently, you cant turn off the Strava heat map function. No matter what private settings you select. Check out previous pinkbike Strava articles for more info
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 Just don't use Strava . . . I don't and I enjoy my rides without it.
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 completely contrary to that, i know people that begin and end their segments *in* their house, so they can never lose their KOM. completely ridiculous.
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 @employee7: It's not fear, it's being cautious. Same thing as locking your doors and windows.
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flag tgreid (Feb 1, 2018 at 13:38) (Below Threshold)
 @mikekazimer: how is that even possible to prove? for one, if these thefts were reported to police, the police dgaf and don't investigate, so two, the perps wouldn't have been caught, unless three, the community found a post of said bikes on kijiji and took street justice into their own hands, then four, waterboarded said individuals to find out "how did you find my bikes!", or more realistically, were driving, found a car/truck with bikes on a bike rack, followed it home, or drove by seeing an open garage with said bikes, and voila. Are we expected to believe the simple answer, or the internet strava sleuthing? This would have to involve a segment ending or beginning at an address, right? There's also stories of trump getting pissed on by russian prostitutes, but I haven't seen them.
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 @Sparkless: that's not true and Strava themselves have said it doesn't happen. I've got loads of private rides on unknown trails that do not show up in the heat map
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 @employee7: Some thief where I live followed a guy's strava to his house and stole like $30k worth of bikes out of his garage.
  • 7 9
 @shawnca7: Arguably anyone could show up to any house and steal $30k worth of stuff...
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 @mikekazimer: @employee7: not to mention creeps using the flyby feature to see where a woman they encountered on a ride might live...
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 @Sparkless: false, you can opt out of submitting public data to used in heatmaps. go to your privacy settings, it's been there since the heatmap was in beta...
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 @employee7: you live in Canada, strangers are nice there. People suck everywhere else USA especially
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 I work in IT for a living and take digital security pretty seriously. The proliferation of all these 'free' apps that consumers gobble up like candy is incredible and scary to me. There is a saying in the industry, "If it's free, you are the product."

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Strava, Map My Ride, Google, whatever. All of it is tracking everything we do and we don't seem to care because shiny. Here in the U.S., we used to care about and fight for our constitutional right to privacy and a reasonable expectation of said privacy in and out of our homes. Now, we just give it all away in the name of neato without a thought to who or what entities do with our info. Supposedly there are protections in place by companies and our government (here in the U.S.) that keep this information private. But, its been shown again and again that this just isn't the case.

For me, I use very little social media (PB being one of them), and take care with my info. Remember, people, everything you do online is evidence. This doesn't just mean criminal evidence. Your FB or LinkedIn or whatever. Employees look at this stuff to build a profile of prospective candidates. I don't think it is right to do so, but again, evidence...

Safe computing everyone...
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 @mergleman: I actually had my parked and empty car broken into through a window at a Garibaldi lake parking lot not far from Whistler a few years back. From what I understand, it's a fairly common thing along the whole Sea-to-sky corridor between Vancouver and Whistler because of junkies from Vancouver.
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 Looks like a few people disagree with my comment. Fair call. I will do some research to see if i just misread some tech info out on the web. Cheers all.
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 @employee7: there has been a lot of documented cases of thieves using strava (with roadies) to figure out an address, its a bit like posting on Facebook what bikes you own. its not hard for people to figure out an address.
I was followed from the airport and had my hire car done over and lost loads of stuff. too quick to be an opportunist.
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 @Poulsbojohnny: You probably know better than me, so maybe you can offer some insight. I try to avoid putting anything really private up (I wouldn't want anyone to be able to find my house) but I don't feel threatened by google collecting data on me or other apps collecting data on my phone habits. Nobody is really looking at MY data with intent to single me out. It all gets collected from hundreds of thousands of people and gets trawled through using statistical analysis programs. They use the data to strategically show adverts to target demographics, help companies to understand their users, develop new features, make better algorithms etc. They're looking at identifying groups of people and macro-trends. They're not pulling up individual people. There's also safety in numbers to an extent. If everyone's data is up there it's not very likely somebody is going to find yours particularly and take any particular interest in it. There's common sense stuff like not strava-ing right from your door step, but overall I'm not concerned that strava know where I ride my bike, or that google knows where my workplace is. Do you think I should be?
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 @mikekazimer: My German Shepherds will eat them Smile
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 @alexm71: by all means continue taking preventative measure against a threat that is statically zero.
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 @employee7: And how would you know the thief used Strava to find your house unless the thief was caught and admitted it? Seems like some very isolated incident(s).
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 @Endurahbrah: tgreid correctly pointed that out above and was down voted for it??? I guess we are living in an age without critical thinking.
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 @Sparkless: but you can definitely control with who and what you share. People wanting to promote their personal life to the unwashed masses of the random interwebs is what's wrong in the world for this old fart /rant>
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"$30k worth of bikes out of his garage."

