The Pinkbike Podcast: Episode 96 - PBA Contestant Israel Carrillo on Riding in Mexico and Why It's Not Always About Speed

Dec 6, 2021 at 16:34
by Mike Levy  
Pinkbike Podcast
Art by Taj Mihelich

The second season of the Pinkbike Academy is back, with five men and five women competing against each other for a pro contract with Orbea and a $25,000 prize purse. Contestants came to the Big White ski resort from all over the world, including Mexico's Israel Carrillo who quickly became a fan favorite for his openness and upbeat attitude.

If you haven't watched the first couple episodes of season two yet, consider this your warning: there are definitely some spoilers in this podcast. Israel and I chat about his local riding scene in Mexico, what he brings to the table that a quicker racer might not, and how his time at the Pinkbike Academy went.

Dec 10th, 2021

If you need me, I'll be in Mexico at Israel's house.

Featuring a rotating cast of the editorial team and other guests, the Pinkbike podcast is a weekly update on all the latest stories from around the world of mountain biking, as well as some frank discussion about tech, racing, and everything in between.

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 "It's not always about speed." -slow people
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 Haha! I was going to say the same thing, but also that this dude seems like a genuinely good dude, so I’m glad he’s enjoying the ride.
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 Its about his love for the sport and uplifting cycling communities. Hard not to love israel and his heart. More people need to be like israel.
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 It’s not about size…
  • 1 0
 I resemble that comment...
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 Its all about speed in racing. Perez isn't racing in F1 because he is a cool guy from Mexico. He is racing because he is fast. If you want to be a MTB influencer, you don't have to be the fastest. You also don't have to be the fastest to be a great person.
  • 6 4
 Hilarious that you think that, as if pay drivers aren't a thing. See: Nikita Mazepin for the worst example, Lance Stroll for the best case.
  • 4 0
 @matadorCE: Lance Stroll is also sitting at 13 in points and Perez is sitting at 4. Maybe you can pay to get into the race, but you can't pay to win it. While we are at it, Mazepin is in dead last in points.
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 @HB208: Both are in F1, are they not? Are there faster drivers in F2, F3 and other classes that can fill those seats? Most likely. Being the fastest isn't enough.
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 @matadorCE: Right, and I am sure there are pros in mountain biking that kinda suck but have had a lot of financial backing from their parents. The point is that if you want to be racing at a high level, you need to be fast and Perez would not be racing in the F1 if he were not fast.

Yes, in F1 there are teams struggling financially that are willing to put a billionaire's son in a car in exchange for funding. No, those are not the drivers that are winning.
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 @HB208: You just need to be fast enough
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 F1 doesn’t have the faster drivers anymore. Beside Hamilton being the OG, they re just rich teenager playing video games. The cars, are high tech and obviously some of the fastest in racing, but not the drivers...
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 @redmountaingoat: Do you want some memberberries? I don't think the drivers are that much younger than previous era drivers.
  • 7 0
 @matadorCE: Meh, you know who was a pay driver? Schumacher for a while. Lauda. Senna. Anyway, Mazepin has had success in other formulas and is a very good driver, as is Stroll and almost anyone who's ever raced an F1 car. Grosjean and Kevin are fast AF, but that car is super inconsistent, difficult to drive, and made them look terrible as well. I've read that it's the rear-suspension pick-up points on the gearbox housing; as things get hot, the housing flexes and literally changes the ride-height of the car. A few millimeters of ride-height change can wreck an F1 car's handling, but I think they were locked into using that part this season because rules.

Mazepin and Stroll are obviously not the same caliber as some other guys, but they're still absolute wizards behind the wheel and I don't care how they got there or how much money their parents have. TV makes everything look easy. And I love that some cars are faster than others; there are plenty of great spec / controlled racing series out there if you're looking for that, including Indycar and all sorts of sports car stuff (I also follow the ELMS stuff pretty closely), but I love F1 for it's combination of technology and the best drivers. Should someone like Oscar Pastrami have a drive over Mazepin? Yeah, probably, but that's not how F1 works or how it'll ever work. And Pastrami is so good he'll end up somewhere anyway.
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 @mikelevy: I think there is difference between paying to get in which like you've pointed out even the great ones have done, to the case of your dad bankrolling the entire team as is the case of Stroll and whatever financial backing Mazepin has as well as Kvyat.
  • 3 0
 @matadorCE: Entire teams have been bankrolled around a single driver since day one, regardless of how good or not they were. Questionable drivers have been funded by governments, wealthy individuals, and even corrupt politicians. I know that doesn't seem right, but it's just how F1 has always worked and hopefully always will.

I think what bothers me most is the assumption that guys like Mazepin, Stroll, etc don't belong there, but that's exactly how this sport has always worked. Hope it never changes tbh Smile
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 @matadorCE: Its not super surprising that a sport that costs tens of millions if not hundreds of millions a year ends up getting bankrolled by billionaires that want their kids to participate.

Its not that much different from mountain biking in a way. To actually grow up mountain biking, your parents need to be upper middle class or middle class and sacrifice a ton. Bikes are expensive. Travel is expensive. Etc. You also need to live somewhere with access to mountains, which is expensive for the most part.
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 @mikelevy: u been watching micheal fassbender road to Le Mans? Second best thing on YouTube, imo.
  • 1 0
 @notsoogood: I have! It's amazing. Sportscar racing can be so confusing but they cover it so well. Some of those POV shots in that RSR are ridiculous.
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 F1 banter on PB made my day. Love it.
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 I'd just like to apologize for that attempt at rolling my Rs.
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 I've heard far worse, Levy! :-) Guanajuato is an awesome place by the way - get yourself there for the urban DH next year. I raced it in 2012 but haven't had the chance to go back since. ¡¡Vientos, Isra, saludos!!
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 Keep working on your "stanchions."
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 @krka73: I've got that one on lock
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 @eurojuice had it right, see the original comment below from EP 3

eurojuice (Nov 4, 2021 at 15:57)
After watching this third episode, I’m of the opinion that this format should be left to shows like Top Chef and Project Runway.

