Video: Mark Matthews Films Every Ride For a Year in '365 Days of Riding'

Jan 15, 2024 at 22:08
by Mark Matthews  

Words: Mark Matthews

On January 1st, 2023, I was in the middle of a snowy ride and thought, "If I can ride today, why can't I ride every day this year?" I posted a quick Instagram story to announce it and knew I had to be accountable from that point forward. Riding for 365 days in one year is a somewhat intimidating challenge at first, but after a couple of months, it molds into a habit. I went on lots of short rides to avoid burnout and worked on skill-building rather than focusing solely on fitness. The consistency also resulted in significant fitness gains.

The entire process of documenting and organizing the clips every day became an equally big task. I put together this video, taking 3 seconds from each day and placing them in chronological order from January 1st to December 31st. Witness an entire year unfold in just 18 minutes—enjoy!

Photo by Hoshi Yoshida


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 Look out for my video coming soon.

Riding every Sunday (sometimes every other Sunday) for a year.
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 Unless it's rainy. Or cold. Or windy... or hot.
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 @jammf: don't forget foggy. Can't ride then either.
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 That was good, I'm motivated to do more 3 second rides now.
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 2024 calls for 4 second rides
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 His is one of my favorite IG accounts by far. Great content and it was cool to see this unfold throughout last year. Awesome accomplishment and documentation!
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 Rad!! Thanks so much
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 @mmatthews: Very inspiring, especially for me the bit about getting out regardless, without any particular concern about distance or time, as long as you kept to it.
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 From someone who has never filmed himself on a bike it feels like filming every day for a year would be much more annoying than sometimes forcing yourself to go out riding or forgo other things for a year.
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 Agreed. I think this is an under appreciated aspect of the accomplishment.

It's one thing to throw a leg over and go for a spin. But to grab your phone/camera and make useable content at the same time, every day, compounds the "ugh" factor that he had to overcome.
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 That was definitely the hardest part.
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 @mmatthews: Props to you dude, the only thing I have done that consistently is sleep!
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 Dude, how many bike parts did you go through to ride every single day for one year? That would be kind of a cool photo if you could somehow keep every single destroyed tire, chain, cassette, brake pads, etc. and neatly organize them together for a end of year photo.
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 I went through tires a little faster than usual, that's about it. I have 5 bikes I rotate between the most and 7 bikes total, and I do regular maintenance/cleaning. I also swap parts around frequently too, experimenting with my setups, and take things off while they are still in great shape. I wish I had a bunch of worn out gear to show in a photo because that's a really cool idea, but none of the bikes took much abuse at all!
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 I have never heard of this guy and he has almost a half million followers and a truckload of steeze. Definately worth following! Thanks pb!
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 Dude is hella underrated. Really good piece on youtube about his experience with Into the Gnar 2023.
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 Great project. Sounds fun, but requires a type of dedication that is rare to find these days. Congrats MM!
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 So excellent Mark! I have to admit that some of the transitions from place to place had me wondering how you got from riding at place A to riding at place B in the same day, as far as travel time. I know it must have been a lot of work as it is, and maybe you even entertained the idea? of having date and location stamped on each clip, but super fun to watch nonetheless!
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 I thought of this but the video already took more than 4 full days to edit and I was over it haha. I did spend a lot more money to get on the fastest flights possible on a couple trips. This is so I could ride in mornings or would get home in time to ride before dark or as it was getting dark. The furthest I travelled to was Oaxaca, Mexico so it was very attainable.
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 Loved every 3 seconds of this! Such a good project and it came out perfect!
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 What a bloody legend
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 That jump at 5:24(and 5:40) looks insanely fun
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 Goal for 2024 ... trail build every day for a year. Smile
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 Just found his YouTube channel a couple weeks ago. Binge watched his “Isolation” series, pretty rad \m/
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 Some good send, fail, or save content in here.
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 Riding the day after some of those slams was pretty rough
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 I also ride 559 a lot. that was sweet!
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 that was an insane idea! well done!
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 When is that DH frame gonna b obtainable Mark
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 Mark is the man. Some of the best style in the biz.
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 @mmatthews smiles brother. That is commiment and difficult.
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 The dream!
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 i miss matt MILES

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