With that kind of stupid it was only a matter of time before those bike were stolen.

I have three bikes. When I'm leaving for more than 24-36 hours, I remove the forks from the frames and stash those in a dif section of the house. Because I don't trust people.
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 You can change your settings to hide the map within a specified window near your house. I set it to hide any data within a mile of my address. Easy
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 @jconnormcl: I always wondered if the function uses a perfect circle with the selected location as its center, because in that case you would only need three different logged routes to locate the house, as it would be the only point that's the same distance from the endpoints of all the routes.
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 I think it's fucking freaky that my phone can tell me how long it will take me to get to work and suggest alternative routes even though I have never told it where I work. Our phones are being watched all the time. My mate was saying at the weekend that Google Maps gives you real time traffic conditions because every phone in this line of cars is being constantly tracked in real time by GPS. It's in insane amount of data, and all collected on the sly. Useful though. Facebook, not so much.
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 @XCMark: The dude had like 8 bikes and a really nice house in a really nice neighborhood.
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 @employee7: @employee7: @employee7: I've heard of it happening. But there is a setting in the app to block out a perimeter from your address.
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 @mattsavage: @mattsavage: They wont believe it because they don't want to believe it. don't waste your fingers on it...
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 @mergleman: I would reluctantly agree....
  • 1 0
 @mattsavage: thank you for pointing this out! I just disabled it. It's at the bottom of the privacy
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 @shawnca7: "nice house in a really nice neighborhood."

Makes for a choice target.

In actuality, the richers rarely watch out for each other. Specially in cities, or city outskirts, where there are millions of people moving around all the time. My cousin thought he lived in a safe and expensive neighborhood until the homes in the area started getting burglarized by people with moving trucks.