This kind of drama is good for classic TV junkies, but I’m not so sure that’s what MTBers are. I want to see all of the riders for the whole series, no elimination. I want to see their struggles, see them grow (or not), all while following them on a cumulative leaderboard. Rather eliminating the “losers” each week, it would be cool if they focused on rewarding the winners. Basically, run it like an end to end season of Enduro racing including pre and post season type activities (e.g., training, edits, social, etc.).

I think that kind of approach would make better use the the time of all contestants and would make for a proper battle for the whole season. I want to see the real deal, not this Real World vibe; just a bit contrived. Just my opinion.
  • 8 0
 Thanks man. I really appreciate you sharing my comment. Of course, I would be happy to see those or similar changes, but I’m happy simply to have been heard. Cheers!
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 Not at all interested in the “reality” format - what academy boots people out vs teaching / working with them to improve over time (way more interesting & useful)? But whatevs - its vernacular for “someone wins”. However, I am a rabid PB podcast listener and still enjoy the interviews, so a big shoutout to PB for the major podcast drops lately - it really awesome, silicon implant “academy” or not. PS - an olympics / comprehensive scoring format would be worth a try; more fun in my view to see these riders the whole series & watch them evolve, compete, get them all a kick in the ass, vs making them leave. Competition is great: hence, having less & less w/ each episode is actually what happens vs more of it
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 The 'real world' style in which the PBA is made makes watching the show incredibly difficult. In turn I'd say the PBA focused podcast episodes are a little disappointing when compared to the other topics y'all cover. It does seem like some folks enjoy PBA so I guess I can be content with one 'regular' PB podcast a week. Unfortunately PBA is a cool idea executed like cheesy primtime reality show. End rant.
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 Would also love to see PBA with a focus on improvement, 10 riders of the same skill level working towards progressing.
Or PBA with 10 elite level riders who are actually on par with each other skill wise. The gap in levels between say Flo and Kyra is laughable (not putting Kyra down she's awesome but also not on the same skill/experience level with Flo).
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 @Mikelevy...this ain't no bromance, but it is scary how simular you and I are. I live in chilliwack and grew up in the valley freeriding on vedder, drove a inpactcal foxbody mustang (still have) with a roof rack to house my 04 Norco Atomic (which fell of at one point and dented the roof), have a Shiba Inu (Mushu...loves only himself) that decided to run off during a ride and lost him for half a day until he was found at the boarder in Columbia Valley. Loving the podcasts...and enjoy listening while working on my classic cars. So from one dirtbag to another...get your Mini (perfect mtb car) back on the road...and get back after it! Those who don't understand the mtb prowess of the mini...are just to dull to to listen to.
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 I'd like to see PBA help develop and coach the riders during this series, without elimination. Let the final test be an actual enduro race and pick the best rider who can also meet sponsor demands. You can account for mechanicals, personalities, etc at the end.
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 BTW - killer cast w/ Israel on. Really enjoyed it. Why PBA wants to have such awesome & international people & talent show up only to boot em in a few weeks is silly, esp the more I keep hearing these cast interviews (Tori, Israel). Again, just whizzing in the wind, but it would be way more real & interesting to keep people like Tori & Israel on the whole time have an actual scoring system (or however) vs. rolling heads. Maybe the outcome would be the same but - maybe actually not...
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 Why so much love for Israel and Tori and not Cody?
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 @kingbike2: More coming! Just catching up.
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 @israelcarrillo I live in Guanajuato's 'sister city' in the US - Ashland, Oregon ( We have some great mountain biking trails here - let's get together someday, I'd love to visit Guanajuato, and you would be welcome here in Ashland!
  • 1 0
 You are right there Man, let's make that happen, no kidding
  • 4 0
 Looking forward to seeing you shred on a Kona Israel!
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 Not showing up on Apple Podcasts for some reason... Ep 94 is the last one showing up on my phone.
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 "Sometimes it's not about speed, it's about not dying".
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 Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you?
I have A Question: What re the main differences between Mexico trails and big white?
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 Jamaal!!! Have you been at big white? I found my self so comfortable on two of the trails at big white cause the grip was so damn similar to Mexico on general this where "ace of spades" and "rock hammer" ... But we'll the main difference it's at big white's flow trails the top speed it's ridiculously high against anything at Mexico, and at Mexico when you find a technical line that line it's going to be with more exposure or the easiest lines at Mexico takes more time as a penalty if you're taking those.... Sorry for the crappy redaction.
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 The last two episodes (95/96) don’t appear to be on Apple podcasts? 100% possible I am just technologically inept.
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 Should be fixed now!
  • 2 0
 @mikelevy: nope still not working for me. Don't want to miss my dose.

I didn't think it could get any funnier but then there was the addition of Henry, Looking forward to #100.
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 Great podcast interview! So happy to see Mexican representation on this pink bike podcast. More of Israel Carrillo :-)
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 @mikelevy: Still not working on Apple podcast
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 Maybe 36er would help you roll better?
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 Don’t forget about Ibis Exie or whatever the name
  • 1 0
 Don't tell Frank haha

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