Betty vs. Veronica

Jun 15, 2011 at 11:15
by Matthew Mallory  
All women’s mountain bike event Saturday, August 27th, 2011 Whistler, BC

Registration opens June 15th at 6pm, online only at

Betty vs. Veronica Logo

the premise: 180 women. 2 fun-filled events. 0 testosterone. An all-day affair that celebrates the Sea To Sky riding scene and the incredible women who are such a big part of it. In the morning: a Crank It Up DH in the Bike Park. In the after- noon: a 15km mini-epic XC on the Westside. Not too crazy and not too long. But not total creampuff either. There will be no restrictions on equipment so ride what you want when you want.

the girls & the teams: Two girls. One sweet, caring and dedicated who’s in it for the long haul, but is lacking that killer instinct. The other spontaneous and wild who usually gets what she wants, but at times is a little mean. It is the age old question that every man grapples with: Betty or Veronica? But who are you most like? Upon registration you will be prompted to answer a few questions and we will then use that data to determine if you are a Betty or a Veronica. From there we will create two equal teams. The team colours are yellow and black respectively and you will be required to race both events in your team colours (team jerseys available below).

the format: We will use low point scoring for each event where you score your overall finishing position (ie. 1st = 1pt and 50th = 50pts). Each event will be scored separately and then combined to determine an overall score, thus giving equal weighting to both the DH and the XC. We will then combine each team‘s point totals to crown the overall team winner. We will also have a number of individual categories, some serious and some fun, to add to the festivities.

Course layout.

the apres gala: The reward for all the riding will be a “dress up to the nines” tapas dinner/martini extravaganza at glamourous Istken Hall in the Squamish Lilwat Cultural Center. There will be a silent auction of sweet bike stuff and apparel, a DJ for dancing and some other fun n’ games. Only riders and volunteers will be able to attend!

the charity: All profits raised through the event will be donated to the Howe Sound Women’s Center and specifically targeted to helping open the Whistler Women’s Center in the fall of 2011. For more information on the Center please visit

the volunteers: All volunteers for the event will be men. For more information on being a volunteer please email We will be auctioning off a few volunteer spots as part of our fund raising efforts. Note: we are trying to nail down a sponsorship deal for the vollies with SPEEDO for your viewing pleasure.

the cost: The event is open to current 2011 WORCA members only. The cost is $60. This includes entry to both events as well as dinner and your first martini at the apres. For those registrants without a Bike Park Pass an event ticket is available for $14. This ticket is valid from 10am-12pm on the day of the event so most can do 2-3 laps in the park with it including your race run.

the jerseys: Team jerseys are available for $25. They are women’s cuts and available in all sizes and will be handed out prior to the first event (click here to see a mock up). If you do not purchase one we ask that you wear your team colours for both events.

the disclaimer: On the fence about signing up. Remember this is a fun based event. There will be some ladies seriously racing, but most will be out for a good time. It is not the epic struggle of the Samurai or the crazed lunacy of the Four Queens. It is more like an easy Phat Wednesday and a long Toonie put together with a lot of fun side show antics and team camaraderie. However there will be some challenging sections in both events, but don’t let that intimidate you or keep you from entering. Let it motivate you. Whistler Blackcomb holds Ladies Nights in the Bike Park throughout the summer and this is a great way to overcome that stigma of “oooh, the bike park”. WORCA and The Whistler Bike Co. have Monday Night Rides and that is a great way to brush up on your XC skills and learn the trails of Whistler better. There is also the Trek Dirt Series Clinics. We will be seeding riders in the bike park, starting every 30 seconds, so the fast riders will go first and won’t be running over the slower ones. The riding will be super fun and the apres has the potential to go down in history so don’t be afraid!

the partners: A huge thanks to chromag, lucia gelato, whistler blackcomb, whistler cooks, the whistler fire department, sram & vanessa stark! More names to be added soon.


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 Sorry to be pedant, but women also carry testosterone, so it won't be a 0 testosterone event. Hooray for estrogen though !
  • 28 2
 But their armpits don't smell and they have clean underwear.
  • 147 1
 You're obviously not married.
  • 5 0
 srru, did you get that info from the fact bank?
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 hahaha priceless smike
  • 6 0
 hahaha made my day smike
  • 8 0
 C.O.M. Comment of the month Smike buahahaha, fk me...
  • 5 0
 In my opinion this is the greatest event EVER!...... for guys!!!! Big Grin
  • 2 0
 Oh yeah, and good for the sport, getting more women involved and what not, expanding and sharing the culture of mountain biking and stuff... its all good!
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 smike, you made my day man. LOL! props to you!
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 Sorry for negative prop smike, my mistake.
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 @smike. girls dont poop, they sweat. Hot ones anyway.
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 made my day!! Smile
  • 5 0
 Everyone knows females don't poop, fact.
  • 1 0
 yea sure they don't - it's like one the first thoughts of a kid seeing the first porn in his life: my parents never did it I'm suuuure!!! e e e I'm sure my mom got some operation and they put me into her womb nooo noooooo
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 Girls don't fart they fluff!
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 girls dont pass gas or poop either
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 you have not been at my house after the ladys have consumed some beers and fast food, it ant pretty.
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 so far only bike-person has met rule #s 1 thru 3 on this thread. the rest of us are still pulled up at the bar! another round before last call? anyone?
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 I'm so excited for this! Signed up yesterday. Question is, am I a Betty or a Veronica? Only time will tell, haha.
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 Yeah, I signed up today. That's going be fun day! Smile
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 fullbug, no I just read about it in a magazine
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 can't always believe what we read. EXCEPT for what smike wrote. (i think we're all about to get removed from here..)
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 Hehe, i was a bit affraid that after getting married and by getting older, man shit talk about girls/ women will loose it's charm. And whatever you say it's a manly thing to talk about them. And for a moment it did felt lost when i saw two 40yr olds talking like teenagers, about a girl standing on another side of the road. First thought coming to my mind: fkn wankers. But today smike gave me a new hope, a pinata of new women related topics just exploded for me buahahaha Big Grin
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 Wakldesigns - don't worry, soon you'll be one of us 40 + yr olds making those comments about the girl on the other side of the road. You just gotta love women! Remember if love is blind - marriage will restore it to 20/20!
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 I'm totally going in this.
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 crank it up DH race? deffo spectating on the slippery wood corner.
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 Take into consideration that there are girls that don't ride Whistler Bike Park and for them CIU will be a challenging part of the race. For me XC is going be hard. I bet that girls that will have difficulties with CIU will kick my ass on XC part of the race and vice versa.
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 This is awesome. I'd be very keen to play
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