My cousin tells his neighbor "my house got robbed, they took almost everything": neighbor; "I thought you were moving out?" The neighbor never called the police to come make sure that his assumption was correct, so my cousin came to understand that the middle-class neighborhoods watch out for each other as his new neighborhood the neighbors are always watching out for unknown people wandering the neighborhood and telling each other about what they have seen... You know, neighborly! ... Because of concern of their property and family.
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 @XCMark: It depends from my experience. I've lived in bad parts of town where no one talked to each other and good areas where no one talked to each other either. Apps like Nextdoor and even FB are bridging some of that gap where people update each other and ask questions but in general people just don't talk to each other any more IMO.
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 @XCMark: You are ignorant. Here is a article listing the worst areas in Portland (your own city) for car thefts.
I only bothered to googled the first couple of communities and the are plenty of houses for sale there in the low $200's. Is that the nicest part or Portland? Is that where Phil Knight lives?
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 good take on mr. pilgrim. he is making a long term career out of the sport we all love and burning fewer calories on his way to the top of the hill. e-bikes arent for me, but dammit if someone offered me a job to ride bikes instead of being a dirt engineer (as I am now) I would take that job in a heartbeat no matter what i had to ride.
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 Dirt engineer? So, professional trail builder?
  • 17 3
 What remains to be seen is how much value he retains. His value was almost solely based on his fans. As stated in the write up he's not really a top level competitor anymore. The problem is his fan base is most likely composed of many people who are passionately against the whole E-Bike trend. If he loses his fan base over this sponsorship, he loses his value. Now if the contract was rich enough it may be worth the risk of alienating his fan base as he realistically didn't have that much more time left as a pro rider.
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 @PNdubRider: He probably looks at rocks for money.
  • 9 0
 @PNdubRider: good lord I wish. I do retaining walls and landslide type stuff mostly, some foundation design
  • 9 10
 I had a ride with pilgrim and he says he does more runs and more riding now. Therfore burning more calories!
  • 5 8
 meh... all that means is that you’re a sellout, that no one knows. No one could blame YOU for doing it. But Sam Pilgrim is another story.
  • 9 1
 @MasterSlater: Sellout. Ha, what a joke. Do you pay Sam's bills? Then what right do you have to criticize his career choices and how he decides to make his money? Hell, why do you even care what a guy does, as long as it's legal? That's his business, not yours or mine. I'm just really trying to understand the mentality around here concerning his decision. The guy needed a job, and went out and got one doing what he wanted to do. Did he make compromises? Maybe. I don't know, and you don't either. But even if he did, so what?Are you living your childhood dream of being a football player, or rock star or astronaut or whatever the hell it was, or are you working an acceptable job that pays you a living and allows you to do what you want to do here and there? In the end, I just really want to understand why anyone thinks this is anyone's business or concern other than Sam's.
  • 2 1
 @TheR: " I just really want to understand why anyone thinks this is anyone's business or concern other than Sam's."

well, stop being naif, he wasn't hired because of his sweet skills in the kitchen or his phd, he was hired because he has a fanbase that was built around something that gather fans around. A recipe.

You don't get a lifetime compromise of their fidelity, like other sports, bands and brands! People come and go, support you or leave you based on what they think it's their interests, goals, what they look for in something. They have a say. Why shouldn't? It's a public decision based on public perceptiveness, fan base, media exposure, brand value, etc, etc. It's not a innocent job given to a desperate man, a refugee that crossed the ocean on a raft.

This to say, that yes, the fans have a word, even if they don't have any more than that - and it's up to him to make his own decisions, of course - but they still get to voice their feelings! Why not? we're not in soviet Russia - one opinion, one hero, one flag, gulag if you don't respect that.

And again, it's not hate, he just steered from what some people liked him from, an in their view made him famous. He changed? Let's part ways, that's it.
Now read it again and apply it to any other thing in life band, food, actor, film maker. What's so strange about it having an opinion? jesus.
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 @t-stoff: Sam's doing what is best for Sam at this point in time. Maybe it will work out for him, and maybe it won't, but you can't blame a guy for doing what he needs to do (or what he wants to do). What's he supposed to do, start selling real estate because you and a bunch of others in the comment section of some website don't like his career path? Someone's willing to pay him a living doing what he loves. And if any of you say you wouldn't do the same thing -- that is, get paid for doing what you love -- you're all lying to yourselves. You all can take a flying leap.

Now, you do have a point. He has a contract because he has fans, and if he loses enough of his fan base because of his decisions, then yeah, that could spell trouble for him. Or more specifically, if he can't convince his fan base to go out and buy Haibike, then he's not much use to that sponsor. But I guess that's the risk he's willing to take. In the meantime, he's on two wheels living his dream (his dirt jumper IS NOT an ebike), and getting paid for it. I don't see what's wrong with that.
  • 1 0
 @TheR: I agree with everything, but

"What's he supposed to do, start selling real estate because you and a bunch of others in the comment section of some website don't like his career path? Someone's willing to pay him a living doing what he loves. And if any of you say you wouldn't do the same thing -- that is, get paid for doing what you love -- you're all lying to yourselves. You all can take a flying leap."

