Lapierre Recalls Aluminum Zesty AM & Spicy Frames due to Deforming Downtubes

Jun 9, 2022 at 10:27
by Mike Levy  
French cycling brand Lapierre has announced a voluntary recall of two models, the aluminum Zesty AM and the aluminum Spicy, both from 2020 and 2021. According to Lapierre, their decision to issue the recall came after sixteen reported cases of "deformation" to the downtubes, with those sixteen frames accounting for "0.5% of production." There have been no reported injuries.

"Production and delivery of the affected models have been suspended as a precautionary measure for users," Lapierre says. They're asking riders who own aluminum Zesty AM and Spicy frames from 2020 and 2021 that are included in the recall to "not use their bikes anymore." The exact 2020 and 2021 models in the global recall are the Zesty AM 3.0, Zesty AM 4.0, Zesty AM 4.9, Zesty AM 5.9, Spicy 3.0, and the Spicy 4.9.

Frames manufactured for the 2020 and 2021 model years will have serial numbers beginning with LPA3 or LPB3, which can be found on the underside of the bottom bracket shell. The recall does not include 2019 bikes or the Zesty TR.

Lapierre says that they're initiating a recall system and that owners can expect a frame replacement. Authorized dealers and rental outfits can also expect support.

More information about the recall can be found on Lapierre's website.


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 Fortunately it's Lapierre, so nobody has yet been affected by this recall
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 I own a Lapierre. Lovely bike.
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 You're wrong: they sold 16 of them.
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flag bashhard (Jun 10, 2022 at 1:54) (Below Threshold)
 @Toutnoir: The produced 3200 of them, you think they only sold 0,5%?
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 @bashhard: Leave it to the Germans to miss the joke.
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 Strange, there was a couple of years where Lapierre were everywhere, they had a DH team, shops were full of their bikes, Nico and Bruni winning stuff, and then suddenly they were nowhere.
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 @Arnoodles: I guess so Frown
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 @honourablegeorge: Most of mates had them. They rode well, looked amazing and had so many cool features like the carbon mech guard, the X clamps for the cables etc. But then they vanished. I seem to remember they got taken over.
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 Their suspension design is interesting, and the frames have some cool features. But they're a bit overpriced IMO, and what turned me off is that super slack actual STA. With my inseam length, i'd be sitting soooo far back. They could be cool bikes for sure.
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 @Arnoodles: Its really funnier then the joke itself. Big Grin
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 @ilovedust: I had one myself, was really happy with it at the time
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 @Arnoodles: Que SouthPark Funnybot episode...
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 @Toutnoir: comment of the day! Full disclosure: I actually don’t know anything about their bikes. The comment was just my kind of humor.
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 atleast its not the trash Spezilized which sells trash bikes and never recalls shit.
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 I came here just to 'like' or make this comment haha
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 Couldn’t they just contact the two people that bought them
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 leave it to the French to literally make a bike out of brie
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 A cheesy comment...
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 avec Baguette...
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 Just call it complience and advertise it as a good thing. Thats what the handlebar brands do
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 yeah that one hit plastic deformation compliance is the best, go away with the elastic one
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 Adjustable geometry... it's just that, once it's been "adjusted"... you can't move it back.
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 "Owners can expect a frame replacement".... with what? A bamboo frame? and when? 2032?
Good new: I don't own a Lapierre and I never will.
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 But, but, but.. you're French!

Btw; I remember some 15 years ago back home in Croatia when a guy showed up with a Lapierre. Compared to our Cannondales and Specs and Treks, that bike was like a supermodel
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 @pakleni: Overpriced, highly strung, smoked constantly and kept running off to the toilet to be sick?
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 @watchmen: Yeah.. but it was nice to look at
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 @pakleni: That's why you're always welcome on our rides Wink
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 Affected owners are getting a carbon frame replacement. Not a bad upgrade.
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 Maybe it is time for Commencal to recall heir Suprem frames as well ... #AstonFarm_gate
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 What paul is doing is huge, Managed to get norco to fix their shore... i expect commencal to fix the supreme in response but probably quietly.

