Video: Shralping & Sending Downhill on Orange's Cyclocross Racer

Aug 6, 2018 at 1:59
by alex holowko  

Known for its extensive network of some of the best downhill and enduro trails, Morzine has become widely recognized as an all-time favourite destination for mountain bikers.

But what happens when your enduro bike is in the shop for a tune-up, and the only other bike you have access to is a bright Orange Cyclocross bike? Leo Houseman is here to give you the answer...

Leo's Instagram for more crazy stuff:


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 he is shredding more than me on my enduro bike...have to sell enduro bike, should play tabletennis
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 "But what happens when your enduro bike is in the shop for a tune-up, and the only other bike you have access to is a bright Orange Cyclocross bike?" n+1, my friend. You need another bike.
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 No excuses, just ride!
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 Yoann Barelli did a super good video like that a little time ago, with extra pov footages as far as I remember, and that was hilarous, especially with Yoann on board! :
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 certainly impressive but - my God why?
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 Because he can
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 Why not? It's a bike. Just because it doesn't have suspension and isn't long, low and slack doesn't mean it won't go down 90% of the trails people ride on mountain bikes.
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 To prove to the world that bike parks are not paved paths as the critics claim but rather they're slightly rougher, compact dirt paths!
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 Song takes me back playing Tony Hawk on a Playstation 2 at my cousins house.
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 actually tells us a lot about these rough downhill trails..
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 Lol yeah, I didn’t see a single bump or rut
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 Almost as rad as the road bike party.
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 I might be interested in cyclocross if this is what the courses looked like.
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 there is a lot of beer on regular cx you might like it.
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 Dope but shows that flow trails are easy sauce, I want to see someone hit a rock garden on one, hell I would if someone would let me destroy a cycle cross bike for free
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Here's Yoann hitting some more techy trail and skinnies on one.
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 I've done a similar trail but with less log features and more roots on my gravel bike. Its an absolute rocket and a blast to do for about 18 minutes, then everything starts hurting. lol
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 Orange probably makes cyclocross bikes with this sort of thing in mind
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 Can’t give him any credit since he is not wearing a spandex’s...
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 Just goes to show that if you are good enough you can ride any bike!
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 check the dh on trials bikes video floating about on youtube !!! puts most to shame, you realy dont need all the top kit to have fun..
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 Funny to see how capable these bikes really are and in real cyclocross races all they do is carry their bikes up hills and slip around in mud puddles. cyclocross is just mountain biking for roadies who are too scared to scared to trail ride. There I said it.
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 I've raced almost every discipline of mtb and road and I'd rank cyclocross as the most difficult out of the bunch.
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 You should try some norcal CX and/or Gravel courses sometime... tech with no suspension while in the red for an hour...

Not all CX is a hike in the mud.

And even those are harder than most any trail ride / XC race I've done.

Have fun with 160mm of travel on ya flow trail byeee
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 @dontcoast: I knew some folks would get bent out of shape over this, but ive seen more than enough crossbike videos of people riding laps/carrying their bikes around grassy fields/ silly obstacle courses. I even own a cross bike and love riding gravel in norcal. But cross country mountain bikes are far better suited for this kind of riding. It seems like a silly half measure for folks who dont want to ride real trail. I've also ridden with many roadies who refuse to ride anything on a trail that resembles a mountain bike as if there's some badge of honor that comes with riding something inefficient. We'll have to agree to disagree.
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 Its actually a lot of fun after 18 beers.
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You're not wrong, I'm just being sassy...yes, cross bikes get ridden by timid riders on roads, by racer purists, by crazies in inappropriate situations, and that's ok. Ride what you got wherever you want. Silly obstacle courses while hyperventilating included.

When I grab my CX/gravel freakbike to hit a sweet trail, it's because i'm pedaling 30 miles of road to get there. Or doing a 30 minute paved climb workout with a fun firerroad/flow descent. Wanna do that on your XC bike? Go for it.
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 @dontcoast: gonna take my cross bike the long way home from work today in your honor haha. i fully concur about rides that include long pavement sections. To me that's the genius of a crossbike and why i bought one. and they are remarkably capable, as my original comment states. Im sure there's bad ass cross races out there...but this video puts a lot of cross races to shame ( my only point)
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 @IsaacO: yea this video puts any cross race to shame. And agree the bikes are way more capable than many CX courses demand.

Just sayin' that they ain't all snoozefests with grassy laps. Some of my recent faves - the people you're making fun of were crashing and running those days:

PS have a fun ride!
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 Seriously, sometimes in CX it’s about risk management, sure I(we) could bunny hop or clear the feature on the bike, but after 30min in the red, you get off and run rather than risk a DNF especially when you doing good or worrying about points in your series @dontcoast:
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 @TSR497: well aware. in this case ii think the discussion is more about the course quality (i.e. having rideable technical stuff, not just grass lap->barrier-grasslap)
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 Variety my friend...variety is the spice of life. Why would one ride a road bike anyway when mountain bikes are more fun? Why would one canoe when they obviously should be kayaking as it's faster? If everybody did what WE like to do, well imagine all the 'variety' of people showing up at your local trailhead. Fun, no?
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 Wait! They said I needed boost. That bike is not boost! How?
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 If I did those drifts, my wheel would taco. He looks at least 60 pounds lighter than I.
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 that ending!
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 Love me some underbiking!
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 What was the rear wheel/tire bash count?
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 It's been done before but it's always entertaining. Mad skills
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 Single pivot! Wait...... no!
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 And how long did u spend in the chiropractor after this sesh then?
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 Mega thumbs up for the soundtrack Smile !
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 What will they do next?
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 i can almost see the industry might try marketing 622mm/ 700c wheels for mtb's.
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 Fabio did it better!
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 Shred everything
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 Laugh out loud!
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 Saddle needs to be to appropriate height and not dropped.
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 Dropper post-ed
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 Brendog of cyclodh
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 Fake news. It has 29" inch wheels. Can't be done.
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 A modern CX bike with the seat down is still probably more capable than the bikes that we were all riding 10ish years ago
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 So sketchy
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