I think this is beside the point, I couldn't care less what he does with his private life, finances and such, it's all based on speculation, personal views and lots of judgment and guessing, like if he loves or not what he is doing, I don't care. The only thing that matters to me on this particular subject is what path did he choose in terms of his public image and does it fit my idea of a MTBiker that I wanna follow. I do it all the time with tons of other public profiles, we do have to choose witch one to support and the ones to ditch.
Time is short!Smile
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 Mortgage. Food. Take the money. Always take the money, because this is the real world that adults live in. It's not my business what riders do, but I back Pilgs for taking the money. Bryce, on the other hand, I think is an idiot for not taking the money. He may not be a sell out, but turning down a huge pay cheque to go and make crappy videos with your mates is surely a bad decision in the grand scheme of things. Then again, we have all made bad decisions. Mine are no one's business but my own so I guess I should shut up about Bryce.
  • 1 1

I don’t think anyone is saying that Pilgrim didn’t have his reasons, and I don’t think anyone is claiming that they wouldn’t have done the same. But we are all nobodies that won’t help sell emtbs.

The guy was a pillar of the mountain biking community. So regardless of whether his motives are warranted in the “real world”, it doesn’t change the fact that the man WAS a hero.

Everyone deserves to earn a living, not everyone deserves to be eternally worshipped for what they USED to represent.

The man is a sell-out. You can argue all day that he isn’t. But he HAS sold his place in the spiritual world of mountain biking.

Doesn’t mean he’s not as good as he was. Doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person. It DOES mean that he made a CHOICE to take the money and SELL what he used to represent.

It’s not hate for a man making a living, it’s the lamentation of the loss of a big part of what makes riding so challenging and gratifying.

We all make choices. Hell, I sold out a long time ago. I’m perfectly fine admitting that. But I’m not Sam Pilgrim. I never flew the flag for MTB, and then wiped my ass with it.
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 Murican classic closing, Strava is a tool off russian spies, sam pilgrim on e-bikes? ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED
  • 5 0
Someone you trust is one of us.
  • 7 0
 Don't forget the uci is filled with Freemasons trying to take our freedom as mtbers
  • 2 1
 @ibishreddin: freemasons...nah. I heard Sierra club board members.
  • 37 3
 I got 28.99 reasons I wouldn't put SRAM on my bike
  • 2 0
 Ah, now if you had said 29 reasons I would have called you an outright liar, but since you said 28.99 that is a believable quantity and makes all the difference....
  • 2 0
 "If you're havin' Sram problems, I feel bad for you son..."
  • 46 14
 Sorry but I still dont see the overall net good to Sam and e-bikes except to his wallet.
  • 27 26
exposure, longer career paid to ride 2 wheels
first person sponsored to do so, also help attract other bike associated $$$
for any e-bike maker, putting their money where their mouth is so everyone will know they mean business

don't be afraid try an e-bike, they are fun.
  • 16 17
 @jerome: Who is afraid? My neighbor has one, it's fun if you're a senior citizen, not more fun than earning my turns the right way. You just re-affirmed what I said, the only benefit is for him and his wallet.
  • 15 25
flag gerigtuning (Feb 1, 2018 at 13:34) (Below Threshold)
 I love e-bikes. So fun to ride. Wish I had the $$$ for a new specialized e-bike... instead I just ride the moto when I can't get some shuttle sorted. I'd much rather have help up the hill so I can ride down more times. I don't like pedalling up hills. @map-guy:
  • 5 7
 Neat, you should just be Sam Pilgrim instead!
  • 23 7
 His wallet is the net good for Sam. The mystery I can't solve here and no one can seem to answer is why everyone is so upset at the guy for making a living, and why everyone is so damn self-righteous about it.
  • 4 5
 That's why you cant see it - because it's HIS wallet. If it was YOUR wallet Im certain you would see it.
  • 11 5
 @TheR: I couldn't agree more. The hate seems unwarranted. Everyone wants to make good money doing what they love, he has the opportunity, so good on him!
  • 9 7
 @gerigtuning: uno... there is a reason they call it Mountain biking; It usually involves pedaling up a mountain.
  • 7 6
 Okay so there's riding bikes and there's motocross. Don't do this half assed assisted pedal bullshit. If I have a motor I want it to be the motor. Ya know?@jerome:
  • 11 3
 @map-guy: Yeah and what's wrong with that?

