Finding Flow Trailer

Dec 26, 2011 at 8:43
by Chris Annesi  
Finding Flow is a project that has been a year in the making. The goal of this film was to create a story of how mountain biking connects one with nature by telling it in a way that anyone can appreciate and relate to.

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In November of 2010, we decided to take on a project quite a step higher from the smaller edits which we were used to, where we could knock them out in a few days. However, along with being full time engineering students, barely finding time to do homework, we also didn't have the correct equipment to visually express how we wanted others to view the film. Over winter break we were able to put together a bunch of DIY equipment so that we could tackle this project over the 2011 season. And as soon as school started up again in early January we headed to the mountains.

Being a group of non-professionals, we had no outside help from sponsors. For the past year we have spent countless dollars on travel and camera gear. But for us, it was worth every penny. We learned so much about ourselves and as a team. Through this project we want to show that any driven individuals can make a film worth watching with a bit of skill and vision.

Our special build for the film. what we dubbed the Log Cabin Gap . Watch the trailer so see how far he is looking out. http video 232783

The title "Finding Flow" comes from something that every mountain biker tries to do as soon as they lay their tires to dirt. It relates to everything from slaying a downhill track to making way through a pack of dirt jumps. But "Flow" is not only something that can be found in a bikers dictionary, flow is found all through out nature. Nature is the essence of flow, and the fact that mountain biking taps into nature is the reason why we are able to capture part of the flow. This is something that we worked really hard on expressing in a visual and narrative way that any viewer could connect to. We did this by taking each discipline of mountain biking and finding how each part has its own flow.

A unique element in our film comes with the location. Every shot captured and displayed in this film is from the Mountains of North Carolina. We are excited to let the world know that this small region of the globe has much to offer and a lot to explore. We hope that this film will help establish some recognition and add growth to the cycling community in the South Eastern United States.

The full length feature will available free on Pinkbike early spring.

Where land meets sky


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 Guys, you don't need a huge budget to make something great, Sure it helps, but sometimes all you need is some raw talent and skill. And some bikes n' bros
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 It's nice to see it when that's possible. With the way the worlds going these days, finding the time to get out and ride and film enough to make a full length film is a pretty awesome thing. Skills in front of and behind the lens are going to make this a great thing, and we won't have to see 100 close-ups of a stupid specialized.
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 Off-topic but since when does PB have a mobile site?
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 No idea but how do I find it :S
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 It looks a lot like Life Cycles. But i don't care, because these guys are bringing it to us for free with a very low budget. Oh, and it looks pretty darn sick! Keep up the good work!
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 yea man agreeded, they got the classic JOFA hockey helmet. haha sick vid.
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 Dude, the JOFA. So stoked to see that, yet so worried for the guy's head...
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 Cryptic voice-over about nature and humankind? Check.
Season-changing timelapse shots? Check.
Birds-eye camera zoom through fall leaves? Check.
Birds-eye camera moving away from the ground while rider passes on the edge of the frame? Check.
Slow-mo trailbuilding shot? Check.
Oh and the exact same title animation.

Here we have a group of seemingly passionate individuals, who obviously saw the movie Life Cycles and
felt inspired to create something themselves. Thats great. What I dont understand is the decision to stay so
close to the original. Coming up with DIY solutions to be able to use a variety of camera moves is great,
but it looks to me like the creativity stopped there. Why didnt you make the next step, creating your own
"visual language" instead of trying to replicate whats already been perfectly executed? Im not trying to blame
anyone here, basically "taking" a few of the shot ideas from life cycles will surely benefit your own project, but
what I dont get is why you chose to use the voiceover and the title animation on top of that, so that it becomes
so incredibly alike. Just wondering.

Life Cycles was the work of two professional photographers who took three years to refine and shoot their
dream movie, unless you have the same amount of know-how, gear and time, I wouldnt consider using the
same vision for your own bike movie.

But yeah Im curious about the full thing and Ill take the time to watch it when it comes out. I will never discourage
anyone from following his passion, its just the decisions along the way that sometimes puzzle me.
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 As far as I know, Sam and the others are college students doing this during their breaks from school. It impresses me that they put together clean edits in their spare time from school. I know the riders are all from different states.

