Video: Hitting the Massive Toonie Drop on Vancouver's North Shore

May 19, 2019 at 1:05
by Momo Noriaki  
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The first time I went to ride in Canada was in 2014. At that time Tsuji Yoshito from Rodeo Circus showed me this drop, "The Toonie Drop"!

2014 old photo

It was a rainy day the first time I saw it. We hiked up the trail for about 5minutes and then out of nowhere there was this huge rock! When I climbed up to the top of the lip for the first time, the first thing that went through my head was it was like a big ski jump. It was huge!!

Then this May 2019, I went back to Canada again for the third time with the goal of launching and landing the Toonie Drop. I took along my Transition Patrol equipped with a Fox 36 170 and a Fox DPX2 with 160mm for the rear. From all the videos and pictures I have seen, maybe I was the first to launch and land it on a trail bike. Even DH bikes bottom out hard on this drop, so I was preparing my self for a huge impact and trusting my Patrol would do the job greatly!

My 2019 TRANSITION Patrol Carbon S-size North Kyushu Edition
Toonie drop

The drop is HUGE! Then, in my opinion, it has 3 challenging points!

1. The transition is slightly to the left of the lip and this really made me think about how I would launch it and land without heading towards one of those big trees!

2. There is only about a 15 meter run in, so judging my speed was also a mental challenge. If I recall correctly, I got in 5 good pedal strokes.

3. Last, the run in has this huge root about 2 meters just before the lip that's 10-15cm tall which was tough because just as you roll off of that you have to pull hard to launch it greatly! I was super excited!

Toonie drop
Last, I had to trust that the transition would create a perfect landing for me to run out smoothly!

Epic Huck on the North Shore.
Toonie drop

Toonie drop.High 8.5m landing

For me the most exciting part of hitting big drops is the landing! I love the hard impact that sends vibrations through my body lifting my spirit! There is nothing that beats the feeling of when I get that hard impact and ride away smoothly! Upon landing this drop, I fully bottomed both my front and rear hitting my chin on the stem. I heard a big sound upon landing this massive 8.5 meter drop!

The locals called it the Toonie Sound! Then after landing my rear tire got wiped out a little, making me feel like I was at Rampage!

Toonie drop

Toonie drop
I love this memorial shot of everyone who came out to support and help me! Thank you very much, I couldn't have done this drop without everyone's help!

Beer time
After landing this big drop, I got a special beer as a reward. Sorry, but I truly don't like beer!

After landing this big drop, I was full of excitement and we went to a BBQ thrown by Chromag. There, I met Andrew, a local hero! After tell him that I landed the Toonie drop today, he was full of inspiration and went to launch it the next day with his buddy Ben.

This is Andrew's video from Instagram. He launched and landed super smooth! I was super happy that he landed so smoothly shocking me! Good job buddy!

After the big drop Ben took us to this private trail full of rad stunts to play on enjoying the rest of the day with big smiles!.He too went to challenge the Toonie drop the next day with Andrew but, had a bad crash breaking the top crown on his 888. He is super strong and somehow walked away without a scratch! I wish you a happy landing the next time you give it a try!

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Here is a mini ending to my fun time in Canada! Ride on!!

Crash of the day...


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 you are an inspiration, Momo! Sending it huge and connecting far away places together!
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 This is awesome, I love seeing Japanese riders lifting up the sport. Great Job
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 Thanks for the write up. That drop is sick!
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 Cool to know the whole story on your Canadian adventures. Ride On!
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 Yaaaa buddy such fun Blog!

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