Being a pro mountain biker isn't all that glamorous. If you're the absolute best of the best you probably make what, $150, 200k/year? That's a total guess btw. If you're anything except the best of the best, you make significantly less than that. Your "career" is short, you get hurt a lot, and I'm betting there's no pension plan. Sam switching to Haibike will probably net him a significant payday, and he most likely won't have to charge as hard as he did on NS, thus saving his body and lengthening his career.

Good for him, I say. Pro MTBers take on ridiculous risk for very little reward. Good for Sam for presumably getting paid somewhere close to what he's worth.
  • 2 5
 Yeah whenever I look at Sam now, I don’t know whether to laugh my ass off or kick a field goal...
  • 7 3
 So does that mean riding the whistler bike park is not real mountain biking? Or shuttling is not mountain biking? I dont really understand the hate. It's all the same, weather you're riding down or up. Some people just enjoy riding the down bits more. @oneplanka:
  • 2 1
 @gerigtuning: it's not hate, it's an opinion. I don't really understand when all of a sudden people stop understanding that a different opinion isn't hate, it's just different! maybe more vocal, maybe with more arguments, but it is still an opinion. No one here wants to kill the guy, burn his place down or threat his kids or wife, they just have a different opinion
  • 3 1
 Sam is in way appealing to the media led consumers of mobilitE bikes, in that being the aged & dissabled. Instead they have signed him to appeal to the kind of 'I wish there was more moto access' rider that will get a mobilitE bike an un'restrict it to rag around the woods pretending they're on a real motoX....
This will in NO way be good for real mtb'ers that are all ready having a hard enough time with trail access.
is why there is SO much animosity towards mobilitE bikes and Sam selling out
Hope you understand that now.
  • 3 0
 @nojzilla: The way I see it. Sam is no longer a mountain biker.. He is a moped rider.Glad he is getting paid. Sad he had to take that route.
  • 1 0
 @BeerGuzlinFool: Sam's real skills are his dirt jumping and free riding, not his single track abilities. He's not a racer. His dirt jumper will not be an ebike, so essentially he's making his bread and butter the same way he always has -- on a traditional, two-wheeled, pedal-powered machine.
  • 1 0
 @TheR: I hope you are right.. They sure are pushing the whole "he is sponsored by an E bike manufacturer" thing though.
  • 29 3
 "fully warranted weariness about this stuff"

That's exactly what it was. Ultimately, DUB doesn't really impact me or my ability to get parts for my bike or anything else, but we're just SO sick of SRAM's BS marketing and their push for standards for the sake of generating sales, that we've had enough, and calling it 28.99 instead of 29 almost seemed aimed at rubbing the consumer's nose in it all. Like they're saying "Look what we can get away with!"
  • 14 1
 I dont really care about them calling it 28.99 instead of 29 to be honest, and I wouldnt be sick of new standards.. if it was necessary. My issues are that the durability/performance improvements (if there are any) are just not worth the extra hassle of a completely new standards. You can keep telling us how important a couple of mms are in terms of seals and all that, but it still doesnt justify it. New standards for shock length, hub width, chainring offset, now crank spindle width.. where does it end? we all know that youre just trying to stop us buying second hand gear anyway...
  • 25 3
 All the sram cranksets i have used have always reqiired a different gxp bottom bracket anyway, as the nds has a smaller id then the ds.

My three sets of sram cranks will not work with an xtr bb. My two sets of shimano cranks will not work with a sram gxp bb.

Not sure what the big deal is. It is not a new standard that wont work on old or new frames (unlike boost).

