Social Media Round-Up - Red Bull Rampage 2017

Oct 25, 2017 at 15:30
by Mike Levy  
Brandon Semenuk on a run to win on his first and only run.

We're only days away from what is arguably the most prestigious - and scariest - freeride mountain bike competition of the year, an event where a handful of brave men point their bikes down impossibly steep lines, off four-story tall drops, and over gaps that would give ol' Evel Knievel pause. Sure, you and I could make our way (slowly) to the bottom a World Cup downhill track, and I bet there's a fair number of Pinkbike readers who might be able to sack up and clean a slopestyle course, but this Rampage thing is a whole other beast.

If you're anything like me, self-preservation and instinct would have you on the brakes before your wheels got anywhere near the edge of Zink's parachute-worthy drop, but I bet you sure as hell would like to be there to see Cam roll off that monster in person. Thankfully, through the magic of a constantly updating Instagram feed that's equal parts carnage and calculating courage, we can feel like we're standing in the Zion desert.

Find everything you need to know about this year's throwdown by checking out our Essential Guide to the Red Bull Rampage, and keep tabs on the #redbullramapge tag to feel like you're onsite... minus the dust, scorpions, and sunburn, of course. There are also plenty of bike checks, photo epics, and more to look forward to here on Pinkbike, but for now, enjoy this compilation.


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 this is awesome for those of us who aren't active on anti-social media. thanks
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 +1 - I'd never see this footage otherwise
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 Pinkbike is social media..... Usernames, profile, albums, blogs, comments, even followers. Used to think the same myself... Too cool for Facebook etc, but sucked in to the pinkbike trap..... I love you guys tho and all the opinions in comments.
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 Upside down indy grab! Best thing I have seen to date!
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 @yeti-monster: You can f*ck right off with your reasonable logic.
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 @bentplate: anti-social media exhibit #1
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 This year is going to be just awesome. I cant watch live, but I really hope the winner doesn't get spoiled as I avoid the internet completely until I get to watch the replay. Be safe to all the riders, I mean damn. You guys are gods to us. I could only dream.
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 Good luck! Nothing scarier than trying to avoid spoilers on the internets! Pro tip; get someone to load the livestream replay for you!
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 @Katakalism: If you go right to Redbull TV for the replay there generally isn't anything that would spoil it.
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 why am I so bad
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 more like why are these guys so good
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 McFarlane is already crashing... Damn. I hope he is a-ok for finals (unlike last year).
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 Ethan Nell's lily pad drop looks sick!
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 Hope all riders keep it big mountain and none of that slope style or free ride or all mountain or....what the he'll is everyone talking about again? It all looks sick and extra nasty to me and waaaaaay above my skill level. Good luck competitors. Can't wait to see the footage.
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 I could swear I read somewhere Cam Zink retired. Glad I'm wrong. How do you even get to that level!??
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 He retired from slopestyle contests
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 Slopestyle comps only
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 Rampage confirmed not a slopestyle event
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flag ctd07 (Oct 25, 2017 at 17:38) (Below Threshold)
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 @jeffhall124: hey, just a question I have. I came across some previous Red Bull Rampage stuff and so my question is, Do anyone know where or what’s up with Paul Basagoitia by now? After his road to recovery and then getting back on the bike a little and I haven’t heard much after that... Frown
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 @DigRenno: Looks like he's riding a little bit again, not sure how injured he still is but he's definitely doing much better than he was a couple years ago.
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 @DigRenno: Getting married, walking well, doing some light riding and such, but I don't think he will be coming back to contests.
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 I have used Marzocchi forks almost exclusively for the past 18+ years - dirt jump, x-country and downhill/freeride and always had great performance and no problems. If they don't have the best tech support etc. maybe it's because the stuff is so good no one ever really needs it. I will admit I missed out on a couple of years around 2008-2010, only because I did not need to change anything. Also have one of the 380CR's prior to them being bought out by Fox and that is awesome as well. And no I am not sponsored by anyone in anyway.
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 Cool story bro?
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flag Larkey1 (Oct 25, 2017 at 20:04) (Below Threshold)
 maybe you should have spent time riding other products. I don't think I've ever found a Marzocchi for that feels good or works properly.
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 @Larkey1: Ridden products from just about everyone over the years, particularly the longer travel end of the spectrum, some great and some awful (you know who you are - Manitou). I would have to say pretty much all the modern offerings from the big players are now amazing tools for the job, especially when I think back to my first Rockshox mag21 all those years ago. I still have to stand up for Marzocchi. I am still riding a 66 rc2x from 2007. Honestly the best feeling fork ever and still being hammered after 10 years. Just been serviced by NS Dynamics and feels as god as new, if not better.
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 @oldbugger66: not trying to sht on your parade but this thing up there is a Fox 40 with Marzocchi sticker on it... the only non-40 bit in it is the hideous golden top cap for shrader valve.