There is ALOT of brands such as canyon, YT. Trek etc that need to watch out if Paul starts on their bikes He will call out the Crap quality/WC and shame them for it.
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 Waiting for orbea to recall their carbon rise frame for defects too! They won’t warranty my frame despite it snapping at less than 3 months old.
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 What happened?
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 People buy Orbea bikes?
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 @thenotoriousmic: snapped seat tube 3/4 way round and deformed chainstay. They claimed a rock strike from looking at a photo, but no one else agrees. Their agenda is purely monetary based and poor customer service, so you give in and pay! Really poor customer service and a shame to bring the industry down like that
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 Can't they just go tubeless?
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 I cracked 2 zestys in a year and a half, they would not warrent the 2nd frame.
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 to be fair, one can crack almost every frame. Look at Paul Astons reviews. He cracked almost every frame of the last bikes he tested
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 @bashhard: He may run his suspension setup too soft. Leads to more bottom outs and thus really violent frame stresses.
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 @bashhard: they were all commencal supremes though weren't they?
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 @mcozzy: not only supremes, he broke a norco, a commencal, an orange, a banshee and I'm not sure what else
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 @cougar797: he runs his suspension to ride as it should...
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 @bashhard: and i hope he tests more and shames more companies for providing Products that are sold as premium but made of french brie.
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 @cougar797: I can remember one bottom-out all this year on the rear shock of my Orange after pretty big huck to flat.

The suspension on my current bikes from Rulezman and NSR Racing is amazing. I am generally running 33% rear sag with essentially zero bottoming: once in maybe 50 days of rding.
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 @astonmtb: That is awesome. That is ideal land territory. I have a tough time running that much sag on anything and not seeing bottom issues with out running some custom valved suspension with really good damping control.
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 @cougar797: Yup...

I don't think there is any off-the-shelf shock on the market except the CC DB/Kitsuma that I can run that much sag and not bottom out too easily. But, I always recommend people to buy from a reputable suspension tuner and get it working properly from Day1
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 @astonmtb: reputable suspension tuner is the key to getting anything working correctly or at least that's what I've learned over the past several years. If its not valved for my bike, weight, and riding specifically it'll never perform correctly. Shocks even most of all.
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 Everybody rippin' on Lapierre, I believe Adrien Dailly took home a 5th pos. on the Spicy at some DH race? I enjoy my Spicy 6.9 - lots of bike for the price.
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 Interesting: Many people are still wary when it comes to carbon frame parts. But in reality it was mostly alloy frame parts that broke during past few years.
Is this a result of humans thinking they have a process under control ?
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 It's 30g lighter than last year which was 42g lighter than year before, and was.. oops it broke
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 Wait a minute. I came to read all the comments where someone's friend's brother knew a guy that had one fail so they must be crap. Very disappointed. Well, back to my breakfast whine and brie.
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 It’s becoming dissapointing
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 Snapierre strikes again
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 Rushing products manufacturing and stress in the bike industry... = crap products
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 Ahh..and so it begins again.
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 This will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of Lapierre owners
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 Yep, every single one of those 3 will be mad.
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 They can all come together and flush it away with Chardonnay and brie
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 I thought its their signature design
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 My 2019 Zesty has been going strong since purchase, and I beat the snot out of it. I'll be double checking my Frame number just in case.
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 With seat tubes that slack with no insertion it's probably a good thing. It's like they have taken pics with it in a wind tunnel!
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 Pretty sure my mate got a deformed downtube from holidaying in Magaluf.
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 3200 frames sold, what are the print runs of really mass brands?
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 3200 produced not sold. The other 3184 are probably still in the warehouse....
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 Based on how bendy the carbon one was I'm surprised that wasn't recalled as well
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 You guys forgot the La
Almost Everything French starts with La or Le

Obviously didn’t learn anything from watching
Pepe’ Le Pew
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 Spicy Dicey
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 Are these bikes available in North America?
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 Are the recall bikes cheaper? Maybe then I can afford a bike.
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 Marketing team: It's not deformation, it's a compliant frame!
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 It’s the eBike thing they’ve been over focused on the eBikes & took there eyes off what made them in the 1st place
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 Sounds like Lapierre owners who like to get a little zesty could be in for a spicy ride
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 I have seen number of them in Poland, they must sell good in PL?
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 Full send! Oh wait a minute...
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 The downtube eh? You sure that's the only tube that's deformed?
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 But I thought aluminum was indestructible
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 Spicy news
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  • 3 3
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 16 frames = 0,5% of production. They only produced 320 frames???
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 3200 to be exact. Still, it's not a lot...
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 That would be 3200. Still seems very low.
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Manflu and maths, good there are intelligent people here

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