And pb is pretty pathetic putting ebike stuff on the positive, if the sram bb situation is a negative.
  • 10 1
 kind of like an Apple Inc. type of move
  • 6 8
 It doesn't help that 99% of riders won't touch a bike anymore unless it's full sram front to back. The stuff is stupid fashionable.
  • 5 0
 @skerby: It is fashionable, but I'll say, having ridden Shimano for decades and swearing by it, I'm hugely impressed with the shifting smoothness and accuracy of my GX kit on my Jeffsy. Shimano will have to seriously up their game if they expect to stay competitive in drive train. They have SRAM beat on breaks though. The Guides that came with my bike are no where near as good as SLX/XT.
  • 9 0
 @onemind123: its not just cranks though, and I dont want to sound like I dont like progression I think tubeless is great, I think droppers are great etc. but again it seem like the aim there was genuinely to create something that improves the riding experience, where with Sram it feels like they sit around trying to make bike parts less and less compatible.
  • 6 0
 I like that they stated how mtb'ers are so defiant against new standards. Try roadies....there's still the fight against disc brakes and thru axles! I'm not saying what SRAM did is right or that we don't get a lot thrown at us but roadies are WAY more hesitant towards new ideas. They should be thanking mountain biking for a lot of their advancements.
  • 6 1
 @acetasting1992: Two words...."planned obsolence". Unfortunately, the bean counters are all about it these days. I blame the project managers and marketing "experts" of which SRAM has plenty.
  • 3 0
 @chezotron: Yes... Roadies should be on their shaven knees!... Kissing the hallowed ground we walk on!
  • 2 0
 @danny611: Agreed. We will bless them with the wand of the 1" threaded headset.
  • 1 2
 @skerby: It may be fashionable but the quality is so poor, I can't believe people still buy it. On my bike I've replaced the Vivid Air, BOTH Guides and the internals of the fork after one year because of persistent problems. Their replacements haven't batted an eyelid.
  • 2 3
 @Poulsbojohnny: Sadly, Shimano's brakes aren't as good as they used to be.
  • 3 0
 @Poulsbojohnny: 11 speed to 11 speed, I think XT shifts a lot better than GX. IMO the more expensive Sram shifters feel at least comparable to XT.

XT shifter/der on a Sram cassette is about as good as it gets for 11 speed.

No need for Eagle here, 32:42 is a low ass gear on 27.5 wheels, walking has to be considerably faster than 32:50
  • 4 0
 @Poulsbojohnny: My bike came with a 2x9 and it works just fine. LOL. I pedal and it goes.
  • 15 2
 sram saw themselves losing money to Race Face so of course a new standard had to be made. they missed an essential piece though, the "m" after the "u" in dub
  • 1 0
 Classifying srams dimension changes of their crank as a new standard is like saying a 2.4 tire is a new standard vs the old 2.3.
  • 10 1
 Now that's why I'm not using Strava. I don't want my competitors know about my training regime and training locations. It is pretty secret. Boring too, as I'm working on my trackstands currently. I was quite impressed but I'm sure Strava wouldn't have given me any props for this anyway.
  • 16 0
 I could get behind trackstand KOMs.
  • 16 4
 I hope PB does a Sam Pilgrim ebike check, and I hope he's somehow fitted on it a DUB bottom bracket.

  • 10 1
 I dont mean to rain on everyones SRAM hate parade but standard ISO tolerances for a "29mm" shaft bearing would require a shaft of nominal tolerance of 28.99 (technically 28.9895mm but whos counting). I dig that new things suck but I feel like this is the least invasive standard they could have changed. Also it should improve support for older bikes. I dont really see a good reason to call it 28.99 even if that really is what it is. I guess just product differentiation?
  • 7 1
 I should correct this. I used the wrong ISO tolerance range on the shaft. Those numbers are for an ISO h7 tolerance, the appropriate tolerance on a shaft like that is more around a g6 (-7 to -20 microns). That means a nominal shaft diameter of 28.9865mm.
  • 3 1
 Who cares what the call it. I would rather they call it 28.99 or dub instead of blue waffle or rainbow kiss.
  • 9 2
 The cornball lames that make up the Sam Pilgrim Appreciation Society/Cult of Personality that come on here and compete to say the nicest thing about him made it a good month for him. It's nice to get love from anonymous people on the internet who secretly think that by praising him they will either get his skill on a bike or free stuff from him.

