The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 150 - Would You Download a Bike?

Oct 20, 2022 at 11:15
by Mike Levy  
Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

Heck yes, I'd download a bike. While it's still early days, alternative production methods are changing how the bikes and components we use are manufactured. Brands like Pole, Ministry Cycles, and others have turned to CNC machining entire frame halves that are glued together, while Atherton Bikes "grows" their own titanium lugs in the UK that they pair with carbon tubes from New Zealand. Wild - and expensive - stuff, but there's a less exotic and much more affordable manufacturing method that has allowed one-man outfits and garage tinkerers to make their own products: 3D-printing.

Today's show sees two 3D-printing experts, Eric Olsen of Jank Components and Brendan Carberry (aka OutsideBrendan), answer all our questions about additive manufacturing. We talk about which machine to start with and some common first-timer mistakes, the pros and cons of different styles of 3D-printing, layer thickness and quality control, having your designs stolen, and the good and bad of democratizing manufacturing.

November 3rd, 2022

Heck yes, I would.

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 Can’t afford a new bike right now, so maybe I’ll print my own. I’ll name it…Resession.
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 The session jokes are tired but that was well-played.
  • 4 1
 Looks like a ReSession
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 @zoobab2: "Shut up dad, you're ruining the joke!"
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 If anyone needs a Derailleur Hanger Adjustment tool … here’s a design I made and shared on Thingiverse.
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 "You wouldn't download a car" - Legend
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 CORRECTION: I mentioned that larger later heights are stronger in the podcast which is false! I was mixing up information in my head about line width. Line width does appear to have some effect on the strength of 3d printed parts.
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 Tried to download a bike, made a typo and accidentally hit N and now I've accidentally 3d printed a pair of trainers.
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 The machines are very expensive but the HP Multi Jet Fusion parts are by far the best I've seen for strength and build time for polymers, particularly for short production runs. The finish is a little bit better than the SLS parts I've done. I don't have much experience with additive metals since we typically use CNC for our metal prototypes.
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 Yeah, I'm a huge fan of MJF. I cannot wait until comparable machines don't cost literally the price of a Vancouver townhouse.
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 @brianpark: I am sure the prices will come down for both to something reasonable Wink
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 I can see the future. Napa prints and machines parts to order.

As cool as printed bike parts are, my friend lost his legs and a hand in a car crash. He’s been in therapy and they printed. Freaking hand for him. It has motor function too. Life changing technology. So cool.
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 Not just Beans on toast, but cheesy beans on toast. Add Worcestershire sauce on top according to taste. Smile
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 levy wants a water color portrait? @bemorestoked
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 It must be done with inspiration from the raised eyebrows from the field test intro awhile ago.
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 Actually with a little refinement that magnetic google holder would be pretty functional.
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 I certainly would NOT download a scott genius. Unless I could change the design?!
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 You make a great point! Why would I download a bike rather than simply buy one? Geometry options. Otherwise, why?
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 Dammit, I followed Brian in IG to see the 3D printed merkin monstrosity and couldn’t find it!
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 It was horrifying.
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 @brianpark: Can you send me a STL of your merkin design, cyclocross season is coming and mine is worn out.
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 Long live SWOBO! The 3 d folks from the clothing cycling party days of past!!!!
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 Finally: the 1st PB podcast where I had zero effing clue what was being discussed.
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 @brianpark fiberglass supply! They’re “just” over the border in Burlington Washington
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 So this Eric Olsen and Eric Olsen in Pinkbike Academy are one and the same! Why didnt anyone tell me?!?
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 I'd definitely download a bike.
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 What was the name of the printer they were recommending?
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