Making a World Champion - Video

Sep 14, 2016 at 12:12
by Lukas Haider  

What an amazing season, 3 World Cup victories, finishing the World Cup season as the 1st place team overall and in the end the World Champion title and the Vice World champion title... there is nothing more that you can ask for. It's hard to put all this into words, so we hope that you enjoyed the video.

Over the Rainbow.

Winner winner.... Danny Hart s Mondraker Summum Carbon Pro.

MENTIONS: @ms-racing2


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 It's time to buy a Mondraker....
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 mondraker are going to be busy now............
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 They don't have any distributer in Canada damnit!
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 @ all bike nerds : any insight on why the Summum works so well?
I mean, reach (L 442mm) is shorter than one a S Foxy (458mm), so it doesn't have the crazy mondraker length. Except chainstays, 445-460mm.
Yes, I know it's the rider and not the bike... Still curious if anyone has an opinion on the geo/kinematics, or info on what CS and HA was used
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 @Uuno: Forward Geometry isn't about long reach. It's more about a longer wheel base for a given frame size and the stability that introduces.

And BTW, it's not just the rider, nor is it just the bike. It's the rider AND the bike!
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 @Uuno: why so serious ? .. It's Danny fanboy so we buy what he use ... it's like VR46 fanboy buying Yamaha
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 selling a summum pro team if anyone's interested
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 @Uuno: As someone who bought one at the beginning of the year I think I can say that there isn't one thing in particular, more that it just feels so comfortable to go fast on in a way unlike any other DH bike I've ever ridden. It has the magic ability to make it feel like you are cruising comfortably down the hill when in fact you are screaming down hell for leather...
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 @Hank-Riffee come ooon! buy balls it`s better. i don`t like that suspention system, there no one like santa cruz v10
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 Kinda sad to see Florent left off. I know he's not on the Mondraker team, but he won the bronze on a Mondraker. Give the lad some props! Amazing accomplishment. I doubt we will ever see the top three of any top-level race on the same bike ever again - despite the Evil S's attempts to do so.
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 don't mention them! Protour will be here any second!
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 Yeah! The vid was team focused. Florent wasn't on the team.
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 Well done Danny, well done. Don't change. Stay as grateful, hardworking and humble as you seem to be. You are a great representative of this amazing sport we so love.
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 If only there was another WC race!
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 No faster siblings to ride with? His success defies all logic.
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 YEAH Danny!!! This year has been a great one for you and your entire team. hope you put those stripes to good use!
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 Thanks to all the riders (and support teams) for making it an exciting race to watch, but hats off to Laurie and Danny for killing it.
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 Danny Hart = DH = Down HIll
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 I did a DH logo/icon for the Bell contest but no one really noticed it : ) (bottom right)
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 I love the way that even though he'd just ridden flat out like a boss on the gnarliest course ever he was still worried about falling off his dads shoulders.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Sep 15, 2016 at 1:18) (Below Threshold)
 I think it's like packing up for a plane to Vancouver for a month of riding in BC, and your dad offers himself to drive you to the airport. You get into the car and the first thing you hear is: "we'll avoid the highway in case there's an accident or traffic jam, I know a good detour...". You looked forward to it for years, you got it and now it can go totally wrong...
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 It's so great to see all your hard work culminate in a season of success!!! Good on you Danny Hart! You are an absolute inspiration!!!
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 isnt he. What a competitor!
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 He is an absolute legend himself - Rob
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 Why the fuck is Danny wasting his time riding bikes when he is so obviously such a talented barber. Also I can't believe how stressed he looked before his run, hehe.
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 5 years of severe perseverance - eventually reaping the results. Big ups to that massive amount of passion to the sport and just hangin in there all those years. Awesome inspiration to any racer out there!
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 Am I the only one that thinks Danny Hart is a little bit aside from the rest of the team? I mean, at the begining of the video all team travelling together except Danny. There was another team video were Laurie and Markus were together an Danny was apart
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 Its the way Danny seems to like to do things, goes in his own camper, keeps himself to himself and it looks like it works out well for him - It looks like he still socialises with the team but not everybody likes / wants the whole team travel thing.

Reminds me of some of the road motorcycle racers who do the same.

Danny seems like a good guy, approachable and a real pro but without being 'cold' like some of the other 'professional' guys.

This is definitely the kind of people we need in the sport - the bong shed guys need to be left behind.
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 Might just be a bit introverted, nothing wrong with that.
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 So rad to see him winning as much as he deserves. Great Talent, drive and what a rider. Hats off danny
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 Summuming up the World Champs perfectly.
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 Is it me or does Laurie G look like he should be in the band "Supergrass"?
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 lol .. 20 years ago
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 I couldn't put my finger on it but you nailed it..... unfortunately i now have one of their songs stuck in my head for the next 3 days
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 @jacobite321: soz about that, think they're called "songworms".
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 Nice to see it finally all come together for him. Great riding this year Hart!
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 One thing I just love is his Dad running to cheer him and put him in his armas in ever race!! I envy him in a good way. Congrats Hart family Cheers
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 what is the song at 4:14? Cheers.
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 That was a sweet video!!!
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 7.28. Hart!
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 What's the song at 6:30?
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 But what about Protour?
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