Best DUB could manage was a "whatever, I never change my BB" or "whatever, at least it still fits on my bike"

I feel like all the Strava complaints have played themselves out by now and even with this news there are no original jokes.
  • 5 1
 Big respect for anyone able to make ANY part for his own bike (not to say a fork!) nevermind if is better than production parts or not.
Less respect for the ones who clearly don't understand the satisfaction of DIY stuff and critizice.
  • 8 0
 Bad month for Crypto lol
  • 7 0
 Good month for Told-ya-so-ers
  • 1 0
 @danny611: meh, just a correction from the mountain of hype is all. Big Grin
  • 11 5
 hard to say, I found out my wife has a gf now, but... she invited me to join them for a threesome
  • 5 1
 Hell yes that's a good wife
  • 3 0
 "Here's what I would have done: nothing."

This. Exactly. They should have done the same too with metric shocks. Instead they feed it into their marketing hype machine because well...SRAM. It's starting to look a bit transparent.
  • 3 0
 My work phone won't allow google maps, external websites, has an eight character password to access email each time. I can't even send a photo taken with it (iPhone 6S, not a Nokia candybar). Yet military personnel can use a device and upload to Strava??
  • 3 0
 I'm a little surprised that there have been no snide comments about the homemade fork. Good for you guys showing self restraint. *Checks article on said fork* Oh wait, never mind. It all played out there... nothing left for here. I was fully expecting something along the lines of "It's called the LSD 'cause that's what you've gotta be on to make something like that." Except for the Sam Pilgrim/Ebike hate, this article has the least amount of nastiness I've seen in a while...
  • 11 5
 it was a bad month for sam pilgrim
  • 6 1
"I almost put this one in the Bad month section"
Just say ; I really like this.
  • 4 2
 So SRAM gets sh!t for trying to standardize what is a frustrating, confusing, and wasteful aspect of building and maintaining a bike. And THAT’S warranted according to Pinkbike... after all, why should a company try to maximize interoperability in its components in what is an ever evolving, cutthroat industry? Shame on them for trying to improve mountain bikes.

Meanwhile Sam “The Sellout” Pilgrim jumps into bed with the devil himself and it’s all “good for you for trying to make a living”.

Pinkbike, you’re a bunch of sycophantic hypocrites. And your weak-ass attempts at rationalizing this is really sad. You rarely, if ever, openly criticize e-bikes, and you entirely complicit in trying to makenit appear like emtbs are a foregone conclusion. When you could actually do something about it. It’s made even more sad by your attempts at rationalizing your inaction & complicity.

In short, don’t p1ss on our collective leg and tell us it’s raining. Be men and women about it and just admit that you scared of making the bike companies angry and let’s move on.
  • 3 0
 So Pilgrim cashing in/selling out to ride electric motorbikes is a good thing?

Stop calling them ebikes, at least stop posting about them on a bicycle forum! It is no longer a bicycle once you put a motor on it.
  • 8 4
 With all props to Drunk Cyclist--STRAVA=System That Records All Vain Activity, and now this...
  • 3 0
 Can't be that secret if cell phones or other commercial gps devices are allowed there. F#&!tards must be trying to get themselves killed.
  • 2 0
 If I owned a Sram GXP crank I'd seriously be thinking about buying five GXP BBs now to keep on hand for replacements. Have you shopped around for an ISIS BB recently? pretty slim pickings...
  • 5 2
 Its a terrible month for YT Industries, because they have not come out with the new 2018 Capra. @YTIndustries @markusflossman
  • 1 0
 Yep SRAM should have just made dub part of the eagle system, can they not work on two things at once? Mind you they do make nice products, their XD driver and cassettes are superior if over priced. I have a 24mm GXP bottom bracket with 6800 kms on it here in dusty Australia that still spins smoothly... Can't wait for SRAM to update their dropper posts to metric one year followed by branching out into metric headsets the year after... Razz
  • 1 0
 Bad month for me - dislocated shoulder and broken toes, not casing an epic jump, or miscalculating a road gap... no, falling down a hole in a kids soft play area!