And I'm faster than Nick. Wink
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 True Lies, thanks. Exactly what I was going to say.
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 I don't know who Nick is, but I'm faster than him too.
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 Hope there's pedal flips, loading and unloading bikes.
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 Life Cycles was just the first film to use that style. Until then very one was just copying previous styles. Get over it! This preview looked so sick and I can't wait for the final product!!!
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 I like your look on it Brad. I know Chris and Sam worked really hard to get this together. Much respect guys, I know the film will be amazing.
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 Love the slow-mo where you can still hear the bikes thundering over all the rough stuff and really workin... Great stuff guys!!
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 I cringed after about 10 seconds as soon as the narrator began. I dislike life cycles for the same reason and prefer to watch it on mute! Let the riding and locations speak for themselves, we don't need a pretention voice over, this is mountain biking!
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 Killer job, especially considering the budget. Really looking forward to seeing the full film.
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 I know how ya feel on having no time to ride/film having chosen engineering as a career path. I haven't "truly" ridden for the past year and a half because of engineering. But I'm sure the payoff will be great once March graduation comes along. Nice edit, can't wait for the full length feature come spring.....
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 Looks Good
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 Wow, that's all I have to say. They did a great job.
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 Go one and get you some!!!!!! this is awesome guys!
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 Deffinatley like life cycles! Makes me appreciate nature
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 Stoked for all the stuff about connecting with nature's flow. There's enough flow in nature to make yo eye balls bleed. stoked for these dudes.
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 This is North Carolina for you fellas. I love the representation. HUCK the RAD Sicky-Nar!
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 Looks awesome, can't wait!
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 Looks like a legit movie. Definitely Life Cycles inspired, but that was also a legit movie. What's with the Jari Kurri Jofa helmet at 1:25?
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 BEAUTIFUL MOVIE !! absolutely great man !!

i made a flow movie too Big Grin it's called : Downhill/Freeride Flow Trails.
Goodride everyone Smile
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 A lot of criticism out there? Looks good. Stoked to see some terrain that is NOT British Columbia! Keep up the good work!
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 North Carolina represent!!
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 sick trailer, cannot wait to see the full thing. Shots executed damn well.
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 one hell of a clif hanger!!!!! stoked for the vid
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 Thought I saw some Pisgah NC, maybe some Kingdom Trails as well?
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 they are copying life cycles
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 I love how all the comments about the Jofa Helmet are from Canadians.we do love our hockey here.
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 Dont be bashing my boys for there video . at least there out putting there name out there and your not!!!!!!!.
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 Dont be bashing my boys at leat there putting there name out there and your just sitting on your tail.
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 That road gap looks huge!! props for the editing btw
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 Looks rad!
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 ooooooooooooooooo dramatic intro
  • 7 2
 One way of putting it. I'd probably go with pretentious BS personally. Rest of it looked good though.
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 Yeah the intro was very pretentious, trying to be too much like life cycles, not a fan if im honest. The video was really good when that women stopped talking. I think its sometimes best not to have any narration, and I would have preferred a film like life cycles without any narration at all as its all pretty much pretentious BS.
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 i didnt have a scooby clue what she was on about..
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 Good stuff, looking forward to more
  • 2 1
 Looks great! Nice opening statement. Good luck guys.
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 fantastic trailer, can't wait for the movie, great job!!
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 Would love to ride at places like that. Looks sick. Good work, keep it up.
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 hell yea
  • 2 0
 Looks like you found it.
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 Now if only the rest of the world were so productive on their time off.
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 That drop looks hugeeee!
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 now that- is why we ride bikes.
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 hmm, nice editing, but the riding isn't exactly up to standard...
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 Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to be sick
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  • 5 7
 low budget life cycles?
  • 10 6
 Same type of voice Over. Same timelapse season change. Same end title. Dude wat.
  • 5 2
 i agree, kinda made me mad to be honest...
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