Also, until 2006 there was nothing better than Marzocchi, not even close. But it was nothing like modern forks, they had virtually no low speed compression. Yrs they were durable after all if your 130 fork is 2,5kg and contains 0,5l of oil sloshing around it’s a no brainer. But then Fox rolled out their 36, year later Lyrik came out, while Marzocchi went to porn ass decorated junk. And well, you needed service for those things out of the box. They were sht. A little comeback with RC3 Ti 44,55,66 and 888. Then they revamped them and you needed service again, that Espresso coating on 350 and 380 CR...

I had 66RC2X and it was indeed amazing if one could live with the weight. I still preferred 2007 Lyrik for its stability, that I rode from 2009-2013 and Fox 36 Van RC2 from 2011 was the single best fork I have ever ridden and suspension tuners incl. TF Tuned and Vorsprung confirm its hard to match prowess. I haven’t put my hands on one yet, but the word has it that the current Öhlins RXF 36 Coil is the sht of all the shts.

Well, it’s been a good and memorable , epic ride until 2007 and between 2010 and 2012 with a few lucky owners of 350sand 380s
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 @WAKIdesigns: Yeah thanks for the pointing out the bleeding obvious. Not trying to suggest that this is anything other than a Fox 40. I was only really responding to the derogatory remarks about Marzocchi, now below threshold, so obviously someone has agreed with me. Nice to know we can always rely on WAKI for a condescending, I know better than you post - just my opinion of course.
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 @oldbugger66: I didn’t want to condescend you, by any means.
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 @oldbugger66: I’m sorry if it made you feel this way. I didn’t realize the context of your reply. It just gets on my nerves when some people talk of old Marzocchi as “Paradise lost” sort of thing, and everything made these days is crap. Now I see where you were coming from, sorry
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 I may be confused, but is zink going to fit in his big drop and that steep chute (the PEF/Strait one) into one run? That's a lot of altitude loss in two features. Initially I thought they were one and the same, but it seems not.
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 Vital already did it.
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 pinkbike is super late this year about the Rampage news....... you can find a lots of stuff online check this for example
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 Can we get some new info on that marzocchi fork???
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flag ctd07 (Oct 25, 2017 at 17:42) (Below Threshold)
 @slumgullion: yup, it's a fox 40 only in true Marzocchi style it will have all possible traces of any after sale product support removed entirely... no tech support, spares, service info or anything else at all #Italiancustomerservicefail #marzocchisuck
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 Still don´t know if I buy a Marfoxxy or a Foxocchi :S

#RIPMarzocchi #GoFOXyourSelf #BringTheMarzocchi888RCXWC2007 #FoxNeedZocchiStickersToWorkBetter
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 @Joelrider: RIP Marzocchi? Um they were about to be in the dirt for good if Fox didnt think of buying them. So you saying RIP to Marzocchi because a good company bought them is a bit silly.
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 Good lord almighty these guys are throwing down, it’s gonna be buck wild.
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 The anticipation felt waiting for Rampage must like what people felt waiting for the Moon Landing....
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 So good to see these guys with ample time to practice their lines.
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 Boggs's canyon jump is also killer. He overshot by a mile Smile
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 That zink drop is so scary, look how steep the transition is!
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 Lacondeguy ftw
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 GO ON Lacondeguy!!
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