Went all last season injury free, but didn’t even make it through off season this year! ????
  • 7 4
 I could never have imagined that Strava might leak military secrets thats crazy
  • 7 1
 i mean it makes the people on the bases look like idiots using such a public app. my guess is strava didnt even consider that it would reveal secret bases.
  • 10 1
 Whoever leaked that location better have gotten a KOM.
  • 2 2
 I'm amazed (not that I should be) that anyone cares and the the press think it's an issue yet decide to draw attention to it. All on google earth any way isn't it and I'm sure the guys who want to blow them selves up running at bases ate not going to gain anything useful from it.
  • 8 0
 Strava didn't leak anything, stupid users don't understand what their apps do.
  • 7 0
 Strategic KoMbat training.
  • 7 0
 shhh, it's all a ruse - The US military are using bogus Strava activities to lure in the enemy so they can ambush them.

[ taps nose ]

Oh! Hi Russian spies! Nothing to see here! E-bikes suck lol.

[ phew ]
  • 3 0
 Good month for my son bad news for my bank account
  • 1 2
 So let's say SRAM did your plan and a month from now I find myself asking, "Why is there play in this? How is there this much space? Is this spindle 29mm? Have BB30s always been 29mm? Am I losing my mind? Was I ever a good mechanic or is everyone just letting me turn the wrench out of pity then fixing the bikes for real after I go home? Am I a charity case?" Would NOT appreciate that.
  • 2 0
 bad month because its January and im a mountain biker who lives in central New York
  • 1 0
 Pinkbike comments read like talk back radio with a bunch of whining 60 year old men calling to whinge about change and the good old days. It is getting kind off painfull
  • 5 6
 Strava and people stealing bikes wow, well I’m insured if my bike gets stolen, and maybe just maybe the intruder will be riding my bike with a hollow point inside them hahahahaha
  • 13 3
 Would you actually shoot and kill a person for stealing your bike? I mean, I love my bike too - but I wouldn't take someone else's life over it. Yikes, dude.
  • 7 0
 It’s the American Way. Shoot shoot shoot.
  • 3 0
 @shredteds: id shoot him in the arm or lower leg
  • 6 0
 @icedcoffee: Lower leg? Good chance of shooting your bike instead Frown
  • 3 0
 @fattyheadshok: I think you mean, "Shoot first, ask questions later."
  • 2 0
 @shredteds: Agreed, killing would be harsh, maybe just a kneecapping? /joke

In seriousness, a bike is just a bike, if someone is desperate enough to steal it, surely it’s better to speak to an insurance company and not Glock.
  • 1 0
 @shredteds: yes, but why waste a bullet..? a bike thief is just as bad as a horse thief, hang em out to dry
  • 1 0
 Or rig up something like TwinTV's electric bike prank...
  • 1 0
 @mtbikeaddict: I hadn't seen that before and I laughed so hard I cried. Thanks for sharing mate! Cheers
  • 1 0
 @weebleswobbles: Glad to make you laugh. Big Grin I love that vid, especially where the guy flips over the bush and lands right underneath the tree, and then looks up. All I could think was... "Boo." lol
  • 3 0
 Ho ho ho, Green Giant!
  • 5 2
 What's Strava?
  • 2 1
 I’ve given up Strava this year ... it’s a pretty liberating feeling to just ride for myself again!
  • 2 0
 "You're still a jerk, though." What an ending! LOL.
  • 2 0
 Always been a big fan of Sam, but that E-bike thing... #pedallife
  • 1 0
 dude it's a bad month for soho bike shop, man it sucks to see that place go.
  • 1 0
 So.. this strava thing has trickled down from road wienies? Spandex powers activate
  • 6 5
 About to be downvoted...knew it!
  • 1 0
 Good month: registration for races start to open...
  • 2 1
  • 2 3
 Shimano just keeps winning! SRAM, not so much! And 26 is still relevant, unless people stop having kids!
  • 1 1
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